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Chapter 94–Twists and Turns

    Chapter 94: Twists and Turns

    At this moment the Old Man in the purple robe, closed his eyes and then nodded his head. It seemed as if he was listening to what the people were talking about. His face displayed a slightly pained expression, then disappeared without trace before he opened his eyes and shouted, “Tang Yuan to buy the Blazing Heart Meridian has already bid 5,000,000, is there anyone who wishes to bid higher than 5,000,000?”

    Jun Mo Xie suddenly reeled back and stared at the old man on stage and said, “Senior, this matter is a bit troublesome. The situation here is clear that Li Zhen is indulging in malicious bidding and has no means to back up his bids. Whereas none of my friends actually did so, why is it necessary to force the price to 5,000,000?”

    “People not participating in the bidding process of this auction are forbidden from speaking and disrupting the process!” Jun Mo Xie was completely ignored by the purple robed old man and simply turned towards Fatty Tang before saying, “Mr. Tang may raise the objection!”

    Tang Yuan who usually was filled with arrogance, now, was totally submissive and quietly whispered, “I did not happen to say how much exactly just now…”

    Jun Mo Xie suddenly observed that this fat friend who usually was bursting with courage, cower over and act meek. It was totally unlike his usual self where he was arrogant and despotic. Now, he was acting strangely even when faced with paying the astronomical amount of 5,000,000 silver taels! This was utter nonsense!

    Moreover, it seemed that the Magnificent Jewel Hall was deliberately making things difficult for them. Jun Mo Xie was after all the ‘Evil Monarch’. Pride was something that was deeply seeped into his bones. How could he eat this loss by laying low? With a sneer he said, “It seems some things are really hard to sell, even if it is the Magnificent Jewel Hall. Fatty Tang just called out ‘500’ and nothing more. When did he say 5,000,000? If the Magnificent Jewel Hall really wants to sell, then, 500 silver, it is a good deal!

    Indeed, it was just as Jun Mo Xie said. Fatty Tang only called out ‘500’ and did not have enough time to shout out ‘5,000,000’ before Jun Mo Xie covered his mouth.

    For some time, both the sides actually froze. Li Zhen and others actually had a happy expression on their face, looking at Jun Mo Xie joke around with the Magnificent Jewel Hall! The crowd was completely silent as on one side you had the Magnificent Jewel Hall and on the other side, the all powerful Jun Family! Both sides were powers that they simply dared not offend! Suddenly breaking the stillness in the hall, there sounded a voice. This voice was something that no one could locate where it came from. It seemed to come from everywhere and at the same time, nowhere! “The rules of the Magnificent Jewel Hall cannot be broken. Since a bid was made and the price spoken, that is it!” The voice was vague and soft but it could be heard clearly by everyone present! The complexion of the purple robed old man suddenly changed as he said, “The Magnificent Jewel Hall will never buy or sell using compulsion. Regardless of whether the Jun and Tang Family’s Young Masters will visit again, it is inconsequential. Today, this auction house has established that it was Tang Yuan who has placed the bid of 5,000,000!”

    As soon as the mysterious character spoke out, the attitude of this Old Man had clearly toughened up in an instant. Even Jun Mo Xie who was the best killer and had a calm countenance, couldn’t help but be surprised and there was a slight change in his expression. 5,000,000 taels of silver was surely a lot of money, but, this was not something that was so huge that it would be coveted by the Magnificent Jewel Hall. The real reason was, the unexpected voice that sounded out. The voice transmission clearly showed how high the skill of that master was and it was even comparable to the initial stages of the Sky Rank!

    But…but, why would such an expert want to make Fatty Tang feel embarrassed? Or, is it to make things difficult for me? Strength was one thing, but, Jun Mo Xie was haughty by nature. How could he eat this loss by simply lying low, without speaking out his grievances? This fight over 5,000,000 taels of silver was simply a joke to him! With the great effect of the 500 year old Burning Heart Meridian on Jun Wu Yi’s treatment, the value for that, not to mention 5,000,000 taels, even if he had to pay twice, the Third Young Master Jun was determined to win this item. But, winning a bidding war and paying the appropriate amount was one thing and being taken advantage of was another altogether!

