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Chapter 178–A quartet movement

    Chapter 178–A quartet movement

    It was impossible to estimate the number of high level Xuan level experts who had ventured into the Tian Xiang City at present. If fact, given that two of the ‘eight great masters’ were rumored to be inside the city at the moment, it was even difficult to estimate the number of Spirit Xuan experts competing for this treasure!

    Although this storm was dormant at the moment, but there was bound to be mass chaos in the city once the Xuan Core appeared in public. Jun Mo Xie was planning on using this confusion to his benefit! Or perhaps, he was planning on using this situation to weaken the hostile parties!

    Since the Hitman Jun had already made up his mind, he closed his eyes and emptied his mind. Then, he extended his hand towards the Xuan Core, and launched the Hongjun Pagoda into action the moment he felt the cold texture of the Xuan Core. A strong Aura rushed out through Jun Mo Xie’s meridians all of a sudden, and slowly trickled into the Xuan Core.

    Jun Mo Xie’s Xuan Qi wasn’t enough to create such a huge Qi Field (Aura), which is why he needed the Hongjun Pagoda’s assistance!

    A dark-golden light emerged out of the originally dark Xuan Core, and lit up the entire room. The strong Aura coming from the Xuan Core instantly spread out in all directions, and started scattering far beyond the domain of the small cabin.

    “What could be giving rise to such a strong Aura?” three white-haired old men, who had been sitting cross-legged inside the Magnificent Jewel Hall, suddenly opened their eyes as the man in the middle blurted out loud.

    “The peak level nine Xuan Core!” the three men spoke up at the same time, and then glanced over at each other to confirm their suspicions.

    “Let’s go!” the three elders simultaneously ordered, and then charged out without any hesitation. They smashed their way straight through the roof of the Magnificent Jewel hall; fortunately for the structure of the building, they were already seated in the highest chamber of the building.

    Thunder rolls and lightening filled the sky as the rain continued to pour down!

    The third elder closed his eyes to sense this Aura better, and then shouted out: “The Xuan Core is in the Western part of the City!” the other two elderly men immediately diverted their eyes towards the west, and gazed at the rainstorm which was shrouding the western part of the Tian Xiang City.

    “Let’s go!” their three figures flew out towards their target, and faded away into the thundering sky, leaving a big hole in the building’s roof below them, not even paying attention to sobbing of the structure as rain started to pour into it through that massive hole……

    Another four figures appeared into that chamber as soon as they left; three men and woman. The woman was the first to speak up: “He he, this looks like something fun; how can we miss out on it? Let’s catch up to them.”

    It was obvious from the manner in which she took after them that she wasn’t afraid of the fray which was about to unfold. The three men looked at each, smiled, and then rushed after her. Two of these men were flying close to each other; however the third had intentionally placed himself at a distance for some reason.

    Six men were stationed outside the residence hosting the foreign royal visitors in the southern part of the city. A tall, thin, and creased-faced man appeared in the door way, and these six men immediately arranged themselves in a line. These six men were all Sky Xuan experts, but this thin man hadn’t exposed his Xuan Qi level yet; however it was evident that his Xuan Qi level was higher than his subordinates!

    He whispered in a low tone: “Let’s go!”

    The seven men readied themselves to march!

    At the same time, the door to a chamber on the western part of this residence slowly opened with a creaking sound, and a voice slowly said as its owner smiled: “Brother Shi, isn’t this what you’ve been waiting for? Don’t you wish to go and capture it?!”

    The speaker was a white-robed man, who had made his way towards this chamber through the pouring rain; it seemed that he wasn’t even afraid of getting his robes drenched in the pouring rain. His walk up to this chamber through the beautiful garden outside was so elegant, that it seemed as if a flower had grown feet and was walking around the garden.

    This man was the Yu Tang Empire’s imperial teacher, Fei Meng Chen!

    “Fei Meng Chen!” a wide, white-robed man smiled and said: “No one is stopping you. You can go as long as you’re afraid of death, that is!”

    Fei Meng Chen looked skywards and laughed: “Brother Shi, others might see you as one of the ‘Eight Great Masters’, but it should be made clear that I’m still in charge here!”

    The man Fei Meng Chen was speaking with was the actually one of the ‘Eight Great Masters’, Shen Ci Empire’s Shi Chang Xiao!

    Shi Chang Xiao smiled as he stood up, and then stepped out into the rain. He sprung up into the air, and stationed himself mid-air; he half turned towards the west, and then quickly flew out. Fei Meng Chen laughed, and then chased after him. The others silently galloped behind these two men in full speed!

    The Solitary Falcon was laughing while gulping down a mouthful of alcohol: “Amazing wine! Really amazing wine!”. He and the prince had gathered in Old Song’s tavern to witness a wine-making contest, and had decided to stay back due to the sudden and heavy downpour of rain.

    He wasn’t in his preferred company of men.

    However he still wasn’t feeling uncomfortable, after all, he was being accompanied by some of the best wines ever known to him. Not to mention that he was a wanderer, and had gotten accustomed to ‘going with the flow’, so naturally he was enjoying drinking the wine in the isolated company of his mind!

    They had already finished the two jars that Jun Mo Xie had brought with him, and were now making their way through Old Song’s wine. The wine which had initially intoxicated them with its mere scent was now feeling harsh to their throats in the contrast of Jun Mo Xie’s brew; almost like a fly in the ointment!

