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Chapter 104–Unexpected Ecstasy

    Translated by Moe

    TL Note: This will be chapter 3 of 3 for the week.

    Mistranslated last chapter. The first silver needle was inserted in the Bai Hui point (also known as the Hundred Convergence point) and not in the “first of a hundred points.”

    Chapter 104 Unexpected Ecstasy

    Jun Zhan Tian’s eyebrows twitched violently, and his two eyes opened so wide they became perfectly round! He had never seen nor had he ever heard of this poison therapy, but the fact that Jun Wu Yi’s still alive was already sufficient proof of the treatment’s effectiveness. However, when the old man looked down at his body and then back up at the open caldron of water, he felt a chill run down his back. If he were to fall in, he estimated that he wouldn’t last long even with Sky Xuan Realm Xuan Qi protecting his body. Perhaps, it would only take a short period before he is cooked and ready to eat…

    The men stoking the fire were also drenched in cold sweat; not because of the heat, but because they were terrified!

    This is crazy…to actually cook a living person in boiling water?!

    What ifwhat if he dies, then what?

    With this temperature, it would be difficult not to boil something thoroughly!

    Jun Mo Xie was firmly standing on the rim of the cauldron, his unblinking eyes watching Jun Wu Yi’s body that is gently revolving in the water for any signs of change. Jun Mo Xie maintained a calm disposition; his face serene, expressionless, and unfeeling!

    Suddenly, Jun Mo Xie extended his left hand in and out of the boiling water without hesitation and fished out Jun Wu Yi’s body. Just that momentary exposure left large blisters on his hand; partly from the scalding temperature and partly from the corrosive effect of the toxin!

    In contrast, Jun Wu Yi’s skin had turned fair and white; the frightening and grotesque colors from earlier have all but faded.

    At the moment his body flew down and landed in Grandpa Jun’s hands, Jun Mo Xie already placed his right palm on Jun Wu Yi’s dantian and unleashed the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune at full strength!

    As time passed, Jun Mo Xie’s complexion became increasingly pale while Jun Wu Yi’s skin became increasingly rosy…


    A silver needle was forced little by little out of Jun Wu Yi’s body—shaking and trembling—until the needle was expelled, triggering a spurt of black blood to fly out.

    And then the next…until finally, the needle inserted into the Bai Hui point flew out, leaving a fine trail of six colored blood.

    Jun Mo Xie exhaled as he released his palm and quickly sat cross-legged; he calmly controlled his breathing—his face had alarmingly become as pale as paper! Before he released his palm, Jun Wu Yi eyes had suddenly opened to issue forth an acute light! A light blue radiance!

    Light blue! This meant?!

    The deadly poisons, unsealed meridians, and Jun Wu Yi’s ten years of accumulated Xuan Qi all exploded out at the same time! Along with the high efficacy of the Blazing Heart Meridian, he had directly broken through from Earth Xuan level to the Sky Xuan level!

    Ascending three stages in the blink of an eye! Not only that, but Jun Wu Yi will henceforth be immune to hundreds of poisons after being refined by the Blazing Heart Meridian! A super-strong expert was born!

    Seeing the light blue radiance, Jun Zhan Tian immediately jumped up high, laughed out loud, and his eye bulged out as if he saw a ghost! He had even unconsciously pulled out a tuft of white beard with his right hand!

    He had diligently trained for a greater part of his life and had only reached the Sky Xuan level. It had already been remarkable that his son had cultivated to the Earth Xuan level at his age; all the more so when he had achieved this result in the space of ten years that he had been severely injured and wheelchair bound.

    But to be able to ascend to the Sky Xuan Realm as if riding a rocket after opening his sealed meridians!?


    The old man shook his head, his heart was torn; happy, grateful, excited, a little terrified, but mostly still questioning if this was actually happening! On the one hand, he was so happy that he wanted to sing and dance. On the other hand, he had a bittersweet feeling in his heart; bitter because this could all be a dream and sweet because he had not awaken from it yet.

    Jun Wu Yi felt a tingling sensation surge from his two legs that have been paralyzed for past ten years. The Xuan Qi effortlessly coursed through his meridians. He was moved to tears! I am finally able to stand up again!

    Enemies of the past, I, Jun Wu Yi, vow that I will hunt you down soon enough, and you will pay for your sins!

    He stood up with one swift motion to experience the sensation of using his two legs to walk again.

    “Third Uncle, you still need to sit down for the time being. Please be patient and endure for a short while longer.” Jun Mo Xie’s tired voice came from behind. “It is imperative that you currently condense and circulate your Xuan Qi. The medicinal strength of the Blazing Heart Meridian is high, and it has already neutralized and flushed out the other poisons. However, all of its therapeutic effects remain untouched within Third Uncle’s body. If you do not absorb it as soon as possible, it will degrade and the benefits will be lost. Moreover, Third Uncle had not moved your legs in ten years so your blood vessels will definitely be blocked. You will require a long period of rehabilitation before you can make a full recovery.

    Jun Mo Xie closed his eyes and slowly explained.

    This unexpected breakthrough was a moment of ecstasy but also a major obstacle in one’s path of cultivation! However, if one can seize this unique opportunity to meditate and strengthen their mind, there will be great benefits toward one’s consciousness and future cultivation!

