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Chapter 117–The Life doesn’t go in Reverse

    Chapter 117–The Life doesn’t go in Reverse

    (TL: No word from Moe yet, but let’s keep hoping that he replies soon. If there’s any name used here that differs from the previous translation, please let us know and we’ll check it out.)

    “Yes! It’s from her!” Mu Xue Tong nodded as he replied. He reached into his breast pocket and pulled out a piece of cloth.

    “She gave this to you for him? Why didn’t I know about this? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?!” Xiao Han was suddenly very furious. The veins in his bloodshot eyes were clearly visible and his fists were clenched.

    “As you said earlier, you work with me. What is your status? And what’s her status? Does she need to notify you of her wishes and actions? You’re being ridiculous now!” Mu Xue Tong looked at his companion contemptuously.

    “Give that to me!” Xiao Han’s body flashed towards Mu Xue Tong’s, and he tried to snatch the cloth. Mu Xue Tong promptly put the cloth back in his pocket. Their bodies became shadowy, and a hint of blue light started to emerge from their bodies. Their silhouettes appeared to be forming a circle, as the two men started to kick and punch each other. Their collisions were producing loud sounds, while the underlying strength of their strikes was giving rise to sharp and turbulent winds.

    Their speed was so alarmingly fast that even Jun Wu Yi, a Sky Xuan expert, could barely distinguish between the two men. However, this didn’t mean that Jun Wu Yi’s strength was beneath these men, and on the contrary, now, he was a lot stronger than them. As for why he couldn’t clearly see their movements, he had been a cripple for the last decade and had only reached the Sky Xuan level due to the five herbs imbued into his body, and it would take a while before his Sky Xuan strength attained stability.

    As for Jun Mo Xie, even though his strength was far lesser than the two men, his vision was sharp enough to clearly distinguish their movements. He could easily tell that even though Xiao Han was a Sky Xuan expert, his strength was fairly inferior to Mu Xue Tong’s, and if the latter had any misgivings against his companion, then Xiao Han would have already been dead!

    But even then…..

    “Bang!” Xiao Han was sent flying into the air. He coughed and choked in the mid-air, and spat out a bit of blood. He landed on his feet, and in a few hops, distanced himself from the others, but his resentment filled voice sounded at a distance: “Mu Xue Tong, I will remember this, and you will pay for this later. Jun Wu Yi, I will kill you!”

    The smoke and dust cleared revealing Mu Xue Tong’s white-dressed figure, standing calmly, but staring at Jun Mo Xie in a bizarre manner. He suddenly laughed: “Wu Yi, your nephew is indeed a remarkable fellow! His strikes actually managed to inflict serious damage to Xiao Han, and took out at least twenty percent of his combat power; otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to win so easily today. Had I not seen him in action in person, I would have never believed that a boy who hasn’t even attained the Silver Xuan level could injure a Sky Xuan expert in battle!”

    Jun Mo Xie humbly smiled and said: “I believe that once a man is injured in that manner, a downgrade in combat ability is only a natural side effect. However, I was lucky, since he considered me to be an ant, and forgot that ants can sting. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to injure him.”

    Mu Xue Tong smiled: “Perhaps that’s the reason…I’ve never seen him struggle in this manner in our companionship of over ten years, and nor have I ever been able to oust him this easily. It’s funny that the first time this happens is the day I first meet you, right?”

    Jun Mo Xie chuckled: “That’s because he’s never looked down on you, but he thought that I was too small and weak to hurt him.”

    Mu Xue Tong glanced at him profoundly and stated in a serious manner: “Well, I guess that’s the case. But now I know that even weak people can be very dangerous, and I will remember to not neglect your ability.”

    Jun Mo Xie smiled but decided against commenting on it and said: “This…. I believe my Third Uncle has been waiting very anxiously.”

    Mu Xue Tong laughed, and then he took out the cloth from his breast pocket once again and handed it over to Jun Wu Yi.

    Jun Wu Yi’s body was faintly trembling while his hands were tightly gripping the handrail of his wheelchair. The rosewood flooring made a slight ‘click’ sound as he slowly extended his hand and took the small cloth. He held it gently but firmly with both hands as if holding a very precious and fragile treasure in his hands.

    Mu Xue Tong looked at Jun Wu Yi, bowed his head and said: “The Miss has been waiting for you all along!”

    Jun Wu Yi suddenly looked up: “Are you saying that she……?”

    Mu Xue Tong nodded gravely: “The Miss is still longing for you!”

    Jun Wu Yi’s face was somewhat emotional while his eyes were glittery, as his trembling hands slowly and carefully opened the cloth, layer by layer, for he feared disturbing its contents…

    The small cloth slowly unfolded into a handkerchief. A few strands of jet black hair lay in its center…

    The delicate embroidery in one corner of the handkerchief read:

    I haven’t crowned my hair in ten years, and every night I look at the moon and hope to come to Tian Xiang, but I know that the life doesn’t go in reverse!

    Jun Wu Yi’s body trembled like dried leaves shuddering in the wind, and slowly, he lowered his face and pressed it to the handkerchief….. he pressed his head against the hair in the cloth, and didn’t raise his head up for a long while…..

    Mu Xue Tong sighed deeply and said: “Miss is preparing to break into the Supreme Divine Xuan….” Jun Wu Yi’s entire body shuddered! But he still didn’t look up. His face refused to part with the handkerchief and it appeared that those strands of hair had become his entire universe in that moment.

