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Chapter 92–Extremely Shady!

    Chapter 92: Extremely Shady!

    Shaking his head, Tang Yuan retorted, “It is truly despicable! In fact, I have some money with me to use for the bidding. But, if I did not have sufficient money, I dare not outbid others. This is the Magnificent Jewel Hall after all! Even if one had to admit the truth, they still would have enough face left to live. If not, I’d rather suggest to hang yourself from a tree to save face for your family so that they can at least come out of the house in peace. But, it seems that your family has given you a lot of money to spend so casually on such a cheap item; the whole family is looking to despise and scoff at others! Truly looking at others with disdain eh?”

    As the whole farce on the Jade Sea Coral came to an end, it was Meng Hai Zhou who paid ten times the amount to obtain it and seemingly won the bidding war. But, in the eyes of all those present there was nothing but contempt for Meng Hai Zhou and they truly despised him.

    To buy an item worth a maximum of 500,000 for 5 million, could not even be considered thrifty anymore, it was simply in the realm of insanity!

    But, at the same time, Meng Hai Zhou also received a lot of sympathy from those in the hall. They all thought that this Young Master was short sighted and even conceited. He went a bit overboard and received the appropriate ‘rewards’ for his actions. This Jade Sea Coral was something that Tang Yuan was clearly determined to win. After all, Tang Yuan shouted the price of 1 million straight out after the item was bought out and this bid of 1 million was much more than the Jade Sea Coral was worth, while, the Li and Meng duo were clearly trying to drive up the price of this item to make things difficult for the Tang Family because of their familial disputes.

    Just that, he had not expected that although the other party seemed to be determined to win this item, but in the end they played their hand a bit too forcefully with the 10 times bid because of which Tang Yuan had no option but to withdraw from the bidding war. But, this foolish action by Meng Hai Zhou was simply tantamount to shooting oneself in his own leg!

    What goes around comes around eh? Karma surely exists.

    People who were watching Tang Yuan sighed and thought, Ah kid! You are simply too naive and simple. If you had simply started to bid on this item slowly and carefully, you might have just bought it. There was no need to rush and bid like crazy making your intentions known!

    When one watched the expressions of Li Zhen and Meng Hai Zhou, it was unexpectedly the same as Tang Yuan’s, but Tang Yuan’s expression was actually the one which depicted taking joy in calamity and delight in disaster! He was exceptionally happy of playing such a dirty trick on them. How was it to shoot yourself in your own feet, you bast*rds?!

    Tang Yuan outwardly showed the expression of the one being the victim here and others having ganged up on him and taken advantage of him while he suffered a big loss, but, inside his heart he was delighted. Li Zhen and Meng Hai Zhou were both driven to the extent of poverty by him and looked like complete fools in front of others. This not only helped him vent his frustration, but also let him have his payback at his enemies with interest! It was comfortable feeling, he was happy, it was simply great!

    At this time, the servant of the Magnificent Jewel Hall walked over with a tray carrying the Jade Sea Coral which was covered with a red silk cloth. Li Zhen and Meng Hai Zhou were gnashing their teeth and their heart was bleeding with pain, however, they still managed to squeeze out a smile in the end to keep up pretences.

    If these two simply continued to cry their hearts out and felt saddened by this turn of events then that was one thing, but, despite them having a heartache, they also felt a glimmer of relief and this immediately caught Jun Mo Xie’s attention. The origins and the true mysteries behind this Jade Sea Coral was something that he had asked Tang Yuan about, but, he too was unclear about it and this led to him having more doubts about this!

    This stuff seems to be exceptionally useful to them and looks like they want to obtain it all cost. Hmm…what is useful and advantageous to one’s enemy is extremely disadvantageous to oneself! This is not good, I must destroy this opportunity! No matter what the use of this is, in short, only when it becomes useless will Jun Mo Xie feel at ease.

    “Wow! This is the precious Jade Sea Coral worth 5 million eh? Surely enough, it is like even the fart of an Immortal is outstanding eh?” Jun Mo Xie laughed and chided as Li Zhen stood there and carefully received the Jade Sea Coral. At the same time, Jun Mo Xie let out a soft whistle before nudging Tang Yuan gently with his toe.

    Tang Yuan immediately understood Jun Mo Xie’s intention and suddenly put on a solemn expression, looked at the Jade Sea Coral and sighed and with a sad face said, “Third Young Master Jun, what is to be done? Before I came down here, Grandfather had given me a order to obtain this piece of Jade and bring it back home else he’d give me a beating, but now, you see…your Elder Brother here might actually get killed!”

    The words spoken by him were not whispered and Li Zhen and others could easily hear all that was said clearly. Upon hearing this, they somewhat felt a lot better from their previously depressed state. They now realized why this guy was bidding so high and also what gave Fatty the courage to go almost all out! But thinking of all this, they now felt a bit pleased with themselves.

    They did not expect that they had unexpectedly managed to defeat Grandpa Tang and inflict damage upon Tang Yuan! Really…it was great!

    Jun Mo Xie curled his mouth and his face changed into a dismissive attitude and said, “Well, isn’t that just a piece of Jade Sea Coral? What are you guys getting so flushed and angry by struggling over something like this? This is something that my family has several of. I, your Father, say with confidence that it is not rare at all!”

