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Chapter 102–Very White

    Chapter 2 Very White

    Jun Mo Xie noticed a long time ago that, while this man had aimed to strike him dead with the bamboo pole, he had also held back so that he could use the pole as a foothold. This point is further supported by his diving position; he had kept both legs pointed down toward the lake during his descent. An ordinary expert in this scenario would typically dive head first which would more than double his current speed.

    This exposes a critical weakness. This Lord Liu, this aloof and dominant peak Gold Xuan level expert, he…does not know how to swim!

    Jun Mo Xie had figured out this point in that split second. Therefore, he immediately pulled back the bamboo pole. As long as he could pull apart the bamboo pole, that Lord Liu will have nowhere to find a foothold and would have to drown himself to try and catch him!

    But Jun Mo Xie did not anticipate that the bamboo pole was not only very tenacious, but the lake bed was also very deep. Having pulled on the pole to no avail and realizing that the man is closing in, he was forced to give up. A stark naked body, resembling a big whitefish squeezing a bit of jet-black water plant, swimming away…

    Lord Liu had decided earlier that this cowardly eavesdropping individual would certainly not be a difficult opponent. Although he doesn’t know how to swim, he can still attack, retreat, and defend with the aid of the bamboo pole. When the water arrow shot out at him, Lord Liu waved his sleeves and immediately swept it to one side. This revealed that his counterpart’s skill is not high, and became even more relieved. But when he neared the water, he discovered that the bamboo pole head that was recently just in front of him had unexpectedly disappeared!

    Panic. Like a moth to the flame, he was unable to stop himself from plunging into the water. Before he had time to collect himself, he saw two big white buttocks not too far in front of him gently swaying toward the distance–and he couldn’t help but become angry!

    At this moment, the water in front of him churned with life and, with a droning sound, a long bamboo pole surge up violently, propelling a current of water at great speed!

    If he knew how to swim, he would naturally evade in time. But he didn’t know how to swim, was still panicking from the plunge, and was preoccupied with thoughts of drowning. How would he be able to pay attention to this “bang” sound? The bamboo pole that had been haphazardly drawn back earlier was situated between his two legs. Striking hard and fast, a blood-curdling scream had not even been issued yet when his body instinctively bend forward and his forehead smashes into the bamboo pole!

    Letting out a pitiful cry, Lord Liu was sent flying and spinning like a kite with its string cut, losing so much blood that he had appeared like a salted fish that’s been dried in the sun. Flying toward pleasure boat direction, the last memory before his consciousness faded was facing a pair of big white buttocks gently swaying…they were very white!

    A quick and agile figure flew off from the pleasure boat, unexpectedly radiating brilliant silvery light. Lady Yue’er received Lord Liu’s body in her arms before returning to the boat with the rope that she had tied around her waist earlier…

    After landing back on the boat, Lady Yue’er had a complicated expression on her face as she looked toward the distance—the spy was long gone. In this pitch-black night and after this delay, there was very little chance she would catch up even if she had wanted to give chase…

    The previously awe-inspiring Lord Liu is now dying at her feet, unconscious…

    Hidden in a clump of reed on the other side of the lake, Jun Mo Xie still had lingering fear as he crawled ashore. He took advantage of the night to go streaking, all the while thanking his lucky stars. If he had not cultivated the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune to its current level, perhaps he would already have been severely injured if not dead! He really must be blessed.

    Knocking out a satisfied patron coming out of the brothel whose two legs were too weak to walk, Jun Mo Xie very nimbly pulled off his clothes and disappeared like a wisp of smoke.

    On the ground, a stark naked and plump body splayed out in the shape of a “大,” facing the sky. A small, earthworm-like thing collapse askew in his crotch area…

    The eight Jun Family bodyguards were going insane looking everywhere for their family’s young master. They are acutely aware that they are in a difficult situation; if Grandpa Jun was to become aware of their dereliction of duty to protect the young master, then they would not be able to escape punishment. If this young master’s grandpa creates havoc again…these men did not dare to continue this line of thought.

    After searching late into the night, the eight exhausted bodyguards returned to the main gate of the Jun Residence. Suddenly, they caught a glimpse of a figure that looked very similar to their family’s young master and hastily ran over.

    Why are they not certain this is their young master? Because that man was wearing an extremely ill-fitting robe and his appearance was a total mess. Although Young Master Jun is a completely good for nothing debauchee, his appearance was always regarded as pretty good as he usually attaches great importance to how he looks. That is why they half-determined that this sorry figure is not the one they are searching for. But can two different people look that similar?

    So those eight bodyguards continued to stare intently, and simultaneously called out in a pleasant surprise, unable to contain their joy!

    This looks very much like their young master but also appear to be just a dirty pedestrian. That’s just the way Young Master Jun is?

    “What are the eight of you doing? I was scared stupid in the afternoon by that little girl Ling Meng’s bulls**t bodyguard. Humph! Humph! I called out to you all several times and was surprised when no one responded.” Young Master Jun hurried along while shaking his head, appearing to hate iron for not becoming steel—resenting them for not being there when he needed them. “Was he not just a Sky Xuan level expert? You got that scared? I’m getting angry just looking your stupid expressions. You might as well go first!”

