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Chapter 164–Sky Xuan Apprentice

    Chapter 164–Sky Xuan Apprentice

    The Solitary Falcon had somehow been able to maintain his usual expressionless look, along with his composure, but still couldn’t stop his face from blushing. His eyes flashed a spark of expectation as he grabbed his glass and slowly raised it to his mouth. He hesitated for a second, and then drained the cup in one gulp!

    He clearly felt the liquid as the wine came in contact with his throat, and could even feel his own Xuan Qi stirring up inside his body. As he felt the wine reaching his stomach, he realized that he still hadn’t finished it all, which is why he drained the rest of it down in his second gulp……

    The Solitary Falcon was just beginning to enjoy the aroma of the wine even more when he suddenly felt a very intense and extreme sense of burning inside his body….almost as if his limbs, all his blood vessels, and all his meridians were on fire!

    Suddenly he felt as if his whole body had been set on fire; his body hair were erect, and even his Xuan Qi wasn’t listening to his commands anymore!

    The flame which was smoldering inside his body felt strong enough to give him power to beat any man in this moment; even Yun Bei Chen!

    “Great wine! This is the best wine in this world!” the Solitary Falcon tried very hard to suppress his words, but was unable to. Even though this low sounding roar came from deep within his throat, the excitement in his voice was evident.

    “This man is the god of wine!”

    The prince also gulped his wine down, and then suddenly started staring foolishly at everyone. He got up a while later, walked around in a circle, almost as if he sleepwalking, and then returned to his seat. He kept his head lowered for a while, continuously staring at his glass of wine the entire time, after which he mumbled with tears in his eyes: “Today I know the truth behind my life……I’ve lived……”

    Then he suddenly jumped up, and extended his arms, almost as if he wanted to scream out, but was unable to…. So he reseated himself and moaned: “Great wine ah ah ah ah ah……”

    Song Shang couldn’t suppress his body’s trembling as he held the glass, still unwilling to drink it; after seeing the Solitary Falcon and the Prince’s reactions, he had already realized that he had lost the contest.

    He had lost without any doubt!

    But at this time, especially at this moment, he was very excited despite his loss, and elated despite his defeat! Since his best work had been beaten, he had no regrets! Now he just wanted to experience the taste of this wine for himself!

    At this moment, Song Shang wasn’t taking this defeat to his heart; like a pilgrim on a holy trail, he just wanted to experience the supreme power!

    As he drank, Song Shang felt his soul dance and sing; he could feel every inch of his muscles, each meridian of his body…… and their trembling……

    Soon enough, Song Shang’s eyes started to tear while his throat started to whimper……. As his tears started to fall into his cup, his eyes become even more watery….. a little while later, his entire body started to tremble, and then he suddenly lowered his face to the table and completely broke down and burst into tears……

    “I, I, I….. since I’ve had the good fortune of drinking this wine today….. my life will now be devoid of all regrets…… I’ve had the opportunity to drink such a divine drink today…. I will even accept my death without any complaints……”

    Old Song punched, and punched, and punched the table, and then banged and banged, and banged his head against the table as he pulled his hair out while crying uncontrollably: “I’ve spent my entire life…. Living like a dog…… ah…….”

    Jun Mo Xie was left flabbergasted…… goosebumps covered his entire body as he watched the horrifying scene.

    He had seen people cry before.

    He had seen men cry before.

    But Jun Mo Xie had never seen anyone cry like this before!

    Moreover, this man was at least fifty years old!

    On top of that, this man was a Sky Xuan expert!

    And a famed assassin!

    And now he was crying uncontrollably over a glass of wine…….

    Is this simply because of this one glass of wine?

    Jun Mo Xie was completely baffled.

    The hitman Jun had always underestimated the power of wine!

    The art of making wine had undergone thousands and thousands of years of evolution!

    Countless people had gone insane in search of methods for perfecting the art of making wine!

    This art had been passed down from generation to generation, and those methods had undergone several changes with each passing generation.

    Since Jun Mo Xie had the finalized methods on his fingertips, he had always assumed wine making to be an easy task. But he had always ignored that he was standing on top of thousands and thousands of years of cultural and methodical evolution….. he was standing on top of the life-works of thousands of geniuses!

    To participate in a contest with a modern-world method of making wine in an ancient setting would be like standing as tall as the Mount Everest in front of a normal human!

