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Chapter 110–Heroes and Legends Bravely Rushing Forward

    Translated by Moe

    TL Note: Sorry for the late chapter. This is the third chapter from last week.

    Chapter 110 Heroes and Legends Bravely Rushing Forward

    Other than being slightly older and somewhat naïve, these guys fundamentally had an upstanding moral character. They were like a septuplet of calla lilies*; each and every one had a large stature, a fierce leopard-like face, and a thick tiger-like beard on both cheeks. The seven brothers almost looked a bit like a bunch of rectangles on the ground.

    [*Calla lily was a symbol of outstanding appearance in ancient times.]

    Holy cow! What did they feed these guys? This whole family was like the spitting image of Zhang Fei. None of them would need to put on makeup if they were auditioning for a modern reenactment of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms; more authentic than the real thing, and manlier than Zhang Fei himself.

    Jun Mo Xie suddenly had a frightening epiphany in his heart. It must have been tough for the Dugu Family’s three brothers. How could they so perfectly coordinate the births of such virtuous sons? What kind of talent was this?

    “Jun Mo Xie! Where are you running to, you little brat?!” Dugu Ying’s sharp eyes discovered Jun Mo Xie with a glance and roared out like thunder. His six brothers behind him displayed uncanny coordination and simultaneously shouted. “Jun Mo Xie! Where are you running to, you little brat?!”

    This scene was like a thunderclap from the Ninth Heaven, striking fear into the heart of men!

    Even the plants and flowers inside the courtyard repeatedly trembled in fright.

    At this moment, Jun Mo Xie praised in his heart for the mysterious ways in which the gods work—the universe really was extraordinary! Everything before his eyes suddenly grew dark; the seven looming faces were as black as the bottom of a frying pan, and their fourteen malicious-looking eyeballs opened perfectly round to glare down on Jun Mo Xie—even the shortest brother was taller than Jun Mo Xie by half a head.

    People who didn’t know might think that Young Master Jun owe these men a lot of money!

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarves had been a popular children’s fairytale in the past; today I will reveal the behind the scenes to the amazing tale of Jun Mo Xie and the Seven Giants…

    As Jun Mo Xie let his mind wander, he took a step back and to look the seven brothers in their eyes. He didn’t have a choice; if he did not step back, he would have to stare straight up to look them. He wore a pleasant smile on his face and said. “If it isn’t the seven elder Dugu brothers! I’m sorry for not recognizing you sooner. Excuse me; I’ll go and find someone to prepare tea.”

    “Don’t even think about slipping away. You’re still too wet behind the ears to pull that kind of trick in front of me!” Dugu Ying’s face turned savage as he clenched his fists and cracked his knuckles. “Jun Mo Xie, you’ve certainly grown a pair; unexpectedly daring to bully my little sister! Gutsy! Watch if I don’t beat your pretty boy face into a dried persimmon!”

    “What? Bullied your little sister? Dugu Xiao Yi?! Who started this rumor?!” Jun Mo Xie scratched his head as he said in a somewhat bewildered manner. He was not putting up an act. I have always been the one being abused! When did this turn on its head? How come I never knew?

    He was already well accustomed to the Dugu Family’s unreasonable way of speaking. It was your little sister that bullied me every day. How can you distort the truth like this? I haven’t even aired out my grievances against you people, yet the guilty party is now blaming the victim? That’s just ridiculous!

    Is there anyone in this world who would dare to bully that little girl Dugu Xiao Yi with the tyrannical Dugu Family behind her? That will happen when pigs fly!

    “Don’t you dare deny it! Trying to wriggle out of responsibility after doing the deed…” The nearby Dugu Xiong said with a booming voice, but he fell silent halfway through the sentence and suddenly looked up with a puzzled expression. His two large nostrils rapidly sucked in two deep breaths before he blinked several times and stared out in astonishment. “What is that aroma? How could it smell so fragrant? It’s incredible!”

