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Chapter 158–Hai Chen Feng

    Chapter 158–Hai Chen Feng

    Although the training had been very agonizing but Jun Mo Xie was pleasantly surprised to realize that his body’s Xuan Qi had seen a significant rise. In fact, he was even able to execute the Yin Yang Escape law with much more ease than before……

    But the most surprising thing which Jun Mo Xie was able to realize was: Even though the Hongjun Pagoda was very powerful, it wasn’t very reliable. Therefore, Jun Mo Xie figured that he would have to rely on his own strength in crunch times!

    I cannot rely on external forces, so I must concentrate on increasing my own strength.

    Jun Mo Xie still hadn’t prepared himself for the convention at the Old Song’s shop yet, which was scheduled to take place the following afternoon. Therefore, once Jun Mo Xie had restored his expended Xuan Qi using the Hongjun Pagoda, he went straight to the wine warehouse, and started tinkering…..

    Under the boundless curtains of darkness, Jun Wu Yi emerged out of a big house with a mask concealing his face, while his robes were drenched in blood. A bunch of young boys and girls followed after him and towards their independence with hope and appreciation in their eyes.

    It shall not be assumed that the blood which stained his clothes belonged to him. This blood had splashed out of the bodies of countless experts who were involved in the trafficking of young children.

    The house in the background now housed several dismembered bodies. In fact, this was the third time that Jun Wu Yi had visited this mansion.

    Jun Wu Yi had finally learnt to agree with Jun Mo Xie statement: “Some people ignore the law of the land, and use it to shield their inhuman activities. Such people can only be exterminated from the face of the land. Sometimes, dealing violence with violence is the only right path!”

    Independent of careful investigation and secretive tracking, no one would have ever imagined that such a rich and imposing house could be harboring such filthy criminals.

    The first time when Jun Wu Yi had ventured into this mansion, he had entered with the intention to injure, and not kill. And then he had sent an anonymous message to the City’s patrol; arrest these people and bring them to justice under the eyes of the land’s law.

    A day later he found out that these criminals had vanished from the prison! Jun Wu Yi launched several inquiries and found out that these people were well connected and had managed to escape with help from officials, and were now seeking treatment in secrecy. Angered, Jun Wu Yi had decided to rush into their place of hiding and had drenched the mansion’s floor with blood!

    Jun Wu Yi had already learnt from his experience: Since the law doesn’t sanction them a fair punishment…. my sword will! I’ll bring them to justice on behalf of the heavens!

    His frozen smile basked in the glorious moonlight for a while, and then a blue light flashed as he faded into the darkness again!

    In another corner of the city, a blue-robed man was sitting on the edge of his bed in silence.

    A black clothed man was sitting in front of him, adorned in countless bandages. “Brother, if there was any other way, then I wouldn’t have asked you to travel all the way to the Tian Xiang City…. Brother, I’m in a lot of trouble, and I can’t find a way out! Brother, if you don’t help me then my entire life’s work will be over in front of my eyes……”

    The speaker, dressed in black clothes was Jin Feng Lie! The master of the city’s largest gang faction, Jin Yang Bang!

    He had confronted the Solitary Falcon at the time when the latter had intruded into the premises of his establishment, and had been knocked down on the ground by the Solitary Falcon in just three moves. He was only alive because the Solitary Falcon had shown him mercy. He belonged to a class of men who were already considered eminent and unapproachable in the eyes of common people, after all, he was the leader of Tian Xiang City’s largest gang faction!

    Jin Feng Lie was already midway through the Earth Xuan realm, which could be considered unattainable for normal human beings, but in the eyes of a Supreme Xuan, he was no more than an ant.

    After proposing the terms of surrender, the Solitary Falcon had deliberately given Jin Feng Lie two days’ time to consider his options.

    The Solitary Falcon knew that Jin Feng Lie’s surrender was only a matter of time, unless of course the man was able to find an expert competent enough to compete against him, in which case, he’d get to have some fun and test his skills. Obviously, the Solitary Falcon didn’t reveal his real identity.

    He obviously knew that Jin Feng Lie would have surrendered in a heartbeat, if he did.

    Unfortunately, Jin Feng Lie was unaware of this!

    “Brother Jin, you say…. Did you say that he beat you in three strokes?” the handsome-faced blue-robed man asked calmly: “Three strokes…. You know…. Even I can’t beat you in just three strokes…. In fact, if I tried to, I would probably not be able to succeed. As far as I can tell, this man’s Xuan realm is above mine…..”

    “Brother Hai…… do you, you……” Jin Feng Lie remained tongue-tied as he chocked his throat with the words ‘you will sit idly while he washes his hands with my blood?’.

