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Chapter 184–I want to act as a father

    Chapter 184–I want to act as a father

    A strange fusion of anger and sadness made up Qing Han’s tone.

    “Even though I’m spending my life as a widow in the Jun Family, I’m still given the status of a ‘daughter-in-law’. But if I marry into the Li Family, then I will become a concubine! If Yun Bei Chen takes a shine to me someday, then the Li Family will simply send me off to him to be his concubine…. Slaves don’t have opinions; they are slaves! And the Guan Family will probably approve of it as well because Yun Bei Chen is more powerful than Li Jue Tian, and an alliance with him will be more beneficial for the Guan Family!”

    “The head of the Family will still be thinking about the family?! Daddy, how could our family have no shame at all?! How can they not see my dishonor! I would rather live in the Jun Family as a widowed daughter-in-law than live a life of such shame! And never for such shameless people’s cause!”

    “I would rather let the Guan Family die as heroes before I allow a useless bunch of white-haired old men to beg the powers of this world for pity!”

    Guan Qing Han’s final sentence almost exploded out of her mouth.

    Guan Dong Liu stood blankly staring at his daughter, his face reveling in the pain of this conversation. Even though his body was still as burly as ever, but his body-language didn’t reflect it.

    He had no answer for his daughter’s sharp words; none at all. His heart was riddled with guilt and shame, and he started biting his teeth as a painful spasm overtook his entire body!

    “As a daughter, I just want to know what my father has planned for now…..” Guan Qing Han looked at her father again; her voice sounded even more desolate, weak, but was still showing her anger…..

    “Jun Wu Yi has already answered that question!” Guan Dong Liu smiled sadly: “As things are at the moment….. even if we withdraw this marriage, we’ll only be able to send you to the Li Family over the corpses of the Jun Family!”

    Guan Dong Liu exposed a self-deprecating smile: “I may be Guan Dong Liu…. The master of the Guan Family…. But I can’t touch the Jun Family…. Or the Li Family.”

    “Moreover, it is as you said earlier…. The Jun Family is our benefactor, and I will not kick my benefactor in the teeth!”

    Guan Dong Liu’s voice suddenly strengthened up: “This was my decision; I decided to renounce my own daughter for the welfare of my family! I didn’t even act when the Jun Family decided to rise up to protect you! I agreed to allow the Xue Hun Manor to insult and dishonor my daughter! I’ve wronged you for a lifetime…. Because I chose to look at the future of the family first, but now I want to…….”

    “I want to act as a father!” Guan Dong Liu’s face stiffened up, and his blood-red eyes started to shine while his pupils dilated.

    “I want to act as father again!”

    Guan Dong Liu’s heart suddenly felt a burst of ease as he stated this sentence; almost as if he had suddenly unloaded a heavy burden off his heart!

    Screw life and death!

    That Jun boy was right…. If a family has no backbone, then they will just linger around the death’s door for ever… what’s the point of such a survival?!

    “Daddy!” Guan Qing Han’s entire body vibrated as she looked at her father again; but with a pleasantly surprised look in her eyes this time.

    Guan Dong Liu smiled profoundly as he nodded: “Qing Han, the Jun aren’t the only men in this world; the Guan are also men!”

    Guan Qing Han’s face exposed a proud look as she spoke up: “I never knew that my father would have such an indomitable spirit inside him……”

    Guan Dong Liu forced a wry smile as he said: “Your little Brother-in-law’s curse was surely very ruthless, but thanks to him…. Your father now understands that there are a few things in this world that are more important than the ‘big picture’.”

    He laughed twice, but then asked in a confused tone: “You’ve told me a lot about him, but your young brother-in-law is nothing like the debauchee you said he was?”

    Guan Qing Han’s face suddenly reddened as she was unable to find her words again: “Daddy… don’t make fun of me….. he’s changed a lot recently… he’s nothing like the guy he used to be earlier…. He’s become a real man now.”

    Guan Dong Liu smiled playfully: “Is that so? So because he scolded your dad, you’ve suddenly started to respect him?”

    Guan Qing Han suddenly reverted back to being a spoilt young girl again, and started throwing tantrums: “I hate you daddy!”

    Guan Dong Liu broke into laughter.

    “Daddy, come in else you’ll catch a cold in this autumn rain.” Guan Qing Han suddenly realized her father’s plight.

    “Ah, and now you’re finally caring about me? The rain has already seeped into your daddy’s old bones now.” Guan Dong Liu laughed jokingly: “However, this rain was good for me! It won me back my daughter’s heart and it also woke me up from my slumber…. I was about to trade my own daughter’s innocence for my family’s survival…… such a survival was no better than life anyway.” He finished his sentence, looked at his daughter lovingly once again, and then turned around.

