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Chapter 169–Coming out safely

    Chapter 169–Coming out safely

    A very fierce method! However, Jun Mo Xie wasn’t regarding this method as ‘fierce’ or even ‘ruthless’, but as simply necessary! Each individual attack of this series was fatal, and their combined impact over such a short duration had made them even more so!

    The reason he considered these attacks to be necessary was simple: Their path was being obstructed by a Jade Xuan, and the only way to get out was to either use the Yin Yang Escape law or go for overkill without using his Xuan Qi since he was well aware that he couldn’t break through a stronger enemy’s Xuan Qi protection! In case he used the Yin Ying escape law to get past the man, he was sure to stop and kill his guards!

    You will need to die my friend! It’s better that you die than us! Therefore you must die! Jun Mo Xie was well aware that he couldn’t afford to stall for even one second, else he would have a difficult time in getting everyone to safety, and therefore he had raining such powerful and consecutive strikes onto the assassin’s body!

    As far as Jun Mo Xie was concerned, that Jade Xuan assassin only had himself to blame for his miserable death. Had the man not been so powerful, then he too would have died as painlessly as his comrades!

    Even though Jun Mo Xie had landed several fatal blows onto the man’s body in a flash, he had still managed to maintain his forward velocity while the body of the Jade Xuan assassin had hung onto his own as the two of them bolted forward!


    Just as Jun Mo Xie’s knee landed the final blow, the body of the Jade Xuan assassin suddenly split apart. His four limbs detached from the rest of his body, and flew out in four different directions, while his head dismembered from the core of his body and flew over Jun Mo Xie’s head. The body which had been hanging onto Jun Mo Xie’s, had now suddenly dismembered into a hundred fragments. The deceased assassin’s bones and flesh were now flying out in different directions while his blood was merging into the falling raindrops!

    Jun Mo Xie’s eight bodyguards quickly made their way forward through the blood and rain without slowing down; in fact, they weren’t required to slow down at all during this in-motion combat sequence! The assassins who were chasing them had also seen this sequence very clearly: in their eyes, this demonic figure had just opened up a big and red hole in the body of their lieutenant, and had just torn his body apart like a piece of paper!

    The escaping men continued to breeze forward and made another corner…. and were relieved to realize that they had finally made it to safety!

    A few gorgeously glittering Xuan Qi lights were quickly braving their way through the rain and towards them; the Jun Family’s support troops were arriving!

    “Xiao Qi!…..” Li Zhi Wu was running forward as fast as possible as he continued to stare at the rainy sky while his comrade’s head spiraled through the air. He came to stop as the head landed on the ground, and rolled over twice and came to a halt next to his feet. His comrade’s lifeless face was turned upwards, but was missing two eyes……. His face was still carrying a ferocious expression on it… even the traces of his sadistic smile were still frozen on his lifeless face!

    It was almost as if the man had been struck by lightning and had been unable to change his facial expression before succumbing to his death!

    Even though these two men were unrelated by flesh, they had become brothers in bond over the numerous risky assignments that they had taken together over these past few decades! And now his brother’s dismembered face was lying next to his feet!

    Even if he managed to pick up his brother’s entire body, Li Zhi Wu knew that he still wouldn’t be able to piece it back together!

    What is this strange feeling?

    The black-robed leader of the assassins could feel his blood boiling. He could still hear Xiao Qi boasting about his smart and quick-witted son, and about his kind and loving wife….. he even remembered Xiao Qi mentioning that he would wash his hands clean of this life after this final assignment, and would then concentrate on rearing his family along with his wife…. far away from this city; like normal people, and would live happily ever after…..

    He could clearly hear his friend’s words and could even see the desire in his eyes as he had said: I’m sick and tired of this blood-soaked way of life!

    And then…. Just now his friend had obeyed his own command and had charged forward to stop their escaping targets!

    And just now he had died in front of his own eyes! And had died in the most gruesome manner possible!

    Just because of his one command……

    “Who are you? I dare you to leave your name behind!” Li Zhi Wu roared as he stood motionlessly in the rain…. his voice sounded as shrill as that of an old ape! “Who are you……?!”

    A crisscross lightning bolt lit up the sky once again, and the sounds of thunder started to ring endlessly from the sky above, like drums on a battlefield; powerful and heavy; suppressive and bloody!

    The hitman Jun shouted back loudly: “I dare you to tell me your name!” since the Jun Family’s reinforcements had arrived, the situation had completely reversed…. And Jun Mo Xie had already realized that the leader of his attackers had lost his mind to chaos upon losing his friend, and was hoping to take full advantage of it!

    Li Zhi Wu shouted back hatefully: “I am…… you damn bastard….. at least have the guts to tell me your name!” He realized his enemy’s intentions at the last second, and withheld his name.

    But no one answered back….. However, the Jun Family’s reinforcements were already galloping at full speed since they had spotted the situation.

