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Chapter 197–Jun Wu Yi loses his temper

    Chapter 197–Jun Wu Yi loses his temper

    Jun Mo Xie slept through the day.

    The amount of energy which he had previously expended had put his body under a lot of strain, and had pushed him way beyond his limits. In fact, the Hitman had never pushed himself to such limits ever in the past.

    Jun Mo Xie had been forced to continue using his energy to simulate the Hongjun Pagoda until he had sent the two Xuan Beasts away on their task, and had only loosened up thereafter. However, since he was afraid that someone might still be spying on him, the hitman hadn’t completely lowered his guard out of a necessity, and if it hadn’t been for the training he had received in his previous incarnation, the young master Jun might have actually collapsed to the ground before reaching the Jun residence.

    However, by the time he reached the Jun residence, the young master Jun was completely exhausted, so much so that he had already pushed his body to a limit where he didn’t even have the strength to lift his finger; the last thing he remembered was the guard lifting him up, and carrying him to his bed, post which he had no recollection of anything….

    Little Ke had been so worried the entire night that even she hadn’t been able to sleep a wink, and then later in the morning, Jun Wu Yi had joined her in the courtyard, clearly realizing that something major had happened, and was rather worried that his nephew might have participated in a life-threatening activity. Jun Wu Yi spent the entire day in sitting in his wheelchair inside Jun Mo Xie’s little courtyard; his face clearly reflecting the worries of his heart.

    Jun Mo Xie said something before he passed out, but what did his words mean?

    “The Xue Hun Manor… they won’t be a problem for the time being.”

    Why won’t the Xue Hun Manor be a problem for now? Why is everything alright? He left moments after we found about this problem with the Xue Hun Manor, why? Given the reputation of the Xue Hun Manor, this couldn’t possibly be a big joke or something, right? That would simply be ridiculous given the imposing manner in which they operate, right?

    To tell the truth, even though Jun Wu Yi had imposingly and proudly decided to protect his deceased nephew’s widow against the might of the Xue Hun Manor, he still feared the unseen difficulties and the dangers that lay ahead. In reality, Jun Wu Yi wasn’t afraid of the Xue Hun Manor itself, but he feared the organization’s backer; Li Jue Tian, the second strongest man alive. He was well aware that the Jun Family simply couldn’t afford to wage a war against that man!

    Their current conflict with the Silver Blizzard City and its master Han Feng Xue had left the Jun Family in a difficult situation, and had pushed them to a point where they simply couldn’t afford another enemy of the same caliber and influence!

    Previously, when the news surrounding the peak level Nine Xuan Core’s appearance had reached his ears, Jun Wu Yi had initially thought of putting on a mask, and venturing out to try his luck. In case he was able to win over the Xuan Core by a fluke, then he could possibly enhance his cultivation to the Spirit Xuan realm with the Xuan Core’s assistance, and even though it wouldn’t be sufficient to compete against a man like Li Jue Tian, it would still give the Jun Family a better chance of making a stronger stand!

    After this thought had initially crossed his mind, Jun Wu Yi had cleared his mind to make a better assessment before rushing into action, and had realized that the strength of the individuals competing for this Xuan Core was far beyond his ability to match up, and in case he was met with a misfortune seeking this treasure, then the Jun Family simply wouldn’t be able to withstand the loss!

    And then the next morning, his baby nephew had suddenly uttered…..

    “The Xue Hun Manor, they won’t be a problem for the time being.”

    This sentence had left Jun Wu Yi both happy, and scared. Jun Wu Yi didn’t doubt the authenticity of the information because he knew that his nephew possessed some remarkable abilities which had been surprising him a lot lately, and had been bringing him a lot of joy as well. However, even though he didn’t doubt it, he still couldn’t help feeling amazed by it, how did my nephew managed this? The other side is backed by Li Jue Tian!

    This is really amazing!

