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Chapter 186–Talking tree?

    Chapter 186–Talking tree?

    Shi Chang Xiao was still looking at the Solitary Falcon in the hope that his counterpart would reply in acceptance, but the man turned around without a word and ‘bang’ ‘bang’ ‘bang’ broke into the circle where the three Elders of the Silver Blizzard City were standing. Then, his figure flashed forward and made a beeline for Fei Meng Chen and struck him thrice in quick succession, and was then upon the nine remaining disciples of Li Wu Bei before Fei Meng Chen had even shrieked out from pain; he slapped the nine people in their faces, and then proceeded to slapping the six Sky Xuan experts of Shi Chang Xiao’s team……

    In a matter of seconds, this Peak Spirit Xuan maniac had managed to demonstrate his prowess by striking almost twenty experts!

    This burst of movement clearly demonstrated why he had managed to kill off the Six Brother of the ten disciples of Li Wu Bei; The Solitary Falcon’s speed and agility had no equal!

    Jun Mo Xie loudly applauded the Solitary Falcon’s skill inwardly from his secret hiding place, even though the Solitary Falcon was actually spoiling his entire hard-worked plan; given the temperament of the young master Jun, he wasn’t the kind of man to ignore someone’s talents!

    The Solitary Falcon’s violent and aggressive move obviously infuriated everyone present, and undoubtedly aroused their tempers; after all, everyone else was busy trying to understand the twist and turns of the wild schemes in play here, while this warmongering maniac was actually trying to take advantage of it!

    Everyone’s eyes reddened; not for the Xuan Core’s sake, but from rage; and they charged right back at him, not for their rage, but for the sake of the Xuan Core! The Solitary Falcon’s expression started becoming increasingly excited as the three Elders of the Silver Blizzard City charged towards him again, and he stretched his arms out whilst laughing and roaring, prepared to face them all again!

    Another silhouette flashed, and Shi Chang Xiao joined the battle circle with one hand dedicated to fight the Solitary Falcon, while his other hand was attacking the three Elders of the Silver Blizzard City; the five men started revolving in a carousel like circle, divided into three sides with each man fighting against at least two enemies at the same time.

    Shi Chang Xiao had already identified that neither of the two sides was capable of competing against him on their own, and in case he was able to weaken even side, then he could easily use his full force and settle the fight in his favor!

    “Ha ha, this is interesting!” Fei Meng Chen laughed as he flashed forward and joined this group of Spirit Xuan experts, punching the Solitary Falcon’s back and kicking Shi Chang Xiao’s waist to mark his arrival.

    Fei Meng Chen was the Yu Tang Empire’s State Teacher, and was naturally smart enough to analyze the situation in an instant. He had already realized that in case Shi Chang Xiao succeeded in weakening either of his two oppositions, then the man could easily turn the tables on everyone. However, his own personal strength was even weaker than each of the three Elders of the Silver Blizzard City, and therefore all he could do was balance the power of this battle by balancing the three sides so that the battle could continue for as long as possible!

    The Six Spirit Xuan experts were presently revolving around in mid-air like a ball……

    Apart from the three Elders of the Silver Blizzard City, each of the other men in this battle-ball was being attacked from at least three sides at the same time since they were all completely surrounded by their enemies from all directions; front, right, right, and back. The eyes of each man were constantly revolving in all four directions in order to thwart the constant wave of incoming attacks……

    All the six Spirit Xuan experts were trying to control the scope of their shot range, after all, if the power of the Xuan Qi was to spread out, then they would end up annihilating the entire city; even Shi Chang Xiao was no exception. Although Shi Chang Xiao had attempted to plot against everyone earlier, he was still reluctant to let his own men die since the lives of six Sky Xuan experts was worth more than the Xuan Core itself. However, as the battle started becoming fiercer and fiercer, their control started to decrease.

    A silhouette flickered as the Solitary Falcon surged higher into the Sky in the middle fighting everyone, and then rushed back into the circle laughing loudly.

    This move evidently demonstrated the one advantage that the Solitary Falcon had above everyone else; even Shi Chang Xiao: Owing to his exceptional speed, he was capable of withdrawing himself from this battle at any time!

    Lei Jing Hong and his companions were busy spectating this battle; but at time when the Solitary Falcon rose up in the sky, another silhouette flickered to his side, leaving him startled. This Silhouette slapped him straight in his face, and then disappeared like a blowing breeze; leaving the victim understandably infuriated!

    The Solitary Falcon is up in the air, so who attacked me this time?

    Several of his companions turned around to see their leader, Lei Jian Hong falling to ground, trying to grab onto his comrade’s arm for support, and clenched their fists in anger upon realizing that their companion had been sneakily attacked again.