    If right now, he was forced to hand over 5,000,000 taels of silver for the transaction, regardless of whether the deal was something which was cost effective in the overall perspective, he would be stifled and would feel like dying all together! Moreover, it became clear at this point that the Magnificent Jewel Hall was simply trying to twist words to force logic! What Jun Mo Xie most hated was seeing people use strength to oppress others! And, this situation was no exception. “What is the rule that shouldn’t be broken? Hahaha…”

    Jun Mo Xie, if previously was simply playacting, but at this moment became really angry. With a sneer, Jun Mo Xie continued, “If that’s the case, then this Young Master would sit here every single day to rise prices and let the Magnificent Jewel Hall fill its pockets!”

    “The son of the Jun family, the implications behind your words are not understood by me. Is it that the reputed Tian Xiang Kingdom’s Jun Family wish to go against my Magnificent Jewel Hall?” That voice immediately rang out in the hall and it was filled with anger. Everyone could clearly see the hint of threat veiled in that sentence and the heavy pressure being emitted by that person made it difficult for many people who were seated in the hall to breathe. The people observing this situation develop, all watched Jun Mo Xie with pity in their eyes thinking, All because of this debauchee son running of his mouth, he has attracted a disaster to his home. This Jun Mo Xie really acts recklessly eh? He even dares to provoke the Magnificent Jewel Hall eh?

    Li Zhen and Meng Hai Zhou were totally elated! Although today, they had spent more and more money, but if it is in this matter, if the Magnificent Jewel Hall and the Jun Family became enemies, even spending ten times the amount would totally be money well spent!

    In a box opposite them, Dugu Xiaoyi anxiously stamped her feet down saying, “This pig head! He actually dares to openly defy the Magnificent Jewel Hall? How can this be of any good?” With extreme anxiety she held Princess Ling Ming’s hand as she observed on with even more concentration.

    Jun Mo Xie’s heart grew extremely vigilant as he heard the words spoken by that expert. This guy is clearly deliberate in creating a rift between the Jun Family and the Magnificent Jewel Hall openly, do we have some grudges with the Magnificent Jewel Hall? Thinking up to this point, he decided to speak no more nonsense and cut to the chase.

    “Filling the empty parts with gossip, isn’t that the truth? You said that Tang Yuan bid an amount of 5,000,000, but who here can testify that they heard this? All I heard was ‘500’ and nothing more. Isn’t that what it should be then? In addition, Li Zhen bid an amount of 3,000,000 taels of silver. But, has the Magnificent Jewel Hall not thought of if he can take it out or not? If he can’t take it out, is it right to rise prices with empty pockets? You asked if the Jun Family is going against the Magnificent Jewel Hall? Then I have to ask, is this a means of accumulating wealth by the Magnificent Jewel Hall that it has deliberately arranged?”

    As Jun Mo Xie said these words, everyone present was surprised and shocked! This sentence was simply tantamount to say that the Magnificent Jewel Hall and the Li Family had teamed up to fleece Tang Yuan of his money! This would be a serious blow to the reputation of Magnificent Jewel Hall! The Magnificent Jewel Hall had made an oversight of this particular point and Jun Mo Xie promptly seized this flaw! The Magnificent Jewel hall in some obvious manner of injustice were deliberately making things difficult and Jun Mo Xie had fearlessly jumped out to openly accuse them of their wrongdoings! The hall was completely quiet and one couldn’t hear the people breathing. To dare question the Magnificent Jewel Hall, who no one had opposed in hundreds of years?! Today, the people were enlightened and grew in experience! After a long time, the mysterious voice again spoke up, “This matter is actually an oversight. This lord will look into it” The voice was still steady, but, it exhibited a hint of reluctance. Everyone could easily imagine the powerful expert trembling and seething with anger to be forced to recant his words and then shamelessly speak out calmly as if nothing had happened.

    Jun Mo Xie was completely stunned! The Magnificent Jewel Hall had deliberately made things difficult for them and wanted to embarrass them but suddenly, they recant and go back on their words and actions? First oppress, then change their behaviour? This was truly strange!

    It seemed as if he himself did not know if an insider existed or not! While Jun Mo Xie was thinking this, the voice sounded out again, “Li Zhen, you just bid 3,000,000 taels of silver. Would you care to take the money out?”

