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Chapter 212–You want me to save him? Let’s talk about the conditions first!

    Chapter 212–You want me to save him? Let’s talk about the conditions first!

    The Solitary Falcon was left stupefied, what is this boy saying ah?

    It seemed from the expression of the other people present on the scene, besides these two men, that their eyes would pop out of their sockets and would fall to the floor at any moment! That’s the ‘Eighth Great Master’ ah, and just look at the manner in which the Third Young Master Jun is speaking with him; but even then the Great Master isn’t losing his temper…. What is going on?

    Has this world gone crazy all of a sudden?

    “Well, I will not face that disgrace; I don’t want your wine, I will not drink your wine, not even one broken cup of it; this Old man will not submit to your ridiculousness, and I won’t ever drink your wine till the day I die ah!” The Solitary Falcon sunk back down in an empty chair with a look of gloom spread across his face, I really wish I could get some more of that wine ah……

    “I heard you came here looking for me?” Jun Mo Xie smiled: “What’s that matter?”

    “Your foolish old master asked me to find you; he’s asked you to cure this man, and then there’s one more trivial thing he wants you to do, but we’ll keep that for later.” The Solitary Falcon’s choice of wordings to describe the ‘mysterious experts’ almost incited Jun Mo Xie into a laughter riot.

    “Let me be clear, curing this person will cost me, and I’ll get no benefits from it; that’s never a good thing to do in business.” Jun Mo Xie shook his head from left to right with a look of disapproval on it: “So why should I cure him?”

    “Because your master told you to!” the Solitary Falcon was a bit angry at this point, but was finally beginning to understand the true meaning behind the ‘Mysterious Expert’s’ warning.

    “Why, you think that means something ah, and you just came looking for me because he said so? He is he, and I am me, so why should I listen to him?” Jun Mo Xie rolled his eyes: “Why would I let him govern me? Don’t I have a say in my actions?”

    The Solitary Falcon was left staring at Jun Mo Xie speechlessly, I’ve never seen such a shameless apprentice before!

    According to the commandments of the five cardinal relations, the words of one’s parents and one’s masters are words of the law; once a master appoints his disciple a task, the disciple must do whatever it takes to accomplish it without refuting a word of it!

    Moreover, Jun Mo Xie’s master was a man worthy of respect, even in the eyes of a man of the Solitary Falcon’s caliber and arrogance! If any other man had received such a great master, then the man would’ve taken any order of that master’s as a law of the heavens; but this guy is actually pretending as if he’s even greater than his own master!

    Has the world turned upside down?

    “Why don’t you just state your conditions clearly?” as he stated this sentence, the Solitary Falcon felt as he was a lamb on the way to the slaughter house.

    “I want him! And I want you to give the security!” Jun Mo Xie smiled as he pointed towards Hai Chen Feng: “If I heal his injuries, then it would be equivalent to saving his life. I want him to run my errands for three years! That really isn’t much to ask for in return, is it?”

    “I can’t promise that on his behalf! This man is a Sky Xuan, and is considered a master in his own right; he’s one of the leading figures of his generation!” the Solitary Falcon shook his head: “You must ask him for this.”

    “You ask him!” Jun Mo Xie drooped his eyelids, picked up a cup of tea, brought it up to his face, and gulped down a mouthful: “You can take as much time as you need; I have a few days of leisure at hand, so I really don’t mind it.”

    You may not be worried, but I am!

    And at the rate you’re dragging this….. you may have the time, but this man may just die!

    The Solitary Falcon gnashed his teeth and it almost felt as he wanted to roar out, boy, you will heal his wounds, and then you will vomit out the secrets to improving my technique, else I’ll beat you up! You may be a supreme master’s disciple, but I’m the Solitary Falcon, the ‘Eighth Great Master’ of this world, and I could practically pinch you to death; hell, I could bury you anytime I wanted!

    Just look at that arrogant expression on this kid’s face! The Solitary Falcon squatted down to the ground to ask Hai Chen Feng, but accidentally found his eyes catching a glimpse of the scene under Jun Mo Xie’s gown from his lowered altitude…..