    His burly body braved through the rain and wind, one step at a time, but each step was stable and firm!

    Guan Qing Han’s eyes blurred once again…..

    A few meters away, Jun Wu Yi was standing quietly in a corner with rigid line creasing his face. He smiled to himself as he said in an undertone: “Guan Dong Liu, you’ve only been Guan Dong Liu to me till now…. but now you’re a qualified father, and an iron-blooded man in my eyes!”

    His eyes gazed at a distance through the curtains of rain: “Jun Mo Xie left at such a weird timing…..Why do I feel that something big is about to happen? Why hasn’t he returned yet? I don’t know what to do with my nephew… he’s really strange… I allowed him to work free of my authority, but he becomes more mysterious with each passing day!”

    He sighed as light flashed from his body, and then he disappeared without a trace.


    The black-masked man, young master Jun had flown out of the encirclement under the effect of the Solitary Falcon’s strike, but had managed to conveniently drop the Xuan Core into his attacker’s hand before being thrown away.

    His body was almost about to ram into a tree, but Jun Mo Xie immediately used the Yin Yang escape method and disappeared in front of everyone’s eyes, and resurfaced away from everyone’s notice. He was sitting clutching his chest at the moment.

    After all, he had been struck by a Peak Spirit Xuan! Even though the Solitary Falcon’s strike was only a superficial one in his eyes, but his strike was still powerful enough to cause extreme discomfort to Jun Mo Xie’s body, and had left him with a feeling of nausea.

    Even though Jun Mo Xie wasn’t injured very seriously, but his body was still under a shock!

    Damn that Falcon! I’m going to get back at him for this one day! Jun Mo Xie was silently cursing the man as he watched the fight unfold in front of his eyes!

    Jun Mo Xie continued to watch the fight from a distance with a frowning face, while his mouth would mummer in silence from time to time, I never intended to cause such a big battle…..

    Jun Mo Xie hadn’t actually intended on starting such a fierce battle, and had only planned on causing some chaos at the most. His main intention was to check his idea surrounding the ‘Xuan Core fakes’ for future use.

    Of course, had this matter surrounding the Xue Hun Manor not surfaced at this time, then Jun Mo Xie would have planned this more carefully, and would have waited until he was ready with a foolproof plan instead. Moreover, he would have also waited for more experts to gather in the city before making this move. After all, this hasty occurrence of the Xuan Core so shortly after its theft was more likely to raise skepticism in the minds of most people.

    But the affair surrounding the Xue Hun Manor had disrupted Jun Mo Xie’s plans, and although the threat from the Li Family wasn’t very imminent, but it was like that bomb in one’s backside which could detonate at any time. Therefore, Jun Mo Xie threw out this fake Xuan Core ahead of scheduled time, and was now left with no other option but to watch it bear an undesired fruit. Had he delayed the plan any further, then it could have hindered the safety of the Guan and the Jun Family.

    At the moment, Shi Chang Xiao was preparing to launch an attack on the Solitary Falcon, whilst keeping his guard against the three Elders of the Silver Blizzard City, who were also lingering around the Solitary Falcon, same as the ten disciples of the Li Wu Bei, and the six Sky Xuan helping hands of Shi Chang Xiao. They were all circling him from a distance with no man willing to go any closer without a backup.

    They weren’t exactly afraid of his high Xuan Qi, but more of his expertise in general. The man in the middle of the encirclement was so quick that no expert lesser than a Sky Xuan peak was capable of lasting against him for more than a second.

    The ten disciples of Li Wu Bei, whom Li You Ran had invited to contest for this Xuan Core seemed more than willing to confront these two supreme beings without any traces of fear in their eyes; in fact, they looked rather confident at the moment!

    Since the speed of the fighters was too fast, Jun Mo Xie was only vaguely able to see their shadows, but couldn’t tell the men apart.

    Suddenly, almost a dozen figures converged to attack the Solitary Falcon again. Solitary Falcon’s Xuan Qi burst out of his body as he fearlessly shouted: “Come!” then, his body arched strangely like a hawk in mid-air as he first dodged Shi Chang Xiao’s attack, and then rotated mid-air again, and kicked-out!

    Shi Chang Xiao was forced to recoil backwards!

    And, Shi Chang Xiao was left roaring furiously!

    Although he was the first one to launch an attack, but he was a Peak Spirit Xuan at the end of the day! Moreover, he was ranked above the Solitary Falcon! If he was unable to kill the Solitary Falcon in this siege, then the rumors would start spreading that he was beneath the Solitary Falcon; especially considering that he had other people assisting him!

    The bad name that this one rumor would bring would be…. Irredeemable!

    After all, people would only ask one thing: why did he allow so many shrimps to intervene in a battle between two whales?

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