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Chapter 191–The real objective

    Chapter 191–The real objective

    “Naturally. I can give you things far more valuable than this Xuan Core.” Jun Mo Xie’s voice was full of temptation. Jun Mo Xie obviously couldn’t fulfil his words on his own, but as long as he had the Hongjun Pagoda to support him, he could give these people things far more valuable than they could ever imagine.

    “Perhaps you’ve misunderstood us; we only came here in search of this condensed Core, and not for money or anything similar.” Long Crane looked at Jun Mo Xie with a hint of pain and disappointment: “We’re simply here for this condensed Core; we don’t intend on doing anything else.”

    Jun Mo Xie was paying special attention to their words, and realized that these people were referring to the Xuan Core as ‘condensed’ Core, and he could sense that these two people considered these two things to be completely different from each other.

    “Brother, don’t you think that this guy is talking too much nonsense? Kid, just get out of here quickly! You’re really pissing me off!” Big Bear’s eyes were glaring at Jun Mo Xie: “Otherwise, I’ll beat you death! Your life is meaningless anyway, so we might as well use it for some enjoyment huh… what do you say third brother?”

    “Beat me to death? Are you sure that you’re strong enough?” Jun Mo Xie batted his eyelids as he spoke his words in a rather proud and self-confident manner.

    Although Jun Mo Xie was rather surprised that his bold attitude hadn’t completely terrified this person, he knew well that he would need to continue with this charade anyway.

    “Maybe not.” Big Bear sincerely shook his head, and then puffed up his chest: “But you certainly don’t have the strength to kill me!”

    “Was I even talking to you? Did I say that I wish to kill you? Although I’ll say this, I admire your strength just as you admire mine!” Jun Mo Xie looked at that man in confusion: “Big Bear, aren’t you the fourth born child?”

    “Yes ah! How do you know?” Big Bear scratched his head as he looked at Jun Mo Xie with a rather surprised expression on his face.

    Jun Mo Xie was left completely dumbstruck. How do I know? Your third brother just introduced you as his fourth brother, and you’re still asking ‘how I know’? I thought you were just playing dumb… but I guess I was wrong; you really are as dumb as you sound!

    “You really are the fourth idiot!” Jun Mo Xie searched his belly and brain for a long time to find a better adjective, but wasn’t very successful at it.

    “How do you know my childhood name? Did the second brother tell you this? Have you met the second brother?” Big Bear’s eyes glared at Jun Mo Xie again: “You’ve certainly met him, haven’t you? Tell me, how do you know? And I’m warning you; don’t call me by that name again! It really irritates me!”

    “Uh…. I see… I guess I’ll just call you Big Bear…. Or Brother Bear.” Jun Mo Xie decided to take the advice.

    “That’s more like it.” Big Bear proudly shook his head: “I prefer Big Bear… but I guess that Brother Bear isn’t that bad a name either……”

    Jun Mo Xie was at a complete loss of words. I’ve seen some reckless idiots before also, who just go about causing trouble; take the Dugu boys for example, they are quite stupid in their own merit…. but I’ve never seen such a big fool in my entire life……

    You really are….

    You really are worth of being a legendary fool, Big Bear! Your stupidity is simply unfathomable!

    Jun Mo Xie seemed a bit tired now since he had been using his own Qi to keep the Hongjun Pagoda in motion. If he stopped using his energy to keep the Pagoda in motion, then these people would be able to sense his true strength.

    This would obviously not be good for Jun Mo Xie, and he might even end up in a lot of trouble since these two people were only entertaining him because he was coming across a very mysterious man at the moment, who could emit the kind of energy they cherished the most.

    “Please state your intentions clearly, Sire.” Long Crane was cautiously looking at Jun Mo Xie. Although he could intuitively feel that this mysterious man wasn’t very strong, but he still found it rather strange that he was unable to sense the true extent of the man’s strength. Moreover, this man’s body was exuding a very delicious energy; the kind that no high-end Xuan Beast could resist!

    “State my intention? Well, that’s rather simple. I would like to trouble the two of you with a task.” Jun Mo Xie decided to be straightforward rather than beating around the bush any longer.

    “Ha Ha Ha, you’d like us to do something for you? Do you know who we are? Why do you thing that we’ll help you?” Long Crane broke into laughter at first, and then continued in a mocking tone: “Do you think that you can blackmail us into doing anything just because you have something that we desire?! You Sire, are simply too naïve! Just remind yourself that we actually managed to pilfer this Condensed Core from the Solitary Falcon and Shi Chang Xiao very smoothly. And don’t forget that they didn’t even have the courage to chase after us. Do you really think that you’re stronger than the Solitary Falcon and Shi Chang Xiao?”

    “Stop acting like you’re some super strong humans. You’re just high-end Xuan beasts. You may be able to deceive other people, but not me; and if you really weren’t interested in what I have to offer, then you would not have come back! As far as ‘grabbing’ that Core is concerned, do you really think that you did it on your own? You might be strong enough to withstand a few attacks from Shi Chang Xiao and the Solitary Falcon, but do you really believe that you would’ve gotten away as comfortably in case they genuinely engaged you in combat? Do you actually think that they were afraid of your individual strength?” Jun Mo Xie’s double-meaning tone was genuinely awe-inspiring; he seemed to be reminding them of their position but was somehow managing to do it without angering them.

