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Chapter 144–Xuan Beast Advances?

    Chapter 144–Xuan Beast Advances?

    (Friday’s Regular Chapter.)

    Jun Mo Xie had just returned to his consciousness but the traces of the trance still lingered in his head: “I’m also very surprised Third Uncle, so don’t ask me for an explanation because even I’m very confused and don’t exactly know what’s going on right now….”

    Jun Wu Yi smiled tolerantly: “Well…. It wasn’t all that bad.”

    Jun Mo Xie smiled regretfully at him and said: “It shouldn’t be a bad thing.” He paused and then said: “Did they see it?”

    “I stunned them, and they are still a bit dizzy.” Jun Wu Yi breathed a sigh of relief: “This happened very unexpectedly, so I don’t think they noticed anything much!”

    “This did indeed happen very unexpectedly, and you handled things very well uncle.” Jun Mo Xie stood up. The Hongjun Pagoda was his greatest secret in this world, but moreover, it was his life insurance and something that he could lean-on to climb the ladders of success in this world. He simply couldn’t disclose this secret to anyone; not even his loved ones. Some secrets are destined to be exclusive to one man.

    Little White was unusually excited at this point, and was running around back and forth while jumping up and down all along. He was so excited that he would occasionally jump up in the air, and execute a somersault as well, but would always land very firmly on the ground; he hadn’t crashed to the ground even once! In his state of excitement, he jumped up and grabbed a strand of Jun Mo Xie’s hair, and started swaying back and forth from it as he continued to enjoy himself.

    Jun Mo Xie looked helpless at this obviously overexcited little thing, and tried to convey to Little White with his eyes that he was taking it a bit too far now: “This little guy is not going to let me live peacefully… uncle I guess it’s time to wake them up now.”

    “First you need to think of a possible explanation for this event so that they don’t start suspecting anything unusual….” Jun Wu Yi started laughing, but then his eyes suddenly fell on Little White’s body and his laughter abruptly broke off. As his eyes flashed a look of shock, he blurted out: “How’s that possible? It, it actually advanced! This…. How’s this even possible….. it was a level seven cub just a few minutes ago…. Now….holy!” the eyes of a Sky Xuan expert were obviously sharp enough to spot the little differences in the cub’s body, and he couldn’t help but burst out using foul language to express his astonishment.

    Given Jun Wu Yi’s character, it was obvious that he was under extreme shock at the moment, or else he would have never used such foul language. In fact, it could even be said that the man wouldn’t forget his manners even if he was confronted with an actual ghost!

    A high-grade Xuan Beast was able to advance…. At the age of a cub!?

    There is no other word for it… this is a miracle!

    “What are you saying?!” Jun Mo Xie grabbed the little thing, paying no attention to its rebellion and started turning it over and over again to inspect its body: “Nothing seems different, ah, or there are some slight changes…..”

    Jun Wu Yi remained silent: I think my nephew has all the answers, or else he wouldn’t be making such ridiculous arguments, right? A Xuan Beast’s advance is obvious from one look on his body, how could he not have seen it by now?

    Little White seemed quite angry, and was constantly whining in rebellion; after all, he was now close to being a top-level Xuan beast and even if he liked Jun Mo Xie a lot, he still didn’t like being treated in this manner! A despised Xuan Beast can often act like an ignored woman!

    It must be said that even Xuan Beasts have their own limitation; their advancements are limited by their talents. Iron Winged Panthers, especially high-level ones such as this level seven cub, are rarely able to reach the peak of level seven in their lifetime. Advancing to the next level may not be impossible for them, but it was still an extremely difficult task.

    As far as Iron Winged Panthers were concerned, in order to make a breakthrough, the first prerequisite would be that their strength would have to reach its peak in the prime of their years, because once Xuan beast steps into the later years of its life, then even if their strength reaches its peak, their physical strength tends to decline due to their aging body, which makes it very hard for them to make a breakthrough. However, if a Xuan Beast is able to reach its peak strength in the prime of his age, its chances of advancing are still quite limited, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that the beast would be able to successfully break past the barrier of grades. But in case a beast was able to make the breakthrough, then it was quite likely to get a lot of attention from the world since the beast was quite likely to produce some very high level treasures over the course of its remaining life span.

    An Iron Winger Panther’s cub was almost never likely to make a breakthrough. In fact, the vast majority of Iron Winged Panthers were only able to reach the peak of their strength in the later stages of their life. Moreover, it was very rare for an iron winged panther to reach its peak in the years of its prime!

    But at the moment, Jun Wu Yi’s eyes were staring at miracle like no other–The Iron Winged Panther cub in front of his eyes had already advanced to the next level at the age of a cub, and the whole world was likely to find out soon enough!

    Is this because of Mo Xie? He was just lying on Mo Xie’s body, and then he just advanced?

    No one else came in contact with that little thing this entire time!

    What is going on?

    Miracle? Is this a miracle?

    “That, right there… that’s a big change, isn’t it?” Jun Wu Yi pointed the little guy’s body: “Your Aura gave it the strength to make the advancement; that earth shattering momentum was the reason… how are we going to hide this from the rest of the world?…… that’s a level eight iron winger panther cub now!” Jun Wu Yi was still going crazy.

