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Chapter 182–The Xuan Core changes hands

    Chapter 182–The Xuan Core changes hands

    Li Wu Bei’s ten disciples were simply waiting along the outer periphery for the Three Elders of Silver Blizzard City, the Solitary Falcon, and Shi Chang Xiao to move into action. As long as these five men started fighting, this ten man team would immediately make a move for the Xuan Core, and would then try to escape with it.

    They were well aware that they wouldn’t be able to fight against some of the best warriors in the world, but were extremely confident that they could succeed in snatching the Xuan Core and escape thereafter, owing to the virtue of their combined strength and team work!

    The three Elders of the Silver Blizzard City were thinking the exact same thing, and were waiting for Shi Chang Xiao and Solitary Falcon to start fighting. The moment these two masters started engaging each other in combat, they would no longer be able to obstruct them. The only remaining threat would be Fei Meng Chen, who alone wouldn’t be able to stop them from procuring the Xuan Core.

    Shi Chang Xiao was caught up in his own dilemma; he was the strongest individual on the scene, and even had seven more experts to assist him if needed. However, he was also aware of the strength of the other parties involved, and was well aware that he couldn’t neglect any side’s challenge. He could understand that in case he started the fight, then the balance of power would shift against him, and therefore he needed to wait for someone else to start the battle!

    Moreover, Solitary Falcon’s presence had made the situation even harder for him. Even though he was sure of being able to defeat the Solitary Falcon in battle, he was also aware that he wouldn’t be able to grab the Xuan Core in case he was forced into a battle with the man! What’s the point of it all if I don’t get the Xuan Core? I’m not here for sightseeing…..

    Especially now that there are so many experts present on the scene….. even if I am guaranteed to come out of this battle unharmed, the same cannot be presumed for the rest of my team. If a battle breaks out between this mix of powerful experts, then not all of my companions are assured to come out alive. If all my companions end up dying in this battle, then even winning the Xuan Core wouldn’t be enough to compensate the loss!

    And then there’s the situation surrounding the Solitary Falcon’s interests…. He’s obviously not here for the Xuan Core… moreover, he’s alone, and has nothing to lose… he’s a war-seeking madman just looking for a good fight…. I’m afraid that he won’t let this opportunity slip by.

    Even though Shi Chang Xiao was trying very hard to figure out a solution, he still hadn’t been able to thus far!

    As far as the other Peak Spirit Xuan was concerned, all these people have gathered here for the Xuan Core’s sake, and they would all prefer avoiding a fight…unlike me. In case someone was able to snatch that Xuan Core from that Black-masked man’s hands, then this will turn into a long-drawn chase, and Shi Chang Xiao is very highly unlikely to pay any attention to me if that happens.

    As a result, even though all the parties were quite strong in their own merits, but no one was willing to make the first move.

    A husky, ice-cold voice suddenly rang: “Damn it, have all you blockheads been paralyzed or something? Get a move on! I’ve almost caught a cold because of this rain. Even women aren’t so afraid of getting in a fight!”

    These audacious words infuriated everyone present. Generally speaking, words were rarely enough to instigate these men, but these bold and courageous words did the trick beautifully!

    Everyone’s eyes immediately shifted towards the source of the sound, and were rather surprised to realize that it was coming from the center of the encirclement where that black-masked man was standing and shouting excitedly, while his fingers were pointed at the two Peak Spirit Xuan experts.

    What’s this guy thinking…. He’s obviously incapable of defending the Xuan Core, and even then he’s intentionally provoking everyone….. is he just ignorant and bold, or simply an idiot?!

    “Shut up!” five or six people shouted out at the same time as their nostrils flared up in anger.

    “Let me teach you a lesson!” the Solitary Falcon was naturally angrier than anyone else by nature, and flashed forward. His body moved at a ghostly speed and was soon upon the black-masked man’s, while his hand was stretched out in order to slap the guy across the face. I’ve got to teach this moron a lesson! He should know his place!

    The third Elder of the Silver Blizzard City stared nervously.

    The Solitary Falcon had inevitably started the fight!

    The others weren’t aware of what the Third Elder had witnessed earlier. This guy is no ordinary man….. even the Solitary Falcon won’t be able to defeat him very easily. And in case I’m still underestimating this guy, then I simply can’t fathom the Solitary Falcon’s fate!

    This black-masked man is most likely some super-being; or at least a very high-level mysterious expert!

    The thought of those changing Xuan color lights were still sending shivers down the Third Elder’s heart! He was well aware that his own Xuan Qi was nowhere near capable of pulling off such stunts! In fact, forget about his own strength, even Han Feng Xue wasn’t powerful enough to do something like that!

    However, the Third Elder was also aware that he wouldn’t be able to deal with the Solitary Falcon, and hence didn’t mind the fact that his enemy was walking into a trap, which would most likely result in misfortune for the said-man. He simply stood there and waited for the Solitary Falcon to get the shock!