    The other six truly deserved to be called brothers as they all felt that something was off at almost the same time. The aroma was too tantalizing; they had all lost themselves in the moment and had only awakened when Dugu Xiong spoke out. Completely disregarding Jun Mo Xie, they sniffed the air to try and find the source of the aroma; seven pairs of nostrils were inhaling so violently that they had literally created a vacuum in the surrounding area.

    Jun Mo Xie suddenly felt as if he was suffocating, almost as if there was not enough oxygen present? What kind of monstrous lung capacity is this?

    “It smells incredible. Reminds me of really good wine.” Dugu Ying closed his eyes and sniffed with a look of certainty on his face.

    “Nonsense! How can there be wine this fragrant? I already feel a little drunk!” Dugu Xiong still had his head raised up to the heaven with an intoxicated look on his face.

    “This isn’t just wine, but the wine of gods.” Dugu Hao had the bearing of an expert, swaying his head as if inebriated.

    “F*** your old man! What wine of gods? Just move to the side you amateur…” Dugu Jie mocked vehemently.

    “My old man is your father; you still want him to go f*** himself?” Dugu Hao’s face turned beat red as he snapped.

    “Could this be bewildering gas?” Even as the words escaped Dugu Chong’s mouth, his nose was still violently inhaling the air.

    Even if this was bewildering gas, your little brother is willing to become bewildered every day! Heaven, please let me be bewildered forever! What would I do if this fragrance goes away?!” Dugu Shang looked as if he was drunk; he was breathing the hardest and loudest among seven brothers.

    “You’re all pathetic!” Dugu Qian was extremely reproachful of his six older brothers’ conduct and chided disparagingly while he appeared entranced himself.

    The seven of them were all facing the sky with their eyes closed, wildly sniffing to and fro, and haven’t paid the least bit of attention to the ten extremely conspicuous wine jugs arranged not even one zhang in front of them. The glistening yellow wine inside was releasing an intoxicating fragrance and directly sucked into their nostrils.

    Jun Mo Xie was stupefied. I can’t believe people like this actually exist—seven of them, no less! Nature is incredible…He couldn’t bear it any longer and coughed loudly.

    It was only after hearing the coughing that they finally recovered their senses. The seven brothers looked slightly embarrassed as they opened their eyes. Seeing Jun Mo Xie in front of them, they immediately remembered their mission to grab this little brat and hand him over to their grandfather. Not a moment to spare, the seven men suddenly stomped their feet, fourteen eyeballs simultaneously fixated on their target—

    At some time unbeknownst to them, a table had appeared out of nowhere with Jun Mo Xie was calmly sitting beside it, completely without a care in the world. In his hand was a transparent, white jade wine cup, filled to the brim with an aromatic, pale yellow liquid. With his eyes closed, he slowly brought the cup up to his mouth and gently took a small sip; an infatuated expression gradually appeared on his face as he let out a sigh of satisfaction, following which he used an orgasmic moan like voice to sing out. “Delicious~wine~ah~~~”

    That liquid was wine! But how can wine be so clear and transparent? How can there be wine in this world that produces such an intoxicating aroma?!

    “Big Brother, is that…really wine?” Dugu Jie swallowed his saliva. “It smells f*** good.”

    “No kidding! If not wine, then what? Vinegar? Does vinegar at home smell like this? This wine is extraordinary, but how is it possible that I have never seen such exquisite wine before?!” A stream of saliva was flowing out of Dugu Hao’s mouth and steadily dripping onto the floor, but he did not miss his chance to ridicule him back.

    “Let alone see; I’ve never even heard of wine like this! I want to get a taste!” Dugu Chong wiped his mouth with his sleeve, and only patted his lips twice, but his sleeve became completely drenched.

    “You don’t say! Who wouldn’t want to try some?!” The other six brothers said mockingly at the same time.

    “JUN MO XIE!” After an earth-shattering roar, Dugu Ying immediately lowered his voice such that it even became somewhat tender. “What is that in your hand?”

