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Chapter 152–The Super Amusing Incident

    Chapter 152–The Super Amusing Incident

    Tang Yuan become even more nervous since the person before him had already been called-in for an inspection. The fatty turned his fat neck and looked around, but saw his father staring right back at him!

    Minister Tang knew that his son was reluctant about this whole affair, and was keeping an eye on him since he was afraid that his son might run away in the middle of things. He saw the manner in which Tang Yuan was gazing around, and shouted in a low tone: “Don’t embarrass your old man!”

    Tang Yuan retreated his neck, grumbled a few words, and then looked down again. Then, he suddenly felt a burst of churning inside his stomach, which was followed by a grumbling sound from within his body, and his face immediately turned pale. He turned to his father, stood up and cried: “I want to…..”

    “You want me to kick your butt again?” Minister Tang opened his eyes widely as furiously glared at his son: “If you don’t pass this test then I’ll break your legs after we get home; and if you say another word, then I’ll break your legs right here!”

    The pale-faced Tang Yuan clutched his stomach and sat down again, and gradually tried to suppress his inner desires.

    But he still couldn’t help controlling the urge to curse Jun Mo Xie: Why didn’t you tell me that this pill will give me….. gas? This is so wrong ah. He was completely unaware that he had mistaken Jun Mo Xie’s directions since he had remembered, ‘Don’t forget your breakfast’, instead of ‘Don’t’ forget to skip your breakfast’. The mix up of words made the two situations completely different…..

    Plus, he had drunk some cold water, which amplified the pill’s effectiveness and made it twice as strong!

    Even though the end result would be the same in this case, but the turn of event which would lead to the result would be poles apart……

    The two youngsters next to him were murmuring amongst themselves. The two boys belonged to the Meng and the Song families respectively: “Brother Song, you know that Old Zhu….. what does he do to people in there?”

    “Don’t ask me… I don’t know. But I’ve heard that the examination is supposed to be very cruel.” The boy surnamed Song expressed his apprehension in a low voice.

    “Cruel?” Tang Yuan raised his voice and said: “Did you know that Mu Rong Qian Jun wasn’t able to walk properly for months after his inspection? That’s way beyond ‘cruel’ if you ask me….” The two youngsters suddenly went pale as well.

    Minister Tang fiercely look over at his son again in order to stop his son from spreading rumors, but felt very proud inwardly. Hmm…. He’s finally getting the hang of things….. he just successfully cracked his opponents down by putting them under pressure… good, he’s finally living up to my name.

    Tang Yuan leaned back in his chair with a clear conscious with respect to his words, but then he suddenly felt another burst of reactions inside his stomach, almost as if something was moving left and right inside his stomach, and his face become even weirder. I can’t wait any longer; Jun Mo Xie, I curse you. How could you have forgotten to tell me that the pill would give me gas…….

    Just as he was about to dash away to resolve his situation, a voice called out: “Next, Tang Yuan.”

    Tang Yuan’s face suddenly became green. He retreated deeper into his chair, unwilling to leave it. Minister Tang angrily got up from his chair, and grabbed his son’s fat body and propelled him onto his feet. Then, he shouted as his son finally came to his feet: “He called your name you evil creature; now don’t keep the old man waiting!” then, he raised his leg and kicked Tang Yuan in the buttocks, and sent him flying to the floor…..

    Tang Yuan entered a long and narrow corridor, and was led to a room at the end of the passage by a young palace eunuch. The room’s temperature was quite low since the thick curtains were blocking out the Autumn Sun; naturally Tang Yuan couldn’t help feeling the cold on his skin. On top of that, the Old Eunuch in front’s complexion was as white as snow, and then the man was dressed in spotless white robes, so much so that even his socks were white, along with his hair, eyebrows and beard…. There was no other color on his body!

    Tang Yuan suddenly recalled the legend of the ‘Soul Reaver’, and suddenly his stomach didn’t seem to bother him as much….

    “Tang Wan Li’s grandson? Shed them off.” Old Zhu’s name was quite strange, Zhu Zhu Zhu. His face didn’t show even the slightest trace of emotion as he looked at the fat youngster, and then pointed to a piece of white cloth on the floor: “Strip naked, and stand on top of that.”

    If there was a beautiful woman in front, then Tang Yuan was guaranteed to strip faster than any man alive. But at the moment, he had been asked to strip not by a beautiful woman, or any woman for that fact, but by an Old Eunuch…..

    Under physiological pressure, Tang Yuan started dillydallying, almost as if he was refusing to shed his clothes.

    Old Zhu raised his eyebrows provocatively, and then grunted: “Ah?” He hunkered down in his chair, and even though he didn’t move, Tang Yuan felt a surge of immense pressure, which numbed his fat body like an avalanche of snow…..

    “Eunuch… uh… can you… please… turn away?” Tang Yuan’s face twitched as he asked while gripping his belt.

    “Take ‘em off!” Old Zhu blinked as he repeated himself angrily. But it seemed as if he was beginning to enjoy it!

    “Quickly!” he seemed to be showing no trace of politeness even though he was talking to the son of a minister.

