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Chapter 176–Different positions

    Chapter 176–Different positions

    Qing Han was no longer able to hold her tears!

    The previous anger and despair of her heart had suddenly transformed to gratitude over the course of these last few sentences.

    Even though Qing Han could understand the reason behind her father’s choice, her heart had still felt a surging pain inside. In fact, she even considered not making this sacrifice for two such hateful families!

    But now, Qing Han’s thoughts had suddenly taken a flip, and she simply couldn’t allow these people to die.

    Her father’s idea of forcing her to marry into the Xue Hun Manor for the sake of the two family’s safety was a logical decision, however, after witnessing Jun Mo Xie and Jun Wu Yi’s decision to make a stand, she simply couldn’t think of being selfish anymore!

    A feeling of infinite warmth and affection arose in Qing Han’s heart as she looked up at Jun Mo Xie and Jun Wu Yi: they are willing to stand up for me… even at the cost of their own lives? What could be better than ensuring their happiness and safety?!

    I cannot live a life of humiliation and ruin, but if I commit suicide and the Xue Hun Manor vents out their anger on the Guan and the Jun Family…. I can’t think of committing a greater sin!

    How can I bring about the ruin of two such heroic men, and such a great family? How can I allow so many innocent lives to be sacrificed, trampled, and slaughtered to save myself from a life of humiliation? Would I ever be able to forgive myself? Would my heart ever be at peace?!

    “Third Uncle, Father…. I have something to say.” Guan Qing Han quickly restored a cold expression on her face, and even managed to look slightly magnificent.

    “Please speak your mind; Uncle is here to support you.” Jun Wu Yi looked at her face, but his heart suddenly felt the signs of something ominous coming from her.

    Qing Han quietly raised her head to look at the pouring rain outside the dining hall, and finally made up her mind. Then, she faced Jun Wu Yi, and bent down to her knees, and then slowly lowered her head to the ground in salute.

    She looked up at Jun Wu Yi and spoke calmly: “Qing Han didn’t interrupt the original decision because Qing Han is the reason behind this problem. Even being the eldest daughter of the Family, Qing Han has only bore the Jun Family misfortune since the day I stepped in through the door, and even today I bear only misfortune; such is my incompetence. I have brought such a major disaster to the door of the families, but the three of you, Uncle, Father and, brother-in-law Jun Mo Xie, need no longer dispute over this matter.” Qing Han had clearly decided to frame her decision very tactically: “Even though Mo You and I were married, but only so in name and not in reality. However, I stayed in the Jun Family for such a long time because of my stubbornness, which was wrong to being with. And therefore, Uncle, please forgive me. Qing Han wants……”

    Qing Han coldly bit her lower lip as she slowly said the rest of her sentence: “….to withdraw the engagement!”

    She was unable to hold her head up; it seemed as if she had already exhausted her bodily strength, “Qing Han would have wanted to face the grandfather and apologize to him in person, but I cannot find the courage to seek his presence anymore. I would like to leave with my father tomorrow, and return to the Guan Family; I pray that Uncle supports my decision. Guan Qing Han and the Jun Family no longer have any relation!”

    Jun Wu Yi almost jumped out of his wheelchair! Qing Han’s words clearly mean that she only considers herself to be her parent’s daughter, and doesn’t admit to being the Jun Family’s daughter-in-law! What does this mean?

    Guan Dong Liu was aghast to hear his daughter’s words, but dismay apart…. he could now clearly understand that ‘women are complicated’. Regardless of the Jun Family, her bitter decision was the best option for Guan Family! Two silent tears dropped from his eye at this thought.

    Jun Mo Xie quietly looked at Qing Han’s cool and calm face, only to see that there were absolutely no traces of any emotion on its surface. However her small palms, which were so tightly clutched that even her joints seemed to have gone pale, were enough to understand her true meaning!

    “Qing Han, this decision is not a trivial one; it relates to your life and future. Therefore, I advise that you think carefully! You will be the Jun Family’s daughter-in-law for as long as you chose to be, and no one will ever force you against your wishes as long as even one Jun breathes air!” Jun Wu Yi’s cold eyes didn’t have the courage to look at Qing Han, and were instead focused on his own two ‘Sky Xuan strong’ hands!

    “I do not need to reconsider, I have already made up my mind; I hope Uncle complies!” Qing Han smiled sadly: “In fact, Mo You and I had only met three times in our entire lives, but I was obstinately persisting on going about things in the wrong way……….”

    Qing Han turned her head to look at her father, but only to see her father turning his head away. As a father, he couldn’t dare to look into his daughter’s eyes at this moment! He was afraid that he might turn soft, and may end up opening his mouth to stop her instead!

    Qing Han smiled gently as she switched the topic: “Time will never turn; the past is gone.” In this era, marriages were considered a verbal agreement, and now even a marriage document wouldn’t be able to oust her decision. If she chose, then she would no longer have any relation with the Jun Family.

    Jun Mo Xie had already understood very clearly that she was only acting under the impulse of her emotions. As he pondered a little more, he couldn’t help doubting Guan Dong Liu more and more: could it be that he had some hidden intention behind forging this bond in the first place?

    “Qing Han, Uncle knows that you’re sacrificing yourself to save us from harm! But this matter has reached too far now, and it’s already too late for it. Even if you terminated this marriage, and announce that you have no relationship with the Jun Family, it will still be too late since I’ve already found out about this matter now, and I will not ignore it…. either way.”

