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Chapter 171–You’re lucky I’m not killing you

    Chapter 171–You’re lucky I’m not killing you

    Guan Qing Bo couldn’t help wondering, This guy is so naïve…. he’s just revealed his true colors in three words!

    “We’ve also heard about the Spirit Fog Lake.” Guan Qing Bo smiled and said: “In fact, we’ve spent almost one-and-a-half days of our two in the Tian Xiang city there itself.”

    “Ah? The brothers have good taste, ah, ha ha ha, I guess I’m not alone in this world.” Jun Mo Xie’s face blossomed, almost as if he had just run into his soul-mates: “So? What was it? Girls? Boys? Or both? Gee… he he….”

    Guan Qing Bo’s face reflected a slight trace of embarrassment as he said: “Not at all… we were actually there on a business trip…..”

    “Brother!” Guan Qing Bo was in the middle of his sentence when his younger brother interjected, and passed him a warning-like glance.

    Guan Qing Bo laughed in a free and easy manner: “Ha ha, Qing Yue, a man must always be upright and honest about his ways, and must never hide it from the world; there’s nothing shameful about this. Moreover, third young master is practically a part of our family, and therefore we can discuss any matter with him without worry.”

    Jun Mo Xie nodded in agreement: “That’s right.” Although he was a bit confused: Could it be that these two brothers don’t get along very well? Guan Qing Bo is practically trying to expose his own brother against his younger’s wishes…. What’s going on?

    “It’s rather obvious third young master; my younger brother’s confidant resides in Spirit Fog Lake, ah, this was the purpose of our…… business trip” Guan Qing Bo cleverly used the word ‘Business’ for the activities and services that a woman provides in a brothel……what are you? A flesh trader?

    “That’s just what I thought.” Jun Mo Xie suddenly realized: “The second brother is indeed a very romantic man, ha ha….. but then that’s just in our nature ah.”

    Jun Mo Xie’s mind was finally putting together the cause and effect, and he could finally tell why the timing of the assassination attempt was so precise even though the common-folk weren’t normally aware of his whereabouts since his activities were regarded as a ‘Jun family secret’. The traitor is sitting right here in our midst!

    But such a traitor can be very hard to guard against!

    There was no doubt about the identity of Guan Qing Yue’s confidant…. It was obviously Lady Yue’er! He had obviously revealed Jun Mo Xie’s whereabouts to her, which had consequently led to an attempt on his life!

    As for Guan Qing Yue… he wasn’t directly involved in this matter…..

    Jun Mo Xie was confident about that!

    Else he wouldn’t have appeared so shocked and frightened upon seeing Jun Mo Xie safe and healthy.

    Damn it! We received you in kind and treat you as family, and then you just turn around and run your little mouth to that whore? Jun Mo Xie silently cursed within his heart, aware that this wasn’t the right time for his revenge. In fact, it was rather obvious from Guan Qing Bo’s body language that the man was completely unaware of his young brother’s personal actions. Moreover, even his own father along with the rest of his family also seemed to be in the dark in regard with this matter, else they wouldn’t have dared to attend this banquet at this time.

    Youngsters can be very impulsive. If a beautiful woman begs and pleads a young man for a favor, the man is likely to promise without even bothering about his own family. Although such men are often unable to understand the gravity of the consequences of their actions! The ignorant is fearless! Jun Mo Xie sighed.

    Although this isn’t the time for my revenge, but I won’t allow you to enjoy yourself here! So, Yue’er is your dream lover ah? Good! Great! Then let’s talk about your lover, Yue’er! You’re damn lucky I’m not killing you right now!

    “I bet that the two of you have less friends in the Spirit Fog Lake than me, ha ha ha, no disrespect intended. But I visit the Spirit Fog Lake very frequently.” Jun Mo Xie smiled as he whispered: “Speaking of which, I can introduce you around the place.”

    “Ha ha, this place is your native; therefore you’re obviously more familiar with it than we are.” Guan Qing Bo smiled back.

    “That’s right! And I’ve even been the first one to open the flowery buds of several beauties there.” Jun Mo Xie whispered as his face started to flaunt a very triumphant and obscene look: “For example, the Ni Chang Pavilion’s Yue’er…. She’s said to be the best beauty of the Spirit Fog Lake. This young master was kind enough to be her first customer.”


    Guan Qing Bo suddenly realized that something wasn’t right! He wasn’t with us when we visited the Spirit Fog Lake earlier….. so how does he know that my brother’s lover is named Yue’er?

    Could he really be talking about the same girl?

    Guan Qing Yue’s face suddenly became ashen! His eyes sharp eyes started shooting flames at Jun Mo Xie as he cleared his throat and stated in a slow and unhurried tone: “The third young master mustn’t brag too much. Lady Yue’er is a pure and clean woman, so kindly do not insult her self-respect!”

    “What? You don’t believe me? And what self-respect does a prostitute have? Anyway, I can prove it.” Jun Mo Xie’s expression become even more proud, while his smile even more obscene: “Let me tell you, Yue’er’s buttock has a birth mark on it; three red color dots which are placed really close together. Her skin is really soft and tender; her smooth waist, fiery lips and full breasts kept me awake for several nights in bed. I would have given her a lot of money, but she told me that she loved me and wasn’t just selling herself. I spent several days with her but then I left since I didn’t know what she wanted…..”

