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Chapter 172–Taking her back?

    Chapter 172–Taking her back?

    Guan Qing Yue was extremely reluctant to believe Jun Mo Xie, but Jun Mo Xie’s vivid description of Yue’er along with the factual reference to her birth mark was enough to make the youngster lose his mind!

    Guan Qing Yue stood there ignoring his father’s words…. wheezing, and panting. He stretched out his finger, and pointed it at Jun Mo Xie as he barely found his words through his trembling lips: “Jun Mo Xie! I swear I’ll kill you!”

    The pain of his heart, the ache of his lungs and the shame on his manhood had brought tears to his eyes by the time he finished his sentence!

    Jun Mo Xie couldn’t help wondering: you silly boy, you actually believed Yue’er?!

    This one sentence had transformed the atmosphere of the room to that of a cold winter’s night! Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi’s face had turned gloomy, but in the back drop of a surging murderous outburst!

    Inside the Jun residence….. in front of Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi, someone was actually threatening to kill the only remaining heir of the Jun Family? If this ever got out, then the people of Tian Xiang Empire would laugh, regarding this as a fool’s joke! But right now, this mockery was actually taking place inside their house…..

    Everyone knew the importance of Jun Mo Xie’s life……

    Guan Dong Liu, Guan Ru Shan, Guan Qing Bo, and even Guan Qing Han’s faces suddenly turned pale!

    “Bastard! Stop with your nonsense at once!” Guan Dong Liu simply couldn’t stay still anymore, and hence he quickly got up and slapped his son across his face: “You will apologize to the Son of Jun right now?!”

    “I will not apologize to him! I haven’t said anything wrong!” Guan Qing Yue didn’t even flinch, and continued to stare brazenly at Jun Mo Xie; not even willing to wipe off the blood which had already started to stain the corner of his mouth: “Jun Mo Xie, as a man to a man…. I challenge you to a duel!”

    “Duel? Why ah?” Jun Mo Xie looked extremely confused, and even managed to display a slight but bewildered smile on his face: “Second Guan Brother, I don’t know where I offended you ah? This is the first time we’re meeting! We’re related by a bond of marriage….. you come here to the city of Tian Xiang, you eat with my family, you drink with my family, and we do everything to entertain you, but still you’re cursing me in a room full of people, and now you’re even challenging me to a duel?! You clearly wish to kill me! May I dare to ask the reason?”

    “You….. you dare not ask the reason! How dare you ask the reason? If you’re a real man, then you should accept my challenge!” Guan Qing Yue’s eyes were still fixed provocatively at Jun Mo Xie.

    “You damn thing! Didn’t you hear what your father just said?” Guan Dong Liu’s hand shot out again with the intention of slapping his son again as his anxious heart compelled him to take strict action in this situation; this is getting out of hand today…. Even if the Jun Family considers us to be relatives, would they still go easy on my second son for this insolence? Even the reasonable men of the Jun Family may not act very reasonably in this situation!

    Does he know who Jun Mo Xie is? He is the only surviving heir of the Jun Family! Even though my second son has only threatened to kill him, but if someone had threatened to kill my son, then I would have sent that man to his death without giving him any chances of explaining the situation! If this is how I think, then how long will it be until the Old man Jun makes this decision?

    Guan Qing Yue was still staring at Jun Mo Xie with a stubborn face and unblinking eyes, and no intention of dodging his father’s second slap either. Guan Dong Liu’s hand was in mid-air, ready to strike his son even harder this second time when a hand appeared out of nowhere and tightly clutched his hand, and held it in its place. Guan Dong Liu turned around to realize that it was Jun Wu Yi’s hand.

    Jun Wu Yi smiled gently as he stated in a casual manner: “Brother Guan, there must be reason behind your son’s words. We must investigate and get to the bottom of this matter to determine if Mo Xie’s unplaced words might have accidentally or unintentionally offended the second son of Guan. There can often be friction between youngsters, and as their elders, we must never hastily intervene to suppress them…. It will never bring any good. It could possibly lead to a grave misunderstanding, right?”

    Jun Wu Yi’s smiling face, and affectionate expression sent shivers down Guan Dong Liu’s spine.

    Although Jun Wu Yi’s words had been gentle and mature, but there was still a faint hint of dominance in his body language, which was rather self-explanatory. Guan Dong Liu’s head gradually turned downwards as he realized that responding in disagreement might result in the slaughter of his entire family.

    “Third Uncle, please allow me to get to the bottom of this.” Guan Qing Han quietly bowed her head in front of her second brother’s eyes: “Kindy allow me to find out why Qing Yue acted in this manner today. Please allow me the authority to decide the course of action once I’ve determined which of my two brothers is at fault; Mo Xie, or Qing Yue, since I’m an older sister to the both of them!”

    She had noticed that the three youngsters were huddled together only moments ago, and were whispering and laughing with obscene looks on their faces. She could sense this sudden rise in the temperature of their conversation could have been provoked by something not worth mentioning in front of the adults.

    However, Guan Qing Yue was her brother in blood and she had always believed him to be very well-behaved. Therefore, she had already made up her mind that her own brother could never cause such trouble, and Jun Mo Xie must have provoked her brother beyond his limit of tolerance.

