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Chapter 209–You will wish you hadn’t said that

    Chapter 209–You will wish you hadn’t said that

    The young master Jun was a bit puzzled; as far he was concerned, do I really look that scary? I mean just look at this girl, she looks as if she’d start crying any minute now!

    The distance between the two parties wasn’t much, and the young master Jun’s small steps forward had obviously been bringing them closer!

    “Yan Meng, don’t panic; I will behead this shameless bastard with my sword!” the young man smiled as he stated confidently, and then slowly approached closer to Jun Mo Xie, having already unsheathed his sword, and then shouted: “You shameless bastard, step any forward and you court your death!”

    Seeing his shiny sword made Jun Mo Xie even gloomier, and then his words only made him angrier, and how am I being shameless? Isn’t this guy just clearly bullying me?

    You may like to bully other people, but you’ve clearly found the wrong person today!

    You can’t protect yourself ah! And you’re telling this woman that you’ll kill a masked stranger for her? Your mother really gave birth to a bastard! Damn it, I’ll show you; you’re going to regret this forever!

    The young master Jun’s initial feeling of excitement had long died down, and had instead been replaced by a sense of anger, and hence he took a couple of large strides forward, feeling it necessitated to teach this arrogant youngster a lesson.

    As he walked forward, he suddenly felt a cool breeze chilling his body, and was forced to look down in that moment of surprise!

    “You’re the real scoundrel!” the young master Jun shouted back, as he covered Little Mo Xie with one hand.

    He had finally realized that his entire body was naked!

    This was obviously far less shameful than running home naked without realizing it!

    His body had been set ablaze previously when he had undergone a refining procedure by the Flame of Primal Chaos, and even though his body had received enormous benefits without even suffering any burns from the fire, his clothes had been turned to ash in moments.

    However, Jun Mo Xie’s body was underground at that time, while his conscious was inside the Hongjun Pagoda, which is why he had no knowledge of it. He hadn’t realized this at the time when he had pinched his body since he was too intoxicated by the unexpected turn of events, and had completely forgotten about all other things because of it.

    After coming out of the Hongjun Pagoda, the young master Jun was in such an excited frame of mind upon realizing that his strength had progressed a long way that he simply didn’t notice it, and soon enough found himself being cursed and abused by complete strangers……

    During this sudden transformation from feeling like a ‘hero’ to being called a ‘rogue’, Jun Mo Xie simply hadn’t realized that he was standing stark naked…..

    “You, you, you are such a shameless character that you’ve even turned to the thief who shouts the same at others!” The young maiden continued to stomp her feet while clutching her eyes shut: “You’re a scoundrel, and then you have the courage to call others rogue…. You’re an utterly shameless character!”

    Although the young master Jun was clutching Little Mo Xie with one hand, his face showed absolutely no signs of embarrassment as he opened his mouth to bicker in a sarcastic repartee: “There is nothing rogue about a man running around naked in the streets; we were born naked, and we will die naked; our parents were naked when they conceived us, why don’t people call that rogue? However, the eyes peeping at such things from the crevices of their fingers and then shouting rogue are the real scoundrels that plague this world!”

    “I didn’t ask you to see me, then why were you staring at me? You profane my innocence! You’re the thief shouting thief here, and then you have the courage to call me a scoundrel? You’re really unreasonable!” Jun Mo Xie twisted his words to force logic in the most unreasonable ways, backing it with utter shamelessness: “You young woman, are the real scoundrel here!”

    The young master Jun advocated his preposterous reasoning in the same tone as that young girl had, seemingly mimicking her, and having raised his standards to a completely new and unrivalled height of shamelessness!

    “You, you, you……. Xiao Feng Wu, hurry and kill this lecherous man; he insults me!” the girl shouted as she stomped her feet once again: “He actually has the courage to lecture me, and dares to call me a scoundrel after……”

    “Your Family name is Xiao?” Jun Mo Xie rolled his eyes: “I hate the Family name Xiao! In my experience nothing good has ever come from that Family name, so it’s no surprise that an arrogant youngster from such a hateful Family name is acting like such a rogue!”

    Recalling the pain and hardships that the Silver Blizzard City had forced on his Uncle had obviously made Jun Mo Xie extremely sensitive towards that one family name!

    The young man named Xiao Feng Wu suddenly became very furious and shouted: “Shameless bastard, you actually dare to open your mouth and be rude towards my Family? I’ll take your life!”

    He raised his sword as a golden light flashed from his body!

    This young man had actually reached the Gold Xuan realm! Given his age, his talent was at least at par with Li You Ran!

    Such strength might have caused some minor problems for the young master Jun a month ago, but now that his strength had seen a major enhancement, he could basically just ignore the opposition’s threat!

    Just as Xiao Feng Wu raised his sword, the naked figure in front of him suddenly disappeared, which was followed by a whizz of cold wind, and soon he found his face being slapped by a cold hand, while his crotch simultaneously felt a very powerful foot; the man’s upper body curled down to his legs like shrimp, while his sword fell to his side.

    ‘Chi’ ‘Chi’ sounds were made as a piece of cloth was torn off from his robes. Although Xiao Feng Wu wasn’t weak, but he still lacked practical fighting experience, and the young master Jun’s kick had sent his liver and gall bladder mourning with pain as a result; the man rolled three feet and fell to the ground, but his face continued to look up at the naked man in front.

