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Chapter 208–The Flame of Primal Chaos, and the Furnace of Good Fortune

    Chapter 208–The Flame of Primal Chaos, and the Furnace of Good Fortune

    [TL’s note:

    These last couple of chapter required a lot of background research; sorry about the delays…..

    The flame of primal chaos refers to a mythical flame that is the origination of all matter; like the big bang theory sort of a thing. The object referred to as a furnace, is more like a cauldron in terms of appearance.]

    There were two bodies of Jun Mo Xie’s inside the Hongjun Pagoda at the moment; A real one, and an illusionary one.

    An irresistibly strong force was trying to pull the two bodies together, and soon the two bodies fused together and became one.

    The Furnace of Good Fortune had started issuing a sonorous sound once again, and soon a light emerged from it, circled around the furnace, and then vanished into nothingness.

    Jun Mo Xie suddenly realized that his wrist had been cut, and blood was flowing out of that cut like fountain; however, instead of falling down to the ground, his blood was falling straight into the furnace!

    The initially fading multicolored flame started blazing up again, and had soon encompassed the entire furnace into its colorful conflagration. However, Jun Mo Xie didn’t feel any heat from this massive fire, even though he was standing close proximity.

    The Flame of Primal Chaos!

    These words suddenly appeared inside his mind, and then a dark golden-blood colored light flashed from within the Furnace of Good Fortune, and instantly entered into Jun Mo Xie’s body. The young master Jun abruptly realized that the wound on his wrist had faded away all of a sudden, and if his body hadn’t been feeling a slight discomfort due to the massive blood loss, he would’ve never realized that his wrist had just been cut moments ago.

    The multicolored flame suddenly stopped burning again, and the entire room quieted down once again, reversing the atmosphere of the room to the one similar to when he had entered the second floor in the beginning.

    The three-legged furnace remained silently in its place at the center of the room.

    The multicolored flame under the furnace was only burning with a very small fire underneath at the moment, but the flame was still so smooth that it seemed as if it would continue to burn for the rest of eternity.

    The book was still quietly placed next to this furnace.

    Jun Mo Xie continued to stare at his surroundings with eyes wide open for a long time, believing that he was inside a dream, and then suddenly pinched his thighs; even though he felt the pain of the pinch, it still seemed to him as if he hadn’t yet recovered from the shock of these sudden and unexpected turn of events…..

    How did my body get in here?

    For a long time, he was unable to believe what his eyes were seeing, and pinched his body a few times as a result. He pinched his body so hard that at one point it seemed as if he’d pull out his skin, but this sharp pain finally made him realize: this is really hurting! It seems that my body has really entered into the Hongjun Pagoda!

    Does this mean that I can access it anytime I want? Jun Mo Xie’s head was still feeling a bit dizzy; it was almost as if the heavens were dropping meat pies on his head, and he didn’t have any place to take shelter.

    However, the young master Jun was still feeling a strange sense of happiness at this moment!

    He hadn’t found happiness in shade, or in the radiance of springs, but only inside the Hongjun Pagoda…..

    He he…..

    “Blood becomes the evidence, soul’s wisdom becomes the proof, and the soul transforms in strength–the Flame of Primal Chaos refines all living things in this world; the furnace of good fortune, turns into the supreme creator!”

    These words suddenly appeared inside Jun Mo Xie’s brain. The young master Jun could clearly feel that his body, the odd ancient-looking Furnace of Good Fortune, as well as the Flame of Primal Chaos were now so closely related that it would be impossible to separate them.

    Jun Mo Xie took two steps forward, and leaned over the golden colored book.

    Just as his hand touched the book, the book suddenly turned to a mass made of nothingness, circled over the Furnace of Good Fortune once, and then vanished into the space between his eyebrows just as the previous images and letters had.

    Folk Remedy!

    [TL: Folk Remedy means homemade medicines.]