    The blue-robed man stood up, and started pacing back and forth inside the room; his blue-colored robe fluttered around his body like the waves of an ocean.

    But the heart of this man was already sinking into a depression. He had already reached the peak of Sky Xuan more than a decade ago, but hadn’t been unsuccessful in making the next breakthrough ever since. He too desired to obtain the Xuan Core, but was well aware that there was little hope for his success in this case as well, but was still hoping that he’d get his hands on the prize by a twist of fate. Although, he had never imagined that he’d be running into such a big problem beforehand.

    This blue robed man was known as Hai Chen Feng, and he had always lived his life free and easy like the waves of the oceans, acting on his own moods and whims. For people with such skill, it is often hard to determine the difference between right and wrong.

    Ten years ago, he had arrived in the Tian Xiang City and had ended up spurring a clash with a very powerful family of the city. Although he was defeated in the battle which took place a result of the falling out, his life was spared. If it weren’t for Jin Feng Lie’s care and protection, the seriously injured Hai Chen Feng would have succumbed to his injuries.

    After his recovery, Hai Chen Feng assisted Jin Feng Lie with the Jin Yang Bang gang’s operations, and they managed to establish the gang as the strongest one in the city’s territory in just one year’s time, after which Hai Chen Feng left the Tian Xiang City.

    He had returned to the Tian Xiang city with the hope of using the Jin Yang Bang gang’s network to procure the Xuan Core. After all, the Jin Yang Bang gang’s network was ingrained into the roots of the city, and his deep-rooted connection with them would obviously increase his chances of winning the Xuan Core.

    He had never expected that the Jin Yang Bang gang would come asking for help at a time when he wanted their help!

    Hai Chen Feng’s heart was suffering unbearable angst, and he simply couldn’t help asking himself: Is the Tian Xiang City a forbidden territory for me? Why can’t I ever set foot in this place in peace? Why is it that every time I come here, I find some big trouble waiting for me?

    According to Jin Feng Lie’s story, the strength of this man in black is at least as much as mine…. Probably more…. what should I do?

    He continued to pace about, only to realize that he still couldn’t console his heart. Then, he raised his head and sighed deeply as he made his decision: I’m Hai Chen Feng, and I must act here….. This man in black is either my doom, or he’s dead!

    He looked at Jin Feng Lie gently: “Brother Jin, you go and tell that man that I will be waiting for him in the forest, south of the city…. three days from now!”

    “Thank you Brother Hai!” Jin Feng Lie was overjoyed: “I knew that my Brother wouldn’t just sit idly!” Over the years, Jin Feng Lie had grown confident that Hai Chen Feng would never fail at any task. Naturally, Jin Feng Lie firmly believed that even though his enemy was extremely strong, he’d never be able to defeat his Brother; Hai Chen Feng!

    Jin Feng Lie was already thinking of going and celebrating……

    He had never even considered that even Hai Chen Feng wasn’t invincible!

    He was completely unaware of the bitter hardships that Hai Chen Feng’s mind was going through at the moment!

    The appearance of this mysterious man in black reeks of an ominous sign! I believe that even if I win by a fluke, my victory will still be extremely tragic, and I will definitely be rendered incapable of competing for the Xuan Core. This is the last time that I will try to help Bother Jin. Whatever the outcome of this battle is, I will leave the Tian Xiang City immediately after the battle, and I will never return again!

    “Brother Hai, you came to the Tian Xiang City for the Xuan Core, right?” Jin Feng Lie looked very excited: “I will immediately send out search groups to explore all angles surrounding this matter… ha ha ….. in fact, when I heard that you’re coming, I immediately realized that you’re here for the Xuan Core, and I set about in making the arrangements to help you get it.” Jin Feng Lie smile and said: “If a power like you is being assisted by the Jin Yang Bang gang, then I believe that procuring even a level nine Xuan Core shouldn’t be an issue.”

    “No! You’re wrong…. I didn’t come here for the Xuan Core.” Hai Chen Feng slowly shook his head as a trace of bitterness flashed in his eyes: “It’s been a decade, and I’ve dearly missed my Brother. I came here especially to meet you, and spend some time with you.”

    Since I’ve already assessed the dangers of my predicament, what’s the point of getting him involved? I will carry the pain of the consequences of this matter….. alone.

    “So……” Jin Feng Lie couldn’t help feeling a bit sad, and so he said: “That…… since you’ve come especially to see me, you must spend an extra two days with me…. And you’d have made the breakthrough by the time we meet next, right?”

    Hai Chen Feng’s lips curved into a bitter smile as he gently shook his head, breakthrough? I’ve already given up on that! “After three days from now, I will leave this city, irrespective of the result of the battle. I will leave the city immediately and I will never return again my Brother. So we only have three days to spend together Brother……”

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