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Chapter 130–The Outrageous Debauchee

    Chapter 130–The Outrageous Debauchee

    (Monday’s regular Chapter.)

    After hearing the young master Jun’s words, Cheng De Cao’s face had gone completely pale with anger!

    “Oh, young master Jun, the young master Cheng belongs to a smaller family than the Jun Family, so it is quite possible that you may not have heard of him.” Fang Bo Wen’s eyes had been glued to Jun Mo Xie from the moment he had entered the room; the old man was constantly observing Jun Mo Xie’s every action and word.

    “……Cheng De Cao, is that right?” Jun Mo Xie lifted his gaze and looked at him with a side glance: “recognized expert?”

    Cheng De Cao’s entire body was trembling with rage at this point; his gritted his teeth: “Young master Jun, I’ve heard so much about the reputation of family; especially about your father’s military prowess. I too was almost unable to recognize you by your demeanor ah.” Cheng De Cao’s words were quite tricky, and it seemed like he was implying that the young master Jun’s parents hadn’t taught him any manners; this was a direct assault on the young master Jun since he had lost his parents in his childhood.

    Everyone was quite surprised by Cheng De Cao’s sentence since this one sentence would not only expose the scars of the young master, but also the entire Jun Family. The second prince knew that if Jun Mo Xie interpreted these words correctly, then the entire Jun Family might turn against his cause. In fact, at this point, the second prince was already praying that the pig-headed Jun Mo Xie wouldn’t understand the true meaning of these words!

    The gods obviously weren’t siding with the second prince today!

    The assassin Jun Xie heard those words, snorted and replied: “So the young master Cheng is a recognized expert, apologies; this is the first time that we’ve met each other and I was being so rude to you; so please allow me extend my greeting as an exemplar of my etiquette; uh, so, Cheng De Cao…. Speaking of family…. How’s your mother?” Jun Mo Xie intentionally raised his tone as he said that last part.

    Now, everyone was blankly staring at these two men.

    It was obvious that the two men were on the verge of squalling since they had already started greeting each other by their mother’s name.

    How could a man be so shameless?

    Everyone was truly amazed to meet their guest for the evening; they had heard that he was the most outrageous debauchee of the city, but meeting him in person was another experience all together!

    Cheng De Cao’s hands and feet went cold with rage, while face turned ashen. He was faced with a highborn like Jun Mo Xie at the moment, but the personality of the man in front was no more than that of a bully, and the bully was hurting his family’s pride, which wasn’t a very small family either, and was brimming with experts of all levels. But after all said and done, no matter how much strength the Jiang Hu province had at their disposal, they were still no match for the political and military might of a super-family like the Jun Family.

    In other words, even if Jun Mo Xie’s attitude was unbearable, Cheng De Cao simply didn’t have enough might to challenge him. Insulting the ancestry of the Jun Family would be asking for a slaughter; anyway, everyone knew that the younger generations of such powerful families often tend to run their mouth without thinking twice.

    At the moment, Jun Mo Xie’s eyes were red with rage, and he didn’t even make any efforts to control his anger! If Cheng De Cao replied back in rebuke, then everyone knew that the Jun Family’s soldiers would wreak havoc, and this trivial incident could lead to the extermination of the Cheng Family.

    Therefore, even though Jun Mo Xie could freely criticize his counterpart, Cheng De Cao would have to show some restrain!

    Anyway, even though Cheng De Cao wasn’t the smartest person around, he wasn’t the biggest fool either, and even though he already despised Jun Mo Xie, he didn’t insult him back any further and concealed his anger behind random chattering.

    The others who were watching from the sidelines were drawing entertainment from Cheng De Cao’s plight; why is this guy provoking Jun Mo Xie? Even if he is a debauchee himself, he should’ve known better, and shouldn’t have provoked a third generation young master of the Jun Family. For all this pride on being a recognized expert, huh? If he deliberately provokes Jun Mo Xie again, then he’ll learn the lesson of his life!

    Just then, a burst of sweet incense filled the atmosphere, and gentle voice chuckled and said: “Honorable guests, please allow Yue’er and her sisters to add some fun to your meet.”

    Then, five or six elegant and graceful women came into the room; all of them were young and all of them were beautiful. Most of them seemed a bit shy, and got scared the moment they saw the infuriated men in front of their eyes.

    Just as the women made their entrance, Jun Mo Xie’s domineering and arrogant attitude quickly changed, and his eyes readjusted to the women who had just spoken up. He made no attempts to conceal the perverted intentions of his heart; in fact, his eyes were already exhibiting an abundance of obscenity, while his mouth was hanging open with saliva trickling down from the corners; a long asleep force seemed to have ……awakened.

    Jun Mo Xie had half accepted the second prince’s invitation since it was being held at the Ni Chang Pavilion, which meant that he’d get to meet Lady Yue’er, otherwise why would he accept the invitation so quickly? Now that she had actually appeared in front of him, he wouldn’t let the opportunity slip by very easily.

    Everyone saw the change in his expression, and couldn’t help but despise the man in their hearts. What kind of morals does this man have? Lady Yue’er might be beautiful, but she’s still a prostitute; it isn’t right to be involved with such women. Is this why the young master Jun is called the biggest debauchee in the city?