    The Solitary Falcon almost vomited, Damn me! Just look at how straight his needle is right now! This boy didn’t just crawl out of a brothel, right? This boy is a dog.

    Although he didn’t have the energy to say it in words, but Hai Chen Feng’s unusually firm and unyielding eyes were expressive enough to let the Solitary Falcon know that he wouldn’t submit to such terms. Had he been able to open his mouth and speak, he would’ve said, How can anyone expect a Sky Xuan expert to give himself to such a young kid for three years just to save his own life? I would rather choose to die like this.

    The Solitary Falcon’s tongue kept moving in persuasion, but Hai Chen Feng didn’t budge. The Solitary Falcon seemed so anxious that it seemed as if the corner of his mouth would start foaming at any moment.

    “Persuasion will never persuade an individual! You might be considered the ‘Eighth Great Master’, but your reputation doesn’t compare to meeting you in person.” The young master Jun stated disdainfully: “Now watch me!”

    The Solitary Falcon moved out of the way as Jun Mo Xie walked towards Hai Chen Feng, came to a stop next to him, lowered his body down to the ground, whispered a short sentence or a word in his ear. His voice was so soft that no one heard his quick words.

    Hai Chen Feng’s eyes suddenly lit-up even though his injuries was extremely severely, and he had only survived this long owing to his tough physique, and the first-aid treatment Jun Mo Xie had given him earlier, else he would’ve died a long time ago. Although he had been unable to speak until now, but he suddenly found his strength from somewhere the moment he heard Jun Mo Xie’s words, and spoke up with difficulty: “If that’s true, then forget about….. three years, I’ll follow you for…. A lifetime!”

    Jun Mo Xie pretended to be “Chic” about it as he stood up again, and brushed his hands as he shot a gloating-side-ways glance to the Solitary Falcon.

    The Solitary Falcon’s eyes almost popped out as he shouted: “Damn it kid, what did you say to him? How did that stubborn cow suddenly agree to it? What kind of evil sorcery is this?” The Solitary Falcon simply couldn’t understand what words could’ve possibly gotten Hai Chen Feng so excited that he not only agreed to the terms, but also suddenly started glowing with a fresh wave of vital energy; he could clearly tell from Hai Chen Feng’s expression that the man was actually willing to follow Jun Mo Xie to the end of the world.

    “Hmmm, the secrets of the heaven mustn’t be revealed; this young master has always been unpredictable, but you’re free to speculate!” Jun Mo Xie’s lips curved into a nasty smile.

    “You said something to him, and I want to know; so tell me?!” the Solitary Falcon’s face was blank, his neck was red, while his lips were parted in shock; he had tried very hard to convince Hai Chen Feng, but the man had ignored it all; and then Jun Mo Xie barely spoke, and Hai Chen Feng excitedly agreed to it; this was a clear indication that there was a huge gap between the two men! These two have certainly met for the first time today, so how could this be happening?

    Jun Mo Xie smiled mysteriously as he said: “I just told him one word: as long as he’s able to follow it, I can guarantee that his strength will surpass the point where he could just swat any Falcon out of the sky!”

    “Balls!” the Solitary Falcon retorted furiously: “What was that absurd word?”

    “Just one, and he agreed.” Jun Mo Xie folded his arms as he continued to smile.

    “Like hell! He can practice his entire life, and he’ll never be able to do that!” the Solitary Falcon contemptuously looked at Hai Chen Feng, simply unable to control that flame of anger in his stomach which was steaming his gastric juices now.

    “I guess we’ll just wait and see for ourselves!” Jun Mo Xie stated confidently.

    Seeing Jun Mo Xie’s expression, the Solitary Falcon suddenly found himself lacking in confidence: will this kid really be able to achieve what he says?

    Jun Mo Xie sized up Hai Chen Feng’s injuries, and then suddenly stated in a thoughtful tone: “He seems badly hurt, but his injuries seem internal rather than external; how did that happen? What led to these injuries?” he spoke as he glanced at the Solitary Falcon for solicitation.

