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Chapter 93–Blazing Heart Meridian!

    Chapter 93: Blazing Heart Meridian!

    With such a large bid happening early on in the auction process, although in the next few rounds of auctions the money spent was not less, it wasn’t something astonishing and naturally did not cause much of a sensation. And finally, it was the turn of what Jun Mo Xie had come here with high anticipation, the Blazing Heart Meridian!

    “The Blazing Heart Meridian is a highly toxic variety of grass. Also called as Bone Mist, when an ordinary person is exposed to it by even a bit, they would be frightened stiff! It would be akin to their very soul flying away and scattering into the wind! However, for a certain set of people, it can enable them to have an unexpected recovery. It would be a truly priceless treasure for them. Especially if people are infected with highly toxic poisons, a small dose of this would have high restraining effect on the poisons and quite immediately at that. If an advanced Xuan Qi cultivator could use this to expel poisons from a person’s limbs, he would be absolutely fine as this would prevent the poison from invading the healer’s body and causing damage to his cultivation and body. The starting price is a whole 200,000 taels of silver and each additional bid has to be a minimum of 10,000 taels of silver.”

    The Old Man held a white box in his hand and slowly opened the lid. There lay a single stem of lotus which was in its entirety completely black! It was slowly emitting enchanting and at the same time a dangerous set of aura and bewitching colours.

    “No wonder the aura that it releases is so refined! The whole lotus has a deep black colour. Just looking at that black colour one can easily make out that this has aged for over 500 year! This is a lot stronger and has a better effect than the effect of the ordinary stuff. This is really good stuff, aged for over 500 years! It is surely a rare treasure.” Jun Mo Xie sighed with relief and then whispered, “Fatty Tang, this is what I want!” and then he held up three fingers!

    While in his heart he secretly thought, although the explanation that you gave is already quite detailed, but still you have missed one important use of this Blazing Heart Meridian. But, if you actually come to know about this use, I’m afraid you really would not be ready to auction it off!

    As for the Blazing Heart Meridian, in the mysterious continent on Earth where he was from, once this herb had aged over 200 years, it was given another name–Heaven and Earth Bridge! This herb can be transformed into something that all warriors could only dream about, by using some special methods, after the removal of the toxicity inside this herb, if one consumed this, their Meridians even if stagnant would be vitalized and would traverse the bridge between Heaven and Earth! It was enough to increase more than 20 years of martial arts skill!

    [TN: This stuff is truly broken!]

    As for this herb which was aged for over 500 years, it was best among the best. With it, restoring Jun Wu Yi’s health would have a probability of more than ninety percent! And this was just a conservative estimate by Jun Mo Xie!

    Jun Mo Xie’s words and the Old Man on stage’s words ended almost at the same time and Fatty Tang’s voice immediately rang out, “I bid for 300,000!”

    Just as this sound rang out, in the hall, everyone’s lips twitched. This prodigal son has come out! Although this time his bid is only an increment of 100,000, but compared to the minimum 10,000, it is still 10 times the amount! It is best not to even try and fight him. What if the price went beyond a limit and this guy just backed out. Wouldn’t it be just shooting yourself in your own foot and then having no roof to cry either? Who hadn’t seen the Meng Family’s Young Master spitting blood on the up there?!

    As a result, after Fatty Tang’s bid, the audience went completely cold with silence in an instant! They were stunned for a long time and spoke no words.

    To be honest, that purple robed Old Man at the moment was somewhat dumbfounded. This Blazing Heart Meridian surely could sell for over 800,000 but would he have to sell to for a mere 300,000 taels of silver? But the Magnificent Jewel Hall were stringent on their rules and nothing could be done. The Old Man paused for a moment before raising his hammer and saying, “Young Master Tang has bid 300,000, are there any higher bids?” He paused a bit before continuing, “300,000 going once…”

    “300,000 going twice…”

    Suddenly a hoarse voice fiercely yelled out, “I bid 3,000,000!”

    This price was offered by none other than Li Zhen!

    Just as everything was going well for Tang Yuan, his moment of joy was interrupted by this Li Zhen. He could not help but be furious and jumped out of the box into the doorway before yelling, “You characterless neighbour! You dare fight and struggle with I, your father? I bid 500…” suddenly Fatty Tang’s mouth was covered by none other than Jun Mo Xie. Although he did not finish that sentence, but still, every person in the hall broke into cold sweat. Everyone could guess that this Fatty was about to shout 5,000,000!

