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Chapter 213–Join me, you won’t regret it

    Chapter 213–Join me, you won’t regret it

    As he stepped into the small courtyard, even a man of the Solitary Falcon’s experience wasn’t able to prevent himself from being shocked……

    A huge meatball was trotting about in the small courtyard, and it was a while before the Solitary Falcon was finally able to determine the truth: this meatball looks like a ….. person! This thing is actually a real human!

    My god!

    The Solitary Falcon couldn’t help scolding the man within his heart, I have heard about it a lot that the life of these young masters are quite easy, but how can one allow themselves to eat so much!

    This is simply too much!

    Tang Yuan’s injuries weren’t as serious as they once were owing to the meticulous nursing by the young master Jun, and he had already started moving about a few days ago. Moreover, he couldn’t afford to be bedridden these days since his appetite had almost doubled up ever since Jun Mo Xie’s treatment had started!

    So much so, that even his old clothing wasn’t fitting him nowadays…..

    Tang Yuan’s belly used to drop down to his knees earlier, but nowadays, his belly was almost falling down to his feet; Tang Yuan naturally sensed the enormity of the situation upon realizing the condition of his belly, and had started to panic thereafter: I need to lose weight!

    The young master Tang was naturally very worried about the future of his intimate-life: How will I be able to get intimate if I don’t lose weight? I will be completely helpless ah. The gun may have the ammunition, but it can’t fire if it’s blocked. Besides, pretty girls won’t like a body this fat…..

    As a result, Tang Yuan had taken up another task apart from planning his business activities these days: jogging. However, the more he worked out, the more tired he’d get, which obviously increased his appetite…..

    And then…. His weight obviously started to rise again.

    As a result, Tang Yuan found himself caught in a vicious circle, and was finding it very difficult to break out of it.

    Naturally, one couldn’t blame the Solitary Falcon for getting shocked upon seeing the humungous meatball ‘squirming’ about in the courtyard……

    Tang Yuan felt an inexplicable sense of cold on his entire body as he came face-to-face with this black-robed man, and couldn’t help feeling a shivering sensation running up his spine upon looking at the man’s cold facial features and eyes.

    Tang Yuan’s mood was already out of sorts at the moment, and coming face-to-face with this coffin-like face made him even more uncomfortable, and hence he stared back at first and then shouted: “Old man, what are you looking at? Never seen a handsome guy before, have you?”

    The plight of the Solitary Falcon’s facial muscles was a misery like no other. I’ve certainly seen many handsome guys in my lifetime; in fact, I’ve probably seen the most handsome of individuals….. but I’ve never seen someone this fat calling themselves handsome before.

    I’m not certain whether you’d qualify as handsome, but given the thickness of your skin and body weight, I’m sure that you’d qualify as the fattest person alive…..

    “Nothing at all.” The Solitary Falcon wasn’t offended by his rebuke since the young master Jun’s temperament had made him immune to curses lately; moreover, he found Tang Yuan’s round body a rather interesting sight.

    “Boy, how much do you weigh?”

    Tang Yuan continued to “jog” in high spirits, and completely ignored the Solitary Falcon’s question: “Roll aside, this young master needs to lose weight! And don’t ask me questions which dispel my enthusiasm!”

    Tang Yuan obviously didn’t know this Old man’s identity; if someone ever told him that the man he just shouted at was the ‘Eighth Greatest Master’ of this world, and was known for his ruthless nature….. it is estimated that Tang Yuan would probably have accomplished his goal in a very short period of time–the amount of sweat he would’ve precipitated would’ve directly reduced his weight by a few kilograms in an instant.

    “Good, kid, that’s good. Once this Old man has finished his business here, I will assist you in losing some weight. My tricks will certainly help you in slimming-down by a lot.” The Solitary Falcon stated out of goodwill. Tang Yuan heard this sentence, and simply rolled his eyes ignoring the help, you think that losing weight is that easy? You think I haven’t already tried out the ‘tricks’ ah? There is no shortcut for losing weight!

    “Hey, you’re holding a half-dead man in your arms, and you’re actually still interested in chatting about?” Jun Mo Xie cried out in impatience: “Solitary Falcon! Your composure is truly worthy of making you the ‘Eighth Great Master’; it’s really very admirable ah!”

    The Solitary Falcon roared back angrily: “Damn it, I’m not stupid okay!” Tang Yuan’s attitude suddenly disappeared after hearing this exchange of words.

    “Who? Who is that man the young master Jun was talking to? The Solitary Falcon?The ‘Eighth Great Master’?”

    It was as if a giant landmine had exploded inside Tang Yuan’s fat head; Fatty Tang staggered for a while on his feet first, then his face turned pale, and then he fell to the floor with a ‘plop’ with his big mouth opened wide in a desperate attempt to inhale more air, while his head, arms, legs, and the rest of his body started to sweat like a fountain, wetting the entire ground around him with rivers of sweat…..

    I, I, I, I actually just pointed a finger at the ‘Eighth Great Master’, and then I cursed him……Tang Yuan’s head started feeling dizzy upon realizing the gravity of the situation, and he soon found himself lying on the ground paralyzed, unable to find the strength to get back up to his feet……

    Since his assistance was directly refused, the Solitary Falcon carried the half-dead Hai Chen Feng into the medical room as per Jun Mo Xie’s directive. The young master Jun had recently ordered a new room to be built behind his bedroom for medical purposes…..