    The Solitary Falcon’s face turned red; red and hot, but with a hint of awkwardness encompassing it, and the man was left stammering speechlessly.

    “How did this happen?” Jun Mo Xie’s tone was clearly intended to beat a drowning dog as he glared at the Solitary Falcon questioningly.

    “Don’t ask me! And stop chattering like a little girl!” the Solitary Falcon roared back angrily: “Quickly heal him!”

    “He he……” Jun Mo Xie shrugged his shoulders provocatively for a while, and then suddenly put on a serious face: “Pick him up, and follow me!”

    “Are you giving me an order?” It seemed as if the Solitary Falcon would explode at any moment: “You dare have such courage, kid!”

    Jun Mo Xie paid absolutely no attention to him as he turned away: “If you want to save him, then you will happily carry him for me; if anyone else touches him, then I’ll simply strike him and kill him. You can try if you wish to see how serious I am!”

    The Solitary Falcon’s eyes turned as cold as ice seeing Jun Mo Xie’s figure disappearing out of the hall, while his hair automatically rose up in the air, clearly depicting the formation of a vortex of anger inside his heart.

    He turned around and realized that Old Man Jun and the others inside the hall hadn’t moved one step from their initial positions, and had been excitedly spectating this scene the entire time.

    The Solitary Falcon angrily stamped his foot on the ground, which sent the entire hall shaking with tremors, almost as if the hall had been struck by an earthquake. The Solitary Falcon obviously picked up Hai Chen Feng in his arms after being deflated by Jun Mo Xie in this manner, and could tell that the half-dead man was deriving pleasures from his misery.

    The Solitary Falcon smiled gloomily as he fiercely whispered: “Are you happy now kid? You’re almost dead, so enjoy each moment like it’s your last because you’re literally hovering between life and death right now!” Then, he walked out of the hall, and followed after Jun Mo Xie.

    Everyone inside the hall had clearly felt the vibrations, so much so, that even the ground under everyone’s feet had suffered a few tremors, which had obviously left Jun Zhan Tian, Jun Wu Yi, and Guan Dong Liu smacking their lips.

    “He is indeed abnormally strong! Just one stamp of his feet was enough to produce such amazing power; this is simply amazing!” Guan Dong Liu praised out loud, but his real amazement wasn’t owed to the Solitary Falcon’s strength: “Old Man, you’re lucky to have such an excellent grandson; he can even forge such relations with the Solitary Falcon and a disciple of the Blue Master…… the Jun Family indeed has a successor worthy of carrying its name to a prosperous and flourishing future. The Jun Family’s road to fame is just around the corner!”

    He had just stated something similar a couple of days ago at the time when he had arrived to the Jun residence, but had only said it perfunctorily; however, this time he had meant these words from the bottom of his heart, and Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi could clearly tell that from his expression.

    Grandfather Jun stroked his beard as his aged eyes narrowed into a modest smile: “We really don’t deserve the Guan Master’s words, you really speak too highly of us ha ha ha….” Even though he replied in modesty, but the smile on his face was stretching from one ear to the other.

    Guan Dong Liu’s heart was obviously left feeling a sense of disdain: Your mouth is blanketing a hippopotamus-like smile, and you’re still pretending to be modest….. Your pride and arrogance is simply unbearable……

    Then, Guan Dong Liu sighed: Why don’t either of my sons have such abilities? Why haven’t they gotten such opportunities? What would one have to do to get such an opportunity ah? How can one make one of the ‘Eight Great Masters’ obey them in such a manner?

    Let alone making the man obey them, if my two boys came face-to-face with the Solitary Falcon, they probably wouldn’t even able to whisper their words, and would probably be left trembling in their spot…. They would probably remain paralyzed rather than roving about carelessly like Jun Mo Xie…. Even if they pretended to have such courage, then still wouldn’t be able to pull this off!

    This is their level ah…… this is their power….. this is their heritage ah……

    The Lord of the Guan Family resigned to staring up at the heavens.

    Completely blown away……

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