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Chapter 98–Do Not be Shameless to this Extent!

    Translated by Moe

    TL Note: This site is still a work in progress but here’s the first chapter release. Enjoy.

    Chapter 98 Do Not be Shameless to this Extent!

    “Uncle Ye, please calm down.” Princess Ling Meng hurriedly coaxed. When Jun Mo Xie was previously injured, Grandfather Jun had already caused a bloodbath in the capital. If he were killed by Ye Gu Han……the consequences would be too ghastly to consider.

    Although Ye Gu Han is a Sky Xuan expert, he would still just be a piece of cake to Jun Zhan Tian even if Ye Gu Han’s strength were to increase by one fold and fight with his full force. In any case, to lose his life just for a young debauchee is not worth it.

    Princess Ling Ming took two steps forward and asked Jun Mo Xie, “Jun Mo Xie, please follow me over to the side. I have something important to tell you.” Ye Gu Han closely followed behind her like a shadow, not leaving for even a moment. He apparently did not trust Jun Mo Xie.

    It was at this moment that Jun Mo Xie suddenly sensed a familiar chill in his heart rise and then quickly disappeared. This was the same killing intent that locked onto Jun Mo Xie in the Magnificent Jewel Hall!

    Jun Mo Xie then contemplated in his heart. But why are they here? They did not leave after obtaining the Xuan Beast tendons. Don’t tell me they want to assassinate the princess in broad daylight?

    Anyhow, the killing intent of three assassins could be clearly detected coming from around the street corner. And contrary to expectations, Jun Mo Xie had a feeling of seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. After having been delayed twice, he was certain that he would not be able to catch up to those three. He certainly did not expect that he would accidentally bump heads with them again so soon. This truly must be fate.

    He looked at the several bodyguards behind him. If these men followed along, not to mention tracking others, perhaps they would be discovered before they can even be able to take two steps. After giving it some thought, an idea slowly begins to develop in Jun Mo Xie’s mind.

    Although Jun Mo Xie does not know why these killers ended up here, it’s clear that the other party had not moved a step after discovering Princess Ling Meng’s entourage. There is no doubt about it. The reason they paused was because they detected Ye Gu Han’s formidable Sky Xuan presence and so did not dare to act rashly.

    “You wait here first. The princess and I have important matters to discuss.” Jun Mo Xie explained while looking at his bodyguards with a serious face. “The princess and I still have to exchange caresses and whisper some affectionate words. Don’t disturb our serious business.”

    Hearing these truly shameless words, the leader of the bodyguards was gaping and speechless while he stared at him. Eventually, he bows his head in consent. “Y-Yes, young master.” Just three short words had almost caused him to stutter three times.

    The leader was secretly cursing in his heart. You caressing and whispering sweet love with the princess? Young master, you truly are thick skinned! Look at how the royal princess is glaring at you with those chilling eyes as if she want to freeze you to death! I’m afraid the truth is that you are going to suffer masochistic abuse but don’t want us to witness your humiliation. We also have better things to do so why would we even want to follow you this time? Something serious? Do you dare to say that you have done even one serious thing since you born up until now!?

    Jun Mo Xie walked forward with Princess Ling Ming. In his mind, he sensed that just as his retinue of bodyguards moved forward, the three assassins across the street had begun to move as well. By the time Jun Mo Xie had turned the street corner, the three assassins had already proceeded a few dozen zhangs down the street. But it seems that this just so happen to be their destination since it didn’t appear as if they had any intention of leaving.

    By now, Ye Gu Han had already detected their presence as well, and he held in a frown. Although he was not aware that the other party were assassins, it is apparent from the spiritual power fluctuations that the other party had a high level of Xuan cultivation. Even though he doesn’t know their intentions, he had already placed his right hand upon his sword hilt. If they have any sudden movements, Ye Gu Han will immediately exterminate these three men!

    Concerning the safety of Princess Ling Ming, Ye Gu Han will never allow any accident to happen!

    A Sky Xuan level existence can act with impunity in a place like Tianxiang City.

    “Jun Mo Xie, I have a warning for you.” Princess Ling Ming’s charming figure finally came to a stopped. She knitted her brows, apparently organizing her thoughts as she seems to have a bit of a difficulty broaching this subject.

    “Royal Princess please speak frankly. I’m all ears.” Jun Mu Xie’s back has moved against the wall, with one leg bent such that his feet prop up against the wall. After raising one arm, lowering the other, and then tilting his head, he gazed at Princess Ling Ming. A truly a sloppy, frivolous, indecent and despicable appearance.

