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Chapter 131–Fear my immortal behavior

    Chapter 131–Fear my immortal behavior

    (Wednesday’s regular Chapter.)

    The old scholar realized that Jun Mo Xie was timing his interruptions well, and was only interjecting the flow of the discussion when the gathering was trying to steer the topic towards the strength of the Jun Family. Instead of answering delicate questions about the strength of the Jun Family, Jun Mo Xie would suddenly start talking nonsense, and would end up nauseating the other men on the table, and as a result, no one would carry the subject any further. However, he couldn’t tell if this was intentional or unintentional…..

    This debauchee may not be as simple as we think ah! Fang Bo Wen shook his head as he thought to himself; but either way, it seems that the second prince is bound to return empty handed today. However, is this approach Jun Mo Xie’s own decision, or was it taken by his family? Answering this question is going to be a tough job ah.

    “Hey, Second Prince today…is there any other plan in addition to drinking? This wine party has been fun, but it would pointless if we didn’t have more fun afterwards!” Jun Mo Xie put on a wretched smile on his face, as he stood up with a ‘slam’ sound.

    His actions were becoming more distasteful with every passing minute, and he had even started refereeing to the second prince as ‘second prince’ instead of ‘his Highness’ as before!

    There might have been other plans for later; but the second prince had already cancelled all other plans after seeing Jun Mo Xie’s behavior. Naturally, the second prince didn’t wish to associate himself with such indecent people publicly. In a span as short as the course of a meal, Jun Mo Xie had left him feeling angry enough to vomit blood; and not to mention hopelessly and helplessly embarrassed…

    Jun Mo Xie was secretly relieved to see that everyone had already given up on promoting their political and diplomatic agendas. He stood up grinning, and twisted his waist as he walked over towards the pearl-curtained partition where lady Yue’er was playing her lute; he had come to the Ni Chang pavilion for her, so how could he let her slip by….?

    You little woman, alone, would dare to think of destroying the Jun Family!?

    The last time when Jun Mo Xie had seen Lady Yue’er, she had unknowingly revealed her deep-seated hatred for the Jun Family. Jun Mo Xie was already somewhat afraid of this woman since she was very well connected in the society and quite quick-witted, and on top of that, a very accomplished martial artist. Moreover, even though the second prince was trying to keep his distance from her, she could end up in his arms one day.

    Would the second prince be able to keep his innocence when faced with the charms of a brothel’s prostitute? This statement seemed a bit ridiculous and Jun Mo Xie could sense that this woman might turn into a major threat later.

    Jun Mo Xie had no doubts that this woman might have some plans, and was even suspecting that she may have other people supporting her secretly from the dark! This suspicion had been growing stronger and stronger in the young master Jun’s heart, and he had finally decided to do something about it.

    This was his main objective behind visiting the Ni Chang pavilion today. But who is this unknown enemy, which is patiently waiting in the dark? The Jun Family has been slowly growing in strength, and there will obviously be some factions that might try to hinder our growth; but if I eliminate them, then the Jun Family will grow unrestrained.

    If I let her get away this time, then with the growth of the Jun Family’s strength, she might go into hibernation, and even her backers might become passive. But if I kill her, and that too publicly, then the enemy will conceal themselves with even more vigor, which could be a very unfavorable situation as well!

    “Lady Yue’er, you’re looking really pretty, hey…….” Jun Mo Xie made no attempts to conceal his perverted desire, as his eyes shamelessly eyed her body before coming to a stop at her breasts.

    Lady Yue’er suddenly felt as if an invisible pair of hands was touching her body inappropriately, but she couldn’t say it out loud. She looked at him coldly and said: “Young master Jun, please behave courteously.”

    “There’s no need to. Being the son of a big family has its benefits; Tang Yuan is an example of that.” Jun Mo Xie broke into laugher. He broke through the partition paying no attention to her rejection in his interests.

    “Young master Jun, although Yue’er works in a brothel…. I’m not a prostitute, but an entertainer; please try to understand.” Lady Yue’er stated in a cold voice.

    “I will give you really good money, why wouldn’t you sell yourself? The girl should remember that the young master Jun has been kind to her in the past as well!” Jun Mo Xie’s face shamelessly reminded her of their past interactions.

    At this point, everyone could tell that this debauchee had been with Lady Yue’er before; in fact, most men were assuming that he would have forced himself on her in the past as well. They were finally beginning to realize why Jun Mo Xie had an unparalleled reputation as a debauchee!

    But now the biggest issue at hand was: What to do with Lady Yue’er? This banquet is being hosted by his royal highness, the second prince! If Jun Mo Xie did something untoward, then it would bring bad name to the second prince!

    If this issue came into the public knowledge, then there might be a large outrage!

    Everyone was thinking the same thing, and had already halted feasting on their wines. This was a rare and unusual situation, since the bully was none other than a son of the great Jun Family; what is he going to do with Lady Yue’er now?

    If Lady Yue’er hastily rejected this debauchee, then this guy might immediately retaliate! Could a lowly establishment like the Ni Chang pavilion bear retaliation from the great Jun Family? But if she doesn’t refuse his advances, then would she actually allow him to take unfair advantage of herself? The young master Jun is surely being horny beyond control!