    “Withdraw!” a cold voice originated from the throat of a slender black-dressed woman. Her wet hairs were pasted against her beautiful face, and one could clearly see through her veil and tell that her pupils had gone completely cold with pain and disappointment. However, despite all of it, she was still categorical enough to issue the command for retreat.

    Li Zhi Wu immediately returned to his senses, and bent down to pick up his friend’s head. He tried to scream one last threat, but his voice broke before he could find his words and so he simply stared at the backs of Jun Mo Xie and his guards….. his eyes were blatantly exposing the sea of hatred which was turning and twisting inside his heart!

    Then, he turned around and left without saying anything more.

    Brother Xiao Qi….I’ll take you home!

    His two tragic and teary eyes quietly disappeared into the dark of the streets.

    The remaining of assassins were unable to fetch the bodies of their friends, and were forced to leave their fallen behind. By the time the Jun platoon arrived, all they saw was a collection of dead and cold bodies on the floor…..

    Jun Mo Xie had already settled the immediate crisis, and had somehow managed to spoil the assassination attempt on his life…..

    A yellowish light flickered from far away, almost as if it was flying in the dark sky, and landed straight in front of the eight bodyguards: “Where is the young master?”

    It was the butler, Old Pang! This old and loyal butler of the Jun Family was a peak Earth Xuan expert in reality!

    The eight people were left stunned upon realizing this truth in that moment! The masked man had said that the young master is safe…. But where is he? Where did young master go? He didn’t get home yet? With no concrete answer to give, they just continued to stare at each other blankly.

    Old Pang’s face started to wrinkle as his eyebrows gradually started to rise, he gloomily asked: “Did you really abandon the young master and escaped alone?” his voice was already beginning to reek of his murderous intentions!

    “Ah…..that’s not…..that’s…. a mysterious expert said that he had rescued the young master….. we were completely encircled by the enemy at that time, but he also rescued us….. the young master didn’t reach home….” Jun Hu’s eyes were fixed on the ground while his head was lowered with shame. He was well aware that if his young master is dead, then his life and that of his men wouldn’t even remotely be enough to compensate for the loss.

    “A mysterious master? Who was that mysterious master? Where is he?” Old Pang’s tone continued to get colder with each question he asked: “Did you really abandon the young master on the word of an unknown man? And then you just rushed out to ensure your own safety? Is that what you joined this family for?!”

    “Pop!” the eight men simultaneously knelt to the ground in the pouring rain with nothing to say in their defense, and seemingly ready to accept their penalty.

    Old Pang sighed and grunted: “Jun Hu, it’s a pity that we accepted you into the family, trained you and then trusted you with the safety of the young master. We gave you the responsibility of his safety! And now the fate of the young master’s life is unknown! You’re held in capital offense in accordance with the military regulations! What do you have to say about that?”

    “I have nothing to say in my defense; I accept my punishment.” Jun Hu remained knelt on the ground as the blood and rain poured over his expressionless face.

    He could have said many things…. such as, he had only obeyed the command of his young master, and that since the young master was the only intended target, he had broken away from the young master in order to attract the attention of the enemy. He could have spoken about the valor which he fought… he could have said all of it; but he chose to keep quiet. He was well aware that if anything untoward had happened to his young master, then all his explanations weren’t worth anything since it would still mean that he failed in his line of duty!

    “Hang on…….” Jun Mo Xie jumped over the adjacent wall, and ran over: “Old Pang, please don’t blame these people wrongly. If Jun Hu hadn’t fought so bravely and distracted the enemy, then I wouldn’t have been able to get away.” Jun Mo Xie narrated the tale of Jun Hu’s bravery.

    “Is that so?” Old Pang’s face immediately calmed down: “Why didn’t you say so?”

    Then he looked around and asked: “Where’s that mysterious expert who saved you all? This person saved the life of the young master… the entire family is in his debt, and so he must be rewarded accordingly.”

    “He went in that direction, but he was too agile, and therefore I cannot be too sure which way he went afterwards…..” Jun Hu raised his finger and pointed in Jun Mo Xie’s direction, whilst still kneeling on the ground.

    “That man was really weird….. he threw me straight to the ground.” Jun Mo Xie brushed his forehead almost as if it was bruised: “He actually kicked me after saving my life and left without saying goodbye.”

    “What did this person look like?” Old Pang’s mind started shuffling through several ideas.

    “His face was masked, so it’s impossible to tell.” Jun Mo Xie and Jun Hu spoke up at the same time. Even though Jun Mo Xie’s voice seemed ignorant, Jun Hu’s tone seemed full of gratitude.

    Old Pang waved his hand as he stated in a deep voice: “You eight will report to the master of the house, and you’ll tell him the entire story without any omissions, and then you’ll wait for the master’s judgment!”

    “Yes!” the eight men readily agreed and stood up on their feet once again.

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