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Chapter 188–An unforeseen event

    Chapter 188–An unforeseen event

    Shi Chang Xiao had already decided that he’d flee once he had gotten his hands on the Xuan Core. His cultivation level had already reached the peak of Spirit Xuan realm several years ago, but there hadn’t been any progress ever since. However, he could attack the next bottleneck with the help of this Xuan Core, and could then reach new and insurmountable heights!

    Shi Chang Xiao was confident that he would become capable of waging and winning a battle against Mo Wen Tian after he had succeeded in expanding his Xuan Qi further, and was sure that he could even challenge Li Jue Tian thereafter, which meant that he would rise up in the list of the ‘Eight Great Masters’!

    If he was successful in defeating Li Jue Tian, then his name would be spoken in the same breath as Yun Bei Chen!

    He’d be at the peak of the world!

    Even the Yu Tang Empire would benefit from this, and would become the overlord of the Xuan Xuan continent! After all, the strongest man alive, Shi Chang Xiao would belong to the Yu Tang Empire!

    Shi Chang Xiao couldn’t control his excitement as these thoughts gushed about in his head, so much so that he had even started to thank the Solitary Falcon for allowing him to seize this opportunity!

    The Three Elders of the Silver Blizzard City were flatly unable to understand the reason behind the Solitary Falcon’s lack of action at the moment, but knew that they simply couldn’t allow Shi Chang Xiao to succeed. Therefore, the three of them joined hands once again, and rallied to attack Shi Chang Xiao!

    However, Shi Chang Xiao was so close to success at the moment that he completely ignored their advance, and focused his attention on getting his hands on the Xuan Core first! The three Elders of the Silver Blizzard City had been refraining from using their Qi fields to contest against Shi Chang Xiao for the fear of sustaining injuries, but that fear was nothing compared to the terror that Shi Chang Xiao would reek in case he succeeded in capturing this Xuan Core!

    The situation however, had already gotten out of hand now……

    Jun Mo Xie stared at the proceeding helplessly; even though the Yin and Yang Escape law was beyond anyone’s strangest imagination, and even though the Solitary Falcon and Shi Chang Xiao were unable to detect his presence as a result, but even though his silhouette was invisible, his body was real. If he rashly rushed into Shi Chang Xiao’s Qi field, and something went wrong then he’d end up in a significant amount of danger;after all, his strength was much weaker in comparison!

    Aren’t those two weird looking guys going to do anything? Jun Mo Xie was rather angry at the moment, and had already started cursing inwardly. In fact, Jun Mo Xie had even forgotten that those two strange looking men weren’t under his control…..

    Should I use the Hongjun Pagoda’s burst as a last resort? The Young Master Jun couldn’t help wondering; If things get out of control then I’ll use it as a last resort!

    However, another unexpected turn of events startled everyone again……

    “That Xuan Core belongs to me!” a loud voice rang!

    Coincidentally this loud voice’s sound coincided with a bolt of thunder; however, the booming sound of this voice actually managed to suppress the sound of the thunder!

    The powerful and sonorous voice rang in everyone’s ears, and seeped all the way down to the bottom of their souls!

    Two black colored figures emerged from their hiding spot at speeds surpassing that of thunder strikes; one of the two men was in humanly big and burly! In fact, his body was so huge that even Dugu Wudi’s stature seemed humble in from of him!

    He smashed his way forward and past the three Elders of the Silver Blizzard City, and then landing straight in front of Fei Meng Chen and the Solitary Falcon, and started punching them wildly.

    The other man floated through the air swiftly and towards Shi Chang Xiao; comparing his body’s stealth to smoke would have been an understatement as he casually extended his arm and grabbed the Xuan Core right from under Shi Chang Xiao’s nose. Meanwhile, his other hand firmly stretched out to confront the angered Shi Chang Xiao’s desperate attack, and solidly collided with Shi Chang Xiao’s palm!

    “Bang” their collision gave rise to a loud noise, and Shi Chang Xiao was sent staggering back in the air, unable to control his decreasing altitude; the black colored man was already sent out somersaulting through the air, creating a marvelous air show, but then his body suddenly changed its direction in the most bizarre of ways, and he starting speeding away with the Xuan Core!

    “Got it, let’s go!”

    Jun Mo Xie’s mind was thrown in a state of complete shock all of a sudden, and he immediately started pushing his Qi into the Hongjun Pagoda to incite the Pagoda into full force rotations in the hope of using its energy to regain control over the situation.

    Since Jun Mo Xie had deployed the Pagoda into action under the cover of the Yin Yang Escape Law’s stealth, the Solitary Falcon and Shi Chang Xiao took no notice of it, but the body of that black colored man who was bolting away with the Xuan Core immediately trembled, and he suddenly turned around. His sparkling eyes started searching for the source of this momentum, clearly reflecting the desires of his heart; however, his speed of escape still didn’t reduce.

    Even the other black colored man’s body trembled at the instant when the Hongjun Pagoda was set into motion, and he too started looking around in all directions.

    That big and burly man was engaged in combat against five Spirit Xuan experts at the moment, but he was making no attempt to dodge their attacks. In fact, he was readily exchanging blows with them, kicking them back for every kick, and punching them back for every punch he received. His body had turned into a punching bag for the five Spirit Xuan Experts, and all five of them punched and kicked him several times in quick succession, forcing the man to cover his stomach with his hands for protection as he screamed twice to relieve himself of his physical pain.

