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Chapter 113–Extortion

    Translated by Moe

    TL Note: Chapter 3/3 of the week.

    Chapter 113 Extortion

    The gatekeeper stood at attention and replied. “Yes. The Dugu Family’s seven young masters have indeed come to find the Third Young Master. As for other occurrences, this subordinate does not know.” The gatekeeper had served under Jun Wuyi in the army years ago. How could he not understand the latter’s intentions?

    “So that’s what happened. It sounds like the kids were just playing pranks on each other. Why should we get involved?” Jun Wuyi asked as he looked indifferently at Dugu Wudi. “Brother Dugu, I’m embarrassed that an esteemed individual such as yourself had to make come here for this matter between the younger generation. Haha, I can tell that you really do dote on your children.”

    Dugu Wudi’s long face suddenly flushed red as he said. “I don’t really care about these kids myself, but my old man was worried and forced me to come over and take a look. It would be extremely unfortunate if the seven kids get carried away and cause any inconveniences for the Jun Family.”

    “Yes, haha, that would be unfortunate.” Jun Wuyi smiled lightly and continued. “But we elders of the Jun Family never interfere in matters between the juniors. If Brother Dugu needs to look for your sons and nephews, then you should talk directly to my nephew, Jun Mo Xie. My body always has aches and pains; I’m already starting to feel unwell from our short conversation. This is a little embarrassing!”

    Dugu Wudi’s face turned purple; he hummed and hawed for a long time, but remained speechless. I need to talk to Jun Mo Xie? Are you kidding me? Do you know who I am? Who is he? Not to mention that I’m also an elder. But, everyone knows that Jun Family’s third master’s body and health are not in the best of conditions; taking the time to speak with me was already giving face. I just couldn’t bring myself to ask him to do anything!

    “You, quickly lead Great General Dugu to the young master’s courtyard.” Jun Wuyi smiled as he cups his fist. “Brother Dugu, please make yourself at home. I assume you should still be familiar with the Jun Family’s residence. Your little brother is a bit tired, so I’ll take my leave first.”

    “Third Brother don’t have to worry about me. Just take care of yourself.” Dugu Wudi forced a smile, feeling entirely awkward and uncomfortable. Although his Dugu Family were only carrying out the Emperor’s orders all those years ago—they had still made their move on the Jun Family at an incredibly awkward time when the latter had only recently suffered a the tragic loss of their two great sons in battle. That’s why Jun Wuyi was always prejudiced against him.

    Over the years, Dugu Wudi had always wanted to resolve this misunderstanding. Although his conscience was clear, he always lowered his head unconsciously every time he had to face Jun Wuyi. Because of his honest and upright nature, he had always regretted not standing by Jun Wuyi when he needed him most. And then his family…

    Although the Dugu Family had always wanted to help the Jun Family, but Jun Mo Xie on the other hand—beating up the kid eight or ten times still wouldn’t be enough! He almost felt like it was his duty to act in Jun Wuhui’s stead and teach his son a lesson…

    With a deep exhale, Dugu Wudi walked inside the Jun residence; his overwhelming aura had already greatly diminished. He knows that Jun Wuyi was essentially advising him to let the children work things out by themselves. As an elder, it would be inappropriate for him to involve himself in their affairs.

    Dugu Wudi roared in his heart. I don’t want to get involved either! However, an inexplicable feeling overcame him when he saw Jun Wuyi’s placid face; that striking resemblance was as if he was seeing his most respected older brother from all those years ago. Any anger quickly dissipated in his heart.

    Seeing Jun Mo Xie standing in the distance, Great General Dugu’s imposing aura can’t help but emanate out once again. I might have felt guilty in front of your Third Uncle, but how can this general not get angry seeing how you’ve played fast and loose with my daughter? Just wait and see how I sort you out you little brat!

    Eh? Where is the gate to the courtyard behind Jun Mo Xie?!

    The gate? The gate was obviously destroyed by Dugu Ying and his brothers, yet Young Master Jun remained very courteous and bowed as Dugu Wudi approached. “So it turns out Uncle Dugu has honored me with a visit. Seeing you have made your little nephew’s day. Please quickly come in.” He waved his hands in a welcoming gesture.

    Great General Dugu was not reserved as he walked straight in, sweeping a glance at the interior of the courtyard behind Jun Mo Xie.

    Dugu Wudi sucked in a breath. How did everything fall apart like this!?

    “Those seven sons of a bitch did this? You all are about to be in a world of hurt!” Dugu Wudi was furious. He had made it explicitly clear that they were to snatch Jun Mo Xie without causing any damage to the Jun Family’s property. How did everything turn out like this! How can this be good? What else can be said but that it’s those seven bastards’ fault! His imposing aura inevitably deflated somewhat.

    “The seven elder brothers saw that my family’s wine collection was pretty good and drank a little too much, haha.” Jun Mo Xie smiled, but his facial expression gave others an uncomfortable feeling. “They all fell asleep.”

    “Good wine? Drank a little too much? Is this their first time drinking?! They got so drunk they fell asleep? Ptui! Is this how I raised these good-for-nothings!” Dugu Wudi’s face immediately darkened. “Show me the way!” He did an about-face and was raring to go, abruptly turned around again, pointing at Jun Mo Xie with his carrot-sized finger. “Kid, I’m warning you to stay away from my daughter! I’ll let you get off lightly this time out of respect for your father and your Third Uncle. If there is a next time, I will tear you to pieces and feed you to the dogs!”