    Mu Xue Tong stood silently and calmly for a long while before he said: “Brother Wu Yi, I came to narrate this affair to you, and will take my leave now. Brother Wu Yi, I hope that you can understand the Miss’s situation, and I pray that these hard times come to an end one day… don’t lose hope Brother! There will come a day!” Then, he folded his hands and turned away.

    Jun Wu Yi didn’t look up until the man had covered a few feet, and he said in a hoarse voice: “I was too moved and forgot my manners. I apologize for not being able to visit your home, but please convey my regards to Miss Shao Qian.” Shao Qian was Mu Xue Tong’s lover.

    Mu Xue Tong didn’t turn around, but smiled as he said: “Shao Qian is now your sister-in-law, next time I visit you, I’ll bring her along.”

    Jun Wu Yi’s words were heartfelt and honest: “Congratulations!”

    Mu Xue Tong smiled, a bright azure light flashed from his body, which was followed by a cold autumn breeze, and just like a leaf, his body gently drifted away, and soon disappeared into the infinite horizon.

    The distance between the heaven and earth became hazy as the curtains of the night began to descend.

    Jun Wu Yi remained seated in his wheelchair, while his face was still pressed against the handkerchief and hair that lay within. The scene remained motionless in the windy background, as the shadows of the night slowly dimmed the skylight.

    Jun Mo Xie stood quietly on one side and didn’t make any sound, as he quietly kept his uncle some company. The duo didn’t even look at each other but knew each other’s feelings…

    The moon slowly circled in the sky, and the stars were shining brightly. Jun Wu Yi’s heart finally emerged from the memories of the past. The ten years of suffering and torment that his heart had endured was evident from the hoarse voice in which he narrated the tale to Jun Mo Xie.

    Twelve years ago, the Jun Family was in its prime, and Jun Zhan Tian was invincible in battle. Everyone feared his reputation on the battlefield, and no one could defeat him!

    Out of the three male heirs of the Jun Family, the eldest, Jun Wu Hui, was known as “The White Commander!”, he could change the course of any battle with a wave of his hands. He was close enough to the Emperor of Tian Xiang to influence his Majesty’s decisions.

    The second son, Jun Wu Meng, excelled in combat and his superior intelligence ousted any general in battle! The Jun Family was in its prime… the entire Xuan Xuan continent was impressed with their prowess.

    Jun Wu Yi was only nineteen at the time and was in the prime of his youth. Young, handsome, talented, exceptional in martial arts, extraordinary temperament and confident, he attracted the fantasies and affection of countless minister’s daughters.

    Jun Wu Yi ventured into an auction of the Sheng Bao house to amuse himself, as is the temperament of youngsters. But inside the auction, he encountered a flowery young maiden. The two exchanged a few words and imprinted a favorable impression with regard to each other. Soon enough, the two of them were touring around the Tian Xiang country, hand in hand.

    Free birds, Jun Wu Yi and the maiden, Han Yan Yao, would often travel outside the country together, and their feeling for each other deepened over time. Eventually, the two fell in love, and naturally, the news broke out.

    After a while, a few mysterious men appeared in Tian Xiang in search of Jun Wu Yi. Jun Wu Yi was traveling abroad with Han Yan Yao, but these people attacked the Jun Family without taking note of it! It was obvious that these men weren’t afraid of the Jun Family, even though it was in its prime.

    The Jun Family suffered heavy losses in the battle that followed. These men killed off several of the Jun Family’s experts since none of these mysterious men were below the Earth Xuan level. Moreover, these dozen or so men had several tricks up their sleeves.

    Jun Wu Yi was obviously quite shocked when he found about the incident upon his return. The maiden, Han Yan Yao, explained to Jun Wu Yi that this incident had been caused by her antecedents. She hailed from a mysterious place, and her family could best be described as one of the most powerful and secretive families of this world, and perhaps the most mysterious organization!

    Blizzard Silver City! Han Clan of Blizzard Silver City!

    Blizzard Silver City!

    This, one name, was mysterious enough to intimidate anyone! Thousands of years of accumulation had made it a formidable power!

    And Sheng Bao house was only Blizzard Silver City’s subsidiary. The so-called ‘Sheng Bao house’ was just the agent, and the Blizzard Silver City was the real master, and they were only given the leftovers! Meaning, that once the Blizzard Silver City had discarded something, the item would be handed over to the Sheng Bao house for auction, and even these items fetched amazing prices.

    The Sheng Bao house would sell these articles for a huge amount of money, and would use this money to buy some more fantastic items from the Blizzard Silver City. Whether it was an ordinary immortal technique, or a power-boosting martial skill, or a rare type of Xuan Beast Dan, it could be said that all these items were extremely rare in the human world, and very hard to obtain, but the Sheng Bao house was able to procure them from the Blizzard Silver City, and were willing to pay any price.

    Han Yan Yao was the daughter of Han Zhan, the master of Blizzard Silver City.

    Of course, Han Yan Yao’s origin wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, even if Han Yan Yao was the daughter of Blizzard Silver City’s master, Jun Wu Yi was also the son of Jun Family. The Jun Family wasn’t comparable to the Blizzard Silver City but was still a super-power in its own merit.

    But the biggest problem was that Han Yan Yao was already engaged to Blizzard Silver City’s most influential elder, Xiao Hui Feng’s grandson, Xiao Han, and the two were set to be married upon reaching the appropriate age!

    After the two of them returned, they tried to stay together, but the Xiao Family threatened to turn the Jun Family’s life upside down. Han Yan Yao reluctantly agreed to return to the Blizzard Silver City, and once she left, she never came back!

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