    One has to know that the medicinal strength of a five-hundred-year-old Blazing Heart Meridian is extremely formidable; it can singlehandedly fight against the poisons that were previously within Jun Wu Yi’s body. But other than the Blazing Heart Meridian’s fierce toxicity, its therapeutic effects are also exceedingly outstanding. According to Jun Mo Xie’s plan, he would borrow the Blazing Heart Meridian’s potency to forcefully resist the other poisons’ toxic effects and then he would utilize the boiling water and silver needles to expel the poison in one go. There were no accidents when he was executing these steps as everything went rather smoothly without a hitch. Subsequently, he intended to revitalize his uncle’s body using the Blazing Heart Meridian’s therapeutic properties. This method would still require at least half a month for Jun Wu Yi to fully recover. After all, his two legs have been disabled for a long time and would be unable to absorb this sudden large dose of nourishment. He would need to take it slow and gently recuperate.

    But Young Master Jun perceived a few days ago that his Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune could not only be used to nurse his health but can also be used on others. He cannot recall any other abilities in his two lives that are comparable to this miraculous skill. And one of the topical benefits is that the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune can cure all the poisons in the world!

    So Young Master Jun decided to modify his original plan and used his Xuan Art to nourish his Third Uncle’s body after the poison had been neutralized. Not only did his idea work out but the results had far exceeded his expectation; Third Uncle’s body had been completely reborn within an hour of the treatment and the therapeutic benefits of the Blazing Heart Meridian were not even needed. Instead, its essence had entirely transformed into pure Xuan Qi and assimilated into Third Uncle’s body. When this was combined with the Xuan Qi accumulated from Third Uncle’s ten years of bitter closed-door cultivation, the amount of pure Xuan Qi was equivalent to the product of at least fifty years of ordinary cultivation. This explained why Jun Wu Yi could break through to become a Sky Xuan Expert!

    All of this was credited to Jun Mo Xie’s “Fortune” Xuan Art; as the saying goes, when conditions are right, success will follow naturally!

    Jun Wu Yi paused and did not dare to dismiss his nephew’s instructions. Sitting cross-legged, he tried his utmost to clear his mind so that he could enter the state of cultivation as quickly as possible. Even so, it took a lot more time than usual for him to stabilize his consciousness. As the Xuan Qi finally began to circulate throughout his meridians, he slowly became unconscious of the boundary between himself and the outside world.

    Jun Mo Xie had only sat down for a moment before Spiritual Qi had rushed out of the Honjun Pagoda and replenished the energy he had depleted from using the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune. Slow to his feet, he saw Jun Zhan Tian’s meaningful glance and the emotions expressed in his eyes.

    “Mo Xie…” Jun Zhan Tian stared blankly at his grandson for a moment before bursting into tears! This old-aged, white-haired Grandpa Jun was unable to say a word and wept bitterly.

    A once-in-a-generation, famous general who have caused sovereigns to be stricken with fear and generals to flee at his presence, had unexpectedly lost self-control?!

    Jun Mo Xie couldn’t help but feel pain in his heart as he solemnly lowered his head.

    Who knows how much the old man had suffered over the years? What kind of torment had he endured?!

    He originally enjoyed many descendants, joyous and harmonious, respected and revered, and served only one and had dominion over millions. Suddenly, two of his sons passed away in succession as casualties of war and his surviving son was crippled for life. How can any father bear such a burden?

    An orphan in his youth, a widower in his middle-age, and bereaved father who lost his sons in his old age!

    Jun Zhan Tian had reached the highest official position but had lost everything else!

    But Providence did not think he had been punished severely enough. The two grandsons that he had put his heart into nurturing, where he had placed all his hopes and dreams, would never return from their military expedition on the eve of their weddings. Even their bodies were never recovered.

    Before the news arrived, Jun Zhan Tian was in the midst of ordering people to decorate the bridal chambers, looking forward to his grandsons’ return to get married and the day he can hold his great-grandson. He believed from the bottom of his heart that this moment would be the happiest in his life.

    When Jun Zhan Tian received the news, his hair and beard turned white overnight! The former days of a loving family sitting in a circle cheerfully talking and laughing were gone forever! Besides himself, such a big family had been reduced to a handicapped son and a disappointing grandson!

    Despair filled his eyes!

    As a result, Jun Zhan Tian’s spirit continued to go lower; he had already fallen into depression and lost all hope!

    But in his moment of absolute despair, his once incomparably disappointing grandson, Jun Mo Xie, had an unexpectedly change of heart; gone was the debauchee, replaced with a lofty and unyielding character who acts according to propriety—profound in his schemes, flexible in his thoughts, and circumspect in his attitude. This had already brought comfort to Grandpa Jun’s heart and had raised his spirits immensely! But he didn’t expect that the biggest surprise was yet to come…

    All the renowned doctors from the Kingdom had diagnosed his son’s disability as impossible to treat, yet his grandson had now achieved the impossible!

    Heaven is merciful! Jun Zhan Tian’s tears fell unhindered as he cried tears of joy! All of his sorrow and anxiety these past ten years have been swept clean. Heaven’s mercy allowed his Jun Family to be able to have today and have hope for the future!

    Jun Family had not only gained a capable heir, but the student had also surpassed the master. The old man closed his eyes at this moment and did not have any regrets! He could proudly face the ancestors of the Jun Family! The old man was deeply moved and remained speechless, but his body continuously trembled…

    After a long time…

    A deep, low, and clear hum was heard as Jun Wu Yi’s black hair flew up; light burst forth from his eyes as he slowly got off the ground—this is the first time in ten years that he had relied on his two legs to stand up!

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