    Crazy! This Fatty must be simply mad!

    Jun Mo Xie twisted his neck and walked out. Though his sickly appearance was still there, he seemed extremely domineering. Opening the curtain, his foot landed outside with a ‘pop’. Waving his hand, he took off his hat unbuttoned his long flowing robes, before shouting, “Li Zhen! You son of a b*tch! Are you seeking your death by bidding?”

    “Who are you to have a say in this? This is the auction house! You can bid a brice, but, I cannot? Go bite me!” Li Zhen flushed with anger before he too jumped out of his box but managed to trip in his landing!

    “Who am I?! Bah!” Jun Mo Xie looking at him as if spotting a black sheep among the herd, twisted his mouth before saying, “Just drop this act! You just happened to empty your pockets with your previous bid and now you can also come up with additional 3,000,000 taels of silver? Li Zhen, not that I think any less of you, but, can you show your 3,000,000 to me now? As long as you can come up with that amount of money, the herb is yours! If you cannot bring out that amount, damn, I’d like to ask what is it that you two have against Fatty Tang and why are you making things difficult for him on purpose? Do you and Tang Yuan have grudges? Or is it with Grandpa Tang that you have grudges?!”

    Opposite to them, one could faintly hear Dugu Xiaoyi let out a faint chuckle before saying, “Looking at this guy like this is really annoying! This Black Lotus, it is said that there really is only one strand of it. Truly don’t know, hehe…”

    Princess Ling Meng who was sitting beside her reached out to touch Xiaoyi’s forehead, This sister does not have a fever today, right? A moment ago it was the look of worry, and now, a changed attitude?

    These days, in the Dugu Family, there was trouble everywhere because of Dugu Xiaoyi. Because, this little lady had suddenly changed a lot these days. Originally, she had an extremely cheerful and lively personality but, this inexplicably disappeared. She was quick to tears and even would sit in a daze, would not eat often; it made General Dugu extremely sad. He and several of his wives had also enquired to what was the problem but to no avail. He was forced to watch his precious and beloved granddaughter become thinner with each passing day. General Dugu could not do anything to change this situation and was extremely depressed about it. To relieve his frustration, he had caught several of his sons and nephews to administer a beating to them!

    Having Princess Ling Meng keep this Young Mistress of the Dugu family keep company had slightly improved her condition. Recently, she had received a notification from the Magnificent Jewel Hall about the auction and these two came out here in a bid to catch some fresh air and relieve themselves hoping to enrich their mood but, Dugu Xiaoyi was extremely reluctant with this idea. But, who would know that after coming here, her sickly appearance would actually vanish and she would be in high spirits! How can that not be extremely surprising? Is this Magnificent Jewel Hall some kind of divine healing medicine?

    Li Zhen looked at his friends and thought, Not to mention the 3,000,000, if I am able to borrow from a few people here, even if I manage to collect 100,000 that will be a great thing! Now, looking at the 3,000,000 figure, he could not help but be flabbergasted.

    “A bunch of trash! I really cannot be bothered by you!” Jun Mo Xie snorted in disdain before patting his ass and continuing, “Even, I, your father’s fart is more valuable than the words that you spoke. The silver you have, cannot even be compared to the amount of maggots in shit, now can it?”

    In an extremely arrogant manner, Jun Mo Xie turned to towards the public, showing that their pair had no need to spend additional money before shouting, “Who else wants this herb? You are all welcome to try, come on!” Then with a snap of his fingers added, “But be ready to bring out several million taels of silver.”

    People in the Hall pretended as if they heard nothing and turned a deaf ear to Jun Mo Xie’s provocations. Millions to buy a herb? This is just simply asking to be robbed! Which normal sane headed person would do such a stupid thing?

    Two parts of huge spiritual pressure descended upon Jun Mo Xie from an unknown location abruptly; Jun Mo Xie showed a snowy white complexion and he started running his mental power at full force. Jun Mo Xie was quite cunning and he understood what was going on. He started to shiver a bit before shouting, “It feels terrible, why is it so cold here?” The spiritual pressure that were overlooking him, checked him out thoroughly and upon not finding anything amiss, they instantly disappeared.

    Jun Mo Xie sneered at the two in his heart, For you two Uncles to hope to grasp anything from me, you guys are nothing but mere circus performers in my eyes!

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