    ‘The Art of Unlocking the Heaven’s Fortune’ was far more advanced that any of its counterparts in the world of medicine, which is why dealing with Hai Chen Feng’s internal injuries was quite an easy task; in fact, Hai Chen Feng was even able to talk in less than the quarter of an hour.

    “Can you really do it? What you promised me before? My opponent really is one of the ‘Eight Great Masters’ of this world!” Hai Chen Feng asked.

    “You still doubt it? Haven’t you already seen enough?” Jun Mo Xie replied back.

    “At least I have some hope now. I witnessed your master’s skills, and it really isn’t anything short of supernatural! I may doubt you, but I will never doubt your master’s abilities!”

    “So, what do you intend to do now?”

    “I’ve decided to stay!” Hai Chen Feng replied: “Anyway, I really have nowhere to go. I just wanted to travel away from the mainland in order to enhance my strength, but if I can do that by staying here, then what’s the point of running around the whole world, ah?”

    “If you join me, then you simply won’t be able to leave whenever you feel like; are you sure you understand this point clearly?” Jun Mo Xie asked in a serious tone.

    “That is only natural!” Hai Chen Feng’s face reveled in shade of resolve: “Since I’m joining you, then I will do as you ask; I will follow you as I have promised, and I will not go back on my word as long I get what I’ve been promised.”

    “That’s good!” Jun Mo Xie continued to pour more and more Aura smoothly into his body: “I’m short of people, very short.”

    “I understand!” Hai Chen Feng could feel his meridians constantly being replenished with energy, and could distinctly sense his body’s vital force returning to its health at a very good pace. “I also know a bit about the Jun Family’s situation.”

    “That’s good!” Jun Mo Xie grunted twice: “Hai Chen Feng, I wish to control the underworld powers of the capital; after I’m done curing you, you must set off to undertake this task. I can’t accomplish my goals unless you can do this!”

    “No problem!” Hai Chen Feng’s eyes didn’t even blink as his mouth slowly curved into a cruel arc. To him, a peak Sky Xuan expert, even dealing with a man of Jun Wu Yi’s strength wasn’t an issue; with such strength at hand, and the Jin Yang Bang’s support behind him, bullying the Capital’s underworld was as easy as slicing a chicken’s throat.

    “You may have misunderstood my intention. I just want this force for intelligence, and I cannot personally control it! However, since I wish to control it, I need you.”

    Jun Mo Xie’s face was carrying a profound expression on it, while his eyes seemed a bit gloomy, “No matter what happen, you’ll have to deal with all the problems on your own. Moreover, according to my intelligence network, the Mu Rong Family, and the Li Family are also joining hands with several of these gangs nowadays, and with the affiliations of such powers, some of these gangs are building a very solid backbone, so their strengths definitely won’t be weak either.”

    “I believe that they might even have a few people whose strength will be as strong as yours.” Jun Mo Xie added.

    “That won’t be a problem!” Hai Chen Feng reassured Jun Mo Xie, and then kept his mouth shut. As far as he was concerned, he would at most have to ask the Jin Yang Bang gang to assist him, and once he had reined the Jin Yang Bang gang in, the gang’s name and force would be enough to control the underground forces of the entire city; after all, the Jin Yang Bang gang was the strongest underground faction of the capital, and could easily expand its forces if needed.

    Hai Chen Feng was confident that he and Jun Mo Xie could accomplish anything together. After all, the two of them were being backed by a very powerful family, the Blue Master, the Solitary Falcon, as well as a man of Jun Mo Xie’s master’s strength, who was seemingly even stronger than the greatest masters of this world!

    What kind of force could stand against such a powerful union? If the competition gets tough, then I can always ask my master to help us. And after today’s matter, the Solitary Falcon also owes Jun Mo Xie a favor, and will certainly not sit back if asked to assist. Anyway, even if the situation still gets out of hand, then it still won’t be a problem if Jun Mo Xie’s master appears in person to lend a hand……

    With these thoughts to assure him, Hai Chen Feng obviously felt very confident about his position.

    “I will not interfere with your operations and your decisions.” Jun Mo Xie stated as he closed his eyes slightly: “However, you yourself will have to operate with some sense of order and responsibility.” Jun Mo Xie stated these final words in a heavy tone.

    Hai Chen Feng nodded in a serious manner.

    “Once I receive any news of it, I will get in touch with you as soon as possible! My master is working on refining a medicine for enhancing one’s Xuan Qi, and I’ve its very effective! That I can assure you! Once it’s ready, you will be able to defeat your opponent!”

    Jun Mo Xie smiled: “You will not regret joining hands with me!”

    Jun Mo Xie had just tossed his biggest bargaining chip. Naturally, the young master Jun himself was this so-called master.

    Hai Chen Feng’s eyes brightened, and soon started reveling in a color of excitement. One of the strongest masters alive is refining a medicine, how can the product be bad, right?

    Hai Chen Feng simply couldn’t help smiling mischievously as he started fantasizing about growing stronger one day, and then beating up the Solitary Falcon…..


    The doors to medical chambers finally opened several hours later, and a rather exhausted looking Jun Mo Xie came out.

    “That man?” the Solitary Falcon asked anxiously.

    Jun Mo Xie sighed, and then shook his head.

    “Is he dead?” the Solitary Falcon asked as his face suddenly turned gloomy out of sheer despair.

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