    It was hard to imagine that such a manly man that resembles Zhang Fei was capable of making this gentle and soft sound!

    “I don’t understand your question. It’s a wine cup, what else could it be?” Jun Mo Xie mindlessly swirled the wine cup, causing a few drops to spill out. For a split second after the wine spilt on the floor, the rich aroma became even stronger by at least one fold.

    Seven pairs of eyes bulged out at the same time as they lowered their heads and stared at the damp spot on the floor, flames erupting in their eyes. Wasting this unprecedented, never before seen, priceless fine wine in this way is practically a cardinal sin! This cannot be tolerated! Even if uncle can endure, I cannot…we cannot endure!

    “I knew it was a wine cup! I wanted to ask you, what is in the wine cup?” Dugu Ying held back the low growl in his throat.

    “This is my home! I can put whatever I want in this wine cup. It could be vinegar or it could be soy sauce.” Jun Mo Xie did not bat an eye, just crossed his legs, and leisurely continued. “Naturally, it can also be wine.”

    He took another sip from the wine cup when he arrived at this point, clicking his tongue twice, then suddenly opened his eyes as if waking up from a dream. “Oh, that’s right, what are you all doing here? Hurry up and tell me. If it isn’t important, then you may leave whenever you please.”

    The Dugu brothers’ line of sight never left Jun Mo Xie’s hands. Every time the latter swirled his cup, their hearts cried out for fear that even more of this priceless wine would spill out. This is recklessly wasting a gift from the gods!

    “We received orders to come and grab you…” Dugu Xiong responded without thinking. But before he could finish, Dugu Hao had ferociously stomped down on his foot causing him to jump up and down from the pain.

    “We received orders to come and invite Young Master Jun to our residence for a chat in order to promote the deep friendship between the Jun and Dugu Families.” Dugu Hao put in great effort to present an elegant appearance, being overly pedantic with his wording, and nodding his head priggishly as he spoke; unconsciously flinging saliva everywhere from the corners of his mouth causing Ju Mo Xie to have no choice but to use his hand to cover the cup of wine.

    The nearby Dugu Ying caught on rather quickly and drew back the corners of their mouth into a big grin. He was just about to speak but was unable to talk due to the saliva in his mouth. Only after swallowing his saliva was he able to say. “Exactly, that was my grandfather’s intention. Our two families’ relationship could be considered to be deep! There’s no need to make distinctions between what’s ours and what’s yours. The best things in life are meant to be shared! Ha ha ha…”

    The remaining six people nodded in concert. Six large smiles broke out on their faces.

    “Haha, Lord Dugu is too polite.” Jun Mo Xie had an impatient expression on his face as his hand “accidentally” knocked the cup over and spilled the wine. This foreshot has not been diluted, so its alcoholic content was too high; Jun Mo Xie naturally was not willing to drink it. It’s not like it was anything special to him anyway. He swiftly stood up and said. “In that case, let us be on our way so that Lord Dugu would not have to wait too long.”

    “Careful!” The seven brothers watched as Jun Mo Xie had unexpectedly spilled a big cup of priceless fine wine and had simultaneously opened their mouths in protest.

    “Hmm~~?” Jun Mo Xie’s voice got slower and more dragged out.

    “Ha ha ha ha…” The seven brothers all gave a hollow laugh. Dugu Ying said he wiped the saliva from his chin. “Young Master Jun, given the close relationship between our two families, we brothers have a humble request of Your Grace. Is it possible that we can have a small taste of your wine?”

    Jun Mo Xie had a begrudging look on his face as he shook his head like a rattle-drum. “That’s out of the question. I don’t have much myself. This is a priceless fine wine that has never been seen before; just a drop is already too strong! Even I had to take my time to savor this drop that is worth its weight in gold.” He swiftly pointed and added with a regretful tone. “I only have these jugs left. Once they are finished, there will be no more.”

    This is a critical situation! As the seven brothers’ gaze finally rested upon what he was pointing at, they suddenly couldn’t look away!

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