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Chapter 198–Wu Hui’s cenotaph!

    Chapter 198–Wu Hui’s cenotaph!

    Sweat drops had already started falling off from Jun Mo Xie’s forehead and he was barely able to force a smile on his face: “Third Uncle, your intelligence network is so amazing ah, so there would have been no reason for you to personally go there, right?”

    “Since so many experts had arrived, I naturally had to go and see it for myself!” Jun Wu Yi snapped loudly: “This after all, happened on my Tian Xiang Country’s land and this obviously would have alerted His Majesty! In case His Majesty ordered a thorough investigation into the matter and I didn’t have any information on the subject, then the Jun Family would be deemed as ignorant!”

    His luminous eyes looked at Jun Mo Xie: “These things aren’t important; the only thing that is important and the only thing that I wish to know about is that: who was that masked man who stole this Xuan Core and then appeared publicly last night? That damned bastard was the reason behind this commotion last night, and I want to know his identity!”

    “Uh….. Must be some legendary expert! I can only guess that such an expert would be at least comparable to Yun Bei Chen, otherwise he would’ve never attempted such a feat!” Jun Mo Xie stated solemnly in a serious tone.

    “Really?”, Jun Wu Yi’s expression resembled that of a dormant volcano simply waiting to erupt: “I gave you a Level Six Xuan Core a few days ago, bring it out, I want to take a look at it.”

    That Xuan Core is now lying in the hands of Long Crane, so how can I bring it out? It’s not like I can create something out of thin air!

    “Uh, a mere Sixth level Xuan Core, I…….” Jun Mo Xie’s eyes were turning and twisting: “….. I lost it.”

    “You didn’t lose it to a couple of extremely powerful Xuan Beast from the Tian Fa forests, did you?” Jun Wu Yi glared at his nephew: “Now that you’ve properly woken up, I have a bucket of questions that I wish to ask you, and you should know that there is penalty waiting for you in case you give me a bucket of lies in return. Jun Mo Xie, your Third Uncle is older than you and more experienced as well…..”

    “I don’t why you’re so sure about what you said last night, nor do I know how you managed to pull it off, and I don’t even know how you managed to fool those people; however I know that you will not lie to me, but…..” Jun Wu Yi spoke his words slowly in a calm tone.

    In the face of disaster, with fear and trepidation gripping his body, Jun Mo Xie quietly got out of his bed: “Uncle, I had a major Urinary Emergency, and I really needed to…..”

    “You couldn’t hold your Urine in your pants? Bullshit!” Jun Wu Yi roared out. Jun Mo Xie obediently stayed rooted to his spot as Jun Wu Yi went on to say: “…. I suppose it’s time to give you the Family’s trademark punishment!”

    Guan Qing Han was anxiously walking around in Jun Mo Xie’s yard since she had already been informed that Third Uncle had gone into Jun Mo Xie’s room just after he had woken up. Although Jun Mo Xie was her younger Brother-in-law, but this was still a young man’s bedroom at the end of the day, and therefore she naturally felt embarrassed at the thought of rushing in without permission. Therefore, left with no other option, she was anxiously waiting in the courtyard when she started hearing the sounds of Jun Wu Yi’s roars, and couldn’t help getting nervous and worried: Why is Third Uncle so furious…. This was only a small incident…..

    Just as she was busy worrying…..

    “Bang!” A stack of white clothes flew out from the room, and Qing Han subconsciously got up and almost fell to the ground under the fierce momentum of this flying object which she tried to catch. Meanwhile this object was screaming out: “Uncle…. easy on that point!”

    This flying object was obviously the young master Jun!

    Guan Qing Han cried out in alarm, as the body landed on the ground face-first.

    Jun Mo Xie had just received a kick in the buttocks by his Uncle, and even though he had screamed out to complain, he had still managed to adjust his body mid-air very quickly in order to ensure a secure landing position; but unexpectedly, he suddenly found himself crashing into a soft embrace while he was still screaming out, and then suddenly a sweet fragrance entered his nose as he came in contact with something really soft and warm, and then his body’s projectile was rebounded and diverted…..

    He couldn’t help feeling a sense of pleasurable comfort for second, but just as he was about to start enjoying it, he found himself falling down.

    This time, he didn’t get enough time to adjust his posture, and ended up falling to the ground in a free-fall position, and ended up bumping his face in the ground. Then without any further explanations, Jun Wu Yi leapt out of the room, and started playing ping pong with his nephew’s body as he fiercely rained an intense volley of kicks and punches, while Guan Qing Han starred on in horror.

    Guan Qing Han was already aware of Jun Wu Yi recovery, so without worrying about anything, he simply continued beating up Jun Mo Xie.

    With all his skills put in play, Jun Mo Xie quickly covered his head with one hand, and his crotch with the other, and started rolling around in the ground like a ‘Sandbag’.

    He had already accepted his fate and had resigned himself to this beating! Just go a little easy Uncle, else I’ll also end up in a wheelchair like you!

    “Uncle….. you…. Stop it please…. Don’t hit him…..” Guan Qing Han anxiously went up to him in persuasion.

    Her remark clearly expressed her anxiety and distress, and Jun Wu Yi involuntarily stopped his hands mid-air in surprise; even Jun Mo Xie opened his eyes wide while still lying on the ground. This Uncle and Nephew duo were clearly in sync, and they both immediately stared blankly at Guan Qing Han in surprise, and then looked at each other, unable to believe her reaction.

    Since when did Qing Han bother with Mo Xie’s life and death?

