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Chapter 141–Aura Storm

    Chapter 141–Aura Storm

    At the moment when Jun Mo Xie’s energy had come in contact with the Hongjun Pagoda, which had caused the Hongjun Pagoda to spin wildly, Little White’s ears erected and had then started flapping! He tilted his head to look at Jun Mo Xie with his cute pair of eyes, which clearly expressed his surprise!

    At present, nine people were sitting inside Jun Mo Xie’s courtyard, out of which Dugu Xiao Yi was sitting next to Jun Mo Xie since her little pet was sitting in his arms. Jun Wu Yi had strolled away in his wheelchair to a distance since he didn’t wish to intervene in this gathering of the younger generation. However, he was still close enough to keep an eye on things.

    The seven Dugu Brothers had spent a lot of time last night bragging about their victories over Jun Mo Xie to save face in front of their sister, but it was obvious that they still wished to get back at him for all the suffering that he had inflicted on them. However, all the seven brothers were behaving themselves very well at the moment since they knew that they were in Jun Wu Yi’s presence.

    Their father, the invincible general Dugu Wudi had always spoken very highly of Jun Wu Yi, but had told them that the man was now ‘the shadow of a once-great tree’!

    The seven Dugu brothers had heard about the legends of the three great Jun brothers from their father, their uncles, their grandfather and several other sources right from their early childhood days, and were capable of reciting those tales backwards.

    The white generals–Jun Wu Hui, Jun Wu Meng and Jun Wu Yi! The stories about their military might and accomplishments had been circulated around the military divisions of the entire nation to an extent that they had already been transformed to the position of legends in the hearts and minds of every soldier. Dugu Wudi had always expressed that he wished his sons to be similar to the three sons of Jun Zhan Tian….

    Their proud father considered no man to be his equal, but when it came to the subject of the three Jun brothers, he’d remain silent out of respect and admiration….

    Although Jun Wu Yi had turned into a very silent and quiet man now, who’s each and every action was refined and elegant, but they knew that the once-great military general still lingered in the shadows somewhere, and if that man was ever provoked then he could still wreak havoc!

    At the time of Jun Wu Hui and Jun Wu Meng’s mysterious death, Jun Wu Yi had gone wild and had dispatched troops and waged wars that had stained the land in blood. Zhao Jian Hun had suffered heavy losses in the three wars that had followed, and if wasn’t for the last minute mystery intervention, then he would have certainly lost the war. However, because of this mysterious intervention Jun Wu Yi suffered a similar fate to that of his brothers, but ended up as a cripple instead!

    But that war was still acknowledged as a demonstration of supreme might in the Tian Xiang country! The storm with which the hundreds of thousands of iron-cladded men had charged into battle, advancing towards the enemy in an unprecedented feat, had become a legend!

    Although Jun Wu Yi was forced to retire from the army due to his disability post this war, his name and figure were still an icon in the military circles, while his stories were legends; even mere talks of those stories would ignite a sense of pride and passion in the hearts of any soldier in the nation!

    At the time when the seven brothers of the Dugu Family were asked to accompany their sister to the Jun residence, Dugu Wudi had solemnly warned them: never, never provoke Jun Wu Yi!

    If there was anyone in the Tian Xiang Empire who could openly dare to go against the Jun Family, then it was the Dugu Family, but even though the young master Jun Mo Xie had dared to rattle their cages, they still wouldn’t dare to teach him a lesson, only because of one man–Jun Wu Yi!

    If Jun Wu Yi was angered, then he could easily dish out seven generations of the Dugu Family like sliced-out vegetables, and even Dugu Wudi wouldn’t be able to stop him. Such a thing wasn’t entirely impossible; in fact, Jun Wu Yi’s temperament in the past was proof that he even had the courage to do it!

    In the hearts of the seven Dugu brothers, Jun Wu Yi’s image was that of a hero; he was their idol. Jun Mo Xie might tickle their tempers, but they still won’t misbehave in front of Jun Wu Yi out of sheer admiration and fear.

    Jun Wu Yi didn’t exactly see his nephew as a child anymore, but the more he understood his nephew, the more mysterious he found his nephew’s temperament to be.

    Jun Wu Yi was consciously aware that after their recent spats, both the parties were interested in starting a fight, and he was well aware that if that ever happened then the seven brothers of the Dugu Family were quite likely to lose their lives on the spot, unaware of his nephew’s real abilities. However, Jun Wu Yi also knew that his nephew was highly unlikely to act out so recklessly. But even then, he felt it necessary to oversee this gathering from a distance, just in case something went wrong, in which case he’d have to act and stop the proceedings!