    Naturally, they felt that his sneak attack must have been the doing of the Six Sky Xuan experts from the Yu Tang Empire since a faint blue light had flashed at the time of the attack. Believing that their brother was attacked by the Six Yu Tang experts, they angrily charged towards those six men. Lei Jian Hong’s team had no idea what had happened, but figured that standing idly could cost them their lives; after all they believed that this mischief was caused by a team of Six Sky Xuan experts, and hence they withdrew their swords without any hesitation and charged out for a battle!

    That sly slap on Lei Jian Hong’s face was obviously Jun Mo Xie’s doing!

    The Young Master Jun had cast out the Yin Yang Escape law, and had escaped into the ground, and then the falling rain. Plus, he had even issued a faint blue light to divert the blame; and since the heavens hadn’t yet decided to stop the rain from pouring down, Jun Mo Xie managed to escape undetected!

    Lei Jian Hong was obviously not able to realize this truth, and charged out feeling anguished by this slap.

    And thus, the young master Jun managed to stir up a conflict between these two idly spectating teams as well.

    Since Jun Mo Xie’s plan wasn’t going as intended, the next most beneficial thing to do would be to cause more chaos; the more chaos, the higher the number of dead bodies would be, and the higher the number of dead bodies, the weaker his enemies would become…….

    At first, both these parties were trying to save their energies in order to facilitate their plans of stealing the Xuan Core later on, but now that they were charging at each other like mad men.

    A piercing scream filled the sky amidst the howling and clashing of sword, marking the sight of first blood!

    “AAAAAA!” Even though the Solitary Falcon was the fastest amongst everyone present, but he wasn’t the strongest. And even though he was enjoying this battle more than anyone, he was also the one under the maximum amount of pressure…….

    The Solitary Falcon roared wildly, and spread out his arms as his Peak Spirit Xuan level Xuan Qi spread out unabashedly in all directions.

    Shi Chang Xiao trembled with fear for one second, by then immediately solidified his stance, and released his own Xuan Qi to withstand the Solitary Falcon’s attack.

    Fei Meng Chen and the three Elders of the Silver Blizzard City immediately flew out! The difference in strength of these six experts was clearly visible in this moment.

    The two powerful Qi fields collided mid-air; a fierce and piercing sound was issued and it seemed as if the entire space had come to a stand-still; the rain ceased from pouring down, and started flowing skywards instead, making for a miraculous spectacle.

    All building within a twenty meter radius collapsed to the ground almost instantaneously, and all the grass and bushed were uprooted while the trees trunks snapped into two regardless of their thickness, and were sent out flying in all directions.

    The fierce after-effect of this collision left everyone staring blackly at each other; even the two Peak Spirit Xuan masters were staring at each other dumbstruck!

    Because this annihilation was accompanied by another very strange occurrence…….

    One of the breaking trees had very clearly spoken something before snapping into two. The two words of this tree were brief, powerful and sonorous:

    “Damn it!”

    Did that tree actually talk?

    And then the tree actually spoke another sentence:

    “Fight if you want to, but why are you punishing trees like me?”

    “This is the voice of that mysterious black-masked man!” the Third Elder blurted out.

    It seems that guy has been hiding in that tree all along; this was no miracle…. It has to be him!

    Even though Shi Chang Xiao and the Solitary Falcon felt rather strange about this new development, they both simultaneously flew out, and smashed that tree to sawdust!

    But they were very disappointed with this talking tree……

    Even though they had all heard the tree talk, there was no one inside it!

    The two supreme beings were left staring at each blankly, ashamed at their skill: the two of them had undertaken the task together……. And still the person had somehow managed to slip away!

    Jun Mo Xie had been cheerfully hiding inside the trunk of the tree, and was analyzing the merit and demerit of his actions; the benefits he felt he could derive from this situation, the happier he would become. But then suddenly the tree’s trunk snapped into two……

    The size of this tree’s trunk was enough to conceal Jun Mo Xie’s body, so naturally the force that broke it was enough to hurt his spine. He somehow managed to restrain his scream, but wasn’t able to restrain his abuses.

    He immediately realized his mistake after cursing out, and then tried to make up for it with the sentence he spoke immediately after; however, knowing that he had exposed his hiding spot, he immediately vanished into the ground below……

    The two Peak Spirit Xuan experts immediately felt an empty feeling inside their stomach.

    Solitary Falcon and Shi Chang Xiao was staring at each other with confused look on their faces at the moment, and were soon joined by the three Elders of the Silver Blizzard City. They all started looking at each other, trying to assess if this cheap trickster had somehow managed to fool them all. The Solitary Falcon removed the Xuan Core from his pocket and shouted: “This thing is broken; I don’t want it!” his hands trembled as he threw the Xuan Core in Fei Meng Chen’s direction.

    Fei Meng Chen had already resigned to the fact that he would never get his hands on the Xuan Core, and was naturally overjoyed to realize that the Xuan Core was now falling straight into his hands by a twist of fate. He stepped forward to garb the Xuan Core, but instantly heard a rustling-like sound, which was obviously being made by everyone else’s movement in his background…….

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