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Chapter 133–The legendary jinx

    Chapter 133–The legendary jinx

    (Monday’s Regular Chapter.)

    “After the scene that the young master Jun has caused here, the other princes won’t dare to bother him and the Jun Family will be able to carry on peacefully. It seems that this whole plan was orchestrated by Jun Zhan Tian. But this situation has also given rise to an additional problem; a big problem.” Fang Bo Wen frowned his eyebrows.

    “Please explain, teacher.” The Second Prince’s face was already beginning to look gloomier, and it seemed as if he had already made his own guess.

    “Your Highness said it yourself.” Fang Bo Wen sighed loudly: “Soon, everyone will know that Your Highness and Jun Mo Xie have had a falling out in public, and that Your Highness was publicly humiliated by the young master Jun’s arrogance. If any harm comes to the young master Jun at this time….. then, Your Highness will undoubtedly be the first one to be suspected for it. I firmly believe that Your Highness’s enemies won’t miss this chance to frame you.”

    “What is this nonsense?” the Second Prince was suddenly furious: “Even after all the humiliation that I have faced today, I will still have to protect him?”

    “It all depends on Your Highness’s choice; if Your Highness isn’t afraid of Jun Zhan Tian’s wrath, then you can simply ignore this possibility.” Fang Bo Wen stated slowly.

    “…..” The Second Prince remained silent.

    Not afraid? That’s an understatement…. So many men lost their lives the other day…. The last time Jun Zhan Tian lost his temper, he cleared out almost a third of the imperial court. If he lost his temper on me….. I can’t give him a reason to ransack my palace…..

    “Damn that son of a bitch!” the Second Prince felt wronged to the point of death. This man was turning into a legendary jinx for him! He had been nothing more than pure bad-luck for the prince; first he had insulted the second prince, and then Jun Mo Xie had also insulted Lady Yue’er, and had also made a public enemy out of her…..

    A delicate silhouette was watching the Second Prince from the top of the Ni Chang pavilion as the Second Prince continued to walk alongside the road. “If that’s the case, then you should have thought twice before arranging this meeting. Jun Mo Xie humiliated me publicly today, and you didn’t even try to stop him. If I’m so bad for your reputation, then why did you try to pursue me to start with? I’m Yue’er, how could you let this happen to me?”

    A sly silver light flashed in her eyes as Lady Yue’er bit her lips: “If you won’t do anything since you are afraid of Jun Zhan Tian’s military might, then I’ll take this matter into my own hands. I will not allow Jun Mo Xie to get away with this; he will die without a proper burial!”

    As the night gradually became darker, Lady Yue’er loosened her hand and released a pigeon. The pigeon fluttered its wings a few times, and then flew up into the air.

    Around a distant dark corner, a dark clothed figure started to run at the speed of lightening and quickly landed on a nearby rooftop. The man released a dark colored net and spread it open in mid-air, and the dark colored net gradually fused into the dark sky. The pigeon which had just taken off from the Ni Chang pavilion landed inside the net…..

    The black clothed man collected the body of the pigeon and quickly retreated into the shadows….

    The Second Prince’s platoon reached his residence late night.

    Another black pigeon was released into the night sky, which quickly disappeared as well. Cheng De Cao stood by the window with a grin on his face, and murmured: “Jun Mo Xie, I don’t care about the power of your family. Since you’ve insulted me today, I will not allow you to exist; everyone will think that you were killed by one of the Princes… who will suspect me? What’s more, I don’t even have the strength to harm you, right? Ha ha ha …..”

    This self-proclaimed genius was a complete fool to take out a deal against the hitman Jun Mo Xie!

    Jun Mo Xie hadn’t missed out on any details so far, and had already placed his sleuths around the Second Prince’s residence as well.

    Everything was working according to Jun Mo Xie’s plan so far!

    Jun Mo Xie was a looking a little depressed sitting inside his rickety palanquin. He was so accustomed to travelling on his own feet, that sitting inside his palanquin was nothing short of torture for him.

    These kinds of things aren’t good for hitmen. So much bouncing and swaying can make anyone’s life miserable; why would some people consider travelling in these palanquins a status symbol? If I had any kind of a heart based condition, then so much swaying would have already sent me straight to the gates of hell.

    Even though Jun Mo Xie was trying his best to fight the urge to get out of the palanquin until he reached the Jun residence, the extraordinarily slow speed and the constant swaying of his ride was more than he could tolerate. Unable to bear it anymore, the young master Jun was almost about to open his mouth and order his bearers to halt, when he suddenly heard a ‘whoosh’ sound, and some kind of a small white object jumped into his palanquin, cried excitedly ‘hooo’, and rubbed its body against Jun Mo Xie’s arms. Jun Mo Xie reacted quickly, and grabbed the unknown animal by its neck, and picked it up. As he looked at the small animal, he realized that he was holding Dugu Xiao Yi’s high-end Xuan Beast; the iron winged panther cub.

    Jun Mo Xie carefully looked at the small limbs of the tiny creature in a weird way…. How could something so small be so fast? And how fast will he become after he grows up into an adult? I underestimated this animal… he is truly worthy of being called a high-end Xuan Beast!

