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Chapter 105–Grand Preceptor Li and the Jade Sea Coral

    Translated by Moe

    TL Note: I meant to release this yesterday but I had to bring my dog to the vet.

    Chapter 105 Grand Preceptor Li and the Jade Sea Coral

    Slowly lowering his head to inspect his now healthy and strong legs, he moved with caution at first before gradually progressing to kicking as his confidence grew. Suddenly, he broke out in emphatic laughter and laughed and laughed and laughed until he was in tears. This general who had once shaken the world, an iron blooded man who did not shed tears when he suffered a plot against him, had broken down in tears when he had recovered!

    He saw, with tears in his eyes, the affectionate moment between his father and his nephew. A surge of emotions overwhelmed him and, with a quick two steps, suddenly plopped down on his knees. “This unworthy child pays respect to father!” It’s been ten years…ten years where he could not kowtow* to his father!

    [*kowtowing or prostrating before one’s father is a social custom to demonstrate filial piety, one of the core doctrine of Confucianism.]

    Jun Zhan Tian was trembling from head to toe as he faltered. “My son…stand up. Quickly. Quickly stand up…”

    “Mo Xie!” Jun Wu Yi stood up and stared deeply at Jun Mo Xie. “You have given me back my life…”

    Before he could finish, Jun Mo Xie’s laughter interrupted him. “Third Uncle, you speak as if you were not already alive and well. Besides, I’m your nephew; could it be that we have to write out two “Jun” with one brush? There’s no need for petty distinctions between family members. Not to mention that this is my duty as part of the younger generation.”

    Jun Wu Yi let out a deep, hearty laugh and stared deeply at his nephew; he had made a wholehearted decision at this moment: Since I can stand, I’ll bear Jun Family’s heavy burden upon my shoulders!

    My, Jun Wu Yi’s, long sword that has been covered in dust for ten years is once more unsheathed; not for king and country, and not for the common people! But for the Jun Family, and for—Mo Xie!

    “Third Uncle.” Jun Mo Xie suddenly started laughing uncontrollably; it was rather strange as if he harbored mischievous intention. The two men were at a loss and looked at him in confusion.

    “Third Uncle, your asset is quite substantial, but…” Jun Mo Xie was now shaking all over from laughing, “…this valiant and spirited bearing; although grandpa definitely won’t mind, your nephew is still a little embarrassed. You should…cover up, HAHAHA…”

    Jun Mo Xie winked as he gazed toward Jun Wu Yi’s lower half. Jun Wu Yi had been stark naked during his treatment and subsequent meditation. After he had discovered his complete recovery, he had completely neglected this point under his emotional state of mind. Up until now, he was still exposed, wagging his head in a high-spirited manner.

    Ten years waiting for this day and he did not know when to test his gun?!

    Jun Zhan Tian was prompted by Mo Xie’s words to look at his son’s majestic thing and also couldn’t help blowing his beard as he burst into loud laughter.

    Jun Wu Yi’s long face immediately turned purple like an eggplant, indignantly gnashing his teeth. “Little brat, you just wait a minute, and I’ll come back to teach you a lesson!” He barely made a sound as he disappeared; leaving behind a grandfather and his grandson hold their stomach, laughing without any restraint or regards to their image.

    A short while later, Jun Wu Yi reappeared dressed in black, rolling up his sleeves as he said. “Boy, have some guts and don’t run.”

    Jun Mo Xie jumped out of his skin and screamed. “Save me! I will not fight…” turned around and ran away. But how can his speed compare to Jun Wu Yi who had recently advanced to Sky Xuan expert? The “pow pow” sound of buttocks being struck echoed out around the courtyard.

    Jun Mo Xie was laughing one moment then begging for forgiveness the next as he ran for dear life. Jun Wu Yi completely ignored him and continued to beat that a**. Seeing no other choice, Jun Mo Xie suddenly stopped to change direction before taking a big leap forward to hide behind Grandpa Jun. Jun Wu Yi snorted in exasperation and continued to chase and strike.

    Even though Grandpa Jun had the strength of a Sky Xuan expert, he still became dizzy and light-headed from these two people running circles around him. However, he was not upset at all but rather enjoyed this moment as he continued to laugh. It had been a very, very long time since this scene of family love and joy had appeared in this household.

    Seeing the six burly men who had tended to the fire preparing to tip over the giant iron cauldron, Jun Mo Xie hastily shouted out. “Stop! I still have a use for that so do not dump it!”

    When he yelled out, Jun Wu Yi and Jun Zhan Tian were simultaneously flabbergasted. Jun Wu Yi wasn’t seriously disciplining his nephew; all three men had been grinning from ear to ear. He had long since forgotten about the awkward situation.

    “How can you dispose of it so casually? This is incredibly valuable.” Jun Mo Xie drove away the men by iron cauldron and picked up a leather bag that was off to the side. He poured its content into the pitch-black water, and the surface exploded just like pouring water onto hot oil.

    Jun Mo Xie quickly backed away after he emptied the bag, only to see the black water splash out from the cauldron onto the ground. The ground where the water landed immediately turned jet-black!

    Jun Wu Yi and Grandpa Jun were dumbstruck. This poison is too…malicious!

    “What did you add? How can it be so tyrannical?!” Grandpa Jun did not feel ashamed of asking and learning from his grandson; the old man understands that his grandson had lots of strange tricks up his sleeves and cannot fathom that anything he did is ordinary.

