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Chapter 194–A taste of one’s own medicine

    Chapter 194–A taste of one’s own medicine

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    “I’m not trying to brag, but this isn’t a child’s play.” Big Bear opened his mouth and bragged in high spirits.

    “I admire you, that was excellent. I’ve sincerely conceived and conceded by defeat!” Jun Mo Xie replied in an authentic and heartfelt tone.

    Jun Mo Xie had only conceded this round since he didn’t have an option. Jun Mo Xie was a fairly shameless character in his own merit, but he knew that he wouldn’t be capable of accomplishing a feat such as this one.

    Apart from being plainly shameless, Big Bear’s stunt was also extremely difficult to master for a human being.

    If the task was to achieve a high altitude in the air and then urinate, then some people could master it with practice. But to urinate in the air while maintaining one’s position…. even Yun Bei Chen would’ve given up on this task.

    This was a plainly physiological action; in order to maintain one’s altitude in the sky, a person needs to constantly circulate their Xuan Qi around his body, and by doing so, one’s body turns rigid, irrespective of the person’s innate strength.

    Although it’s not difficult to revolve around in the sky, but one would need to relax every muscle of his body in order to urinate…… which would make this task absolutely impossible; because once a person relaxes his body’s muscles, that man would immediately start falling to the ground!

    A bystander would ask, how was Big Bear able to pull off this action when even Yun Bei Chen wouldn’t have been able to? Does this mean that Big Bear is even stronger than Yun Bei Chen?

    This feat had nothing to do with Big Bear’s innate strength!

    The essence of this lay in the mere distinction between humans and Xuan Beasts. Powerful beasts such as Big Bear and his Brother were gifted with a special talent or perhaps ability, called ‘Stagnation’!

    Xuan Beasts were capable of using this ability to freely venture into the sky at any time they wished to without using their Xuan Qi, whereas a human would need to employ his Xuan Qi to achieve the same. Therefore, in this regard, a Xuan Beast was undoubtedly far superior to a human. Moreover, Big Bear was already one of the strongest of his kind……

    In reality, Big Bear was not only the younger than his brothers, he was also the weakest one, but when it came to performing such a task to score a victory, Long Crane would’ve rather chosen to lose instead of doing such a shameless act in public, which is why Big Bear had heroically taken the charge, and had volunteered to perform the task.

    Of course, Big Bear’s thick skinned nature played a massive role in performing this task, but it also managed to bring his side back on level terms in one single swoop, leaving each side with one victory and one loss as it stood at present.

    Long Crane was standing with his back towards Jun Mo Xie; his shoulders were already stooping low, and it seemed that he didn’t even have the courage to stand and look Jun Mo Xie in the eye.

    I wish I was dead!

    There can be no greater shame for a dignified Beast from the Tian Fa forest; we actually resorted to unfair means to score a victory…. Thankfully there are only three people present here, but the other party seems to be quite powerful in his own merit, and may know some very powerful people as well… In case he tells the world about my fourth Brother’s stunt, then it would be very humiliating for us…… damn it, just how can I explain it to him that he mustn’t tell the world about the manner in which we just won this round…..

    “Brother Crane, Congratulations, your Fourth Brother’s mid-air stunt was really amazing, and I concede my defeat.”

    Jun Mo Xie had obviously sensed that Long Crane wasn’t as thick-skinned as his younger brother, and decided to tease him for it; obviously Jun Mo Xie was just trying to vent out his gloom by doing this. “After this glorious victory, I think that it’s best that the winners of the second round decide the final round’s theme. So please Brother Crane, decide the next round’s task.”

    Long Crane coughed twice to conceal his embarrassment, then gave Big Bear a ferocious glance before turning around to face Jun Mo Xie, only to reveal his embarrassed face, and then smile unnaturally, and spoke in a weird tone: “Thank you brother Feng, you really have a very high tolerance….. and thanks for giving us the chance to decide the next round……”

    “That’s alright brother, this was truly a good learning experience for me, and I honor my defeat.” Jun Mo Xie was barely able to utter the words ‘truly a good learning experience’, in fact it seemed that he would bite his lips shut at any moment. However, Jun Mo Xie clearly knew that he wasn’t as strong as Big Bear or his brother, and even though Jun Mo Xie knew that Big Bear had cheated him in this round, he didn’t refute it since he was also aware that he done the same in the previous round…..

    He had just gotten a taste of his own medicine!

    Long Crane on the other hand was a proud personality, and had always carried himself with dignity. He would have rather resigned himself to losing this contest, but would’ve never resorted to using unfair means to win it. However, his reckless and shameless Fourth Brother had done exactly what he despised the most in the world, which had left him feeling very unpleasant inside. Firstly, he felt quite cheap for using such methods to secure a victory, and secondly, he felt sorry for his opponent, and thirdly, he needed this incident to stay a secret.

    And just then, Jun Mo Xie’s offer to allow him to decide the third round had completely humbled him.

    The more he thought into it, the more ashamed he felt. Moreover, the fact that Jun Mo Xie had decided to concede the round without even attempting the task, made things even worse for him. In fact, he had already started associating himself with Jun Mo Xie by now…..