    “What?” Li Zhen’s face instantly reddened as he shouted, “Jun Mo Xie, you little braggart! Your Jun family is already so poor and it is on the verge of collapsing and on the decline, yet you still claim to have such a good item? Even several of these? Are you not worried that you might die by choking on that big glib tongue of yours?”

    Jun Mo Xie suddenly jumped up and sprang to his feet and then angrily rebuked, “Li Zhen, what are you talking about? Several of this type of Jade Sea Coral was bestowed upon my grandfather by His Majesty The Emperor. Not only that, those are much bigger than this one that you are holding! I’m really surprised at your stupidity and ignorance!”

    Li Zhen laughed and said, “This is really ridiculous Jun Mo Xie! What does a bumpkin like you know about what this is? This is a Winterberry Jade Sea Coral! A Winterberry Jade Sea COral, do you understand? I really cannot be bothered to talk to you!”

    “My Family also has such Jade Sea Coral. They are so…so big!” Jun Mo Xie wildly gestured with his hands. “Fatty Tang has seen them, I am not lying to you!” It seemed that Jun Mo Xie simply did not believe that Li Zhen understood what he was trying to say with his gestures and hence even made Tang Yuan his witness. Jun Mo Xie got closer to Li Zhen to show how big his Jade Sea Corals were in comparison to the ones Li Zhen was holding.

    As Jun Mo XIe was gesturing, he seemed to draw out a size of more than double of what Li Zhen was holding and then snorted in disdain as he said, “My family’s items are much better than the one you are holding!” But, as Jun Mo Xie was gesturing wildly, in his heart he was secretly executing the Art of Unlocking Heavens Fortune at top speed and directing it towards the Jade Sea Coral. He suddenly felt a faint trace of air current coming out of the Jade Sea Coral. Upon coming in contact with this, he found that his Xuan Qi in his body became much more dense and significantly became active!

    So, it turns out that this piece of Jade Sea Coral is extremely useful for cultivation of Xuan Qi! Jun Mo Xie snorted in his heart. But this aura is somewhat similar to my own Exquisite Hongjun Pagoda eh? With an intention from his mind, he prepared to take in these streams of gas into his own meridians and assimilate with his own Qi. But, as he did this, he suddenly felt extreme discomfort. He realized that inside his own consciousness, the Exquisite Hongjun Pagoda had started rotating, emitting a white mist which actually pushed out this foreign gas from his meridians!

    They repel each other?! Jun Mo Xie exclaimed as he squinted his eyes.

    At this time, Li Zhen was simply seething with anger looking at Jun Mo Xie’s antics. He quickly took off the red silk that was covering the the plate and roared, “This is a Winterberry Jade Sea Coral! Winterberry! What you have at your place is the ordinary kind! Ordinary! You know fart!”

    Jun Mo Xie simply laughed and said, “Whatever! No matter what type of Jade Sea Coral it is, the texture and the quality of the material remains the same! Li Zhen, you really may be a country bumpkin! To use 5 million taels of silver to buy trash!”

    He then proceeded to casually place his hand on the Jade Sea Coral. Rubbing it, the frowned and said, “Hmm…looks a little different” Jun Mo Xie quickly operated the Art of Unlocking Heavens Fortune at its full power and then suddenly inserted a thin wisp of the formidable white gas inside the Jade Sea Coral!

    These two types of gases collided against each other opposing each other’s existence seemingly as if only one can stay while the other has to disappear! The internal gas became distorted moving all over the place and churning around trying to remove the wisp of white gas. But, with Jun Mo Xie being so close at hand, how could he let that happen? He was opperating the Art of Unlocking Heavens Fortune at its full power covering and surrounding the internal gas layer by layer with his white gas.

    Jun Mo Xie with his powerful soul could now make out that at this moment this piece of Jade Sea Coral was nothing but a huge mass storing wild violent gases which would dissipate with time! Jun Mo Xie stomach was clenched hard as he laughed internally evilly, This piece of Jade Sea Coral is now something that cannot be used….wow…haha…

    “How is it? Compared with the junk that you have at home, it is not the same, right? Hahaha…” Li Zhen laughed his heart out thinking of winning the argument. The seemingly disappointed appearance which implied Jun Mo Xie accepting his loss was extremely refreshing for him.

    “Really is not quite the same.” Jun Mo Xie with his face pale, pulled his hand back. Rubbing his nose, his face puzzled, he questioned, “Even though both are Jade Sea Corals, how is it not the same?”

    Tang Yuan also touched it and was also seemingly in great surprise and amazed. Li Zhen and Meng Hai Zhou’s egos gained a huge boost seeing their reactions. Their chest swelled with great pride and were laughing without a break. Only after a great time, they looked with disdain and fiercely stared at both Jun Mo Xie and Tang Yuan before scoffing, “That’s enough of staring at this treasure. You don’t have this right? Aren’t you envious? Oh Fatty….hahaha!” They both looked over at Tang Yuan, gloating with all their heart.

    Hmm…you did not manage to obtain this Jade Sea Coral. It would be wonderful to see how you go back and deal with your Grandfather! Also, making the Tang Family lose…hmmm…maybe there is still hope for us to be compensated for today’s loses!

    Jun Mo Xie had a look of embarrassment, but in his heart he thought, WIth what I, your father, did, it would be you two who would be dead!

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