    The mysterious black-masked man frantically tried to dodge instead, “Pop!” a crisp sound was issued as the Solitary Falcon’s hand slapped the man’s chest, “Ah!… I ……” the man cried out in fear as his body was sent out flying in the air, almost like a broken kite as he started shouting: “Help ah….. somebody save me… spare my life…….”

    Everyone was left shell-shocked! Each pair of eyes were practically coming out of their sockets at the moment, What is going on?! He was acting so boldly….. like he was a peerless expert, and now he’s actually screaming for help……

    The most surprising part was that this black-masked man had actually gotten rid of the Xuan Core in the hope of blocking the strike, and had been unable to retrieve it before flying out under the effect of the strike…..and now that Xuan Core was slowly falling into the Solitary Falcon’s hands……..

    The Solitary Falcon suddenly felt an enormous and surging Xuan Qi field falling into his hands, and he suddenly found his fingers subconsciously clutching the Xuan Core.

    He had never expected that his slap would actually land on the man’s body! That masked-man had been holding the Xuan Core in his hands, and had been standing in the middle of so many peerless experts in a very calm and composed manner for a very long time now. Moreover, he had even managed to muster the courage to openly and brazenly curse everyone present, including his own self and Shi Chang Xiao. The Solitary Falcon was expecting this man to be an expert in his own merit.

    Truth be told, the Solitary Falcon hadn’t attacked this man in order to procure the Xuan Core, but because he desired to combat this mysterious expert. In fact, contrary to looking down upon this man, the Solitary Falcon had been rating him very highly!

    Thus, the Solitary Falcon had concealed his other hand behind his back, and was preparing to use it to strike the man once the man had blocked his first strike.

    This hidden palm strike was an extremely powerful and dangerous one.

    But compared to this hidden strike, the first strike was only a superficial one, and was only intended to divert the man’s attention rather than sending him flying in the air!

    The Solitary Falcon was left completely confused to see that black-masked man flying out under the effect of his strike, that was too easy, wasn’t it? I thought he was going to be a very good opponent…. But he turned out to be completely useless!

    Then, he gently raised his hand and looked at the Xuan Core he was undeservedly holding in his hands; it was a while before he was able to find his words: “I……huh!”

    Out of all the people who had gathered here, the Solitary Falcon was the only who wasn’t seeking the Xuan Core, and now, by a hilarious twist of fate…beyond all expectations, he was the one in possession of the Xuan Core!

    And he had succeeded in doing so with too much ease!

    This change of events had left even everyone startled; so much so that even Shi Chang Xiao’s mouth was hung open in shock!

    Who would have actually though that the black-masked man would turn out to be a silver colored wax candle?!

    Even wax candles don’t melt before a certain temperature…. This man is far too useless for that comparison!

    Even though the Solitary Falcon was one of the ‘Eight Great Masters’, his strike was so superficial that anyone present could have blocked it with ease!

    As a result, everyone was left repenting their fate!

    Naturally, no one would dare to attack the Solitary Falcon in haste; not even Shi Chang Xiao. Attacking this man in haste would be tantamount to courting one’s death!

    As a result, everyone’s eyes followed after the flying shadow of that mysterious and useless man, hoping that he would land in front of them so that they could beat and cut him to pieces. Their faces were clearly reflecting their hatred for the man!

    Damn it! He was actually completely powerless? Ah…. I lost my opportunity because of him!

    I wish I had attacked that man instead of the Solitary Falcon! …he was too easy a target!

    As the eyes of everyone stared after his flying body, the black-masked man quietly and suddenly disappeared into thin air!

    Was this kid made of paper…. Did he actually die in just one strike?

    A large human body had just disappeared into thin air in front of two Peak Spirit Xuan experts, four Spirit Xuan experts, almost twenty Sky Xuan experts, and a few Earth Xuan peaks! And they were all under the impression that it was due to the Solitary Falcon’s attack!

    “Snap!” A crisp and clear sound was issued.

    No one had yet been able to recover from this first shock as their eyes subconsciously refocused to origination point of this new sound, and found its destination in the Silver Blizzard City’s Third Elder’s direction, who had just extended his arm and had managed to slap his own face!

    The crisp, loud, and melodious sound had come as music to several ears!

    Now what?

    The Sixth and the Ninth Elder came forward and asked in a concerned tone: “What happened Third Bother?”

    The Third, the Sixth and the Ninth Elder had always maintained a very good relation, and an even better understanding!

    “Uh…. Nothing…. Too many mosquitos here.” The Third Elder replied in an embarrassing tone.

    Some people practically fainted on the spot!

    Rain is pouring down on a late autumn evening; the Solitary Falcon is holding the Xuan Core at the moment; and he’s more worried about the mosquitoes……?! Since when did mosquitoes become so dangerous?

    Little could anyone imagine the plight of the Third Elder’s heart!

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