    Jun Mo Xie’s face was wearing a very perverted look on it, and his eyes were reveling in a color of recollection. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva down his throat, while his hands remained hanging in the air, almost as if he was still trying to feel Yue’er’s soft and silky skin…..

    “That’s enough!” Guan Qing Yue suddenly burst out and roared as he stood up from his seat. He looked at Jun Mo Xie with blood-red eyes and started raining curses: “Jun Mo Xie! You bastard! You bastard! You shameless pig!”

    Jun Mo Xie suddenly woke up with a start, and couldn’t help trembling backwards while carrying a frightful look on his face: “You….. what are you saying?”

    This sudden outburst had shocked everyone!

    The Jun Family and the Guan Family weren’t actually related, but still harbored a very similar sentiment. And since their relatives had come to visit, even Jun Zhan Tian had decided to personally attend this dinner. Guan Dong Liu’s talks had been bringing a smile onto the old man’s face, while Jun Wu Yi and Guan Ru Shan, who were sitting beside them would plug in a phrase or two every now and then, resulting in a burst of laughter.

    No one had anticipated that the second son of the Guan Family would suddenly freak out at this time! Moreover, no one could have ever anticipated that he would actually start abusing the young master of the Jun Family in such a strong voice. It seemed from his reaction that Jun Mo Xie had killed his father and had then taken his wife as a mistress.

    Even a Spirit Xuan expert would have a difficult time in getting such a reaction from this gathering: Jun Zhan Tian, Jun Wu Yi, Guan Dong Liu, Guan Ru Shan and Guan Qing Han were being served food by Old Pang, and now all of them were blankly staring at each other…..

    Forget about the reaction of others, Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi were both war veterans, and had seen several shocking incidents on the field. But this shocking uproar from this youngster had left them completely stunned!

    The second son of the Guan family certainly had a voice powerful enough to ensure the safety of life in a critical juncture!

    He looked at Jun Mo Xie as his trembling fingers slowly started reaching for his sword’s hilt resting around his waist, almost as if he was ready to kill his instigator in that moment.

    “You evil bastard! Are you mad?” Guan Dong Liu finally snapped out of the shock, and cursed out: He had never expected that his usually well-behaved son would suddenly start cursing a Jun. You simply cannot insult a Jun even if the sky is falling down. And then you just hurled abuses at the only heir of the Jun Family?!

    Guan Dong Liu obviously didn’t know just how provocative Jun Mo Xie’s words had been for Guan Qing Yue!

    Guan Qing Yue had fallen in love with Yue’er at first sight; a long time ago. But then he was forced to move away from her since he had to return to his native. Guan Qing Yue’s silly pursuit of Yue’er had driven him mad; Yue’er had become the sole objective of his life, and the goddess of his heart! He absolutely couldn’t stand anyone using profane words to describe her.

    He simply couldn’t hear one wrong word about her!

    Then one day, Guan Qing Yue received a note from Yue’er with just two words written on it: You’re precious! From then on, everything apart from Yue’er had completely disappeared from the eyes of this infatuated youngster.

    His desire for Yue’er, which had somehow simmered down due to the distance which separated them, instantly intensified again. He sent a message to Yue’er upon finding out that he would be travelling to the Tian Xiang City again, hoping that it would bring her joy. Naturally, he was overjoyed at the thought of seeing her again!

    When he told Yue’er that he was visiting the Jun family with his father and elder brother, a sad smile creased onto the woman’s face, and she started narrating tales about the troubles that Jun Mo Xie had been causing for her lately. She expressed her desire to teach Jun Mo Xie a lesson, and Guan Qing Yue promised to help out without considering the consequences of his actions.

    He ended up disclosing Jun Mo Xie’s whereabouts to her, feeling immensely pleased with himself: I’m finally getting a chance to do something for her! Obviously, seeing Jun Mo Xie returning unharmed made his heart worried about Yue’er safety…..

    She wanted to set him straight, but Jun Mo Xie is perfectly unharmed….. did Yue’er’s plan go wrong somewhere? If so, then how is she right now? He didn’t hurt her right?

    With these thoughts taking control of his mind, he was obviously unable to put on a straight face upon seeing Jun Mo Xie since he was endlessly cursing his fate and actions. After, all, he was the one who had leaked Jun Mo Xie’s whereabouts, so could he not feel guilty about the consequences of his actions?

    However, he had never expected that his elder brother and Jun Mo Xie would ‘hit it off’ so quickly, and would actually start talking about their experiences; let alone that the first subject would be his beloved Yue’er! On top of that, Jun Mo Xie was actually gloating about being her first man!

    This is the biggest insult for any man! Not to mention that the woman he most cherish and loved, being… not only being treated as an object, but also being used for such shameless bragging……

    How could any man tolerate such words?

    Guan Qing Yue’s entire body was ready to explode with anger!

    And shame, and disgrace!

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