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Chapter 157–Business Guru

    Chapter 157–Business Guru

    As the Aura started to circulate through his body, Jun Mo Xie started feeling some calm again. The Aura started circulating around his Dan Tian and then slowly progressed to the rest of his body, and that feeling of suffocation instantly vanished. However, Jun Mo Xie was still a bit frenetic, and the moment he had accumulated a third of the energy required to rescue himself from his predicament, he used the Yin Yang Escape law to propel himself out of the soil!

    Puff! Jun Mo Xie inhaled fresh air once again as his head popped out of the soil, leaving him with a feeling of resurrection. As he greedily breathed the air again, he started to realize just how sweet and comforting the atmospheric air can be……

    Wheezing and panting, Jun Mo Xie still hadn’t realized that he had only been able to rescue just half of his body, while the other half of his body was still buried in the ground……

    “Master!” a high octave voice sounded all of a sudden as the little Lolita came up running and crying: “Master who did this to you? Who could be so cruel? Buried alive, ah…..”

    Jun Mo Xie remained speechless…..

    I cannot tell this little girl that I buried myself alive, right? That would be too shameful! No, I definitely can’t tell anyone that….. stop yelling, are deliberately trying to tell everyone? That would be very embarrassing for me!

    He went to great lengths to convince the young Lolita to stop with her tears, meanwhile constantly trying to pull himself out of the ground by sheer force. But he was unsuccessful in pulling himself out since the solidified ground had almost no chinks or gaps, and the constant struggling was causing more and more pain to his legs and feet.

    Although Little Ke was surely on his side, but it was still better for Jun Mo Xie’s sake that this information stayed out of other people’s ears. Jun Mo Xie wanted to pull himself out using the easier method, but he knew that Little Ke wouldn’t be able to sustain the shock……

    I can’t use the Yin Yang Escape to pull myself out in front of this girl…. So now what? Dig a hole in the ground? Or pull myself out using Yin Yang Escape? This little girl will go crazy if I use the Yin Yang Escape…. But watching her reaction would definitely be fun…..

    Jun Mo Xie started digging a hole in the ground, and then climbed out of the ground, and lay down on the floor exhausted.

    He instructed the little Lolita to keep her mouth shut, and then got up to return to his room, when suddenly…..

    “Good Heavens! Ah ah ah ah ~~~~~~~” a cadence roar mingled with a strong aria from within Tang Yuan’s room shook the entire firmament. The volume of the voice left the young master Jun squatting on the floor from fear.

    In this world or the previous, the hitman Jun had never been embarrassed twice in the same day in this manner before!

    “Third young master wow, I’d kiss you brother wow…… Mo Xie, you’re my brother; no, you’re my savior! Where did you get that? Come over here……” another heaven-shaking cry resounded from fatty Tang’s room. The surprise in the voice resembled that of a pervert who had just laid eyes on seven heavenly fairies taking a bare-bodied shower in the rains…..

    Jun Mo Xie nervously opened the door to fatty’s room, and wasn’t surprised to see that the fatty’s personal maid was already trembling with fear in one corner of the room. This however, was quite awe inspiring about fatty’s voice….. his inspiring call had already received acknowledgement from the watchdogs of the Jun residence, who had started barking now.

    “Heaven ah ah ah~~~~~” Fatty Tang continued to chant as he looked at Jun Mo Xie with tears in his eyes, while his body seemed to be twitching to leave the bed. The look of excitement in his perfectly round and small eyes seemed to resembling the look of a pilgrim who had just seen the sacred Buddha ……

    “Oh come on! You better lie down….. hurry up and lie down……” Jun Mo Xie stepped forward, if I let this fatty fall down from his bed, then I reckon that the fall will completely disable his body. I need him to be functional.

    “I I I I I I …… I …. You ….. you….” Tang Yuan’s eyes were tearing while his lips were trembling: “I am me…. I you…. You … you…..”

    “What I you me?” Jun Mo Xie squinted his eyes as his patience started to give in: “Fatty, don’t call me your brother, I’m one step away from sending you to the dogs…. It’s the middle of the night, and? Even if you don’t wish to sleep, at least let the rest of us get some rest. At least take some pity on my watchdogs, they’ve been up all day… they are tired, why don’t you let them rest a while? Now, why are you shouting in the middle of the night?”

    “I I II I ….. Idamn, I thought I would die!” Tang Yuan looked at Jun Mo Xie with tears in his eyes: “Third young master, I really don’t know where you got this from…. Your idea will bring the world to an order… this idea will blow the mind of the entire world…. This is truly genius, I’ve never been so surprised in my entire life….. me, I could worship you; like a surging river of endless rain, like the immortal waves of the seas, like the boundless white of the snowy mountains! You’re really…..”

