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Chapter 173–Intense infatuation

    Chapter 173–Intense infatuation

    Guan Dong Liu’s smile was accompanied by a thin trace of sweat on his cheeks: “Of course, please…..uh, take care of your health.” Jun Zhan Tian snorted in reply, and sullenly walked away.

    Guan Qing Han was only associated to the Jun Family in name, and not in reality; everyone was aware of this fact! Even though the Guan family had repeatedly risen the issue of taking her back, and the fact that Guan Qing Han had always refuted the proposal was one side of the matter, but their arrival in the city to take her back was a completely separate issue altogether!

    The only way in which the Guan Family could take her away was by terminating the engagement between the two families. Both families were fully aware of this. But knowing this was one matter, and the Guan Family taking the initiative on raising the issue in-person was a completely different matter.

    Initially, even though the Guan Family hadn’t even raised the subject, Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi were both already willing to provide all necessary means to supplement their desire since it was for Qing Han’s well-fare. However, raising this issue in front of the Jun Family was equivalent to slapping them in the face! Even though this slap was only a metaphoric one across the face of their prestige, but the Jun Family simply couldn’t afford to lose their face in this regard!

    The originally well-intended actions of both sides had turned into a very complicated situation at this moment.

    Jun Wu Yi slowly said: “Let that be as it may.” He pondered for a moment, and then continued: “We’ll discuss Qing Han’s situation later, but for now let’s just concentrate on getting to the bottom of this issue between our two sons!”

    Guan Dong Liu was already panicking; this was his first time as the head of the family that he was at a complete loss for words!

    “Jun Mo Xie, since you’ve insulted my Yue’er, you’re Guan Qing Yue’s sworn enemy from this day on!” Guan Qing Yue contrariwise and audaciously sneered: “Are you really going to use the Jun Family’s influence to keep my here forcefully? Yue’er was right about you! Your shameful behavior is the reason she wishes to take revenge against you! Since you were lucky to escape away earlier today, I will finish this task for my Yue’er! Accept the challenge of this young master, Jun Mo Xie!”

    The youngster had actually revealed the entire situation, and had ended up doing it with a very confident and angry look on his face!

    Is this kid an idiot?

    Perhaps newly born calves aren’t exactly afraid of the tiger…..

    In fact, this was probably due to the influence and power of the Guan Family in the eastern region! Guan Qing Yue had been raised like the son of an emperor since he was the second son of the Guan Family. Owing to this, even though he was in the Tian Xiang City at the moment, he still didn’t think of the Jun Family as anything more than a slightly powerful and influential family at best since the Jun Family’s Xuan Qi strength wasn’t as high as the Guan Family’s Xuan Qi strength. But no one had ever told him that the Guan Family kept their supremacy to the eastern region for a reason!

    Therefore, his young mind was unable to see the true power of the Jun Family…. All he saw was an Old man nearing his grave, a ‘good for nothing debauchee’, and a cripple; in his eyes this entire family was useless!

    He was obviously overlooking a very important point: Even though the Guan Family comprised of several advanced Xuan Qi experts, but unless their might became at par with the Blizzard Silver City, they would have no option but to adhere to the secular constraints of this world!

    Even though the Jun Family wasn’t as powerful as the Guan Family in terms of the number of experts in the family, but they were the representatives of the highest military authority of the entire Empire! And they also had the power to mobilize the entire Empire’s troops behind them!

    Whether it’s a super-family or secular one, power can dominate all! A high Xuan level martial artist may be able to kill thousands of people, but still may never be able to rule a country, or a city, or even a village!

    But power can!

    This was the biggest difference between the Guan Family and the Jun Family! It was also an insurmountable difference!

    The fact was: The Guan Family’s had a very strong reputation, but their reputation was only strong enough to control their own territory. Whatever attention they had been receiving outside their own region of control was simply because their daughter had been engaged into the Jun Family; it had nothing to do with their own authority!

    “You were lucky to escape away earlier today?” Jun Wu Yi unhurriedly repeated this sentence in a stern voice while his eyebrows continued to rise with every word: “Second son of Guan, do you mean to imply that you played a part in the assassination attempt on Mo Xie’s life earlier this evening?!” Jun Wu Yi’s sharp eyes suddenly started exhibiting a surging murderous aura.

    Jun Wu Yi had only been looking at this dispute as nominal falling out between two youngsters, and it wasn’t even remotely enough for him to spoil his mood over, but this one sentence of Guan Qing Yue’s had revealed something entirely different and was enough to flare his anger! This was the first time today that he was actually considering taking action against the youngster!

    How could a young and inexperienced man like Guan Qing Yue resist the power and might of an iron-blooded war General?

    “I did not!” Guan Qing Yue suddenly felt frost bites on his entire body, and cried out in dismay: “The assassination? What assassination? I was just mentioning it in reference! Why would I have wanted to kill him at a time when I didn’t even know about all this? And if I did wish him dead, then why would I tell them anything? If this young master wanted him dead, then how could he have ever escaped alive?!”

    Jun Wu Yi, Guan Dong Liu and Guan Ru Shan sighed in unison upon hearing his response.