    He had never realized that the methods he had used to ferment this wine had been made available to him due to the research and hard work of countless people who had devoted their entire lives to the art of making wine!

    And in that ancient world, one such devoted man had just tasted a modern and refined wine……

    The impact was…. Simply unspeakable…..

    Old Song’s Xuan Qi had already reached the Sky Xuan realm, which ranked him amongst some of the most powerful individuals in this world, and practically made him untouchable in the eyes of the common man. But this very man had always upheld “Making wine is my best attribute”. Had he invested the same amount of energy and devotion to his martial training, then his martial achievements would have crossed all barriers!

    Old Song’s heart was experiencing a storm of emotions, but his emotions were still comforting him in a way. On one hand, his arrogance, pride and confidence on being the best wine maker in world had been shattered, but on the other hand, he had suddenly found a wine which was superior to his best product by a very huge margin!

    It was almost unfathomable to imagine Old Song’s shock…..

    Jun Mo Xie had just transformed into a man beyond compare in his eyes….. almost as if he was…. An incarnation of the god of wine himself!

    Oh Heavens! This world actually has such a wine! And there’s a man in this world who can actually make such wine! If he isn’t the god of wine, then what is he?

    From being a proud and confident man, he had been transformed into a beaten one!

    This was equivalent to the defeat of his entire life’s persistence! The collapse of life’s support and driving force!

    The pub had gone completely quite, and remained that way for a while; the prince was the first one to speak: “This wine making contest of today’s….” his voice still harbored a lingering taste of excitement…..

    My wine is nothing compared to this youngster’s wine… he’s right… my wine is rubbish! My wine has no merit in front of his… there’s absolutely no competition… not even one shred of it……I Song Shang have travelled the entire world, and I’ve never tasted anything this divine!

    Song Shang’s voice seemed extremely excited: “I Song Shang, concede!”

    Then he stood up as his eyes flashed a trace a frenzy, and walked towards Jun Mo Xie; then, he knelt down on both his knees, and lowered his head to the ground with a ‘thud’: “Master, please accept your apprentice’s respect!”

    Jun Mo Xie hastily stood up: “This……”

    His Royal Highness and the Solitary Falcon looked at each other dumbstruck!

    It was a while before the Solitary Falcon was able to find his words: “Old Song has accepted you as his master, little brother. Your wine is peerless, but don’t disgrace him; don’t humiliate him!”

    The final judgement had been passed!

    Jun Mo Xie remained lost in his thoughts for a long while before he finally smiled, and said: “Yes, in that case, Song Shang, get up; I accept you.”

    What is going on?

    Who says the sky cannot fall? The prince had always taken these words as a joke… but watching Song Shang, a dignified Sky Xuan expert, one of the top assassins of the world transforming into a disciple of an ordinary youngster was no joke……

    Becoming an apprentice is a life-changing decision!

    There are five cardinal relations in our way of life, parents and child, master and disciple, husband and wife, elder and younger siblings, and friends. Even though master and disciple relationship isn’t the first priority, but it’s the most important one!

    A master is more important than a parent! Parents only shape one’s body, but it’s one’s master that guides one to success in life!

    Given Song Shang’s identity and status, how can he ever even think of becoming a disciple to this lowly and unknown kid?!

    The prince had obviously underestimated Old Song’s obsession with the art of wine making!

    Knowledge knows no age! As far as Old Song was concerned, this was his path to enlightenment!

    Even Jun Mo Xie was a little surprised, and was still pondering; in case Old Song goes back on his word, then he could betray me anytime….. I never really thought that he would……

    But the hitman Jun wasn’t the kind to go back on his word!

    Letting go of a Sky Xuan apprentice would obviously be a very foolish decision! Even though he only intends to learn the art of wine-making from me, but I can never be sure of trusting him given his identity of being a Sky Xuan expert! He is mysterious, and may be backed by a powerful force…….

    So if he becomes my subordinate, will I truly be able to control him?

    Jun Mo Xie was a bit excited at the thought, but then he suddenly woke up to the responsibility of being a teacher, and realized that he will now be responsible for his disciple’s education! A superficial halo emerged within his mind, which told him to shoulder his responsibility!

    “Old Song, do you know why you lost?” Jun Mo Xie suddenly felt the urge to touch his beard, which would have made him look more respectable in appearance, but then suddenly realized that he was only sixteen, and obviously didn’t have one…… left with no other option, he stopped his hand from going upwards and redirected it to scratch his legs instead.

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