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Chapter 129–Ni Chang Pavilion

    Chapter 129–Ni Chang Pavilion

    (TL’s Note: This Chapter was sponsored by Anon.)

    As for your father… although I’ve never met him in person, but according to the rumors, he’s also just a Sky Xuan Expert. Even if your father and Jun Zhan Tian fought head to head, there’s a good chance that your father might end up losing the fight, and along with it, his life….. So to think that your father could wipe out Jun Zhan Tian with ease is…. Over stating it; more than just a little!

    However, the youngster’s father was the head of a reasonably powerful family, who had only recently invested his troops in the Second Prince’s cause. The Second Prince couldn’t say this out loud since the man’s family was of considerable importance at the moment.

    But as for the youngster, he was no importance and had no major talents. In fact, the youngster was an out-and-out idiot, who nevertheless gave himself too much importance, and carried himself with an ‘I’m the greatest in this world’ attitude, and usually looked down upon everyone else. Although he was only at the Peak of the Silver Xuan, he carried himself with the attitude of a Supreme Divine Xuan’s.

    The second prince had brought him along since he, like Jun Mo Xie, was an outright debauchee, and the prince was hoping that if these two birds of the same feather managed to flock along, then the prince’s motives might find an easier path…..

    But judging his present attitude, the prince was beginning to get worried since he felt that his arrogant attitude might end up messing the whole matter…..

    Sitting adjacent to him was another man; the man was wearing a very depressed look on his face, and was sitting on his chair in a very awkward manner, with his legs opened wide apart. This man was Lord Liu, who had previously jumped into the lake’s waters in pursuit of a mysterious man. During the pursuit, he had been struck by a bamboo pole, which crashed straight between his legs at a thunderous speed, causing him to adapt this weird posture!

    Lord Liu would probably never be able to get over this humiliation!

    These days, Lord Liu only had two hobbies: Frantically attempting to get his condition cured; and wantonly arresting people to find his culprit. But he hadn’t been able to see the mysterious man’s face; and had only been able to see a white, round, ass. So anyone who was arrested under the suspicion of being the mystery-man, had to undergo the same procedure: They would be brought in front of Lord Liu, and then their pants would be stripped off their bottoms… for inspection!

    Due to this, the Prince had been hearing several rumors about Lord Liu: There has been a major change in Lord Liu’s sex drive after his injury; Moreover, he’s only showing interest in buttocks, and only those of young men’s; moreover, Lord Liu seems to fancy white bottomed young men…..

    As a result, every time a young subordinate was in the presence of the lord, they’d inevitably try to cover their buttocks with their hands….

    In case Lord Liu took a fancy to their plump and round buttocks…. Then how would be ever be able to call themselves ‘a man’ again?

    “Er Ye, the third young master Jun has arrived.” The hall’s door opened; a tall and gracefully stunning beauty walked in, adorning her face with a gentle smile. Her tall posture, equipped with her big and proud breasts, and a slender waistline, turned to face the road beside the lake, where a small palanquin was leisurely swinging its way towards the pavilion.

    Lady Yue’er pointed towards the people around the palanquin: “Er Ye, see those men? They are old faithful’s of Jun Zhan Tian, so I’m certain that the man inside must be Jun Mo Xie.”

    “That’s one ugly looking palanquin……” The second prince couldn’t help himself: “The young master Jun has a very unique taste…. Very unique indeed, ah.”

    “He’s nothing more than a typical debauchee and a spendthrift!” Lady Yue’er’s eyes suddenly flashed a cold essence, but she quickly resumed her smiling expression and said: “Er Ye, would you like me to go down and personally receive Jun Mo Xie?”

    “You?” The second prince’s face was somewhat sullen, but upon seeing the firm and staunch look in Lady Yue’er’s eyes, he sighed and said: “Alright, however, he must not feel unwelcomed.”

    “Hihi… Er Ye, Yue’er might be cheap, but when it comes to making men feel welcomed and important, very few people can match me; there’s a reason my services cost so much.” Lady Yue’er smiled as she confidently gazed at the red palanquin from above.

    “Well…. Ah;” The Second Prince tried to smile.

    Below, Jun Mo Xie jumped out of his palanquin, and landed unstably on the ground below, staggered a bit, spat on the ground, looked upwards at the sky, and sneezed. Then, he rolled his neck around once, hammered his back twice, shook his arms, tilted his head, and started walking shakily like a crab.

    He was wondering inside his head: This second prince is going to have a very bad day…

    Jun Mo Xie stepped inside the Ni Chang pavilion, took off his hat, and started to fan himself. Then, he looked sideways, and entered into the reception area, and asked one of the attendants: “Is the Second Prince here?”

    “The Second Prince is waiting for your grace on the third floor; inside the feather hall.” The attendant informed respectfully.

    “The Feather Hall? With all the naked ladies??” Jun Mo Xie quacked out a couple of laughs: “The Second Prince surely knows how to pick a place… well he’s won me over already!” Then he started to embark up the stair case.