    It’s obvious that Guan Qing Yue is only a tool-for-use in Yue’er’s eyes. She must have used him earlier when they met in the east, and would have continued to use him till she left for the Tian Xiang City. And now she’s managed to use him to get the information about Jun Mo Xie’s whereabouts, and then went about planning the assassination attempt on his life!

    It was obvious to them all, that he had played no part in the attempt on Jun Mo Xie’s life!

    Guan Qing Bo and Guan Qing Han, being younger in age and less experienced in worldly matters, took a little longer to understand the whole story…..

    Guan Dong Liu sighed again as his eyes reflected a color of despair. His second son had not only cursed Jun Mo Xie inside the Jun Family’s mansion, but had also gone ahead to threaten his life! If this wasn’t already hard enough to get away with, he had also revealed that he was the sole culprit behind the attempt on the young master Jun’s life……

    It wasn’t hard for the man to imagine the consequences his son would now have to face as a result. The thought that they had only arrived in the city a mere two days ago, and his son had already painted several targets on his back, made him extremely sad about his son’s destiny!

    “You idiot, you’ve been used by that cheap woman all along……” Guan Dong Liu’s voice seemed very weak: “Qing Yue, I never expected that someone as quick-witted as you would fall straight into such a lousy trap! Do you even realize that we are in the Tian Xiang City right now?” It didn’t sound like he was scolding his son this time around.

    “Of course I know!” Guan Qing Yue’s face twitched in pain: “She used me when we met in the east…. more than once, but every time…. I knew! But you don’t know how good I felt each time she used me! I was willing to let her use me! It made me happy!”

    “It makes me really happy!” Guan Qing Yue was almost roaring out at this point while his usually handsome face was strangely curved into a twisted grim: “As long as she can use me, I’m someone valuable in her eyes! If I’m of no use to her, then what is my value? Aren’t I just another guy from a powerful family?!”

    “I allowed her to use me!” The youngster’s stubborn voice boomed through the hall, and then the hall immediately went silent.

    Two thin lines of tears streamed down from Guan Qing Yue’s eyes.

    Jun Mo Xie sighed. Whether in this life or the previous, Jun Mo Xie had always been very ruthless by nature. As an assassin by profession, it had been vital for him to give up certain things in life, including love since he couldn’t afford to be tied down to anything. Love would make him vulnerable. This was an important aspect for him since he intended on climbing the peak of the world!

    Therefore, Jun Mo Xie had never known the meaning of love!

    It’s not that he couldn’t, he just didn’t! This was one feeling that the hitman Jun had never attempted to experience; ….affection!

    An emotional attachment has always been the hardest aspect to break away from; this has always been proved over and over again in the past!

    How many peerless experts and heroes were thrown into a situation and ended up becoming soft since they experienced an attachment with someone?

    Emotional attachment must be a very hard thing to break away from since such people were either sunk by it, or acted logically and lived the rest of their lives… burdened with regret!

    Everyone present could clearly feel the depth of his affection, his pain, the desperation and despair of his heart, the power of his sadness, and the haze of his future!

    These feelings were especially beginning to take over Guan Qing Han. If there was anyone for whom I was willing to do anything, then it was Mo You……

    Mo You…..and still you left me….

    Jun Wu Yi could also understand the hopeless and helplessness of the youngster’s anguish since he too had been longing for his lover’s company for the last ten years; in fact, his anger had greatly reduced by now.

    Jun Mo Xie’s face on the other hand, reflected a faint hint of admiration! Of course this guy’s actions have caused me a lot of trouble, but the depth of his feelings are worthy of admiration. Although… his feelings have set him on a path of doom and no hope.

    Yue’er was not just a woman unworthy of worship in his eyes, but also a mortal enemy. Even if she was willing to change, and was willing to accept Guan Qing Yue’s love and reciprocate, Jun Mo Xie still couldn’t allow his enemies to exist in this world!

    Sympathy is one thing, and respect is another. If I let these feelings wantonly govern my decisions even when they are endangering my life, then even a love as deep as the sea, or as high the sky is of no good!

    Guan Qing Yue’s fate is doomed to be tragic!

    And this tragedy is inevitable; one way or the other!

    Jun Mo Xie looked at Jun Wu Yi, and made a gesture. Jun Wu Yi stared blankly at his nephew since he had understood the meaning of this gesture, and then slowly lowered his gaze to the ground. Jun Wu Yi’s heart sympathized with this youngster since he had faced something similar in his own life, but if this young man’s infatuation was to turn into a threat for the Jun Family’s safety, then it was obviously an entirely different matter!

    “If that’s the truth behind this matter, then this young master really admires Brother Qing Yue! Our earlier rambling shall just be considered as a joke between us youngsters, and mustn’t cause any further issues for our elders…..” Jun Mo Xie showed a rare sight of his generosity.

    The emotions of people, no matter how pedantic or silly, had always been an object of admiration for Jun Mo Xie; simply because he had never had the courage to climb this particular mountain. But just because Jun Mo Xie admired this aspect of human nature didn’t mean that he wouldn’t take the logical action when needed. He’d even kill if he needed to; he still wouldn’t turn soft… not even a little bit.

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