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Chapter 142–Earth-shattering Affect

    Chapter 142–Earth-shattering Affect

    (This chapter was sponsored by Tanawat Watjanasoontorn from Thailand, Lex Galaroza from USA and Anon.

    TL’s note: There’s a man mentioned in the previous chapter as Guo Shi; Guo Shi is a title which means teacher of the state.)

    That violent surge of Aura had quietly taken the form of a huge tornado. Although this hurricane wasn’t visible to the naked eye, it was powerful enough to kill a large number of people. In fact, Jun Mo Xie was the only man who was immune to its destruction, while the others were likely to turn to ash! Even Jun Wu Yi, a Sky Xuan expert wasn’t certain to survive it!

    In front of something as dangerous as this Aura storm, people like Dugu Xiao Yi and her Brothers had absolutely no chance of survival; in fact, they weren’t even aware of the danger! But Jun Wu Yi was a Sky Xuan expert, how could he have not sensed the danger? He had acted decisively and had knocked them unconscious, and had then carried them outside in a desperate attempt to save their lives!

    He had decided to carry them all at once since he was afraid that he may not even have the time to carry them out one by one, in which case the Aura’s convergence could easily have killed the remaining ones! Therefore, Jun Wu Yi had only one option: carry them all at once! He was even willing to expose himself in the process, but was reassured by the fact that given the strength of the Dugu Siblings, they would never be able to regain enough consciousness to realize that they were being carried out by a cripple!

    Jun Wu Yi had barely left the courtyard when the Aura above suddenly started spiraling downwards at high speeds, and converged straight into Jun Mo Xie’s body. The Aura went straight into the Hongjun Pagoda making an ‘Om’ sound, and the tower instantly magnified several times; it issued numerous rays of a golden colored light along with a white colored light comprising of pure Aura. This white light comprising of pure Aura went straight towards Jun Mo Xie’s Baihui.

    (TL’s note: Baihui Accupoint is an acupuncture point in the skull of a human where hundreds of acupuncture points coincide.)

    Jun Mo Xie’s stationary body suddenly started shaking as his face twitched under the influence of the attack. His Baihui suddenly opened up in one swoop as the Hongjun Pagoda established a line of connection with it, and the overwhelming force of the Aura wantonly channeled itself through Jun Mo Xie’s body and towards his Baihui!

    After the Hongjun Pagoda’s magnification, the Aura started converging into his body almost as if it was being sucked in by a large whale. The entire Aura which had been scattered into the surrounding region was now being absorbed back by the Hongjun Pagoda, which even though was forming an avalanche in the process, was disappearing into Jun Mo Xie’s body without leaving a trace in the world outside. Jun Mo Xie’s body’s meridians hadn’t yet recovered from the strain yet, but the Hongjun Pagoda didn’t stop! After devouring this surge of Aura, it started streaming a fresh wave of Aura into the atmosphere. Then, it started rotating again, and absorbed that Aura again……. Again, again…. And again!

    The fact that Little White was still willfully in Jun Mo Xie’s arms was enough to reason that this Aura was possibly the purest form of Aura. Already having undergone a filtration process by the Hongjun Pagoda, this Aura was proving out to be very beneficial for Little White; in fact, as far as the Xuan Beast was concerned, this Aura’s benefits were beyond comparison!

    At this moment, Little White’s furs started shining brightly as he hummed twice in pain. However, it seemed that the Xuan Beast cub was aware that this was a big opportunity for him since he seemed to be forcefully holding back the pain which was sending his bones rattling. Soon his fur started to fall, leaving only his bare flesh and skin; even his eyelashes started shedding like tree leaves in the autumn winds!

    The Xuan Beast cub made a few more sounds as he winced, while his bare body continued to tremble in pain, but he didn’t remove himself from Jun Mo Xie’s body. Soon, his body started growing a new layer of fur, at a rate which was steep enough to be visible to the naked eye, and soon his new furs were longer in length than his original ones…..

    He slowly opened up his body’s joints, which made a crackling sound in the process. Then, Little White slowly open his eyes as he relaxed his body, and then used his four paws to stand up straight in front in front of Jun Mo Xie’s body. He looked at his body joyfully, and then ran five or six laps around Jun Mo Xie; then he suddenly stopped and bowed his head in gratitude. Then, he took out his tiny tongue and started licking his new fur caringly, like a dog in the park.

    This dramatic movement happening inside Jun Mo Xie’s body had left a very abnormal affect in the outside world, which was felt throughout the Tian Xiang city and had left everyone panicking!

    The insurmountable Aura which had almost broken the windows of every household in the city had then suddenly disappeared without a trace, which had left everyone gasping: What kind of a being is capable of creating such an earth-shattering momentum?

    The invisible vortex of Aura had occupied a range of almost ten miles, which had effectively turned into a ‘restricted’ zone for the outside world!

    In fact, even a Spirit Xuan wouldn’t have the courage to enter this zone and seek for the source on this anomaly! Even though everyone was curious about the origin of this storm, no one was willing to risk their lives by entering into this forbidden zone!

    This has always been the way the world reacts in the face of danger! In the face of such extreme danger even the usually proud and arrogant Spirit Xuan experts had started acting like ants!

    ~ Inside the Magnificent Jewel Hall ~

    A white bearded man was standing under the roof of the building with two other men beside him; namely Mu Xue Tong and Xiao Han.

    “Such skill….. I’m afraid that this being has already transcended the level of Spirit Xuan….” The ninth elder’s face clearly reflected the shocked state of his mind: “I would have never imagined that such a figure could have ever existed inside the Tian Xiang City!”

