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Chapter 122–How do we handle this?

    Chapter 122–How do we handle this?

    The bodies in front of Jun Wu Yi’s eyes were very seriously deformed and distorted. The lengths of the bodies of these youngsters were less than two feet from the waist to the foot, while their arms and chests were as distorted and deformed as their lower bodies. It was difficult to tell how long these people had been contained in these jars. The only parts of their bodies that were allowed to be free from the restriction of these jars were their heads, and simply so that they could breathe and eat. These people were even made to urinate and excrete in their respective jars itself…

    They eyes of these people were still flashing from one point to the other, and even though their eyes seemed to be begging the two men for mercy, their mouths were unable to make any sounds, apart from a ‘hiss’. Upon a closer look, it was evident that their tongues had been cut out….

    “This is the ‘human swine’. Most of these people were not qualified enough for other purposes, and didn’t have any scope for cultivation either, so their bodies were slowly forced into deformation, and then these people would be sold off for high prices to be used as vaudeville or sideshows to circuses. Their freaky vaudevilles would be then used to win the sympathy of the spectators, and their new masters would make some money as a result….” Jun Mo Xie gave these people one glance and then looked away: “Uncle, you still believe that the masters of this place didn’t deserve it? Do you still wish to talk to them? Educate them?”

    “They deserve much worse than what they got, they should’ve been hacked to pieces!” Jun Wu Yi was feeling shamed and enraged at the same time: “Such a vicious act…. What kind of a heart would command such an evil thing?!! Those scums…. Damn them to hell!”

    “First, when the homeless children come here, then they are preferred to be trained in to killing machines, while the ones that are pretty are trained into becoming homosexual partners and prostitutes. The ones that aren’t qualified to become either, are only good to become these… these deformed human spectacles! Everyone inside this place was a part of this work! The people here were beyond any scope of redemption, would you still want to try?! I chose to kill, and I chose to kill without any hesitation, and without any mercy! I killed them all so they couldn’t do this to more people!”

    Jun Mo Xie nodded and pointed towards the door. The group of boys and girls, who were initially too timid to move, finally gathered some courage and ventured into the inner courtyard, and picked up some gold from the ground. They turned around and gratefully bowed to the two men before running out of the front door….

    “Uncle, has it crossed your mind yet….. some of these children might have been the sons and daughters of the fallen comrades that served and died under your command? After the death of their fathers, they could have been left orphaned and without any means of an income…. Wouldn’t they have been left completely helpless? So without any source of a living, they could’ve come here!” Jun Mo Xie’s words left Jun Wu Yi’s eyes red in a murderous rage!

    Jun Mo Xie maybe calm, cold-blooded and ruthless, but his words were undoubtedly very logical….

    “The Tian Xiang country has several of these establishments, and even though the others may not be this big, or may not be acting so boldly, but there are several more of them!” Jun Mo Xie sighed as he raised his eyebrows to look at the sky; the sounds of thunder were beginning to come from a distance.

    “The boys and girls we saw here were still able to move to some extent, so I’d expect them to be able to make an escape, but then what? Do you have any ideas?” being a Sky Xuan expert, Jun Wu Yi had also heard the sounds, but was more concerned about the issued regarding these dozen or so children. Their deformities wouldn’t work well in the world, but leaving them here would be equivalent to leaving them in the jaws of death.

    “Ideas? There’s no good idea for them! These people don’t have tongues, their ears have been stabbed into deafness, their hands and feet are completely abnormal, and they will never be able to recover from these deformities….. all hopes of having a normal life have been destroyed for them, while survival is the worst form of torture… a living death!” Jun Mo Xie sighed.

    “Do you mean……” Jun Wu Yi was stunned: “This can’t be… are you saying that since they were poor, they have now been deprived of the last shred of a dignified life?!!”

    Jun Mo Xie turned his head: “Yes, that’s true, but we have to go now. The officials will be here soon, and if we don’t go then you’ll have to reveal yourself. As for the survival of these children, their existence will be very painful, but some of them will continue to carry on in this world.”

    He paused and then continued: “Keeping them alive by force will be the biggest pain for some, ……, so we’ll just have to wait and see for ourselves. Come on, it’s getting late! …”

    Jun Wu Yi sighed deeply, after all, the condition of these children was too complex, but he quickly gathered his wits, hardened his heart, and followed after the fleeing Jun Mo Xie. The two men quickly jumped over the rear wall of the house, and instantly disappeared into the general public.

    Just as they left, those thundering sounds crashed into the Huang Hua Hall, which was followed by noises of crashing since the soldier had finally arrived…

    “Mo Xie, your temper is too cruel, like a killer! This, you must control very carefully. Even though today you killed for a good cause, but I still find your temperament to be a little too cold. At a later time, we’ll have to look into this in more depth.” Jun Wu Yi was running right beside Jun Mo Xie at this moment.

    “I committed this crime to promote good. Uncle, I do not deny that I was bloodthirsty, but I have never killed a good man, and nor will I ever hurt one! But for people like the ones at the Huang Hua Hall, I will not stop, not until I’ve killed them all, and their families; I will obliterate the entire root of this evil!” Jun Mo Xie’s face was as calm as water, as he smiled coldly, but his footsteps didn’t cease. The nephew and uncle duo was quite familiar with the terrain; on top of that they were both quick-witted and agile. They quickly switched several streets and turned a few corners and managed to reach a very secluded location, while the sounds of thundering had now receded to a gradual and faint whisper behind them.