    “I……I…..I……” Guan Qing Yue opened his mouth but was unable to find his words this time. His face was clearly reflecting the anguish and distress of his heart.

    He really couldn’t speak up to disclose the truth behind the matter because he was well aware that Yue’er resided in the Spirit Fog Lake, a place where women were objects of pleasure. In spite of being his lover, she would be branded as a prostitute! Even stating that she is woman clean of such activities, and doesn’t sell her body would be fruitless; prostitutes are prostitutes!

    If father and sister actually find out that I challenged the third young master of the Jun Family to a duel over such a woman, then wouldn’t they react madly?

    No matter how much Jun Mo Xie slanders her name, I cannot let anyone know the reason behind this dispute….. else the only thing that will come in play will be the perception that she is a prostitute!

    In reality, although he had met Yue’er in the worst of places for a noble woman to be, Guan Qing Yue had actually believed her words since he had never been able to investigate into her past! But regardless of that, he had taken her to be the woman of his heart! Guan Qing Yue had already made up his mind then, that he would love her to his last day, and would do everything in his power to protect her dignity.

    “Second Brother Guan, I would also like to know how I offended you…? If I really offended you brother, then I’m willing to admit my mistake, and I’ll apologize for it, but brother must first tell me my mistake!” Jun Mo Xie put on a sincere face, and tactically took his chance to throw stones at a man who had already fallen down the well.

    “Speak up!” Guan Qing Han saw the sincerity on Jun Mo Xie’s face, and then looked up at her brother as a sadness took over her heart, could my brother really have been the one at fault here?

    “Kindly allow me to explain this situation.” Guan Qing Bo calmly analyzed the troublesome situation his younger brother had gotten himself into, and knew that if he didn’t clearly explained this matter then things could end on a very calamitous note for his entire family.

    Therefore with the elegant and refined narration abilities that he possessed, he narrated the story of Yue’er and Guan Qing Yue in a very romantic arrangement, depicting the two to be star-crossed lovers. He went on to narrate that the two lovers were forced to separate due to some unavoidable circumstances, post which Yue’er came to the Tian Xiang city, and became….uh…. a temporary singer and host at the Ni Chang pavilion.

    As chance had it, Guan Qing Yue happened to be visiting the Tian Xiang City soon after, and the two lovers were reunited again by the will of fate, and coincidentally…. Jun Mo Xie had already been Yue’er…. Guest….. once by then…….

    Although Guan Qing Bo’s narration was subtle enough to create compassion about the touching love story of the two people, but the eyes of the Guan Dong Liu were already shooting flames at his younger son! In fact, Guan Dong Liu almost fainted with shame.

    No one was stupid enough to misunderstand this matter. Everyone had already guessed the real reason behind this matter after listening to Guan Qing Bo’s modified story. These two debauchees were publicly fighting over a prostitute! This was turning into a big mockery!

    Everyone was contemptuously staring at Guan Qing Yue while silently cursing him in their hearts, this boy falls in love with a woman from a brothel, and ends up threatening the heir apparent of the Jun Family inside their own house? Is the second son of the Guan Family really that dumb?!

    The entire Guan Family including Guan Dong Liu and Guan Qing Han had always looked down upon Jun Mo Xie owing to his immoral behavior, but now they were beginning to realize that their own family’s son may not just be immortal, but also foolish…..

    Guan Qing Han had trusted her brother’s judgement, and had volunteered to investigate into this matter knowing that it would lead up to something involving immortal activities. But now she was left red-faced with anger…… she mercilessly stared at her brother, and then glanced fiercely glanced at Jun Mo Xie’s face, and then retreated to one side. Jun Mo Xie was obviously quite angered by this: Your brother is the reason behind this whole ruckus, and you’re still glaring at me? Do you know that your brother is the main culprit behind the assassination attempt on me? I’m the real victim here…. I’m the one who’s entitled to be angry in this case!

    “You evil bastard!” Guan Dong Liu’s thundering roar echoed through the shaking hall: “You, you challenged your own relative…. Your own sister’s brother-in-law…. to a duel of life and death over such a woman?” Guan Dong Liu’s entire body was trembling with anger: “You’re a disobedient son! You’re an unworthy son! You you you… you’re a disgrace to our family’s name!”

    Even though Guan Qing Yue was repenting and fearing his father’s anger, but his mouth still opened to refuse his defeat as his stubborn brain ordered him to refute his father’s words: “Yue’er is my beloved; she is not a vulgar woman, and nor is this man my sister’s brother-in-law. We’ve come here to take my sister back, and once we do that, he’ll no longer be associated to her, or us, in any way!”

    “Shut up you insolent beast!” Guan Dong Liu hurriedly intervened as his face turned pale with fright. But his words came too late.

    Guan Qing Han raised her pale face to look at her father; her rosy lips trembled to speak her mind, but were unable to find any words to express them.

    The Old man Jun and Jun Wu Yi were left speechless; even Jun Mo Xie was left surprised by this sudden change of events. A deadly silence engulfed the entire hall!

    “This Old man is drunk; I must excuse myself.” Grandfather Jun stood up and stated in a cold voice. His words were obviously quite strange; the dinner hadn’t yet started, the dishes hadn’t been tasted yet….in fact, even a single glass of wine hadn’t been emptied at this time, and the Old man Jun had just stated that he was already intoxicated.

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