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Chapter 95–The Heart of a Young Woman

    95: The Heart of a Young Woman

    Inside the Hall, Jun Mo Xie had a smile on his face. Clasping his hands together, he began to salute at the people all around and laughing with a smile that extended from ear to ear he said, “Thank you. Thank you for everybody’s show of support for the Magnificent Jewel Hall. THis junior shall be grateful for this personal favour. Everyone, please, let the auction continue. Please feel free to bid casually and as much as you’d like. There is no need to be polite.”

    What kind of a despicable fellow is this kid? To see you lick the heels of the Magnificent Jewel Hall and portray them as if they’re the best kind of shopkeepers in the world, it is truly despicable to the extreme point!

    Everyone present was simply cursing him in their hearts. If supercilious thoughts could smash a person to death, then Jun Mo Xie, currently would be bearing down on an earth shattering amount of pressure and the end would be for him to simply die horribly! If despicable behaviour could hurt, then Jun Mo Xie would right now be filled with cuts and bruises.

    Finally that mysterious voice did not sound out again, when after some time another voice sounded out clearly, “Before, during the bidding process of the Blazing Heart Meridians, it has been deemed that the bid by Li Zhen is invalid, and the auction shall continue with the original price!” Sure enough, it was two people! Jun Mo Xie thought this and smiled in his heart. Surely there wasn’t any unity and agreement on their views. Right, uh…then this person should still be a little strong eh?

    The complexion of the purple robed man on the stage changed and then with frustration said, “The Blazing Heart Meridian was previously bid on by Tang Yuan for 300,000 taels of silver. I had called out the price twice, is there anyone who is offering more than 300,000?” Even after being asked repeatedly, no one ventured out a bid. Even disregarding the events that transpired earlier, who’d want to go offend Jun Mo Xie whose grandpa was a Sky Xuan expert and to add to that, the fearsome grandpa of Tang Yuan who doted on his grandson. Who would dare to get on the wrong side of these two Young Masters?

    “300,000 taels of silver, goes thrice! Sold!”

    When the purple robed man slammed the hammer down he was completely feeling oppressed. He had been managing and hosting auctions for over a decades and yet had never felt so depressed before. Because of two prodigal children of big families, the auction has become totally messed up! This item which could easily reach the price of 1,000,000 taels of silver is being sold for merely 300,000! This price is almost akin to simply giving away the Blazing Heart Meridian.

    Fatty Tang had experienced great joy, only to be saddened instantaneously and half of the time, he has not understood what really was going on. Jun Mo Xie’s disposition finally calmed down. The opportunity was almost about to slip away from his hand.

    Sitting across them, Dugu Xiaoyi cast an extremely angry look before saying, “There is no justice here! That guy actually succeeded in obtaining at such a low price! It is truly repulsive! I hate it! Ah!” While the words that were coming out seemed hateful, her two beautiful big eyes actually turned into two crescent moons and she seemed to laugh from the bottom if her heart and there wasn’t the slightest hint of disgust contained in it.

    Princess Ling Meng looked suspiciously at Dugu Xiaoyi who was obviously in high spirits and suddenly looked over, skimming across she thought of Jun Mo Xie who this ‘Lady’ was always bullying. But, sitting in this room, she apparently did not have the usual look of disgust that she had in the past, but a look of appreciation! Seeing how things were progressing, Princess Ling Meng suddenly had a bizarre thought and couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise, “Xiaoyi, you…you…did you take a fancy to this debauchee of a man?”

    Hearing this, Xiaoyi’s face became completely red as she wrinkled her nose and stuck out her tongue. Undoubtedly blushing, she said with resolution, “Who has? How can I take fancy to some prodigal son of a family? Hmm…it is just that this girl’s Meteorite Iron was taken by him, his guts is real big! How can I forget this? This girl is just waiting for an opportunity to pay him back in full!” As she was saying this, she lifted her eyebrow and clenching her jaws tightly. Princess Ling Meng from head to toe was feeling completely powerless as she heard these words. With all things said, Dugu Xiaoyi was a close precious friend of her for many years. How could she not see through her and was fully exposed. Xiaoyi was truly happy from unlike what her appearance seemed and the concern that she was showing, came from the bottom of her heart and this was something that any random observer could tell.

    Thinking again, she realized this Dugu Xiaoyi had been depressed and her mind was not in place. But, just as she heard Jun Mo Xie’s voice, she suddenly seemed to become totally lively and bursting with energy! All of these were self evident, and it could all only lead to one possibility! This possibility was so unthinkable that it simply was a nightmare!

    “Ah…younger sister Dugu Xiaoyi….” She looked at Xiaoyi before continuing, “Are you trying to pull wool over your older sister’s eyes? Ah…! He is such a loiterer and a good for nothing brat, how could you approve of him?”

    Dugu Xiaoyi blinked her big pretty eyes twice and happily hummed before saying, “Because he is such a debauchee, all he needs is a good lesson to let him know how powerful this girl is…hum…hum, hehehe…” as she finished saying this, she could not help laughing. Her eyes were full of longing, apparently already thinking about how she would teach Jun Mo Xie a lesson and a fascinated look.