    Both men beside him were very surprised. Xiao Han asked: “Ninth elder, if this person is stronger than a Spirit Xuan, then is there another realm above it?”

    “Stronger?” the ninth elder gently shook his head, and replied with a solemn look in his eyes: “The word ‘strong’ isn’t enough to describe the realm that this man has already achieved….. you won’t be able to understand this at your present skill level……” a strand of fear appeared inside the ninth elder’s eyes, and then quickly disappeared.

    Mu Xue Tong and Xiao Han stared at the void in disbelief!

    ~ Outside the City ~

    Three platoons were approaching the Tian Xiang city, but faced with this anomaly, all three of them immediately issued an order and their teams came to a screeching halt.

    Blizzard Silver city’s little princess hobbled down her carriage, wearing a veil to cover her face, and joined the elders: “Third Grandfather, why are we stopping? We must keep going…. We haven’t reached our destination yet.”

    The third elder and the sixth elder had both felt the world-shaking momentum, and had spontaneously looked at each other, and had seen the same look of horror in each other’s eyes!

    The sixth elder stuck out his finger and started poking his beard: “The momentum we sensed earlier was clearly not due to fighting; however, if one person was capable of coming up with such a massive momentum, then his strength would far too much to compete against. I can’t imagine someone strong enough to produce such astonishingly terrible force…. Can you think of a possible source? Brother, it could be possible that this person is also after the peak of level nine Xuan Beast’s Xuan Core…..”

    Then, he paused, shook his head, and smiled: “If that’s the case then we are like….. Lambs in a tiger’s den or even worse….”

    The third elder wrinkled his brows and replied: “If this presence is a tiger, then we are certainly more than lambs…… don’t you think that you should seek a better metaphor, perhaps something with dragons in it?”

    The six elder was speechless for a long time, and then he said: “Third Brother, I have never sensed such a terrifying existence in all my travels…. I afraid that this man had already transcended the peak of Spirit Xuan….”

    The third elder sighed: “I have never seen anything like this either, and even though I also believe that he’s already crossed the peak of the Spirit Xuan realm, I believe that this may not necessarily be a bad thing. This man had already transcended the might of mortal men! So, even a peak level nine Xuan Beast’s Xuan core might not have any importance in the eyes of such a man. It could also be possible that this man might be living inside the Tian Xiang City in seclusion, and might have released his momentum to scare away the approaching warlords to deter and scare them away, quite possibly because he doesn’t wish to be disturbed. But even then, if such a powerful figure is residing inside the Tian Xiang City, then we must be very careful! We simply cannot afford to take even one wrong step, or cause bloodshed without reason, otherwise I’m afraid that this divine existence might not allow us to return back to the Blizzard Silver City alive!”

    “Third Brother’s words make a lot of sense, so we’ll do as you say…” the sixth elder frowned: “anyway, it’s not like this man would be running around in streets and marketplaces….”

    “Yes, that’s right; I strongly feel that even a Xuan Core of a peak level nine Xuan beast will have no value in the eyes of such an existence; I don’t think his appearance has anything to do with the Xuan Core.” The third elder raised his head as a spark of excitement ignited in his eyes: “If we were able to meet with this man, then he could even give us information which might be more valuable than the Xuan Core itself….. as long as we have a chance of meeting with this man, any risk is worth it!”

    The sixth elder trembled at the thought first, but then nodded excitedly and said: “Yes, in fact, I don’t think he would be interested in any materialistic objects of the world; wealth, glory and even the Xuan Core…. So how will we find something to present to such a being?”

    “It’s difficult to judge the temperament of such an existence since we’ve never met anyone like him before….” their two pairs of eyes continued to stare at the Tian Xiang City with a sense of fervent passion inside them.

    The Yu Tang empire’s regiment was also travelling towards the Tian Xiang City when Fei Ming Chen asked the troops to halt, and looked gloomily at the city ahead: “I never imagined that the Tian Xiang City would be the residence of a something even possibly stronger than a peak Spirit Xuan….yes, that force was definitely stronger than a Peak Spirit Xuan! It seems that there are a lot of things that are beyond my perception!”

    Zhao Jian Hun was on horseback; he coldly looked at his companion and said: “Teacher of the state, what are you talking about?”

    Although Zhao Jian Hun was a famous general, but his Xuan Qi cultivation level wasn’t very high. Although he was aware that there were some divine creatures in the world, but his understanding of these matters was very limited.

    Fei Ming Chen was looking extremely gloomy, and was still under a shock after experiencing the terrifying strength that he has just sensed; then Zhao Jian Hun’s question made things even worse: “Zhao Jian Hun, are you still suspecting me for Jun Wu Hui’s death?”

    “Why shouldn’t I suspect you? At the time of those four baffling and humiliating victories, you were missing from your position as the teacher of the state. I dare to ask you, teacher of the state, where were you at such a critical time?” Zhao Jian Hun’s face resembled a deadpan: “When the enemy was in front, had I gotten a chance to kill Jun Wu Hui, then I wouldn’t have hesitated in claiming those victories! But he was killed by a last second intervention; otherwise he would have won the battles!”

    Zhao Jian Hun suppressed his voice as he growled in a low tone: “The entire continent has been saying that Zhao Jian Hun was nothing more than a lucky general…. A lucky general… do you even understand how humiliating that is for a man like me?!!”

    “Is personal honor more valuable to you than your country?” Fei Ming Chen’s brow converged provocatively.

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