    Jun Mo Xie gave him a deep look with a beaming smile on his face. A harsh light flashed across his eyes as he slowly reached out with his hand and thrust a finger at Dugu Wudi. “Old man! I don’t care if you are the imperial court’s infamous pain-in-the-neck; do not act so brazen in the Jun residence. I won’t stand for this kind of behavior! And I might as well warn you now; do not let your daughter bother me again! I won’t pursue the matter further on account of our two families’ friendship. If there is a next time, I will make sure to make you my son’s maternal grandfather!”

    Dugu Wudi almost blacked out from his anger. It’s not like he wasn’t aware that others gave him the nickname of “pain-in-the-neck,” but no one dared to say it to his face—this guy was the absolute first person to do so. How could he not be furious? He raised his open hand up, ready to strike down.

    Jun Mo Xie did not back down, but instead straightened his back and raised his face up defiantly.

    “Humph!” Dugu Wudi never struck the other in the end. He’s still Elder Brother Wuhui’s son no matter what; it’s already enough that his sons and nephews had given him a beating. His attack would unavoidably have been heavy-handed. Swallowing his anger, he followed after Jun Mo Xie to the doorway of a side room and heard the heaven-shaking wheezing and snoring coming from within. Hearing the measured cadence of the snoring, he couldn’t help but begin to feel anger rise in his heart. Bang! He kicked open the door to the room and roared out. “Get your sorry a** over her right now!”

    The snoring continued.

    A strong smell of alcohol rushed out from the room.

    Dugu Wudi’s nose couldn’t help but twitch. “What kind of wine is this? How could it smell this fragrant!” Coming back to his senses, he saw that not one of his sons or nephew had stirred and were still fast asleep! Great General Dugu’s fury exploded in his heart as he quickly made his way inside and proceeded to punch and kick like he was hitting a punching bag!

    The snoring continued!

    Dugu Wudi was stunned.

    Young Master Jun snickered. You think the wine I’ve distilled is just your common garbage? Right now, they won’t be able to wake up even if you beat them to death. Drinking as much as they did, I wouldn’t even be surprised if they had drunk themselves to death. The best part has yet to come!

    “Someone come and carry these seven brats out!” Dugu Wudi wanted to crawl into a hole and die! This had turned out to be the most humiliating day in his life, but little did he know that his day was only going to get worst…

    “Wait a minute!” Jun Mo Xie laughed coldly. “Did Great General think you can come and go as you please? What kind of place does the Dugu Family think the Jun residence is?”

    “What do you want?” Dugu Wudi turned around, his face savage, looking as if he was barely able to keep his anger under control. I had already let you off earlier for fooling around with my precious daughter but you still dare to have something to carp about? You must be tired of living!

    “It’s quite simple really. The red sandalwood main doors that the Dugu Family’s seven young masters demolished once they arrived at my family home will cost one thousand taels of silver to repair. The injury to three of our servants will cost five hundred taels for medical cost. The gates to my courtyard will cost three hundred taels…” Jun Mo Xie counted along with his fingers. “…what’s more, they restrained me by force and pilfered my high-quality wine. On the account of the history between our families, I could look the other way and excuse their behavior if you pay 25 million taels of silver. Great General can naturally collect the seven young masters at that time!!”

    “What?!” Dugu Wudi roared, shaking the guards behind him and sending them reeling. “25 million taels?”

    “Correct! I’ve already did you a favor and rounded down to an even 25 million taels of silver!” Jun Mo Xie did not bat an eye and even carried himself with a magnanimous air.

    “I spit on your dogs*** face! Twenty-five million taels of silver! I’d like to hear how these kids managed to drink twenty-five million taels worth of wine. If you do not provide a proper explanation, I’ll find Senior Jun see just who you inherited your extortionist schemes from!” Dugu Wudi was so angry that he let out a laugh.

    Jun Mo Xie remained unmoved and gave a frosty smile. “If this were just some ordinary wine, the tab would not have been this high even if the seven brothers had drunk themselves to death. But I can guarantee is that my wine is the only one of its kind in this world! Not to mention that what your precious sons and nephews drank was the foreshot! There are fifty jins of foreshot in a jug, and fifty small cups of foreshot per jin; each cup of foreshot could be further blended into a jug of fine wine that is worth ten thousand taels of silver! So the total is 25 million taels. I will dismiss compensation for all the other damages we discussed earlier on account of the friendship between our two families!”

    “That is why each cup of wine is priced at ten thousand taels of silver. I’m not ripping anyone off. This is the best bargain around!” Jun Mo Xie kept a straight face with no hint of joking around.

    “Screw your Third Uncle!” Dugu Wudi blurted. “Drinking your lousy wine can send one to seventh heaven?” General Dugu was about to explode from anger. Tianxiang Kingdom’s annual military expenditure only amount to thirty million taels of silver. His three sons and four nephews had ran a tab that almost equaled the kingdom’s annual military spending??!

    “Isn’t this just blatant extortion? How is this not ripping anyone off? I’m getting a bargain!?”

    “Please watch what you say, Great General. You do not need to involve my Third Uncle! As the saying goes, the rarer something is, the greater its value! I am the only one who possess this wine in the whole world! If I say it’s ten thousand taels per cup, then it’s ten thousand taels per cup. If it was anyone else, I wouldn’t even sell it for that price.”

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