    Ye Gu Han could not stand looking at him like this, the spitting image of a street bum, and snorted before turning away. He would rather not look at this eyesore’s shameful display. In his heart, he pitied Jun Zhan Tian, a hero of a generation, for having such a good for nothing as his sole heir! Truly regrettable! It seems that the Jun Family’s decline is already a matter of certainty. How unfortunate for a family that has sacrificed so much for their country!

    Jun Mo Xie gave the same snort of despise in his heart. You’re supposed to be a Sky Xuan expert, but compare to with me, your big brother, you are too inexperienced actually to be lacking even the minimum level of vigilance.

    Even though this young master appearance resembled a street bum or a dog taking a piss, but this leg being propped up against the wall can let me react appropriately to sudden changes and push off at any time. With the slightest exertion, no matter from which direction, from the sky or down below, I can still secure a path of retreat for myself.

    With each arm raised and lowered, it is a lot easier to maintain my balance which would be advantageous under any circumstance!

    Even if a Supreme Divine Xuan expert were to appear in front of me right now and wanted to kill me, I’m confident I can still escape so long as I can push off against the wall with my leg! But look at you, a Sky Xuan expert who did not understand that form followed function and turned away earlier. If this young master had the mind to take the life of this daydreaming little girl, that split second would have been more than enough to kill her three times over! What a moron! And to think this bodyguard believe that he’s responsible and dilegent—truly tragic and laughable!

    “Jun Mo Xie, Lady Dugu is my closest and best friend, and so…” Princess Ling Ming paused and bit her lips, feeling a little embarrassed. But the thought that Dugu Xiao Yi’s lifelong happiness was currently in the hands of this frivolous debauchee in front of her, she gained her resolve and blurted out in one breath. “…And so, I don’t want you to harass Xiao Yi again in the future…too much flirting, you…understand what I mean?”

    “Jun Mo Xie does not understand.” Jun Mo Xie shook his head as if startled and started sweating profusely. “This lowly debauchee does not have your royal princess’ profound knowledge; therefore, the words princess spoke is too difficult to understand. Forgive this one’s ignorance. Might I suggest your royal princess make your words as clear and direct as possible?”

    Jun Mo Xie was speaking the truth and was not just playing dumb. If he were the original Jun Mo Xie, he would have immediately understood. But having never been in a relationship in his previous life, he had not realized Dugu Xiao Yi’s feelings for him until now. He had already been in a chronic state of depression as it is from having to constantly avoid that bipolar and unruly female. Hearing what Princess Ling Ming said about this taboo subject was like hearing news from hell!

    “Jun Mo Xie! There’s no point in acting stupid. Do you really not understand what I’m saying?!” Princess Ling Ming frowned and felt annoyed in her heart. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t get it, but you are not good enough for Xiao Yi. All I want today is for you to promise never to bother Xiao Yi again so as not to invite trouble!”

    “Haha!” Jun Mo Xie laughed out once before narrowing his eyes and ask, “Isn’t your royal princess stepping out of line? Are you her mother?!”

    Then with an “Oh” sound, his face lit up as if in sudden realization before a strange smile emerged. “So you were jealous! Wahaha!”

    “You!” Princess Ling Ming’s delicate frame suddenly trembled in anger, and her lips were quivering uncontrollably. Jun Mo Xie’s words were simply a malicious mockery to an unmarried woman, not to mention that the person involved is a royal princess!

    “Woman, let’s first make things clear! Just exactly who is harassing who? Understand? F**k your mother. Wait until you have properly investigated the truth before you start mouthing off, understand? A princess of a kingdom does not even understand such simple logic! No wonder other people say you have big boobs but no brain, even though your chest is small!”

    Jun Mo Xie extended his hands out and began fondling the air with an evil grin. He gave a little sigh and said, “Unexpectedly same as poached egg and also brainless? What’s wrong with you?”

    Jun Mo Xie couldn’t care less about her identity as a princess. What royalty? There is no difference between a princess and a daughter of a notable family in his heart, not to mention that Princess Ling Ming’s demands have already aroused his enmity!

    Avoiding that little girl is one thing, but ordering him to avoid that little girl is another. He opposed the royal princess as a matter of principle. This was also a sore subject for Young Master Jun to begin with so he wasn’t in a good mood at the moment. If it were not for his apprehension about those assassins leaving, he would have long taken down Princess Ling Ming!

    Do the way I, your father, handle business need the input of a little girl like you? Whatever I do, I will never be softhearted toward women!