    This mysterious duo had engaged several Spirit Xuan and Sky Xuan experts in the past, and had managed to get away with ease each time. However, they were both aware that their strength wasn’t enough to compete against Shi Chang Xiao and the Solitary Falcon at the same time. Even though their corporeal bodies were far more powerful, sturdier, and energetic than a normal Spirit Xuan human being’s body, but they knew well that it wouldn’t be easy for them to contest against an actual Spirit Xuan in a full-fledged fight.

    Even though their self-respect would force them to believe otherwise, these two top-notch Xuan beasts were well aware of this fact, and couldn’t help feeling at a complete loss for words at the moment!

    Jun Mo Xie obviously realized this simple fact, and decided against provoking them any further; therefore, he simply laughed and said: “Since we can all benefit by helping each other, then why should we fight over such petty things? If the two of you feel that my conditions and offers are too harsh at the moment, then take some time and discuss the pros and cons of my offer for a while!”

    “Although you two are quite powerful already, but breaking past the next bottleneck won’t be very easy for either of you anytime soon; I can help you with that. Especially when you consider the fact that the two of you are already at a very advanced stage, it will be very difficult for you to find someone with the knowledge and experience to help you make the next breakthrough….. But I can provide you with all that; I can provide you with the things you need the most… and the things you lack….. the things that are most scarce in this world…. Isn’t that a good thing for you?”

    “Strength is the most important thing in this world! If you’re not strong enough, then your end will come sooner or later, or perhaps you’ll just end up fighting for a Xuan Core like this one like everyone else!”

    Jun Mo Xie exposed an evil smile: “Although that time is still far away, but everyone in the Xuan Xuan Continent knows what happens with respect to a Xuan Beast’s evolution. Once a beast reaches the peak of its present stage, it may or may not be able to advance any further… and once a Xuan Beast starts to age, his strength eventually degrades! And when that time comes, even an ordinary Spirit Xuan expert could kill you in battle! Don’t tell me, has the dark and gloom of the Tian Fa forest already erased the memory of the world outside it from your minds?”

    Both these “people” started breathing heavily all of a sudden, and it seemed that Jun Mo Xie’s acidic words had already corroded down to the bottom of their hearts.

    “Just think about it… the outside world is so beautiful… you won’t have to worry about food, or lodging, and just think about all the beautiful, beautiful women, and all those colorful things….. as long as you are strong enough, you could have every pleasure that this world has to offer…. at your fingertips!”

    Jun Mo Xie continued to tempt them: “Need I remind you of all the benefits you could get if you managed to evolve further? …. And in exchange, I only ask this one thing of you! My task may last a few days’ time, but you’ll get a lifetime of freedom and immense strength in return! Isn’t that enough?”

    “Though your words make a lot of sense, but we have a habit; we don’t take orders from the weak! So if you really wish to impress us, then show us that you’re stronger than us; else why would we need to take orders from you?” Long Crane thought for a long while before replying, but his eyes seemed to be sparkling at this point.

    These two “people” were considered the King Beasts inside the Tian Fa forest! And such top-notch Xuan Beasts had their honor, so much so that they would never bow down to the weak even if they had an extreme desire or need of something that the ‘weak’ had to offer in return for their submission!

    Ever since Jun Mo Xie had realized that he could attract high-end Xuan Beasts to himself, and that he could even help a Xuan Beast in evolving further, he had started planning for this. His intention behind attracting the top-notch beasts from the Tian Fa forest was simple; if he was able to attract the best and the most powerful beasts of the Tian Fa forest to his side, then he wouldn’t need to fear any power in this world!

    However there was one other prerequisite, that is, he would need to find a way to make these beasts obey his orders; but only Yun Bei Chen was powerful enough to command their strength!

    Jun Mo Xie was well aware that he wasn’t just trying to control an infant Iron Winged Panther anymore, but a dignified Peak Level Nine Xuan Beast; and therefore, he knew that he would need to plan everything very meticulously. In case even one flaw of his plan was exposed, then not only would he stand to lose his grip on these Xuan Beasts, but his own life may end up in a whole lot of danger!

    Therefore, the young master Jun had carried out his plan very precisely; he had first spread the news about this Xuan Core across the whole continent to incite the interest of the various powers of this world in the hope that this news also reaches the ears such top-notch Xuan Beasts. In case so many powerful forces were to contest for a Xuan Core, then these beasts were also rather unlikely to sit back and watch.

    Jun Mo Xie’s first objective was obviously to improve his Family’s position before the starting of the war by weakening all hostile strengths, but he only had one ultimate objective: To attract the King Beasts! And then tame them!

    He was well aware that he wouldn’t have the strength to do just that, but felt that he could use the Hongjun Pagoda for support in this case! Even though he wasn’t strong enough to do this on his own, but he still felt that his idea was justified; If I already have the strength of a Spirit Xuan experts, then what would I need these Xuan Beasts for?

    Therefore, Jun Mo Xie had been training day and night ever since in order to strengthen his body enough to support the connection with the Hongjun Pagoda for prolonged periods of time. The additional mastery over the ‘Yin Yang Escape’ law had allowed him to push things ahead of schedule.

    The reason he had asked Jun Wu Yi to find him some Xuan Core was simple; he needed to conduct some experiments in order to make the appropriate preparations!

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