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Chapter 196–Let’s do it like this

    Chapter 196–Let’s do it like this

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    “That’s all good, but I have to take step back here. The target has now changed to Xue Hun Manor instead of Li Jue Tian, and this reduces the task’s difficulty but a few grades. Therefore it seems to me that the reward I was previously offering is now too much…..” Jun Mo Xie puckered his brows tightly, seemingly wishing to go back on his word since it seemed as if he’d overpaid for this bargain.

    “Brother, you mustn’t go back on the terms ah, the Xue Hun Manor is considered the second strongest force of this continent ah! Don’t you think that it’s enough? This will be too big a task for anyone else other than us…..”

    Even though Big Bear was prompt to reply, his words still sounded very sincere: “Please don’t think that destroying the Xue Hun Manor will be an easy task… firstly, destroying the Xue Hun Manor will provoke the wrath of Li Jue Tian, and secondly, if we destroy the Xue Hun Manor, then won’t it solve your problems with them? The two of us will also have to pay a considerable price for it ah.”

    “My Fourth Brother is right, even though the Xue Hun Manor is considered weaker than the Silver Blizzard City, it is only so because Li Jue Tian is always away from the Xue Hun Manor whereas Han Feng Xue is always inside the Silver Blizzard City. If you take these two masters out of the equation, then these two powers are neck to neck in terms of their strength and influence.” Long Crane added.

    “If that’s the case, then let’s do it like this.” Jun Mo Xie wrinkled his brows together, still unwilling to settle for the current deal: “However, it still seems that I’m taking a bit of a loss in this deal, so I’d like to attach an additional request, and I’d insist that you complete this request as well, otherwise I’d consider this deal over!”

    “Please express your request; as long as you don’t require us to kill Li Jue Tian, we’d be willing to do one more task for you in addition to destroying the Xue Hun Manor!” Seeing Jun Mo Xie losing interest in the deal, Big Bear hastily made the commitment.

    “Li Jue Tian has a son, Li Teng Yun; He’s even more annoying than Li Jue Tian himself! This person must be taught a good lesson, and if possible, I’d like him dead as well!” Jun Mo Xie exposed a sinister smile: “Of course, I’d like him castrated one way or the other.”

    “That’s simply out of question!” they both spoke up in unison: “Li Jue Tian fathered that boy after the age of eighty, and he also happens to be Li Jue Tian’s only child. In case we kill him or even castrate him, then it would be tantamount to depriving Li Jue Tian of his bloodline. I’m afraid that Li Jue Tian will never forgive the Tian Fa forest for it, and we’ll have to pay this debt with our blood for generations to come… and this is one consequence we simply cannot afford to bear!” Long Crane explained.

    “If this isn’t going to work, then how do we go about it?” Jun Mo Xie seemed to be losing his temper at this point: “Besides, if Li Jue Tian can father a son at the age of eighty, then I’m sure that he can father another at the age of hundred as well! So why are you so worried about it?”

    “He became the laughing stock of the world when he fathered a child at the age of eighty, and in case he has to father another at the age of hundred, then I’m afraid that he’ll die of the shame this world will instill on him for it.” Big Bear shook his head regretfully.

    Long Crane decided to walk the road of sensibility once again: “This request is too difficult to complete since this request is the same as annihilating Li Jue Tian’s bloodline! However, if your purpose is only to teach Li Teng Yun a lesson, then we could perhaps beat up the boy very severely on your behalf; in fact, we’ll make sure that he’s rendered incapable of getting out of his bed for more than a year if you wish it, how about that?”

    Long Crane thought about it for a moment, came up with a compromise, and then said: “However, if you insist on kill the boy, then I’m afraid that we’ll have to back away from this assignment all together.”

    “The Eight Great Masters are very selfish people by nature, and apart from Yun bei Chen, all the others seem to hate each other. Unless they see a personal gain, they don’t even try to help each other out of grave situations. In reality, even attacking the Xue Hun Manor would push this peace we currently have to its limit…. I’m sure your distinguished self can understand the limitations of our position….”

    “If you can guarantee that you’ll wreak havoc on the Xue Hun Manor, and moreover, you’ll break Li Teng Yun’s legs; both of them, and ensure that he isn’t even able to crawl around for a years’ time, then we can consider this deal reached!” Jun Mo Xie decided to act flexibly in order to take advantage of this situation.

    Long Crane and Big Bear discussed the proposal for a while, and then replied: “In that case, we have a deal!”

    “We have a deal!” Jun Mo Xie smiled, and stretched out his hand: “Let’s shake hands and swear it!”

    “Clap!” they joined their palms together, indicating that they had agreed on terms.

    Long Crane and Big Bear were both quite excited, if we can trade this task for an opportunity to evolve our state, then it’s a good deal for us. We’re getting a really good deal here considering that we don’t even have to kill Li Jue Tian, or his son, and we only have to weaken and destroy the Xue Hun Manor’s strength.

    Just the thought of living several years of their life in a free and leisurely manner post their evolution was enough to tickle their imaginations, if we are able to progress again, then our strengths will reach at par with the Eldest Brother, and then we won’t even have to fear the Eight Great Masters!

    Jun Mo Xie was excited as his partners. A near-negligible use of the Hongjun Pagoda’s energy in exchange for this assignment’s competition would immediately solve all problems surrounding Guan Qing Han, and would delay his troubles for at least half a years’ time; this is a very cost-effective deal… I just got lucky here!

    “I suppose that one months’ time should be enough to settle this matter, what do you say about that?” Jun Mo Xie stated hastily at first, but then controlled himself since he realized that he might end up revealing too much information in his excitement.