    These two ancient looking words would spin around in Jun Mo Xie’s mind for a while, and would then be replaced by numerous dense characters and imagines depicting the alchemic methods to create numerous types of potions, and also the necessary steps to create the constituent raw materials; once these methods had circled inside his head for a while, they would once again be replaced by those two words.

    “I understand!” Jun Mo Xie mumbled these two words as he read those characters inside his head.

    Now I really understand!

    The Hitman’s heart was jumping with excitement, but the composed Hitman suppressed his heart’s excitement and calmed himself down forcefully. Simultaneously, he realized something very amazing and gratifying; the flowing Qi inside his meridians had mysteriously converted into the same colors as that of the Hongjun Pagoda’s Aura, and was now slowly swimming around his meridians in very mist-like manner!

    Such progress is simply amazing!

    ‘The Art of Unlocking the Heaven’s Fortune’ surely requires some very difficult things, but once I’ve practiced and mastered its methods; it definitely gives good rewards in return!

    Jun Mo Xie estimated that his present strength had reached the peak of the Gold Xuan layer as per the standards of this world. He had gone from the peak of Silver Xuan to the base of the Gold Xuan earlier, but had now stabilized into the Gold Xuan layer, and had then progressed to its mid mark, and had then surpassed to its peak!

    And all this had happened in a matter of six seconds!

    It must be mentioned that Jun Mo Xie had only arrived in this world a mere two months ago!

    He had found himself in a very troublesome situation upon entering this world; moreover, he had acquired the body of young man whose strength was only comparable to that of a poor beggar!

    His family was in crisis; his life was in crisis!

    His body’s strength was only comparable to that of ant in this world!

    Had the original Jun Mo Xie persisted in this world any longer, then he would’ve succumbed to his end very easily in no time at all.

    In fact, had it not been for the Hongjun Pagoda’s support, the new Jun Mo Xie would’ve also already died countless times by now! He had always relied on this secret to transform his perilous circumstances into safety!

    However, it was absolutely undeniable that his personal strength was far, far from being adequate!

    His body’s strength had reached the Peak of the Silver Xuan realm in less than two months’ time, which was no less than a miracle! However, Silver Xuan strength isn’t enough to ensure one’s safety in this world.

    It could be said that his life was still in danger at that point, and he could still be vanquished in case the circumstances changed against his best interests!

    Then a few days ago, he received the ‘Yin and Yang Escape’ law, and the young master Jun was finally able to find a way to ensure his life’s protection! Moreover, this law had given him the best means to protect himself when in danger!

    However, even then, it was still far from being enough! It had never been in Jun Mo Xie’s nature to hold back! Therefore, he’s still need to the strength to go forward, and take the offensive charge when needed!

    Jun Mo Xie would never owe anyone, he would never ask anyone for help, nor could he let anyone bully him; such was his nature! If you steal from me, I’ll club you; if you disgrace me, I’ll do you a hundred times over. If you hurt my family, I’ll slaughter your entire Family; and if you deceive me, then it will remain edged in my memory forever!

    Betrayal is the most intolerable thing!

    Betrayal was the world’s greatest evil in Jun Mo Xie’s eyes!

    Even though this shade was different from the scales of the world, but this was one of the reasons he associated himself on a moral level with his family!

    If you dare to hurt even one strand of my hair, I’ll cut off your arm! And whoever dares to hurt me, I’ll destroy his entire family!

    No matter who! They will all get the same treatment!

    However, strength of character isn’t everything; physical strength decides everything in the end. If one only has strength in character, one eventually finds the way to his doom!

    Therefore, Jun Mo Xie had been looking forward to opening the second layer of the Hongjun Pagoda as soon as possible, and then the third, and then…. The ninth!

    He knew that the Hongjun Pagoda was the only real support he had in this world!

    The benefits of financial power can fly away like the dust; even his family may not be able to ensure their survival in this present situation of a power struggle with just money.