    Sitting comfortably, Li Zhen and company were enjoying the scene being played out and were happy at Jun Mo Xie and Tang Yuan’s misery. But, suddenly when Li Zhen heard the voice being directed at him and all his happiness suddenly crumbled down. His thoughts ran real quick before he bent in ceremony, “Before, I, of the younger generation was still unhappy that Tang Yuan was repeatedly upsetting the Magnificent Jewel Hall’s decorum and that’s why I felt the need to step up and come forward to expose his dark and ugly face.” The voice with impatience quickly retorted, “This Lord, has not asked you of what your motivation was. I only asked you about the 3,000,000 taels of silver that you bid.”

    Li Zhen could not but be embarrassed before saying, “Junior here does not have 3,000,000 taels of silver, but, this junior acted merely because of the disruptions caused by Tang Yuan and not to disturb the proceedings of the Magnificent Jewel Hall”


    The voice now seemed to have totally lose its calmness and did not even bother to disguise its anger. The voice then coldly sounded, “Even without having the requisite amount of silver, you still dare bid?! Disturbing the proceedings at this place, how is it Tang Yuan that’s disturbing and causing a ruckus? It is clearly you who doesn’t hold the Magnificent Jewel Hall in any regard at all! You broke the rules of the Magnificent Jewel Hall, how can I let this pass? Guards, come! This person is expelled from the Magnificent Jewel Hall effective immediately! The Li Family’s box is effectively canceled and they are permanently disqualified from ever setting foot into the Magnificent Jewel Hall!”

    As the voice sounded out, several waiters appeared outside the Li Family’s box. Li Zhen directly stood up and directly started to walk out. He was someone who was extremely arrogant and had been accustomed to such a lifestyle since he was young. However, at this moment, he gave no resistance, did not even bother to plead for mercy! His face pale and slumped over he walked out. Jun Mo Xie sitting on the sidelines, felt something was more and more wrong!

    This clearly is the case of flying into range out of humiliation! But, why are things going this way? Even if Li Zhen made a mistake, that is simply not a reason enough to throw him out and deprive the entire Li Family of its qualifications to enter the Magnificent Jewel Hall. If I actually had handled the matter of this malicious bidding of Li Zhen improperly, it would have been Tang Yuan who would have been forced! I’d like to see how the Magnificent Jewel Hall justifies all their actions, even if you have a thousand good ideas, your father, I, am not afraid! At worst, what is it that would happen? The Jun Family lose rights to enter the Magnificent Jewel Hall? What is the big deal! In that case, after achieving more success in the Art of Unlocking Heavens Fortune, the first thing I’d have to do would be to pay a visit to these Magnificent Jewel Hall guys.

    Li Zhen was causing trouble from the beginning, who couldn’t see that? The Magnificent Jewel Hall is not composed with a bunch of fools. Naturally they could clearly discern the situation but still intentionally made trouble for Jun Mo Xie. But, after being embarrassed, his attitude turned around suddenly and he focused his attention on Li Zhen!

    Suddenly a thought came about in Jun Mo Xie’s head, DId the situation develop like this because someone intervened? Therefore, the Magnificent Jewel Hall had to change their original intention? But, just who is this person? Who has such huge capabilities?

    Just as Jun Mo Xie was thinking this in his heart, the voice sounded out again and everyone could hear clearly, “Jun Mo Xie, although it was Li Zhen who had committed an error and flouted the rules of our Magnificent Jewel Hall, but you still insulted my Magnificent Jewel Hall. You gave no face to me and my Magnificent Jewel Hall and I need an answer to this!” The voice sounded quite harsh and apparently still contained and apparently some of the anger still lingered in his voice!

    Jun Mo Xie still had questions that were left unanswered and he was seething with anger bellow. Though this was the case, he realized that the mysterious person was leaving room for saving some face for himself and Jun Mo Xie decided that it would be best if he made a strategic retreat right now and played along. I’m still a fledgling without much of a power. Though that is the case, once my cultivation of this Xuan Qi succeeds and reaches higher realms, I, your father, would surely be happy to drop in and put away with these pitiful pleasantries.

    Thinking up to this, Jun Mo Xie said, “When did this junior insult the Magnificent Jewel Hall? No…right? This Li Zhen simply had a lot of malicious intentions against me and I was completely hoodwinked and blinded by his schemes. But, the Magnificent Jewel Hall’s mental perception is like a torch. You wouldn’t let a new feather get harmed. You came out and saved everyone from this rotten apple without fear of the power backing him up. You are unyielding in your righteousness and the Magnificent Jewel Hall is surely worth its reputation. This junior has admiration and nothing but admiration for the Magnificent Jewel Hall!”