    “You’re right, whenever we encounter an evil like this place, we must intervene. The existence of a place like this one, must not be tolerated under the heaven!” Jun Wu Yi frowned: “Mo Xie, why did you murder all of them, why didn’t you take one alive…. we could find out the mastermind behind this setup? If we had found the man behind this place, then we could have cut off the weed at its roots, which would have been the perfect solution to this problem!”

    “Uncle, do you think that shrimps like these would know about the sharks? Asking them would have been a waste of effort! Even if we got clues from them, and went about investigating them, then we’d end up exposing ourselves!” Jun Mo Xie was looking at his uncle: “In fact, the person behind this will inevitably find out about this, and he isn’t exactly going to sit behind a closed door and wait for us, he’ll likely conduct raids throughout the country in our search, or may even secretly send assassins after us…. how would exposing ourselves work out then? Right now, we are working in the dark, and the person behind this will never know our identity, and we’ll be able to do our work conveniently.”

    There was another point, but Jun Mo Xie couldn’t gather the nerve to say it: If we managed to trace this person, and he turned out to be a minister of the state or even a member of the royal family, then how would you deal with it? As far as this ‘Huang Hua hall’ is concerned, if the person behind this place was powerful enough to get this place from a prince, then how could we kill him off?

    “That’s also true” Jun Wu Yi was still frowning: “But now my body has almost recovered, and I will not allow such places to exist. If I ever find more, I’ll destroy them as well!”

    “Third uncle ah, your nephew can only tell you the truth: there’s a long way to go. Oh, and once we are back, you immediately arrange reliable personnel and you must ask them to follow after the people who we rescued from here, and help them to safety. If they are left to their own measures, then they probably won’t be able to get very far.”

    “That’s why you gave them the silver and gold…..” Jun Wu Yi was somewhat puzzled.

    “Yes, just so that they could buy some food, while the quick-witted might even be able to travel a bit.” Jun Mo Xie smiled: “We simply cannot help them in this case. I allowed them to escape, to see their respective abilities. Therefore, as a result, the ones who are resourceful will be able to go further than the others, and once they are away from the capital, we might be able to help them….”

    Jun Mo Xie was in the middle of a sentence, when he suddenly stopped running and quietly said: “We have been followed for a while now, were you able to spot him?”

    Jun Wu Yi was suddenly very shocked. Someone has been following the two of us? Why didn’t I notice it? I’ve been healing for several days now, and I’ve almost managed to stabilize myself to the base of Sky Xuan, so I’m not just a namesake Sky Xuan anymore. Most experts have the ability to track others without making their presence known, but what’s the strength of this expert? And how did Mo Xie figure it out?

    After finishing the sentence, Jun Mo Xie continued to remain glued to his position, while his eyes were fixed on the ground below.

    After some time, a voice called out: “Ha ha, this is amazing!” a deep-blue light flashed, and a thin masked man appeared about a dozen meters away from them. His eyes were shinning as they stared at Jun Mo Xie and his uncle: “How did you find me?”

    Jun Mo Xie smiled: “Everyone has a different technique, and every technique is different, but no matter who you are, you should never think that you’re so great that no one can spot you. Now, why are you following us?”

    The man was dressed in garbs, and his mask seemed to be freshly torn from a handkerchief, so it was quite obvious that he had arranged his visible clothing in a very short period of time.

    “My intentions aren’t malicious. I just saw the manner in which you brought justice and admired your courage, which is I decided to follow you two, out of sheer curiosity ha ha. You are talking to a fellow human ….”

    “Since there was no malice intended, then we’d request that you go about your business. And please do not try to follow us again since we do not wish to be tracked by anyone–even by a Sky Xuan expert like ourselves!” Jun Mo Xie stated bluntly.

    “Boy, you’re not old enough to be rude to me yet, there are going to consequences for this! I will go wherever I wish to, you think you can dictate me?” the man seemed very angry all of a sudden. After hearing his words, Jun Wu Yi’s eyes had already sharpened, while his body was already ready to move into action.

    “Boy? Who are you calling that? Old man, I’m a little reluctant to jump the knot here, but don’t force me to kill you for no reason at all! Leave us, or stay here and see what happens!!” Jun Mo Xie eyes flash like a blue crystal as his body leaned forward, and as he raised and brought his hands to the front of his body, a flash of an azure colored light, as deep as the color of the sea, spurred between them.

    “Old man, you have the guts to track us? First you stood by and watched instead of helping us out and now you’re tracking us?!” Jun Mo Xie’s eyes were full of arrogance as he looked sharply at the man again: “The Huang Hua hall invited their deaths, and so will you if you don’t hit the road!”

    Jun Mo Xie’s eyes were brimming with confidence, almost as if he held the fate of the man’s life and death in his hands! This man was already a Sky Xuan expert, but it seemed as if Jun Mo Xie was looking at an ant, like he could simply twist his finger and the man would die!

    “A Sky Xuan Peak!” the masked man was sent recoiling a few steps in surprise. The look in his eyes suddenly changed, and it seemed as if his whole body was gripped in horror!

    Or maybe it is a false illusion…. but the inherent color of a Sky Xuan peak is absolutely unique, and absolutely no one can fake it! He really is a Sky Xuan Peak expert at such a young age?! But this can’t be happening! A Sky Xuan peak, and the other is also a Sky Xuan expert, how can I fight the two of them alone?

    Shit, how did so many Sky Xuan experts flood the Tian Xiang city all of a sudden today?!

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