    In reality level eight Iron Winged Panther cubs, even though were extremely rare, weren’t exactly unheard off, but a level seven cub advancing to a level eight cub was almost unprecedented in the entire Xuan Xuan continent….. it was certainly unprecedented!

    “Advanced or not advanced, that’s none of my business, I know nothing about what happened here…..” Jun Mo Xie innocently spread his arms out: “It simply advanced on its own…. What do I have to do with that? Why are you giving me credit for this?”

    “You’re just pretending to be unaware of this.” Jun Wu Yi exhaled heavily, and stared at his nephew fiercely: “We cannot be careless… sooner or later people will find out that this cub has advanced to level eight!”

    In one sense of perspective, even Jun Wu Yi was being ignorant to the benefits of this little cub since he was failing to see its value and its boundless future!

    “This wasn’t a complete accident….” Jun Mo Xie knew that his useless and weak excuses had left without many options, and the young master Jun was already contemplating means to dispose off this anomaly stricken beast since he too knew that people were quite likely to find out. He was already thinking of finding means to prove that this beast was plagued, and would then try to convince its young master to send it away since he really didn’t care much about the beast’s fate!

    “What just happened?” Dugu Ying entered into the courtyard again, while his eyes were still swirling from dizziness; his six brothers followed after him in a similar fashion: “Third Uncle, why did you hit me?” Dugu Ying wouldn’t dare to be even slightly rude to Jun Wu Yi, and address him as ‘Third Uncle’ since the Dugu Brothers had always been taught from early childhood that they must never speak rudely to a few men since they would need to learn from these men if they ever hoped to achieve anything in their life. The first one was obviously their grandfather, Dugu Zong Heng; then the next one was their father/uncle, Dugu Wudi, followed by the man in front–Jun Wu Yi. And last but not the least, their father or uncle, Dugu Wudi’s brother.

    “Hit you? Why? You all took a few drinks from my wine the other day, and since some of those wine jars were still lingering around here when you got here, you simply sniffed its scent in the air and passed out; I estimate that it was just a side-effect of the medication…. But you guys are really useless, aren’t you?” Jun Mo Xie stared at them with a look of extreme contempt in his eyes: “Your life must be so difficult, I mean just look at your seven big and burly selves, and you still fainted by just smelling a wine, ha ha…..”

    The seven brothers raised their hands and scratched their head simultaneously to hide their embarrassment: “So that’s what happened…”

    Jun Wu Yi’s movement had been so quick, and his control on his strength was so exquisite, that even though the seven brothers had faintly seen him springing into the air, they had never seen him attack them. At present, their mind was in such a chaos, that even the mention of that wine reminded them of its smell and taste, and on top of that since their bodies felt the same hangover-ish feeling that they had felt at the time when they had woken up from their slumber, that they simply assumed that Jun Mo Xie was telling the truth, and forgot about everything else.

    In fact, they didn’t even realize that they hadn’t noticed any wine jars in the courtyard earlier….

    As for the new changes in the decoration of the Jun courtyard, those seven thick-skinned brothers were highly unlikely to take notice of it anyway….

    Dugu Xiao Yi was the only one who was wasn’t about to get fooled so easily, and just when she narrowed her eyes questioningly, Little White suddenly jumped out of Jun Mo Xie’s embrace and sprung into her arms. His continued to move about her arms, almost as if he was trying to say:master, you see, I have advanced, wow, ha ha ha. Why are you not happy about it? The uncle almost popped his eyes out in disbelief….

    “Little White, you’re so cute…” Dugu Xiao Yi started stroking her pet cherishingly as her eyes narrowed into a crescent shape. She felt extremely happy all of a sudden since she had never seen her pet so happy and excited before.

    Little White’s show-off had gone in vain, even though the young maiden was quite intelligent, but due to her limited knowledge, she had no idea that the little cub had already advanced. In fact, she had always treated the Iron Winged Panther cub as a puppy or kitten in general, and had always just treated him as house pet instead of a high level Xuan Beast!

    “You seven need to follow me.” Jun Wu Yi started moving his wheelchair: “Let me see what Dugu Wudi has taught you.”

    The seven brothers looked at each other excitedly. They could tell that Jun Wu Yi had addressed them, and were under the impression that he was about to teach them something.

    One of the Dugu Brothers immediately stationed himself behind Jun Wu Yi’s wheelchair, and started pushing it; in fact, he was so careful that he made that sure that he pushed Jun Wu Yi’s wheelchair so gently and smoothly that Jun Wu Yi wouldn’t feel any bumps or jerks, as they led him away. The seven of them didn’t even realize that they were leaving their younger sister alone with Jun Mo Xie…. They had completely forgotten the reason behind their visit….

    As the seven of them herded behind his uncle, fascinated by his charms, Jun Mo Xie finally breathed a sigh of relief.

    “Miss Dugu, I still recall that I owe you one from the other day.” Jun Mo Xie sat up straight as he smiled and said.

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