    Suddenly Jun Mo Xie turned and said loudly, “You guys can see that this Magnificent Jewel Hall is surely the number one under the heavens! They have their products reasonably priced and treat both the young and old honestly. If they weren’t impartial and just, how could such a chamber of commerce make one respect them? Just by doubting them wouldn’t it make others blush with shame? To see how the Magnificent Jewel Hall handled this controversy, this junior to have the esteemed and noble chamber of commerce like the Magnificent Jewel Hall in the Tian Xiang Kingdom is really proud! Let us all cheer and applaud for the Magnificent Jewel Hall!”

    Then Jun Mo Xie with a face filled with a look of sincere admiration and worship, took the initiative to clap loudly before continuing to talk, “Why do guys not applaud for our magnificent Jewel Hall? Do you people have other differing opinions? If so, then this junior would be the first to seek grievance on behalf of the Magnificent Jewel Hall!” Immediately the audience broke into a thunderous applause! While all were applauding, they were cursing in their hearts, Ah…! Shameless! Truly shameless! This Jun Mo Xie is shamless to a different degree altogether! He is so thick skinned that he is not ashamed of this ass kissing at all!

    Only Dugu Xiaoyi, among everyone present had a look of excitement. She was smiling happily and clapping vigorously, full of relief!

    The mysterious voice quieted down too and did not speak anything else.

    Inside the Magnificent Jewel Hall, in an elegant room, two white clothed middle-aged men sat opposite to each other. One of the white clothed man gnashed his teeth fiercely while his face was depressed. He brought his hand down slamming on the desk hard, which crumbled from being unable to bear the blow and fiercely whispered, “Jun Mo Xie! You are a really crafty young fellow! This lord will not spare you!”

    The other white clothed man closed his eyes and gave a very disapproving look. Frowning he said, ”This thing you shouldn’t have, how strange that it was that young kid who got it”. The previous white robed man grunted in dissatisfaction as he said, “But, that Blazing Heart Meridian, I’m afraid that Jun Wu Yi…” saying up to this point, the man stopped. “Jun Wu Yi?” The other white robed man stood up saying this and asked, “What do you mean?” The white robed man grunted, closing his eyes and did not speak for a long time, while the other just stared at him for a long time before declaring in an awe inspiring manner, “I do not care about what grudges you and Jun Wu Yi have had in the past. But now, he is disabled and his life is destined to be doomed! If you have any plans to deal with him, I will kill you!” He said this with absolute ruthlessness without a hint of mercy! This showed that he had the determination and intent to follow through with whatever he said! The white robed man simply grunted twice and then turned away without speaking.

    The other white robed man looked at him cold before suddenly saying, “The auction, originally did not have the Blazing Heart Meridian! But, it suddenly appeared, what is its exact source? Also, this Blazing Heart Meridian, who was it that supplied it to you? And the most important of all, unexpectedly, request you to sell it in the Tian Xiang Imperial city?”

    The white robed man simply gave a cold shoulder to him and kept his eyes closed. He thought, If you really want to know, then why don’t you ask the elders? Don’t show your questioning face here. Do you really think I’m afraid of you?

    “Yes or no…” the other white robed man’s face became more solemn as he continued, “Yes or no…she…specifically sent it as a present for Jun Wu Yi? Otherwise why would nine elders come together?” Upon hearing the white robed man’s eyes snapped open as he shouted, “What nonsense are you spouting? A trifling Jun Wu Yi, don’t tell me is worth for us to sacrifice half the power of nine of our elders!”

    “I did not say anything about sacrificing nine of our elders power! It was you who said it. What do you mean by that?” His face again became murderous as he asked “What dirty tricks are you employing?”

    “So what? As long as the Jun Family is spending 300,000 taels of silver to buy it, is it not the same as it falling in the hands of Jun Wu Yi!”

    “Your Mother’s Fart!”

    “Only to give the Blazing Heart Meridian is of less use than fart! Without a Divine Xuan expert controlling the process, with the poisonous potency of the Blazing Heart Meridian, Jun Wu Wi will only die faster!”

    “You bastard! I will kill you!”


    There came a voice from far, and it was very old but severely scolded the two, “Do not make me repeat myself.”

    The two had their swords out just ready strike one another. They looked viciously at each other before finally sitting back down without saying a single word.

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