    Guan Qing Han had also come up to Jun Mo Xie courtyard several times after hearing Jun Mo Xie’s words via Jun Wu Yi, but hadn’t disturbed her brother-in-law since she could see that he was extremely exhausted, but couldn’t prevent her eyes from becoming numb with tears.

    She could sense that Jun Mo Xie had undertaken a lot of strain to protect her from harm, and although she had no reason to believe why Jun Mo Xie was so sure about it, but for reasons unknown, Qing Han chose to trust Jun Mo Xie.

    She simply couldn’t forget the words that had come out of Jun Mo Xie’s mouth: “….. if the power of the Jun Family cannot protect her, then before the Jun Family is destroyed, I will personally kill her! ….. I will never allow her to be married into the Xue Hun Manor!”

    Such cruel and cold-blooded words had only filled her heart with a sense of happiness and security. As far as she was concerned, these words weren’t cruel, or cold-blooded, but that of a man who was determined to defend her to the point of risking his own life for her honor!

    Guan Qing Han was quietly standing in her courtyard, staring at the drifting cloud over the horizon, trying to recall the many events of these last two days. Several thoughts and images were gushing about her mind, leaving her completely confused, and it was rather difficult to guess her thoughts at this point….

    The evening lamps had already been lit by the time Jun Mo Xie finally woke up.

    “You’ve finally woken up.” Jun Wu Yi didn’t even bothering taking a look, and simply charged inside his nephew’s room when he heard a slight movement on the bed.

    “Third Uncle, what are you doing here? How long was I asleep?” Jun Mo Xie’s eyes remained closed for a while, and he groaned once before he finally opened them and sat up. Then, he shook his head since that biting pain of the previous night had already vanished, and had instead been replaced by a warm and comfortable feeling, almost as if his entire body was soaked in warm water. He felt strangely comfortable, while his meridians seemed strengthened, sturdy, and at peace.

    This was a very different sensation when compared to his past experiences. Even though his body’s physical resistance was much higher, but whenever the Hitman Jun was forced push himself to the limits in order to conclude an assignment, he would have to endure a headache for days at a stretch since his body would require a few days’ time to recuperate after such extreme exhaustion. However, this time, the result was completely different!

    Although overexerting his Xuan Qi was a dangerous process and resulted in extreme fatigue, but the link between his own body’s energy and the Hongjun Pagoda was more closely associated than he had presumed, and for some reason the Hongjun Pagoda had not only repaired his body’s fatigue, but had also left him feeling a strange and subtle sensation; as if he was reaching close to the threshold of the Second Layer. Jun Mo Xie’s heart was carrying this strange feeling as if he would be capable of making the breakthrough to second layer of the ‘Art of Unlocking the Heaven’s fortune’ in two or three days’ time, which would also mean that he could successfully unlock the second layer of the Hongjun Pagoda!

    This feel was undoubtedly very mysterious, and Jun Mo Xie simply didn’t know why he was feeling this, but it seemed that this feeling was real.

    But there was no reason behind it.

    “You left this time, and then you returned half-dead! How do you expect me to not worry?” Jun Wu Yi flared up his nostrils, “You’ve caused six big troubles these last few times you’ve gone out….. the first time, you managed to land in the middle of an assassination attempt on the princess, and you injured yourself very severely! The second, you actually ventured into the Magnificent Jewel Hall to casually play around? The third time you were with me, and you managed to cause a massacre inside the Huang Hua Hall! And then the fourth, you ran amok the Ni Chang Pavilion, and you rained curses on the Second Prince! Then, the fifth; you almost got yourself assassinated! And now this is the sixth one, you’ve returned half-dead, and from what the guards tell me, they had to carry you back, and were afraid that we would have to hospitalize you in case you didn’t get up soon enough!”