    “As you say.” His stomach started feeling even worse as he untied his belt, and then turned away once again as he grimaced: “Eunuch, can I just…..” Tang Yuan had already given up at this point, and was now more worried about his stomach……

    “Humph!” didn’t seem interested in repeating himself again. His eyes flashed a blue-colored light as he extended his hand and withdrew a small knife; ‘Chi’ ‘Chi’ sounds were heard as his blade fluttered through Tang Yuan’s clothes, revealing his bare fat; his belly almost stooped down to his knees.

    Tang Yuan shrieked, and then used his hands to cover his lower body; he didn’t really need to though…. His fat belly was enough to conceal everything he didn’t wish to expose to the old man in front.

    Zhu Zhu Zhu coldly glared at Tang Yuan and then started walking around him in circles as his keen and sharp eyes probed every part of Tang Yuan’s bare body.

    “Lift your left arm and show me your armpit!” Since Zhu Zhu Zhu coldly ordered Tang Yuan, the fatty hastily did as he was asked to. Even though it was autumn, the room was slightly colder than the rest of the palace, but still wasn’t unbearably cold. However, as the Old Eunuch approached Tang Yuan’s body, Tang Yuan started feeling a strangely cold nip in the air. As the chill bit his soul, his stomach started getting even worse…..

    Zhu Zhu Zhu was about three feet away from Tang Yuan’s body at this point, and was constantly issuing new orders in an electric cold voice: “Raise your right hand!”

    “Use your hands and pick up your stomach so I can see the rest of you!”

    “Lie down and part your legs!”


    Tang Yuan wasn’t able to soothe that feeling of coldness, nor was he able to get accustomed to the Old Eunuch’s commands. Sweat started dripping from his forehead, and it seemed that he simply couldn’t wait to leave the room…..

    The snow-white Zhu Zhu Zhu was expressionless throughout. He approached closer and said: “Get up, then turn around and bend down, so I can put this stick up you!”

    What? No! Tang Yuan screamed within his psyche. I don’t want to walk around weirdly…. This old man is perverted! I don’t know how I will ever be able to escape his clutches……

    “Hurry up!” Zhu Zhu Zhu repeated himself again.

    Tang Yuan hesitated as he slowly bent down since doing such an action would make things even worse and more uncontrollable. He was well aware that if something went wrong then certain things would come out with a gush, and he knew that he won’t be able to hold himself back once things started in motion. He tried to bend down several times, but was unable to since he knew that things would be beyond his power of control if he did……

    Old Zhu was enraged by this since he thought that the fatty was deliberately causing mischief. Therefore, he pushed Tang Yuan and forcefully bent him over by ninety degrees. Then, Zhu Zhu Zhu used to two strips of wood he was holding to part Tang Yuan’s backside, and then leaned forward slightly and looked intently…. With eyes wide-open…….

    At this point, Tang Yuan finally lost control, and just focused on controlling the voice from his throat as his body contracted, which is why only a ‘pop~~~~~’ sound was heard while the tragedy took place……

    A golden colored substance turbulently ejected from his body…… by this time, Old Zhu had come in close proximity of the youngster’s body; since he had never imagined that something like could this could ever occur, the completely unprepared Eunuch was unable to dodge the incoming attack…..

    Outside, Minister Tang had been served with tea since he was a man in a high-position. He sat in his seat sipping his tea, confident to hear the good news about his son’s selection.

    He had already arranged for the rest, but he still needed his son to qualify in the Old Eunuch’s inspection. I really don’t think this necessary, but once he’s passed this Old man’s test, he’s through for sure…. I’ve already talked to every minister and official!

    Several of the other applicants were also from powerful families, but were quite disheartened to see the determined look on Minister Tang’s face; in fact, their escorts had already left in dismal. Minister Tang was simply sitting there with a smile on his face; you wish to compete with the Tangs? Ha ha, this is really funny!

    At that moment……

    A furious roar sounded from the chambers inside! That roar was filled with the pain of a living death, extreme remorse, and extreme hatred! Almost as if someone had suffered a pain so shrill that it had instantly transformed their life into nothingness! The roar pierced through the entire Palace!

    It was Eunuch Old Zhu’s voice.

    This roar was followed by another, even more furious one: “Get out, you’re disqualified!” these four words crashed over the entire Tian Xiang City like thunder, and thousands of people were able to hear it clearly; each and every person who heard this voice was clearly able to assess the extreme resentment behind the voice’s origin!

    The roar carried as far as Jun Mo Xie’s house, and the young master Jun raised his eyebrows and smiled as he understood the special meaning behind this roar. Pleased with himself, he reached out and grabbed the teapot, poured himself a drink and sipped a mouthful as he said: “Fatty Tang, you actually did it kid! Now you’re truly worthy of being Jun Mo Xie’s future partner! I will never doubt your ability again!”

    He paused, and then broke into laughter, unable to control it any further: “I really I wish I could have seen the look on that Old Eunuch’s face…..”. Little did the young master Jun realize that the Old Eunuch’s face was a lot angrier than he could have ever anticipated, and well… looked a million times worse……

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