    Is my Brother’s Daughter-in-Law possessed?

    Guan Qing Han suddenly realized that these two men were staring at her out of sheer surprise since she had just charged up to plead in her Brother-in-Law’s favor; a brother in law she previously didn’t like at all.

    But why did I just plead to save him?

    Guan Qing Han’s face suddenly turned red, while her ears practically turned purple, and then she suddenly stomped her feet in anger: “I… I was afraid that you’ll tire yourself Uncle…. Hit him, hit him again, kill him for all I care.” She finished her sentence almost like a spoilt child throwing a tantrum, and then flushed with embarrassment once again seeing that they were both still staring at her, almost to the point where it seemed that their eyes would pop out of their sockets. She bitterly grunted and then swiftly walked away.

    “Did I misinterpret that? Maybe I just misheard her ah? Was that person really my Sister-in-law?” Jun Mo Xie scratched his head a couple of time as he slowly got up to his feet.

    “Looks like it… yes.” Jun Wu Yi’s tone also seemed uncertain. Suddenly he got furious again: “Who told you that you could stand up? It really feels that you haven’t understood it yet ah……”

    Then he resumed his ‘sandbag’ training……

    Jun Wu Yi continued tossing about his arms and legs for a long while until he was completely satisfied with the result, and then said: “Tomorrow, it’s your father’s death anniversary day, and you will be accompanying me to the Family’s memorial hall, and then you will light an incense stick in front of your father’s Cenotaph. Do you understand your responsibilities as the son of this Family?”

    Jun Mo Xie groaned and then chirped: “Yes.”

    Jun Wu Yi massaged his wrists as he stepped forward and resumed his place in his wheelchair, and then started pushing his wheelchair towards the exit. He turned around as he reached the courtyard’s door: “the Xue Hun Manor….. what about them?!”

    “Not a problem for now……” Jun Mo Xie wanted to cry, but couldn’t find his tears.

    Great! Just great! Looks like beating me up is the only fun activity Uncle looks forward to these days.

    The sky was still as gloomy the next day.

    Jun Mo Xie and Jun Wu Yi were both sitting in a wheelchair of their own, quietly and calmly looking at the Cenotaph which could barely be justified as ‘Magnificent’.

    This object was already beyond the scope of being called a ‘Cenotaph’, and seemed more like as if someone had built a palace in the middle of the barracks.

    There had already been a very strict and rigorous inspection of the surroundings before Jun Wu Yi’s arrival.

    Eight pillars were standing in support of a dome on top, with two large, flat, and smooth boulders facing the center, carrying the following engravings.

    The Left one: the Winds listen to the Jun!

    The Right One: The Heaven and Earth belong to the Jun!

    A fleet of stairs paved the way upwards to the dome, and both sides of each step of this staircase had carvings of soldiers mounted on horsebacks. As they moved forward, there were eight large life-sized carvings of masculine and burly men, four on each side of the central sculpture. Their hands were positioned right next to their hilts, almost as if they’d draw their sword at any moment, and although these were only sculptures, it seemed as if they would come to life in case their master was in danger.

    “These eight sculptures are dedicated to Big Brother’s eight body guards. These eight men were assigned to protect him at the time he joined the army, and these eight followed him till the day he died; these eight men never left Wu Hui’s side in danger or otherwise!” Jun Wu Yi’s eyes were staring at the statues of these eight people while the depth of his eyes clearly reflected his appreciation for their loyalty. The tone of his speech was extremely deep and profound, almost as if he was trying to memorize their valor and companionship.

    “This is the glory and honor, whether in life or death of the white commander, Jun Wu Hui! Who could ever match his name?” Jun Wu Yi slowly spoke as he slowly moved forward while his eyes continued to pay respects to each passing statue.

    Jun Mo Xie simple couldn’t help but awe at the magnificence of this memorial.

    The entire mantle was neat and clean, to the point where there wasn’t even one speck of dust on in it. It had just rained very heavily a couple of nights ago, and it was late autumn at the moment, but there wasn’t even a single dead leaf on this memorial, nor was there any trace of corrosion from the rain.

    “Someone is always placed in charge of taking care of this memorial; in fact there is an unwritten rule in the barracks: No matter who you are, as long as you’re in charge of Big Brother’s memorial, and there’s even a spot of dust found on it, your only penalty is….. Capital Punishment! There will no trial! No explanations will be listened to… there is no law more stringent in the military than this one! There are no exceptions, and no one ever dares to speak against it, nor has anyone ever try to violate it!” Jun Wu Yi slowly spoke as he pushed his wheelchair around.

    Jun Mo Xie silently accompanied his Uncle in his wheelchair, but his heart had already started shaking with admiration. This one point was enough to express the military’s love and admiration for his father. It was evident that his father, Jun Wu Hui, the White Commander’s reputation had already transcended to that of a God’s in the eyes of this country’s military men!

    Under the dome, there was a large, tall, stone statue of a middle-aged man upon his horse. The man’s body was upright, his bright and piercing eyes seemingly seeing through all the strategies in play on the battlefield, his left hand was holding the rein of his horse, while his right hand was gently placed on the hilt of his sword which was hanging on his waist. Even the lines of face were clearly sculpted out, while his mouth was curved into a cold and awe-inspiring smile, almost as if he was the overlord of a hundreds of millions of people!

    The cloak in his body’s background seemed to be flying in the wind, and although this statue was lifeless in general, but it still faintly revealed the majestic and heroic spirit of Jun Wu Hui’s personality!

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