    First, the ten year long trouble with the Silver Blizzard City, and now the trouble with the Xue Hun Manor had been putting the young master Jun under a lot of pressure! Moreover, each Family in the Tian Xiang City was breading snakes these days as the power struggle was beginning to take its toll, which was adding more peril to his circumstances!

    No one knew of the pressure that Jun Mo Xie had been feeling. Although he had never showed it, but it didn’t mean that he wasn’t feeling it.

    However now that he had opened the second layer of the Hongjun Pagoda, even though his strength was still quite low, but he had finally found some real and positive capital!

    He knew that his lone Gold Xuan strength wouldn’t be enough! In fact, it would be far from being sufficient! However!….

    With the help of this Furnace of Good Fortune, and the book of Folk Remedies, Jun Mo Xie could now build his family a solid and staunch army in a very short period of time.

    Moreover, it would also assist in rapidly increasing his own strength!

    Then, once the time was ripe, Jun Mo Xie could expose his fangs to the entire world!

    Jun Mo Xie could suddenly feel the wind rising in front of his eyes;

    The powers of this world, I, Jun Mo Xie has finally found some real capital to confront you now!

    Suddenly, the young master Jun found himself in the dark of the ground, seemingly having no idea as to when he had exited the Hongjun Pagoda. As the thought of Solitary Falcon and Hai Chen Feng rushing to his residence in search of him crossed his mind, he immediately sensed the urgency of the situation and escaped out of the ground.


    Jun Mo Xie seemed a bit lost standing above the ground, while his eyes were lowered under the gaze of the sun.

    His strength had progressed quite significantly over a very short period of time! It was only natural that he’d be in a very excited frame of mind, in fact he was somewhat complacent about it; it was almost as if a pauper had suddenly won a lottery! Although he knew well that he needed to keep it a secret, his heart was still aching to flaunt his new strength a bit, and therefore he couldn’t help summoning his strength.

    In his excited frame of mind, the young master Jun hadn’t even realized that he was standing completely naked in the woods at the moment……

    “Ah!!!!…….” A scream pierced through the air, and was followed by a girl’s anger and resentment filled curses: “Rogue! Stool! He’s got the courage to ….. in broad daylight…….”

    Jun Mo Xie turned around to realize that two people were standing about ten meters away from him; a young man and young maiden. The young maiden’s hair were flowing down over her shoulders and all the way down to her white dress, she had a rather delicate looking elegant body, and was in the process of turning around while stomping her feet at the same time; her hands seemed to be covering her eyes shut.

    Next to her stood a handsome young man, but his eagle-hook nose and the angry grimace on his face made it rather clear that he wasn’t very happy at the moment. His left hand stretched out to point a finger towards Jun Mo Xie, whilst his right hand found its way to the hilt of his sword: “You have the courage to do such a shameless act in broad day light! This young master simply cannot stand your nerve; I’m going to teach you a lesson!”

    “What lesson? I don’t understand you?” Jun Mo Xie couldn’t help wondering: these two aren’t mentally unstable or something, right? I’m just standing here and you come over shouting curses at me? Can’t you tell me from my appearance that I’m no rogue of any sort? You’re really looking to start a quarrel now!

    It was rare for Jun Mo Xie to take someone’s words to heart, but still found himself subconsciously stepping forward.

    The young woman had just secretly parted her fingers to steal a glance at Jun Mo Xie, only to realize that he was stepping closer to her, and couldn’t help feeling shy and angry at the same time, and thus she cried out in anxiety: “You, you, you, shameless character…… don’t come near me! I’m very powerful….. you don’t come near me……”

    Her tone seemed full of anxious complains! Somehow, having witnessed a completely naked man for the first time had incited a rather strange feeling inside her, and though she knew that she shouldn’t be looking at him, but still couldn’t help her curiosity, and found herself secretly staring at the naked man in front from the secrecy of her parted fingers…..

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