    “Stop!” The series of boot-licking comments had left Jun Mo Xie dizzy. His order ended Tang Yuan’s flattery, and so he asked: “What are you trying to do?”

    Tang Yuan is certainly up to something; I know I’m very talented, he’s right about that, but why would he go on and on about it!

    “The business plan……” Tang Yuan’s hand trembled as he took out the paper: “Did you write this yourself, or are you passing someone else’s work as your own?”

    Jun Mo Xie nodded in confusion: “Yes, ah? Why would you think that this was written by someone else?”

    He had really written the idea himself. Jun Mo Xie had often needed to play someone else’s identity in his previous life, which obviously required to him to have some knowledge about everything, such as planning, business, stock market…. In fact, Jun Mo Xie had once ventured into a prestigious business school to learn somethings!

    He could talk about the simple things. But he wasn’t capable of going into the details.

    “You asked if I was in?” Tang Yuan grabbed Jun Mo Xie’s hand in excitement, and said: “Master, master, I’m in. Please accept your follower’s respect…. No no, master, you must accept me as your disciple….. accept me as a disciple…….”

    Jun Mo Xie suddenly felt a blob of mass wrapped around his hands, and quickly tried to pull his hands free, but was unable to since he was already quite exhausted. He had really never expected that Tang Yuan would hold on to his hand like it was a matter of life and death. The fatty continued to tear and beg: “master…. Master, you must take pity on me…. Accept me as a disciple…..”

    “Fatty, if you ever do this again, then I’ll throw you in a pit alive. Now will you let go of my hand?” Jun Mo Xie threatened ferociously, and then said: “This plan… do you think it’s worth something?” why is this fatty acting out like this…..?

    Fatty Tang reluctantly released Jun Mo Xie’s hand as his sharp eyes cried with dissatisfaction: “Any good? If your egotism had any limits, then you would have known that this plan is obviously the ultimate business plan! This is an unprecedented invention! Any businessman would come begging to you and would study under you! You’re being too humble right now, you’re a once in a generation genius business man!” Fatty Tang replied in excitement.

    “Uh? Is it really that good?” Jun Mo Xie was a bit skeptical. How did I become such a great business genius? After all, he had never really done business in his life, and had at best disguised himself as one. This information was a gist of everything which he had heard in his previous life, and he was hoping that Tang Yuan would be able to make head or tail of it. But he had never expected this kind of a reaction from Tang Yuan.

    Jun Mo Xie hadn’t expected that his broken knowledge of business from his two lifetimes would receive this sort of a reaction…..

    No knowledge is terrible!

    But bragging more than you know is ever worse!

    Tang Yuan took two deep breaths and then rolled over to his show his backside. Even though turning over was quite painful for him, he endured the pain with a straight face: “Third young master….. quickly look at my ass and tell me if it’s still bleeding?”

    “I feel like vomiting!” Jun Mo Xie retched loudly: “Damn, you do know that I’m only keeping you here because you have nowhere else to go, right?”

    Tang Yuan suddenly started to laugh in embarrassment: “Do you know I can barely eat or drink these days….. I’m surviving on medicine…..”

    Jun Mo Xie sternly looked at Tang Yuan and said: “Fatty, do you seriously think that the idea will work?”

    “Trust me! This is definitely the gold mine for a business man! The world will never see such a great business plan again! We just need to follow this business plan, modify it at best, and you and I will become the richest business men in the entire world!” Tang Yuan seemed very sure: “Third young master, as long as you have the goods, this Tang Yuan will open shops in every corner of the continent, and even the beasts from the Tian Fa forest will come to shop with us if they have the money for it!”

    “That’s good!” Jun Mo Xie exhaled: “You will manage everything on your own from here on. I mean it, you’re responsible for all of it, the marketing, buying land, construction, jobs, shops, security… etc etc…. don’t come looking for me! I really have no interest in any of this!”

    “Don’t worry, I understand, and I won’t bother you. We’ll be rolling in mountains of gold and silver soon! Just you wait and watch!” Tang Yuan seemed very confident of himself, while his eyes continued to stare at the paper in amazement.

    “Then I’ll go and get some sleep, and we’ll talk later tomorrow.” Jun Mo Xie started to leave.

    “Get out of here then. And don’t disturb me, I’m going to have some fun here…..” Tang Yuan waved almost as if he was waving a fly away, while his eyes still hadn’t parted from the paper.

    “Really! You disrespect me like that after calling me your teacher! You’re one disobedient disciple!” Jun Mo Xie mocked his friend, but didn’t receive any response. Tang Yuan didn’t even seem to be paying attention to his presence anymore….

    The hitman Jun bitterly left the room…..

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