    The attendants were wondering about the Prince’s choice of company now…. The Second Prince has asked this man to meet him in person, ah? How much longer do we have bear this pig-head? But really, second prince… wow…. How could the second prince be dining with such people???

    “Ha Ha, Mo Xie, my younger brother, it’s been such a long time since I last saw you; you look so refined and cultured now! This is amazing!” The second prince affectionately stood up and energetically waved towards Jun Mo Xie.

    “Uh, um…. It’s surely been a while second prince….” Jun Mo Xie seemed flattered: “How could Mo Xie dare to refuse if the second prince calls him for a banquet.”

    “Oh, there’s no need to be so polite.” The second prince hurried along and extended his hand to greet Jun Mo Xie, but couldn’t help feel a sense of unhappiness, and surprise, as he stood there with his hand extended; his lone hand. This guy didn’t do any customary bows in salutation, and on top of that, he is even refusing to shake my hand! That too when I’m offering respect first!

    Jun Mo Xie of course didn’t greet him respectfully; in his head, even the Emperor wasn’t worthy of his worship. In fact, if the God descended to the world, then would Jun Mo Xie have worshipped him? Jun Mo Xie wasn’t awfully sure about it either.

    So then, what respect would he have for a mere prince? In the eyes of Jun Xie, the assassin, the prince was just another living body, which he could transform into a corpse at any time.

    “Ha Ha, let’s just throw aside all formalities; after all, our families are friends of old ah.” The Second Prince smiled graciously: “I remember that we used play together quite often as children, but now that age has caught up, now my younger Brother and I can only look back at the past and marvel at the days gone by.”

    The Second Prince’s words had a hidden meaning behind them, and it seemed as if he was trying to remind Jun Mo Xie that he shouldn’t act very high-headed in front of him, and the Prince was only greeting him since he belonged to the Jun Family. He was still the blood of the King; a prince, and Jun Mo Xie was just a high-class noble.

    “Ah, yes yes.” Jun Mo Xie quickly assessed the situation and replied. Such trivial matters aren’t worth spoiling this broth over.

    He couldn’t help but notice the four other people who were eyeing and assessing him from the sidelines, especially the youngster whose eyes looked full of contempt and disdain: The Second Prince is asking me to befriend this pain in the neck? What kind of a man is this guy?

    “Little Brother, let me introduce you to some of my friends; you probably know some of them.” The four men got up from their seats as the second prince gestured towards them.

    “This is my teacher, Hong Wen University’s great scholar, Fang Bo Wen.” The Second Prince sounded very respectful. Fang Bo Wen stroked his beard as he looked at Jun Mo Xie. Then he smiled and said: “Nah, I’m just an old man, and nothing compared to you youngsters, really…”

    “A renowned university scholar indeed.” Jun Mo Xie looked at the old man, and could feel that he’d need to be on guard against this man. This old man didn’t seem ordinary, and in fact seemed to be concealing a huge amount of Qi inside his old body. Could such a person really be the prince’s master? Or a scholar from the Hong Wen University? He certainly has a history.

    “This man is Lord Liu. Lord Liu is a master of the pen and the sword; a very rare breed of talented men.” The Second Prince smiled.

    Jun Mo Xie looked up and down the body of the man who had caused him to run naked on the streets, and had almost ripped him to pieces. Then his eyes suddenly revealed a look of interest as he asked: “Lord Liu has a very unique way of standing, gee, he’s standing so tall, even with his legs open so wide ah.”

    Jun Mo Xie didn’t expect that his opening sentence would actually expose the man’s scars. Lord Liu’s face was suddenly flushed red, while his mind was replaying the incident which had led to his awkward posture.

    “The young master of the Jun Family is indeed very different from his peers, ah, and very handsome; far too handsome.” Lord Liu smiled as he tried to conceal his embarrassment.

    “You think so too! I wonder why I’m so handsome? I’m too handsome to be true! Other handsome men always envy my looks! You and I could become really close friends ah; confidants! I’ll take you out for drinks later ah!” Jun Mo Xie coquettishly swept his hair back, and then shook his head. Instead of shying from the compliment, he had brazenly accepted it, and in fact was also appreciating his own self.

    Everyone was left standing dumbstruck. They had never witnessed such narcissism before….

    Lord Liu was looking even gloomier now; you arrogant little snob… you think I’ll ever desire to befriend you!

    “Third young master Jun, you deserve your reputation well! I admire you already, Ha Ha, I’m Cheng De Cao.” Jun Mo Xie reset his eyes to the speaker; Cheng De Cao’s face was grimaced with an arrogant smile, and it appeared as if he was half a measure away from stabbing Jun Mo Xie.

    “Cheng De Cao? Never heard of you.” Jun Mo Xie directly waved him out. Who does this guy think he is, damn it, he looks like he wants to stab me, ah; I’m your daddy when it comes to that…. You puny little jerk!

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