    “That’s not an issue!” Long Crane and Big Bear replied back anxiously as they smiled. A months’ time for this task is a lot of time. This is simply too much time considering our strength! Ha ha…..

    “Brother Feng, how do we find you after the matter is resolved?” Long Crane finally raised the issue in a subtle and calm manner.

    “You can seek out the Jun Family’s residence in the Tian Xiang City, and then you may inform Jun Wu Yi, that the Xue Hun Manor has been dismantled as per requirement. Then, you can wait a moment, and I’ll meet you again to honor my promise!” Jun Mo Xie solemnly vowed.

    I finally have a way to take care of the Xue Hun Manor and the Silver Blizzard City; even if it’s only a temporary solution. I’ll wait a month, and once they return, I’ll talk about the Silver Blizzard City’s task then, he he. Jun Mo Xie chuckled treacherously within his belly.

    “We’ll take our leave brother. Until next time.” Long Crane raised his hand to wave good-bye and pulled Big Bear along with him with his other hand.

    “One moment! I have one thing that I’d like to ask the two of you about.” Something came up in Jun Mo Xie’s mind and he suddenly stopped the two of them again: “The Peak Level Nine Xuan Core, what’s its use?”

    The two brothers immediately stopped in their tracks, turned around, and continued to stare him for a long time before Big Bear finally asked: “Why do you ask this? ….. Don’t me that you don’t actually know what this Xuan Core is for?”

    “After seeing my abilities, do you really think that I need that Xuan Core? However, since you look so excited after winning it over, I just thought I’d ask you this question. If you don’t wish to discuss it, then I’ll take my leave.” Jun Mo Xie was a bit surprised that these two brothers were very cautious in this regard, and couldn’t help regretting asking this question.

    “That’s also true… given the purity of the energy inside your body, this Xuan Core is useless for you! Naturally you wouldn’t be aware of its usage either…..” It sounded from Long Crane’s voice that he envied Jun Mo Xie’s ability.

    Why would this guy need a Xuan Core if his own body can produce such pure Aura? Moreover, it’s fairly difficult to assess his strength, but I reckon that he could be as strong as Yun Bei Chen…… A man of such strength and ability naturally won’t be bothered enough about these Xuan Cores to figure out its usage…Long Crane and Big Bear were thinking the same thing, and it seemed that these two brothers had suddenly started feeling humble in front of Jun Mo Xie’s abilities.

    As this thought crossed their mind, Long Crane smiled and said: “I guess… telling you this will be of no harm to us. What the human race calls a Xuan Core, is known in our race by another name, Condensed Core, and it also considered one of the most miraculous things known to our race since it’s the crystallized essence of our life! However, if a human uses it in the wrong manner, then even a Spirit Xuan expert wouldn’t be able to prevent his body from exploding to fragments. In order to use this Core, one would first need to stabilize its energy with a Heavenly Star Grass, and would also need to use a tri-colored Reishi Mushroom along with Nine Xuan Roots for support, and only then would a Spirit Xuan expert be able to use this Xuan Core to increase his energy and cultivation level. However, once the Core is ready, it can enhance a human’s cultivation overnight, and the user would see a tremendous progress! However, all this one aspect, but getting those three herbs is another….. these three herbs are almost a myth, and even a Spirit Xuan expert is unlikely to be able to find them all.”

    Long Crane laughed to ridicule: “Why is mankind so selfish?”

    “Is that so…..oh, that’s really strange, people are willing to go to all this trouble of beating each other to death for something that may not even be possible at the end of the day… it really surprises me… why would they even bother with it?” Jun Mo Xie seemed at a loss: “The greed of humanity is the most terrible thing staining this world.”

    The two brothers felt the same way on the subject, and nodded in agreement, thoroughly impressed by Jun Mo Xie’s words. The three men cupped their hands in unison to mark their parting salutation, and then the silhouettes of the two brothers darted away and faded into the horizon as Jun Mo Xie watched. It was evident from the velocity of their departure that these two Xuan Beasts simply couldn’t wait to finish this task…..

    The storm had already come to a stop, and the dawn was almost upon the sky.

    Jun Mo Xie inhaled a deep breath to relax his mind, and then simply slammed down to the ground; he could distinctly feel the ache in his head.

    Jun Mo Xie had completely exhausted his entire mental and physical energy a long while ago, and had been reluctantly pushing himself further the entire night for the fear that Long Crane and Big Bear would sense his true strength in case he broke the connection with the Hongjun Pagoda, which would make things very difficult for him.

    However, the result of this hard earned victory was beyond Jun Mo Xie’s imagination.

    Although the plan hadn’t gone as smoothly as intended, but in one single swoop, he had managed to resolve the issue surrounding the Xuan Core as well as the Xue Hun Manor, which could be considered a great result for Jun Mo Xie.

    Since Long Crane and Big Bear had agreed to beat up Li Teng Yun, it could be estimated that the threat from the Xue Hun Manor would end up being delayed by at least another six months. Jun Mo Xie could use these six months to promote the strength of the Jun Family, and even if the Xue Hun Manor came attacking in full force at that time, the Jun Family would actually be capable of fighting back!

    In fact, Jun Mo Xie was looking forward to it.

    How can one improve if there’s no opponent? Pressure is the best stimulant for progress.

    Once the Jun Family was ready for war, and the Xue Hun Manor was to back away, then Jun Mo Xie would himself go knocking on their door! If you dare to claim a Jun Woman, then you better have the guts to fight over her! Whatever I do, I won’t let Li Teng Yun get away with this!

    Silver Blizzard City, Xue Hun Manor, haven’t you guys been too arrogant for a long while now?

    Jun Mo Xie gritted his teeth and sat up on the ground. Then he slowly pulled himself up and merrily dragged his tired and aching body along the road, and towards to his house.

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