    Even though the prince, Yang Huai Nong’s house wasn’t far from there, he still didn’t wish to leave until the wine had been finished since it would mean that the Solitary Falcon would get to have it all by himself. I can’t allow him to have all this wine for himself…. even if he’s one of the ‘Eight Great Masters’ of this world…..

    On the other hand, Old Song couldn’t help feeling endlessly gloomy as he continued to watch these two men enjoying themselves. This is my master’s wine, and I was preparing to use it for research…. And now these people have actually finished it all…..

    However, the most depressing and annoying thing apart from the fact that they had emptied his master’s wine was the fact that they were now busy finishing the wine that he had begrudgingly parted away with; and moreover, were drinking it with a resentful look on their faces…..

    One man was the only brother to the Emperor of an Empire, and the other was one of the strongest individuals alive….. but these two men were nothing more than scoundrels in his eyes at the moment!

    The Solitary Falcon’s eyes suddenly opened up widely as he sprang to his feet, surprising the two men in the process. Then he lifted his body upwards, and laughed: “I’ve finally found a good opportunity!” Then, his body flashed out without even saying ‘goodbye’, and practically disappeared into the rain outside.

    Being a Sky Xuan expert, Song Shang was also able to sense that turbulent Aura which was fusing with this surging storm; Song Shang’s flickering eyes were clearly expressing his desire to get to his feet, but he simply sighed, bowed his head, raised his glass of wine and poured it down his throat in condolence.

    Given his strength, participating in the competition for this Xuan Core would only bear him only one result:death!

    Song Shang had instantly given up on the idea of competing for the Xuan Core after sensing the terrifying strength of the Solitary Falcon, which had spread out in the air at the time of his departure, since he had realized that his involvement in this fight would only be a waste of his effort.

    “What just happened?” the Prince looked confused by the strange departure of the Solitary Falcon, and couldn’t help asking.

    “It seems that the widely-rumored peak level Nine Xuan Core has appeared.” Song Shang answered in a heavy tone: “Only a peak level nine Xuan Core is capable of emitting this kind of an Aura! This definitely isn’t a fake.”

    “The peak level nine Xuan Core!” the prince gasped. “The Solitary Falcon simply disappeared upon sensing it! Does it mean that he’s also competing for it?”

    “He has taken off in that direction, however he may not be interested in the Xuan Core, and may just be looking for some good opponents. Given his nature, I don’t think that he’s much concerned with materialistic objects.” Song Shang hung his head in despair: “Given the intensity of this competition, I can’t even do anything in this fight.”

    The Royal Highness could clearly sense the sadness in his friend’s voice.

    Song Shang had been practicing desperately all his life, but now that such a wonderful battle was taking place in such close proximity, he wasn’t even qualified to take part in it…..

    Movement was taking place in all four directions simultaneously.

    The three figures of the third, the sixth, and the ninth elder of the Silver Blizzard City were charging from the northern end of the city!

    The ten associates of the Li You Ran were charging from the eastern part of the city!

    Shi Chang Xiao and Fei Meng Chen were leading a squadron of six or seven Sky Xuan experts at blistering pace, and were practically tearing their way through the curtains of rain, from the southern part of the city!

    In the west, the Solitary Falcon was speeding through the rain like a hawk, while his black robes were making a ‘hissing’ sound as he cut through the fierce winds at the speed of lightening!

    And all of them had one target in mind; the small cabin….. the source of this Xuan Core’s Aura!

    One could clearly see several earthen and blue colored lights flashing through the sky of the Tian Xiang; all of them approaching that small cabin at ghostly speeds.

    “It is really stupid to bring out a Xuan Core in such a rainy weather; does this guy even know that this rainy weather will cause a violation with the Aura field of the Xuan Core? …..Could this be a trap instead?” even though the three elders from the Silver Blizzard City were travelling at an extremely fast pace, the third elder was still able to speak without the slightest of problems.

    “At least the rumors surrounding the Xuan Core are true! This Aura can only be coming out of a level nine Xuan Core; this simply cannot be a fake! As for the chance of this being a trap, I really can’t say.” The sixth elder’s face was clearly reflecting his confidence.

    “We sensed the Aura of a ‘super-being’ in this city, and but he hasn’t appeared yet; could this be his doing?” the ninth elder’s voice was clearly reflecting a lingering trace of fear in it. His heart was still shuddering at the thought of facing this mysterious power!

    “Third Brother, I’m still confused by the power of that being, and I don’t know if we are capable of getting away from………”

    The ninth elder hadn’t yet finished his sentence when he found himself interrupted by the third elder: “Don’t say that again!” the third elder’s voice clearly reflected his anxiety.

    “Yes; yes.” The ninth elder immediately acknowledged his ‘slip of tongue’.

    “Given our aspirations, now isn’t the right time to fail.” The three men immediately accelerated their pace as the third elder finished speaking this sentence.

    Suddenly, the three elders shifted their gaze southwards; the third elder raised his eyebrows and said: “This Xuan Core is attracting a lot of competition! Even Shi Chang Xiao and Fei Meng Chen are here for it! You two go and block their path, while I’ll go and get my hands on this Xuan Core!”

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