    “It was just snake venom, but there were many different kinds.” Jun Mo Xie explained unhurriedly. “There are thirteen kinds of viper venom altogether.” Jun Mo Xie pointed at the big iron cauldron. “Grandfather, Third Uncle, take a look. The bath water in the cauldron is comprised of six highly lethal poisons, but their overbearing properties perfectly complement and subdue one another causing them to exist in harmony. Adding the snake venom disrupts this precarious balance and converts the water in the cauldron into the deadliest poison between heaven and earth! If we immerse the weapons from our family’s armories in this solution for several days, then the soldiers under our command will be able to wield weapons that will cause our enemies’ heart and lungs to fail. If this is deployed during wartime, hehe hehe…”

    Too cruel! Too malicious! Too despicable! Too shameless!

    If such weapons were used against enemy soldiers…, just a small cut on the skin would be capable of killing a man!

    Even Grandpa Jun with his Sky Xuan level cultivation might not necessarily survive past an hour if he was afflicted by this ultimate poison!

    Horrifying! It really made one feel terrified!

    Both of Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi stretched their necks with their eyes wide open, staring at Jun Mo Xie like they were looking at a demon that had escaped from hell and simultaneously broke into cold sweat…


    Compared to Jun Family’s harmonious joy and jubilation, a cloud of anxiety hang over the Grand Preceptor’s manor at this moment!

    Even though Li Zhen and Meng Hai Zhou were driven out of the Magnificent Jewel Hall, and the Li Family had been prohibited from returning to the auction house, it was only a minor inconvenience so long as they still have access to the Meng Family’s box. Moreover, the two of them had successfully bided on the Jade Sea Coral and brought it back to the manor without incident. Just this point is already a great achievement—it would be fair to say that this is their biggest achievement to date!

    But after Li Youran saw the Jade Seal Coral, the smug smile that Li Zhen had kept concealed was replaced by fear and trepidation as he recounted the events at the auction house. Li Zhen had thought that Li Youran would punish him in anger and waited on tenterhooks until Li Youran gently said one line. “Oh? Only 5 million taels of silver? That’s not bad considering you were able to obtain the Jade Sea Coral even with the Tang Family’s interference. Little Brother Zhen, you can go to Accountant Li and receive payment for your advance of 3 million taels of silver.” Li Youran unexpectedly did not mention the shame and humiliation from having their access to the Magnificent Jewel Hall revoked. It was truly baffling.

    Li Zhen and Meng Hai Zhou could hardly believe they were hearing and were almost convinced that the person standing in front of them is not Li Youran but a body double—when did the young master become so nice?

    The two of them were staring blankly for half the day as if they had just woken up from a deep sleep. They were trying to understand what happened but couldn’t come up with anything. In the end, they couldn’t help but sigh deeply and just thank their good fortune.

    Li Youran was calmly sitting with a faint smile on his face as he looked at the sparkling and translucent Jade Sea Coral in front of him. After a while, he deeply exhaled and thought to himself. “I was almost too careless not to have considered that old man Tang would also want this item. If I had let this great opportunity slip, it would certainly have been due to my negligence. If I had not sent these two white silk pants* but sent someone else, wouldn’t the latter be intimidated by the exorbitant price and give up on bidding for the Jade Sea Coral? This may be the only good quality of being a white silk pant. As the saying goes, every dog has its day. Everyone will have good luck or success at some point in their lives. This is probably what that means…”

    [*white silk pants mean the same as born with a silver spoon. It describes those born into wealth and privilege.]

    Having thought up to this point, he chuckled softly before circulating Xuan Qi through his palm into the Jade Sea Coral. A golden aura had flashed across his whole body before he pulled back his hand, a cheerful expression on his face. The rumors were true; there was an extraordinary amount of pure energy inside this treasure! If his grandfather can absorb this energy, it would still easily extend his life even if he cannot cultivate Xuan arts again.

    Gracefully standing up, he walked toward Grand Preceptor Li Shang’s study while holding the Jade Sea Coral.

    Inside the study, Grand Preceptor Li narrowed his eyes as he examined the Jade Sea Coral in front of him. A happy expression soon revealed itself on his face, not just because of the benefits to his health, but more so because of his grandson’s filial piety. Grand Preceptor Li suddenly felt blessed to have such a grandson in his life; what more can he ask for?

    “Grandfather, the matter should not be delayed. A long night is fraught with dreams*—we do not know if the others will catch on. Why don’t we follow the method that my master had previously disclosed? Let me promptly draw out this pure energy, and then grandfather will absorb this treasure as soon as possible.” Li Youran smiled with poise.

    [*excessive delays may bring trouble]

    Li Shang chuckled and then pondered. “That is also good. You go and get your men to come here so that we can start cultivating.” Li Youran nodded in agreement before clapping his hands twice; the footsteps of someone approaching was heard moments later. A respectful and sincere voice reported. “Lord, Young Master, we have already cleared the area thirty zhangs surrounding the study. Is this adequate?”

    Li Youran gently said. “Enough.”

    The people outside responded by not making a sound.

    Li Shang looked at his grandson with satisfaction and asked. “Your seniors have already returned?”

    Li Youran replied. “Yes. They have already returned to the mountain and had a pleasant if not uneventful journey. I will certainly convey Grandfather’s concerns on your behalf.”

    Li Shang coughed twice, smiled and said. “Why is a grandfather and grandson talking about this? It’s unfortunate that your master cannot personally take action. If he can come, our Li Family will be much more reassurance.” He heavily sighed as he reached this point.

    “Master is already preparing for the appointment in three years at Qi Tian Peak; I fear that we absolutely cannot be distracted for the time being. But with the assistance of those several seniors, I believe we can still easily deal with the internal affairs of Tianxiang Kingdom. So long as it is not a major military campaign, there is nothing for us to worry about.”

    Li Shang gave a noncommittal nod, deeply exhaled a breath, and said encouragingly. “Since there is no time to lose, let’s commence now.”

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