    Jun Wu Yi pondered for a little while, and then suddenly smiled: “Qing Han, Uncle is now a cripple. But you mustn’t forget that I was once a soldier! I’m still a soldier, and I will always be a soldier. And soldiers are born of blood and iron!”

    “And as my daughter-in-law, you must understand that my iron-blood will not allow me to go back on my decision in this regard! Especially when this is happening to you…. my own daughter-in-law!” Jun Wu Yi sharply raised his eyebrows: “As far as the topic of rescinding the marriage is concerned, I will not stop you, but when it comes to the issue surrounding the Xue Hun Manor, I’m the one in control of the Jun Family! Even if you decline to be my Family’s daughter, you’ll still always be the Jun Family’s daughter, and we won’t allow anyone to tarnish your reputation!”

    “That’s right! Well said Uncle!” Jun Mo Xie spoke up coldly: “Even if you’re acting out of kindness, you need not worry about the Jun Family; however, we will not allow you to rescind this marriage right now! Even if you decide to lift this marriage now, we cannot allow you to since it will be a matter of extreme shame and dishonor for the Jun Family!” Jun Mo Xie stared at her: “Don’t be so self-righteous! Why do you have to act like a woman now? You have no experience of such matters!”

    Though Jun Mo Xie had been cold and insolent, his words still stirred a storm of emotions in Qing Han’s heart.

    Jun Wu Yi called out to a servant, and whispered a few words in his ear. That servant quickly ran out of the hall, and returned in a few moments with a small wooden box, and handed it over to Jun Wu Yi.

    Jun Wu Yi raised the wooden box and said: “Niece Qing Han, this box contains a document which was written by my father proclaiming that you’re a ‘daughter-in-law’ to the Jun Family. Once the matter with the Xue Hun Manor has been resolved, then at that time, as the master of the Jun Family, I will announce to the world that: You, Qing Han, and my family have no relation anymore. But if you deny this relation before that time comes, then we will never agree to it!”

    Jun Mo Xie smiled as he looked at the wooden box, and leisurely stated: “I believe that this wooden box can only have two possible fates. First, I will personally open it, and set you free. Second, it will be buried and turned to ash along with our dead bodies. But either way, I will never allow you to go to the Xue Hun Manor.”

    Even though Jun Mo Xie had stated his words with a smile on his face, but the expression in his voice was enough to express his determination very clearly!

    Guan Qing Han’s eyes blurred with tears upon seeing that calm and gentle smile on Jun Mo Xie’s face. His eyes suddenly started seeming like the sword which could protect the world from any danger… and suddenly the disturbance of her heart started to settle.

    Guan Dong Liu felt as if he was sitting on pins and needles. Even though his daughter’s ‘morally righteous’ choice had left him infinitely sad, but he was still pleased to know that she was ready to make this sacrifice for his family. However, now this situation had suddenly gone beyond any point of persuasion. He sighed and stomped is foot heavily: “Brother Jun, you, you, what are you doing?! Your choice not only fails to live up to Qing Han’s heart, it doesn’t live up to the expectations of the country, and your family or your people… what are you saying?”

    “I can understand your problem brother, and I can understand Qing Han’s heart.” Jun Wu Yi smiled understandingly: “Your decision was wise, and I believe that even the Emperor would have made the same choice as you in this matter. No one will ever say that you’re wrong, but everyone has a different position.”

    “In fact, such matters have always been the biggest point of conflict and contradiction between the military and the polity. Polity seeks peace, and military seeks otherwise; this can never be resolved. If the polity seeks war then the country gets divided. However, if the military seeks peace then the country is not far from ruin!”

    “And if our Jun Family, as the country’s leading military force, compromises on this matter, then wouldn’t we become the laughing stock of the entire world? It’s not that we don’t want peace, but in this regard, we can’t dare to compromise!”

    Guan Dong Liu fiercely cursed himself within his own head: I was forgetting this! I walked into a madman’s house and wedded my daughter, and was still silly enough to be happy about it?! These damn beasts! If this matter becomes public then there will be no harm to the Jun Family, but the Guan Family will be worse than ruined!

    “Despite being the master of your family, I will not blame you for the end result of this matter; no matter which way it goes. However, Qing Han will remain in the Jun Family for now.” Jun Wu Yi smiled. Even though his voice was low, it was obvious that he wasn’t to be refuted.

    Guan Dong Liu sighed but remained silent for a while. Then, he finally got up, and starting striding out. Since they weren’t bending, he’d have to make a lot of arrangements; after all, this disaster would be harder to take for the Guan Family!

    “On the topic of your second son and that woman, I have another idea. I request Brother Guan to not intervene in that matter either.” Guan Dong Liu had been intending on going straight to the Spirit Fog Lake’s Ni Chang pavilion to seek his revenge on Yue’er. However, he immediately dispelled the idea after listening to Jun Wu Yi’s words.

    He reached the doorway, and stopped: “Li Jia only gave us two months’ time, so please Brother Jun…. resolve this matter as early as possible.”

    Jun Wu Yi’s eyes flashed from one point to the other: “Thank you brother. You must go back and prepare of it.” Guan Dong Liu stomped his feet as he left.

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