    However, his other hand still continued to punch the three Elder of the Silver Blizzard City, and the sheer weight of his hands was enough to give three Elders of the Silver Blizzard City something to think about!

    This man continued to exchange blows with the five Spirit Xuan experts till his comrade issued to command for retreat. However, once the command was given, he changing his strategy and started trying to escape away from his enemies. However, everyone had already realized his intention, and they all quickly formed a circle around him, kicking and punching him in unison to ensure that he wouldn’t be able to escape out alive!

    Suddenly another astonishing thing happened…….

    The burly man made no move to defend himself this time either, and charged out of the encirclement, taking all the attacks on his body. Even though his body trembled under the effect of the paralyzing pain, he paid no attention to it until he had forced his way out of the encirclement; then, he howled in pain, twisted his waist, and spat out a mouthful of blood….

    And then, he spread out his giant feet, and bolted away from the crowd to safety.

    The Solitary Falcon, Fei Meng Chen and the three Elders of the Silver Blizzard City simply looked on with dismal in their eyes!

    This man cultivation level must have already reached the Spirit Xuan realm, which was quite an exceptional and rare feat in its own merit. However, even though it seemed as if he was marginally stronger than Fei Meng Chen, he was still visibly much weaker than the Solitary Falcon! Everyone present had already been able to assess this very clearly by now!

    However, even then this mad maniac had somehow pulled off a stunt such as fighting solo against five Spirit Xuan experts without defending himself; a feat that even Yun Bei Chen wouldn’t dream of attempting!

    Even though these Spirit Xuan experts had already consumed a fair amount of their energies, they were still all Spirit Xuan experts! Even if a team of five Spirit Xuan strong had confronted these experts, they wouldn’t have acted in such a bold manner either; especially when one considers the fact that these five Spirit Xuan experts were all in a very desperate and hysterical state of mind at the moment…..

    This man had not only survived so many blows, but had actually managed to escape away at the mere cost of some blood loss! And even though he had sustained some injuries, his injuries still didn’t affect the speed at which he was fleeing away from them! What is going on? Isn’t this affair getting stranger with every passing moment?!

    This sudden change of events had obviously left Shi Chang Xiao the most depressed out of the lot, after all, he was closest to success at the time these two men had intervened. Even though his anger was on the verge of exploding, the suspicion of his heart suppressed it……

    There are barely a handful of people in this world who are actually capable of walking straight past my Qi Field, and then repel me in combat to steal away something from right under my nose… and I can name all of them…… but who was this guy?

    The only thing that I’m sure is that, this man isn’t one of the ‘Eight Great Master’….. but who apart from us would have the courage to charge into a tiger’s den in this manner?

    The other black colored man’s scream instantly woke up Shi Chang Xiao from his train of thoughts, and he immediately realized that this man had a partner, and therefore he naturally thought of intercepting the man’s partner instead. However, he turned around and witnessed the madness with which that man was making his escape from an encirclement of five Spirit Xuan experts, and was left glued to his spot with his mouth hung open in shock……

    A team of two people had somehow managed to sneak in, and had then managed to steal a Xuan Core from the hands of two Peak Spirit Xuan experts, four Spirit Xuan experts, and about twenty Sky Xuan experts…..

    If this news ever got out, it would bring them all a whole lot of shame.

    However, no one had any time to think about all the disgrace they would have to suffer since they were still busy standing glued to their spot speechlessly out of utter shock and disbelief! The fighting capabilities of these two people were unheard off! Even Yun Bei Chen wasn’t capable of doing what these two men had just demonstrated!

    “My God, who were those monsters?” an Earth Xuan who had been spectating the fight from the outermost periphery after injuring himself severely in battle, opened his mouth in horror and spoke up, not even bothering about the raindrops that went straight into his mouth.

    Even though his reaction was a fairly normal one, but Shi Chang Xiao and the Solitary Falcon immediately halted in their steads even though they had just decided to follow after these two people! They both stared at each other with eyes wide open; anyone could clearly see the look of horror in their usually confident eyes!

    Fei Meng Chen slowly flew over towards them, and asked with a serious look on his face, “Were they?” he spoke his sentence in a rather soft tone.

    The Solitary Falcon and Shi Chang Xiao grunted; the face of these two Peak Spirit Xuan masters had already turned pale. Fei Meng Chen’s face also changed colors, making a total ‘pale face’ count of three……

    The three Elders of the Silver Blizzard City were also looking at each other in horror. The Sixth Elder wiped the wisps of blood which was staining the corner of his mouth: “The Tian Fa is……”

    “My ass!” the Third Elder snapped angrily: “You think you’re so smart? Haven’t we been ashamed enough for one day… isn’t this already enough?” then he sighed, and said: “Since they have already joined this fray, we should immediately pack up and get out of here with the Little Princess.”

    “Would they come back again?” Shi Chang Xiao frowned as he muttered to himself; he stretched out his hand, and looked at his palm which now had four red marks on it! If it wasn’t for my Qi field’s protection, then I would have lost my hand! This palm mark resembles that of a wild beast rather than that of a human…….

    Shi Chang Xiao flexed his fingers, sighed and said: “and now my hand has touched them, but is that legend really true?” the fear of the trauma he had just suffered was still lingering in his voice.

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