    The second prince’s eyebrows wrinkled; his interest in Lady Yue’er was no secret, and even though Lady Yue’er had read his heart’s desire, he had always kept her at an arm’s distance; but the second prince’s heart nevertheless itched to get closer. Given his identity and position, he couldn’t marry her; in fact, even taking her as a mistress would not suit a man of his position, and so he couldn’t help but feel a sense of helplessness in keeping his distance from her.

    A transparent pearl curtain separated the two sides of the room; Lady Yue’er gently smiled as he approached from behind the curtain, and leisurely sat down. She brought out her lute and started playing it, and suddenly the vulgar environment of the room transformed to a very elegant one.

    Food and wine were brought in at the prince’s command, and even though the prince constantly kept offering the items to Jun Mo Xie, it seemed that the young master Jun had turned a blind eye to everything; except the body of Lady Yue’er, which he was constantly staring.

    The prince and the other men felt disgusted.

    Everyone already knew that Jun Mo Xie is a debauchee, but no one had expected that his actions would be this absurd. His reaction to the insult on his family was expected, but no had ever expected that Jun Mo Xie would act so shamelessly towards women!

    The second prince started the discussion: “At present, the capital has several large and small families. All of these families are looking out for the actions of their counterparts, and are constantly attacking and defending against each other.” At the time when the prince finished this sentence, Jun Mo Xie was in the middle of nodding in agreement with something: “Good good.”

    The second prince came under the impression that the young master Jun was in agreement, and felt inspired to continue, but then found himself cut mid-way by the young master Jun: “His royal highness is right…. But Lady Yue’er’s ass is so full and round… must feel really good, and it’s certainly quite strong too; I feel like rubbing it!”

    The second prince choked mid-sentence, almost as if he had swallowed a housefly!

    Next, Fang Bo Wen and Lord Liu made their attempts to solidify the prince’s statements, and even though they weren’t direct about it, they tried to indicate that the Jun Family’s strength might be important to their matters, and prayed that the pig-headed debauchee of the Jun Family would understand their meaning.

    As for the things that everyone was discussing, it seemed as if the prince had heard about the issues from his elders, while Lord Liu and Fang Bo Wen seemed to be speaking from experience; Jun Mo Xie however, had only read about them in books!

    The young master Jun’s soldiers were also participating in this discussion, and seemed fairly knowledgeable. They were listening to the discussing very carefully and were participating in it very actively, making the discussion very lively, but still maintained a serious attitude. However, whenever the young master Jun opened his mouth, he’d end up saying something out of context, and would leave the other people dumbstruck and uncomfortable.

    Fang Bo Wen took the lead on the subject of political strategy and techniques of governance, and stated that the ‘strength of a nation is its financial power’, meaning that the nation would need a strong financial backbone; everyone agreed.

    But at the moment he said the phrase, Jun Mo Xie suddenly picked up interest in the conversation.

    “That’s right, the elder is right; very good ah, ha ha …… but speaking of money… reminds me of gambling wow ha ha… your brother here went into the thousand gold hall with fatty Tang in disguise, and played the most amazing bet that day! I even earned the name ‘God of gamblers’, but I’ve not been able to meet any worthy rivals after that amazing and famous battle! It’s gotten so lonely now… I mean it’s so so lonely at the top!”

    Jun Mo Xie smugly stood up and looked disdainfully at the rest of his company. He put one foot on his chair and started making gestures with his hands: “…… whether it a beast fighting a beast, or snake fighting, or dog fighting, or cock-fighting….. oh you don’t know… in cock-fighting, when the cocks, gee, their hair……”

    As Jun Mo Xie carried on bragging unrestrained, his saliva scattered in all directions; but he was speaking like a true expert! Jun Xie had the memories of the greatest debauchee, so when it came to these things, no one could match his expertise!

    Even though the young master Cheng was a known debauchee himself, he was nothing more than a mere infant in front of Jun Mo Xie’s experience. Even though the man despised Jun Mo Xie, he couldn’t help but reluctantly submit to the man’s supremacy in these affairs!

    Everyone raised their eyebrows and enjoyed the show for a while, but it still seemed as if someone had struck them with a bolt of lightning.

    Everyone was thinking the same thing: you and Tang Yuan in disguise? No matter how well disguised that Fatty Tang is, anyone can recognize him in just one glance. You can search the entire Xuan Xuan continent and you’ll never find anyone with a bigger belly than that man’s….

    So you and fatty Tang went in there and won a lot of money? Of course, you’re the god of gamblers…. But where did that even come from? Oh god, let’s not stray from the topic again!

    The second prince was already repenting to the point of killing himself. If he had known that this would be result of calling Jun Mo Xie for a meet, then he wouldn’t have spent so much effort in the preparations.

    Only Fang Bo Wen was paying attention to Jun Mo Xie, in fact he was still observing Jun Mo Xie’s every word and every action, even though he found the young master Jun completely unbearable! Suddenly, he discovered one thing, one very interesting thing, and the old man’s body trembled as his eyes solemnly looked up, and a faint hint of a sparkling light lit his eyes up.

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