    “Thank you brother…. The next one… the next one…..” Long Crane strained himself hard for a long time, but was unable to come up with anything suitable. This opponent was really giving him a headache. On top of that, the noble demeanor of the opposition was making him feel even guiltier inwardly. Moreover, his heart was carrying a faint feeling that the other side would be able to imitate any action that he could think of.

    Long Crane hadn’t felt this way in a long time; in fact, this was only the second time in his entire life that he had ever felt this way! The first time was when he was faced with Yun Bei Chen!

    As this thought crossed his mind, a burst of horror gripped Long Crane’s heart: Is this man really capable of matching up to Yun Bei Chen’s mastery?

    Big Bear squeezed closer to his brother, covered his mouth, and said: “Third Brother, haven’t you already thought of it? It’s very simple!”

    Long Crane glared back at him, simply unwilling to entertain him any further.

    “So, have you thought of something?” Jun Mo Xie looked at them.

    “Yes.” Big Bear opened his big mouth once again: “The next thing also involves peeing, are you ready for it?”

    Ah! Is there any limit to this guy’s shamelessness?

    His remark left both Jun Mo Xie and Long Crane staggering.

    There has to a limit to shamelessness, right? He’s as shameless as an animal! No, even calling him an ‘Animal’ isn’t enough to describe him…… there really isn’t a word despicable enough to describe this man…!

    “How’ve you already not died of shame yet?!” Long Crane started hurling abuses at his younger brother, and then impulsively kicked his brother’s buttocks in rage: “You go and stand there on one side! Even if you don’t have any sense of shame, your third brother still does!”

    Big Bear pouted as he rubbed his buttocks, feeling wronged: “Third Brother, you curse me in front of outsiders, isn’t that shameful for me? Don’t I have my own pride? And in case you really wanted to kick me, you could have done that in person… this wasn’t right…..”

    “Bah! What shame are you talking about? You’ve already ashamed yourself a long time ago!” Long Crane continued to hurl abuses as his brother in resentment since his brother had been failing to meet his expectations and he was beginning to run out of patience now: “Roll over to one side, and don’t you dare to open your mouth again!”

    “You obviously can’t think of anything by yourself, so I came up with something and I even managed to win us the round, and you’re still asking to keep shut…..” Big Bear muttered to himself as he bitterly took two steps to the side.

    “Actually, I don’t think I have any problems with the Fourth Brother’s suggestion; none at all. In fact, it would be fully in compliance with our agreement in case the fourth Brother decides to carry out the same task more than once.” Jun Mo Xie’s face suddenly revealed a strange smile.

    “Ah?” Long Crane couldn’t prevent himself from exclaiming out loud: “Wouldn’t you lose the round for certain if he did it again?”

    Big Bear opened his mouth once again: “Boy, don’t you go about thinking that Big Bear has just peed once, so he won’t be able to do it again. I have a large storage, so I can even go more than once without any issues……” Big Bear wanted to continue with his sentence, but his words withered under Long Crane’s angry glance, and he resigned to muttering to himself: “I was only talking for his good… he thinks he’s too clever, so I just wanted to remind him that we’re far superior.….”

    “I don’t doubt the Fourth Brother’s words, but if we repeated the previous task in the exact same manner, then it would be rather dull and boring, wouldn’t it? Therefore, I suggest that we change it around a bit, how about that?!”

    Long Crane thought about it and said: “We’d like to hear about the details!”

    Jun Mo Xie smiled: “It’s very simple. The Fourth Brother demonstrated that he can urinate in the sky, which means that it’s easy for him to urinate both on the ground, and in the sky. So how about we modify this task, and we urinate underground this time?”

    “Urinate underground?” Big Bear opened his mouth once again: “How’s this even possible? A person would suffocate once they go underground, and how could you possibly release it if you’re simply surrounded by soil and stone? Even if you’re lucky enough to find a lose patch, how on earth would you be able to move about?”

    “What do you mean?….. are you saying that you can’t do it?” Jun Mo Xie smiled.

    “It is impossible to do this.” They both shook their heads in unison: “It’s easy in the sky since there is a void, but inside the ground…. That’s simply impossible; can you do it?”

    “What would you two say if I managed to do it?” Jun Mo Xie hummed provocatively. I let you cheat me once, but this time it’s my turn!

    “Then we’ll concede our defeat!” they looked at each other and smiled. This is good for us, hmm hmm, it seems that he’s trying to make up for his defeat in the sky by doing it underground, but even the two of us can’t accomplish such a task, so how could this guy, right? This guy is so silly… even if you manage to get inside the ground, you’d still have to loosen up, try and find out for yourself kid! Anyway, it seems like this kid is only trying to experiment with this task…. It would be fun to see him fail at it hmm…..

    Since they both felt that their opponent was unsure about executing this task, they both immediately nodded and agreed for this action to be appointed as the third round’s challenge without even discussing it any further amongst themselves…..

    “I’ll go first!” Jun Mo Xie raised his hands, and the two of them suddenly felt a strong Aura in the air which they had been aching to get their hands on. They simply couldn’t prevent themselves from inhaling its fervent and beautiful scent as they licked their lips, while their hearts itched to absorb it all.

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