    Princess Ling Ming exhaled deeply and glared at him with two bone-chilling eyes. “Jun Mo Xie, If you remain so stubborn, do not blame me when I inform this matter to Great General Dugu Wu Di.You should know better than me what will happen at that time. Even Grandpa Jun may not be able to protect you. It will not be pretty for anyone!”

    “You are scaring me! I’m so afraid!” Jun Mo Xie’s face showed fear as his voice trembled, patting his chest in very exaggerated movements. “My heart is thumping and thumping……”

    His expression suddenly changed as he urged, “You should quickly go and tell him. Leave quickly now. When the evening arrives, hehe, you know a man will have urges in that particular region of his body. This master is not a lady like you who must act with propriety. You should hurry up and go. I have to thank your royal princess! Haha!”

    Jun Mo Xie did not hold back his words. Thinking to himself, I, your father, request that you leave quickly. It will be for the best if this leads to Dugu Xiao Yi being grounded indefinitely by her father. If that were to happen, then I’d really need to thank you.

    “Good! Very Good! Jun Mo Xie! Words are like the wind, so you better not regret when the time comes!” Princess Ling Ming’s tender figure trembled with anger, and her charming face paled. She had her heart in the right place when she gave her warning; first in consideration for Dugu Xiao Yi, which incidentally also benefited Jun Mo Xie. In case this actually causes an incident, the Dugu Family really will not fear Jun Zhan Tian. If Jun Mo Xie really did something unforgivable, a situation where Dugu Wu Di will apprehend and execute Jun Mo Xie could actually happen.

    If she means to go through with this, then the Jun Family and Dugu Family will inevitably become mortal enemies. And with two big military clans at war with one another, the whole Tianxiang Kingdom will become scatter ashes and dispersed smoke.

    The two would not be agreeable and parted on bad terms. As if it was planned, both individuals sported the same sneer on their faces. Jun Mo Xie turned his head away to the side and muttered to himself. “I really ate my fill to the point of bursting. Braindead people everywhere. She’s not even my wife, and she wants to control my dating habits? What gives you the right to stick your nose into other people’s business!?”

    Princess Ling Ming’s lungs were about to burst with rage, her two beautiful eyes in a death stare, and her chest violently heaved up and down. He almost made her vomit blood. Not saying another word, she turn around and left. Walking away, she ferociously stamped her little feet making thumping sounds, seemingly wanting to bore through the ground beneath her feet. If she stays here any longer, only God knows if she will go insane from her anger!

    It was truly difficult to understand why Dugo Xiao Yi’s heart is unexpected moved by this kind of despicable, shameless, vile, filthy, lowly reprobate of a person?!

    The pale-faced Ye Gu Han arrived in front of Jun Mo Xie and coldly said. “You’re the same as trash. I usually disdain using force, but you are too abominable; today, I will act on behalf of Grandpa Jun and teach you a lesson! I’ll make you understand there are people you cannot afford to offend!” He had overheard their conversation earlier and had already been at his wit’s end. It could already be considered an extraordinary accomplishment to be able to endure until now.

    Ju Mo Xie curled his lips and sneered. “Pah! Who the hell are you? You open your mouth and somehow can represent one of the foremost officials, the Grand Duke of the Kingdom? Truly too ridiculous!”His heart filled with disdain. Jun Mo Xie already regarded people who talk big before fighting as the definition of an idiot! And considering the fact that there is still killers on the loose, this became even more inexcusable!

    Both of Ye Gu Han’s eyes instantly shot open as an azure blue radiance issue forth. His raised hand was about to descend! He finally understood Princess Ling Ming’s frustration just now and decided this kid is in need of a spanking!

    “A Sky Xuan expert is beating someone! Sky Xuan expert Ye Gu Han is bullying someone! Come quickly, come and see a Sky Xuan expert beating up a person who is so weak he can’t even truss up a chicken. Help!” Ye Gu Han’s palm haven’t even moved when Jun Mo Xie already shouted out extremely sharp words in a loud and clear voice. He did not want to lose. As the saying goes, as wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him.

    Ye Gu Han’s deathly pale complexion that hasn’t changed in ten years instantly flushed a deep shade of red.

    Too shameless! Truly too shameless! For a person to be so shameless to this extent, it really makes one’s hair stand up in anger!

    “You……” Ye Gu Han’s raised hand trembled as he pointed at Jun Mo Xie in anger. This Sky Xuan expert simply cannot imagine this situation! After a long time, Ye Gu Han finally choked out a sentence to Jun Mo Xie, “Do not be shameless to this extent!”

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