    Uh? What?!

    The eight men immediately recalled that after Ye Gu Han had bellowed out in extreme anger, they had been despondent for a split second. Could it be that the young master called out right at that moment but we did not respond, and so he ran away after panting with rage? They stared dumbstruck at Jun Mo Xie; their minds were all simultaneously confused.

    They actually hadn’t remembered to ask: Since you went off by yourself, why would we come back at the same time? We went to all four corners of Tianxiang City to look for you. Where have you been all this time? Furthermore, why are you dressed in the loose-fitting, intolerably vulgar clothes that only the newly rich would wear? Furthermore, why does your hair look like it’s wet?

    “Don’t be distracted and quickly give me the Blazing Heart Meridian.” One of Jun Mo Xie’s leg has already crossed the threshold of the gate and didn’t even turn around before speaking. The bodyguards woke up as if from a dream, mechanically moving in step, to follow after the mysterious young master inside. Almost everyone was bewildered. How are the young master’s legs moving so rapidly? Was he possessed?!

    How unpleasant. Frigid wind awkwardly blew inside Young Master Jun’s current billowing gown as he hurried to change clothes. If people ever find out that he first swam naked, ran naked and then stripped another man of his clothes, then his entire life’s illustrious reputation as an assassin would certainly be lost in the Spirit Fog Lake…

    The Jun Residence’s gate closed tightly shut behind everyone!

    Deep into the night when the moon was high in the sky, Jun Wu Yi was still sitting in his wheelchair as before, absentmindedly drinking by himself and calmly waiting for his nephew to come. In the sky, the gentle moonlight spilled upon his steadfast face, light and shadow danced across his tranquil and abstruse expression.

    A wishful gaze, a hopeful gaze, an expecting gaze, or possibly…a desperate gaze!

    A sound came from the courtyard gate as a Jun Mo Xie, dressed in his own gown, walked in with a grin.

    Jun Wu Yi slowly turned his wheelchair and unhurriedly and calmly examined Jun Mo Xie up and down to discover no issues only then relaxed and said. “I heard you…created a large commotion in the afternoon at Magnificent Jewel Hall?”

    “Yep!” Jun Mo Xie spoke bluntly. “Magnificent Jewel Hall is too arrogant!” But he suddenly sensed that something was wrong. When Third Uncle spoke about Magnificent Jewel Hall, why did he pause in the middle? His tone is also not very suitable.

    Jun Wu Yi had downcast eyes and was silent for a long time before slowly speaking. “Do you have any idea that I broke out in a cold sweat once I got this news. Your grandpa appears to be fine on the outside, but I know that he is scared! Mo Xie, uncle know that you have courage, but…unless it is absolutely necessary—a life or death crisis—never have any conflict with Magnificent Jewel Hall. Our Jun Family…cannot…afford to offend the Magnificent Jewel Hall, at least for the time being. Do you understand?!” He spoke this sentence very slowly, carefully pronouncing every word; it’s hard to imagine that such words of resignation came from the mouth of such an unyielding, lionhearted man.

    Jun Mo Xie was stunned, slowly sat down in front of him and said, “Third Uncle, it’s not like you to say these words. Is this Magnificent Jewel Hall really so frightening?! Even you are afraid of them!”

    Jun Wu Yi turned his head away, wouldn’t let him see the look in his eyes and replied in a cold, indifferent tone. “If I were alone, I’d naturally not be afraid of the Magnificent Jewel Hall! Even if the Magnificent Jewel Hall were to be stronger by a hundredfold, what can they do? A man has but one life, grass but one spring*, so if death comes then so be it! And you too, Mo Xie, I know that you fear neither the heaven nor earth and this Third Uncle is very pleased. But I always feel you don’t have a strong sense of family, so I want you to promise me! To always keep in mind that you are the youngest generation of a noble family! That behind you, there is a large and deeply rooted Jun Family!”

    [*These are excerpts from a very profound Buddhist scripture. These first two phrases speak of the brevity of human existence.]

    “Most of the time, the family is your greatest support, but occasionally, it can also be your most significant setback!” Jun Wu Yi looked up. His eyes betrayed many things that he could not put into words. “As long as there is hope for the family, we…must not give up! This is the glory of the family and also its tragedy and responsibility!”

    Jun Mo Xie was silent for a long time before replying with a smile. “I understand!”

    “It’s good that you understand.” Jun Wu Yi smiled mildly. “In this matter, I have been waiting for you all night. Since you understand now, have a drink with me.”

    “Drink? Let’s postpone this for another time. I’m afraid Uncle will not be able to drink wine for the next fortnight. But first, I would like to congratulate Third Uncle because the five kinds of medicinal herbs are now in our possession.” Jun Mo Xie smiled. “And I have already determined from checking your pulse that you were ready as early as a half month ago! Third Uncle, in another ten days, you can tear down the thing you are sitting on now and light it on fire. That day also happens to be when the restriction on your diet can be lifted! ”

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