    Jun Wu Yi’s subconscious mind was constantly nagging him to watch their gathering since he felt that something untoward was about to happen!


    Jun Mo Xie’s body’s current state was becoming increasingly unstable with every passing moment, and even though Jun Wu Yi, Dugu Xiao Yi and her seven brothers weren’t able to sense it, they were all in grave danger at the moment!

    Jun Mo Xie had pushed his energy into the Hongjun Pagoda without validating his judgement in order to initiate its spin. The simulated Hongjun Pagoda had started spiraling at high speeds, and had started circulating a huge amount of Aura throughout his body. Soon, this Aura started becoming more and more condensed, and started emitting a radiant white light within his body….

    Jun Mo Xie had never anticipated this occurrence, but his body’s meridians were unable to control this sudden and massive surge of Aura, and it felt as if they would explode along with the rest of his body. He was inwardly very surprised by this surge of Aura, and could anticipate the danger that he was in at the moment….

    Jun Mo Xie had been hearing a ‘puk’ ‘puk’ sound for some time now, which was being caused by the rushing of the Aura within his meridians. But the most inexplicable horror of his current situation was that he still couldn’t stop the Hongjun Pagoda from spinning since he couldn’t disconnect his body’s energy from the Pagoda. Then suddenly, the Hongjun Pagoda fused into one, and become inseparable!

    Little White was whining ecstatically, and his four paws were firmly clinging onto Jun Mo Xie’s chest. In fact, even his belly and mouth were attached to Jun Mo Xie’s body, while his eyes were closed and his face was exuding a look of extreme satisfaction, pleased by the surging aura inside Jun Mo Xie’s body.

    He is a really good man, and is actually giving me such pure Aura….good man, I’ll never leave you!

    All this was happening inside Jun Mo Xie’s body; nobody was aware of it except Jun Mo Xie and Little White since the outsiders could only see the enigmatic smile on Jun Mo Xie’s face.

    However, as the Hongjun Pagoda’s momentum continued to increase, it started to reach a completely bizarre level, and Dugu Xiao Yi and her brothers started sensing something weird, almost at the same time.

    At this moment, all eight of them were feeling the same thing; even though Jun Mo Xie was sitting right in front of them, they all felt as if he was a thousand miles away…..as if, even though he was just in front of him, he was still a fantasy, unreal, like a mass of thin air. Although he was real, alive, and within arm’s reach, they felt that they might still not be able to touch him, and suddenly all eight of them started feeling as if they were dreaming. This was an extremely mysterious feeling. He was like the evening moon…. Within reach, yet unattainable; elusive!

    Simultaneously, Jun Wu Yi, who was sitting far away from them, tensed his eyebrows and issued two sharp and intense rays of light. Being a Sky Xuan expert, he clearly sensed the Aura which was being emitted from Jun Mo Xie’s body since Jun Mo Xie had started slowly distributing this Aura to the outside world because he was unable to keep it inside his body.

    Even though the autumn sky seemed completely still over the Jun residence, the Aura which was circulating in the atmosphere was giving rise to an unseen storm. Even though this storm was invisible to the naked eyes, but the pressure of this storm was beginning to build up over the Jun residence….and was capable to giving rise to destructive calamity.

    The sky above showed no traces of wind, but the plants and trees inside the Jun courtyard were still fluttering in the invisible breeze of this storm. And Jun Mo Xie’s body was the center of this tornado!

    All the insects and other creatures of lower life forms had already gone silent since the depth of their souls was warning them about this impending disaster, and they could all sense that something unprecedented was about to take place….

    Jun Wu Yi had already realized the threat of the impending disaster, even though the others couldn’t. Acting decisively, he used both his hands to leap out of his wheelchair, and practically flew over to the eight of his guests almost like a hawk…. bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang…. He struck eight times, and stunned the eight siblings in an instant. No one in the Dugu delegation was a match for his speed and strength, in fact, they weren’t even able to react to his attacks.

    Then, Jun Wu Yi quickly tossed their bodies in a pile, with Dugu Xiao Yi on top. Then he took a deep breath, and picked up their bodies with his bare hands. He was already thanking his stars that he was capable enough of doing it, and felt that all his life’s hard work had been worth it since the combined weight of those eight siblings was almost two thousand kilos. Then, he immediately turned around, and ran out of Jun Mo Xie’s courtyard, while carrying their bodies.

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