    Everyone looked at each other in dismay, unable to decide on a course of action.

    The second prince intervened and said: “Young master Jun, Lady Yue’er is a musician, and of noble character. This is the first time that you’re meeting her; please don’t embarrass the Lady.” His address to Jun Mo Xie had changed from ‘Little Brother’ to ‘Young Master Jun’.

    “Embarrass? How am I doing that? This is a place of business, what’s so noble about that? Ha Ha Ha, if I don’t take such interests in her, then what will happen to her livelihood? This is what she does for a living since she’s already sold herself into slavery. Don’t pay any attention to her, she’s just teasing me since she likes me; why else would she play hard to get?”

    Jun Mo Xie was obviously carrying a drunken look on his face, and didn’t seem to be bothered by anyone’s objections. He continued to watch Lady Yue’er’s body with perverted thoughts on his mind.

    Lady Yue’er fiercely stared back at Jun Mo Xie, but her stomach was beginning to feel a drum beat: “Young master Jun, I’m might be an employee here, but I don’t offer my body in service.”

    “Don’t offer your body in service? Ha Ha Ha…… in a brothel, ah! Do you know what this place is? A brothel! Okay? You’re saying that you work in a brothel but you don’t offer your body in service? This is really funny… ha ha ha…..this is a brothel, there are no noble characters here, and you’re asking the son of the Jun Family to behave… in such a place?” Jun Mo Xie seemed very proud of his perverted behavior.

    Lady Yue’er bit her lips in anger, and it seemed as if she was almost contemplating killing this hateful hedonistic son of the Jun Family. Even if you were the last man on this planet, I still wouldn’t fancy you! She looked across the pearl curtain and saw the ash-faced prince, and suddenly came up with an idea.

    “Er Ye, please save me.” Lady Yue’er panicked and ran out through the curtain, with the intention of getting to prince’s side. Even though her footsteps were staggering, her speed was still quite fast; so much so, that even a level nine expert wouldn’t have been able to intercept her.

    But against her expectation, Jun Mo Xie suddenly darted sideways with his arms wide open, and suddenly gripped her delicate and feminine body in his embrace. He continued to laugh as his catlike palms brushed onto her breasts and stated to forcefully fondle them. He smiled as said: “Such a beauty…. Don’t resist….. don’t struggle, gee, you’re so pretty, there’s no need to be shy here….”

    Lady Yue’er had heard the rumors that Jun Mo Xie wasn’t capable of cultivating his Xuan Qi, which is why she had never expected that he would actually be able to exhibit such agility to intercept her. Even though Jun Mo Xie was one step ahead of her, she still hadn’t expected him to catch her since she had ducked sideways, but had ended up landing in his embrace with a ‘thud’.

    Is this a coincidence? But isn’t this too much of a coincidence?

    Jun Mo Xie’s hands continued to swim all over the angered and embarrassed Lady Yue’er’s body, who was almost on the verge of fainting with fury.

    Everyone’s face was clearly depicting the disgust of their hearts. How could someone be this indecent to a woman in the presence of the second prince? What kind of behavior is this? Even if we are in a brothel, the young master Jun is still crossing his limits!

    “Jun Mo Xie! Let Lady Yue’er go!” Cheng De Cao shouted as he rushed up towards them.

    Lady Yue’er took advantage of the opening and broke free of Jun Mo Xie’s embrace. Her eyes were full of tears of anger and indignation, and she waved her hand and slapped Jun Mo Xie straight across the face!

    Even though Lady Yue’er didn’t employ the complete extent of her Xuan Qi in the slap, it was still a lot to take for Jun Mo Xie’s body.

    “Pop!” everyone froze in their footsteps.

    Lady Yue’er’s hand had not only hit its target, but had hit Jun Mo Xie straight across the face; and as a result, left the mark of her five fingers on his face, which was already beginning to swell from the strike. Everyone stood halted in their steads, unable to fathom any measures to respond to this change of events.

    “Bitch! You’re not a noble woman, just a prostitute; don’t you have any ethics?! How dare you slap and deface me?!”

    Jun Mo Xie hopped towards her as he cursed, and raised his foot to kick her, but found his way obstructed by a man; Cheng De Cao said: “Young master Jun, why are you losing your temper over this mere brothel woman?” Cheng De Cao was somehow able to prevent his face from being distorted by the dislike he felt for Jun Mo Xie. Even though his mind was advising against it, he still wished to strangle Jun Mo Xie to death at this point.

    “Get out of my way! I will kill this little bitch today! How dare she slap me?!” Jun Mo Xie shouted angrily.

    “Jun Mo Xie, you have to understand the circumstances! This banquet was organized by his royal highness, the second prince; we are all his guests… would you cause his royal highness shame in the public eye?” Cheng De Cao stared at him.

    “Strange ah, how would teaching this prostitute a lesson equivalent to defacing the second prince in the public eye huh? Cheng De Cao, what are you trying to say? Are you trying to say that this little bitch slapped me on the second prince’s orders?!” Jun Mo Xie flipped his eyes in accusation.

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