    The panther cub was unable to move since it was suspended mid-air from its neck furs, and hence it opened its mouth to whine, while its limbs drooped helplessly. His beautiful pair of eyes were looking at Jun Mo Xie with a confused look in them, unable to understand why a man he liked so much would treat him in such a crude manner.

    Jun Mo Xie immediately assessed that Dugu Xiao Yi must be somewhere in the vicinity; how else would this young Xuan Beast be able to smell his scent?

    He extended his finger and poked the tiny creature’s miniature nose, and ferociously whispered: “Please, you mustn’t follow me; if you continue to follow me, then your owner will create a lot of trouble for me since her entire family will come after me. Do you know how much trouble I will be in then? You please stop this, please.” His initial intention was to frighten the animal away, but he had no idea why he had ended up begging piteously instead.

    Even though the iron winger panther was a high-end Xuan Beast, he was still accustomed to being around humans. But he still wasn’t able to interpret the meaning of Jun Mo Xie’s words, and strained its neck as he looked at Jun Mo Xie with an even more puzzled look in his eyes now. Jun Mo Xie released the tiny cub, who suddenly hummed twice, and looked at Jun Mo Xie with a merry look in his eyes.

    Unexpectedly, the small cub jumped up and landed straight into Jun Mo Xie’s arms; he took two deep breaths, and arched its tiny neck a few times until it found a comfortable spot to rest its head on Jun Mo Xie’s chest. Then, he opened its rosy-pink mouth, yawned and its beautiful eyes slowly started to narrow as he slowly fell asleep…

    Well, he can’t be blamed for this… I’m a big man with a big chest, and big chests are usually quite comfortable to sleep on! But I’m in so much trouble now!

    “Little White, where are you little white? Little white…..” he heard a crisp sound, and he could tell that the source was anxious enough to break into tears at any point. Dugu Xiao Yi had been treating this young cub as her baby, and since the young Xuan Beast had suddenly disappeared now, her mind was obviously in a state of complete chaos.

    Jun Mo Xie sighed at his fate; even if this seemed like a tale of fate from some folklore, it was more like….. Ill-fated attraction in his eyes!

    A cold voice echoed in front of the palanquin: “I request the people inside to kindly step out.” This cold and dull voice belonged to Ye Gu Han.

    He was a Sky Xuan expert, so he had obviously been able to spot the cub as it jumped into Jun Mo Xie’s palanquin after jumping out of Dugu Xiao Yi’s arms. Although the beast was very small in size, the Sky Xuan expert was sure that it was inside the palanquin.

    After a while, Jun Mo Xie’s voice lazily sounded from within the palanquin: “Really….. There are so many people inside the Tian Xiang City, but this young master is just destined to constantly bump into you?”

    Both the people suddenly spoke up in unison after they heard his voice: “Jun Mo Xie!”

    Although they spoke up at the same time, but they did so to express completely different emotions.

    While Ye Gu Han’s voice was filled with contempt and anger, Dugu Xiao Yi’s sound was filled with a sense of joy.

    Formerly, Dugu Xiao Yi had excitedly followed Princess Ling Meng to the imperial palace, and had stayed there for several days without going back to the Dugu Family’s residence. But if the eldest daughter of the house remains away from the family for such a long time without any notice, then the family is bound to get worried, and so Dugu Xiao Yi bid Princess Ling Meng farewell, and departed for her Family’s house. Even though the Princess wished to retain her at the palace with pure intention in her heart, she was intelligent enough to understand that it might be wrong to.

    The Princess was quite angered to know that the young master Jun was also in the vicinity at the time when Dugu Xiao Yi was supposed to leave for her residence. Unable to stop the eldest daughter of the Dugu Family from leaving, she had asked Ye Gu Han to escort her back to her residence as a precaution against anyone with evil intentions.

    Who would’ve known that Dugu Xiao Yi’s little Xuan Beast would suddenly catch the familiar smell of a man he was fond of, and would dart out of her arms, and would land inside a palanquin without leaving a single trace behind it, leaving his owner anxious and worried to the point of dying.

    Hearing Jun Mo Xie’s voice from inside the palanquin clearly explained the situation to her: No wonder Little White reacted like this… I remember, he really liked Jun Mo Xie the last he met the man… so it’s not very surprising that he chase after the young master Jun.

    Jun Mo Xie helplessly jumped out of his palanquin with the Xuan Beast cub in his arms. Dugu Xiao Yi saw his face, and was left speechless instead of cheerfully greeting him.

    Watching her Little White peacefully resting in his arms, and unwilling to even open its eyes to see its master’s face, made her feel a bit envious since it clearly indicated that the young creature was feeling very peaceful and comfortable, almost as if he was in the most comfortable place on the planet. But watching Jun Mo Xie’s tired face aroused a sense of sadness in her heart…..

    These feelings were quite strange and new for the eldest daughter of the Dugu Family, and she remained silent for a long time, unable to react to the situation; which was a very rare thing given her character.

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