    He watched as that shameless and naked man wrapped the cloth he had just ripped from his own robes around his body, and then leisurely tied a knot, and then actually jumped around back and front twice while twisting his buttocks to inspect if some obscene parts of his body were still visible or not, and then turned his head forward again.

    His upper body was still bare, while his slender legs also remained exposed as the cloth only circled around his broad shoulder and then down to his waist, making his attire look very free and unfettered but still quite glamorous by the standards of this world!

    This person’s appearance had completely changed in matter of moments. Even though his thin lips, his oblique eyebrows, and that faint smiling expression were enough to incite fear in any man’s heart, one still couldn’t help but be fascinated by his style.

    He had just been exposed to a moment of such extreme embarrassment, but even then the young master Jun didn’t blush in the least! This was evidence of the fact that his shamelessness had reached a point where it had already surpassed all of its kind before and since!

    The girl, who was standing at a distance from this scene had completely forgotten to cover her eyes from the shock of these sudden turn of events, and was now watching Jun Mo Xie with her tiny red mouth opened as wide as it could be, never having imagined that her companion, a Gold Xuan realm expert, a peerless talent of his generation would ever be subdued by just half-a-move of this shameless mans’!

    Although this man’s face was covered with mud, which made it rather hard to access his appearance, but it was rather obvious that he was quite young in age, and was in fact even younger than his peer, how could he be so powerful?

    “What is your name, and where do you come from? You come to the Tian Xiang City and actually dare to provoke me, ah, are you trying to dig your own grave?” Jun Mo Xie stepped forward in short steps since his present clothing limited the movement of his long legs to some extent: “You wanted to teach me a lesson and then kill me? Really? Well, understand this, you’re only alive thanks to my good nature, else I would’ve cut you up and would’ve dropped your pieces to your grandmother’s doorstep!”

    Jun Mo Xie cursed, and then turned around to leave since he had no intention of staying any longer.

    “How dare you? Don’t ever let me see you in the Silver Blizzard City, else I won’t let you live!” Xiao Feng Wu cried out, his eyes wreaking of a cruel and malicious aura: “Boy, you pray that I don’t find you again! I will slaughter your entire Family! If I don’t make them run from their own house, and then slaughter them like dogs, then I’m not a Xiao!”

    Jun Mo Xie was already preparing to leave when his footsteps halted midair, his eyes suddenly turned as cold as steel, and he turned his face around to look at Xiao Feng Wu: “Silver Blizzard City? You come from the Silver Blizzard City’s Xiao Family?” his tone was already cold, overcast, and extremely gloomy.

    “Yes, that’s right!” Xiao Feng Wu struggled as he tried to stand up, and smiled ferociously: “Are you afraid now? Well, it’s too late! Unless you and your entire Family kneel down to the ground and beg me for an apology, I will slaughter your entire Family in front of your eyes!”

    “That’s good! That’s very good!” Jun Mo Xie slowly nodded, his face dull, but not angry. Since that’s the reason behind your arrogance, then I’m no nephew to my Uncle if I don’t punish you!

    You will wish you hadn’t said that!

    “Kneel before me!” Xiao Feng Wu was under the impression that this man would inevitably turn soft, and he’d get a chance to save his face in return, and therefore, naturally couldn’t help sensing his greatness!

    “Kneel before you, my ass!” Jun Mo Xie abruptly stepped forward, and slapped the man across his face with a heavy hand, and sent the man falling a few steps backwards, spraying blood from his mouth.

    Jun Mo Xie followed after him, and punched him twice in his each of his eye sockets, giving birth to a Giant Panda: “I’ll show you! I’ll show you! I’m going to paralyze you! You think that Silver Blizzard City is that great ah?”

    “You threaten me!”–punch!

    “You think that you can bully me because of your family name!”–kick!

    “You want to destroy my entire Family!” bang bang bang……

    “I’ll destroy you! I’ll fucking destroy you! I’m not just going to beat you up! I’m going to destroy you!” bang bang bang bang……

    “You want me kneel down and apologize! Not even if your grandmother drops!” bang bang bang bang bang bang…….

    “You bastard! You bastard! You bastard!……” Jun Mo Xie grabbed his hair, and raised his trembling body upwards as he cursed, “you bastard!”, and then threw him down to the ground once again, and repeated the same procedure several times, and then grabbed his hair once again, which were still somehow painfully attached to his scalp, and then looked his face once again, and then sent his body flying; the man fell down to ground a few meters away, unconscious; unknown whether dead or alive.

    Jun Mo Xie still didn’t stop, and flew after than man once again, and started pounding more strikes to his body, even as the man’s body continued to flow blood.

    The young man was awakened from his unconscious state several times, but sunk back into it since his body was unable to tolerate the pain of it…..

    A man was lying on the ground, and an almost-naked man was standing on top of him and was beating him up in a frenzied manner…..

    “Ah………” the young girl was unable to even blink her eyes at the moment, nor could she understand how her companion had been suddenly turned into a human ‘sandbag’ in a matter of moments……

    Things were happening too fast, and it was a bit dizzying for her. This young maiden’s head was simply unable to make head or tail of what was happening at the moment, nor could she decide on her own course of action.

    “What is your name!” Jun Mo Xie fiercely looked at her as he gasped a few mouthfuls of air, and then ferociously pointed a finger in her direction as he shouted in a rough voice: “Dammit, tell me or you die!”

    The young woman was almost in tears as she tried to open her trembling mouth, while her face had already gone pale with fear: “…….me?”

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