    Princess Ling Meng simply grew more worried about this issue. This is no trivial matter! Even though Dugu Xiaoyi had only herself to blame, we also had to inform her father, the magnificent general Dugu Wudi about this. The Dugu Family is a peerless family in the capital, moreover, Dugu Xiaoyi is the sole beloved daughter of the family who is always doted upon by everyone! To compare her with the Jun Famliy’s dissolute and waste of a heir? Ah…it would be akin to a lovely flower being stuck in a cow dung! The absurdity simply cannot be described! It would just be a simple wanton wastefulness of the nature’s lovely products! To say of nothing else, just to think on behalf of the imperial family, the Jun Family’s Third Generation’s only grandson and the granddaughter of the Dugu Family, the result is simply terrifying! This would lead to complete change in the government and the public! So…no! I must stop this! I must never let Dugu Xiaoyi fall in Jun Mo Xie’s hands. Princess Ling Meng gave a complex look to Dugu Xiaoyi and secretly made the decision on Jun Mo Xie in her mind.

    Obtaining the Blazing Heart Meridian at a cheaper price, Jun Mo Xie was extremely excited from the bottom of his heart. He looked at himself and knew that such appearance of two masters at the Magnificent Jewel Hall is rare and infrequent. My own personal strength is not strong enough. I just simply have to wait and be patient and have act as the joker in the meantime.

    Eventually, Tang Yuan bought what was requested of of him by Grandpa Tang without a hitch. IT was a single scroll on the way of the sword! Jun Mo Xie simply cast a look at it and then expressed no interest in that martial book. He simply looked down upon Tang Yuan for having bought such a thing. This book which can be classified as only fancy fencing, they actually bid for it and even spent 2,000,000 silver to acquire it! But then, Jun Mo Xie was suddenly startled and then his face showed a trace of surprise! After obtaining this Blazing Heart Meridian, he had sent his spiritual sense out to cover the boxes of the two princes which had six people in them. But, he was surprised to find that at of this moment, both the boxes were completely empty! There was absolutely no one in them and none had walked out the door. It seemed as if they simply disappeared!

    However, Jun Mo Xie concluded that these six people did not leave the place. Is it that those two boxes have a secret underground passageway? The next moment, infact, Jun Mo Xie managed to find a trace of the lingering spiritual energy in the air and traced it back into the crowds down below. What he saw down there surprised him greatly! They had changed their clothes and even the look of their faces! Even if someone managed to take a look at these men face to face, it would be hard for them to be able to recognize them.

    Three of them had gathered in the middle of the hall while the other three to the sides of the hall. They all had the appearance of wealthy men, who were just looking here and there but, Jun Mo Xie with his keen perception easily could make out a hint of anxiety and desire burning in their hearts. It simply indicated that the object that they desired was going to come up soon and they were waiting in much anticipation.

    But, among all the goods in this place, in the end what is it that has got these to groups totally enticed? Even two of the Princes are involved!

    Jun Mo Xie took the auction list from Fatty Tang and started scouring the items that were mentioned. Finally after going through the list he managed to find out the item that had even bought the two Princes to the auction house! 30 strips of tendons from a rank 6 Xuan beast! Xuan Beast’s tendons! It had to be this item.

    In addition, the rest of the stuff on the list was just something which can be considered as luxurious decorations and other small stuff, things that did not have too much of a practical use. Wouldn’t they want something that would have a huge offensive power and could produce a threat to life? Seemingly on the Xuan Beast’s tendons would meet their requirements!

    But, what are they going to do with so many tendons? Do they have a reason to change to whips as their weapon of choice for their killers? Could it be…it is going to be used for making particularly strong bows?

    [TN: A whip! Hahahaha…!]

    As his thought progressed to this point, Jun Mo Xie’s heart started beating really fast. If the tendons of a rank 6 Xuan Beast were used to create a bow, then the arrow if shot from such a bow would have its power increased by more than twice! However, though such a kind of bow and arrow would be incredibly powerful, the strength of a 9 Xuan Rank cultivator is insufficient and surely wouldn’t be able to pull the string of the bow!

    But, because of this, if it were Silver or Gold level Xuan rank experts, this type of weapon would undoubtedly become an absolute weapon! Even a Jade Xuan Rank expert might meet his end at the hands of such a bow’s user if he is caught in a moment of unawareness or surprise! And, a group consisting of more than ten such bow wielding users would surely have the power to even pose a threat to the lives of Sky Xuan level masters!

    Truly, it’s what they’re thinking!

    Sure enough! Just as the Xuan Beast’s tendon came out, the group belonging to the two princes immediately began to bid against each other and the situation was a fierce competition between the two factions! Prices continued to rise and before long it reached 5,000,000 taels of silver which was an unprecedented height! At this price, surely the rest of the people in the hall would have simply been sent packing home, but even if these two were relatives, they refused to even concede half a step!

    After a long bidding process, the price of the 30 strips of Xuan Beast’s tendons actually climbed up to a sky high price of 13,000,000 taels of silver and was obtained by the killer group of one of the two Emperor’s sons! In the recent years, in all of the auctions that the Magnificent Jewel Hall had organized, this can be considered as the single item with the highest price!

    “Jun Mo Xie, see this is just the tendons of a rank 6 Xuan Beast. If it were a demonic core of a rank 6 Xuan Beast, then I’m afraid, the price would have been even higher. Jun Mo Xie, now you must know that how much of an important thing was lost by my family!” Tang Yuan snapped, “It is simply priceless! Ah…!” Jun Mo Xie did not know whether to cry or laugh. He simply looked below with the intent to procure those Xuan Beast’s tendons.

    Once the auction finished, the crowd quickly dispersed and the three men who had obtained the tendons also mixed in with the crowd slowly moving away. Jun Mo Xie knew that in his family, the strongest was his grandpa who was a Sky Xuan realm master, but he knew that even if it was his grandpa facing against people wielding these bows, his life would be in peril and he’d have to be very careful.

    “Let’s go!” Jun Mo Xie stood up, his mind still wondering, If I’m able to trace it back or find out where they are going to keep it finally, it would be extremely ideal!

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