    Jun Wu Yi stretched out his finger while his face reveled in his frustration: “Jun Mo Xie, didn’t your Third Uncle say that you must be accompanied by guards when you leave the house? You can get away from your guards whenever you wish to, and I know I can’t even blame them for it given your skills, but these people have order to follow and protect you, don’t you think they would’ve been worried? Even if you’re the young master of this family, that doesn’t mean that you have the right to worry anyone you feel like!”

    “So why did you cause so much tension?” Jun Wu Yi practically growled: “Do I have to keep a check on you every time you leave? Last night, you vanished in the heavy rains, and then when the guards open the door early morning, they find you damned bastard wasted on the doorstep, crawling around in the mud!”

    Jun Mo Xie scratched his nose, and giggled twice as he continued to respectfully listen to his Uncle’s rebuke. Jun Wu Yi was usually the calmer one amongst his family members, but today the man was on fire. Therefore, Jun Mo Xie didn’t dare to argue, and continued to listen quietly with a babyishly innocent look on his face.

    I had gone out to take care of some shady business, so how could I allow these people to follow me around?

    Jun Wu Yi took a deep breathe in an attempt to regain his composure since he felt that he had already over done it a bit. Anyway, given the innocent look that Jun Mo Xie was covering his face with, Jun Wu Yi could sense that his temper was misplaced.

    “I’m too lazy to scold you right now, and anyway, it’s a pure waste of my energy.” Jun Wu Yi waved his hand: “Well, you said something this morning; what did you mean?” Jun Wu Yi had spent the entire night listening about the horrifying battle which was taking place in the city, and naturally couldn’t help but worry about his nephew’s safety, which was the reason he had lost his temper!

    “Ah? What did I say? What are you talking about, what meaning?!” Jun Mo Xie simply had no recollection of anything.

    He wasn’t just pretending, he had spoken those words right before he had fainted, and therefore had no recollection of it!

    “Are you playing around with me?!” Jun Wu Yi’s anger started flaring up again: “The Xue Hun Manor, they won’t be a problem for the time being; you yourself said it, now what did you mean?!”

    “Ah that one…..” Jun Mo Xie’s eyes turned around sharply, if I tell Uncle that I was out dealing with two of the Eight Great Master, and four other Spirit Xuan experts, plus twenty Sky Xuan experts and a few hundred Earth Xuan experts, and then went about striking a deal with two Tian Fa Xuan Beasts….. Wouldn’t Uncle faint from the shock?

    I reckon that even if Uncle has enough nerve to withstand the shock, his legs still won’t stop shaking from fear for a while… and he’s supposed to a cripple with no sensation in his legs….! However, I simply cannot keep this a secret from him!

    It seems that I’ll have to figure out an indirect method of telling him this!

    “I estimated it. Well, I guessed it.” Jun Mo Xie braced himself for it as he calmly stated with a smile.

    “You estimated it? No wait, you guessed it? Is this something to make a guess at?”

    Jun Wu Yi’s expression changed to that of ridicule as he endorsed last night’s activities: “Last night, a large number of the world’s strongest experts assembled together in the Tian Xiang City, and then engaged each other in a battle. It is reported that two of the ‘Eight Great Masters’, Shi Chang Xiao and the Solitary Falcon were also involved in this fight. In addition to this, the Yu Tang Empire’s Imperial Teacher, Fei Meng Chen was also there along with the Third, the Sixth, and Ninth Elder of the Silver Blizzard City in addition to several other powerful experts. In addition to this, the Li Family’s Li You Ran had also invited his Master, Li Wu Bei’s top ten disciples to participate in this fray, and then two of the Tian Fa forest’s legendary beasts also showed up at this scene. The reason behind all this is rumored to be an unknown masked man, who appeared at this scene with that Peak Level Nine Xuan Core, which had been stolen some time ago, and ended up causing this contention. At present, the Xuan Core is confirmed to be in the hands of those two Tian Fa Xuan Beasts.”

    Jun Wu Yi seemed rather familiar with everything that had happened last night; well, almost everything.

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