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Chapter 215–Accomplishing the ultimate objective

    Chapter 215–Accomplishing the ultimate objective

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    The Solitary Falcon’s temper had already risen sky high, and so he continued to stare blankly and silently at Jun Mo Xie for a long time before he finally gritted his teeth and asked in a fierce tone: “You mean that you want me to be your ‘hired goon’ for a year? Get rid of your wild dreams right now! Or I’ll show you what a nightmare looks like! You damned little bastard, how dare you even say that ah?!”

    “No, no, not a goon; you misunderstand me.” Jun Mo Xie repeatedly shook his head again and again: “You only need to live here with us; you’re not required to do anything at all. Although I have one request…..”

    “What request? Be straightforward!” The Solitary Falcon’s chest was rising and falling in rage, and he really couldn’t help cherishing the idea of kicking Jun Mo Xie’s buttocks.

    “In case the Jun Family is threatened with a grave danger, for example, the Family is faced with extermination…” Jun Mo Xie’s tone suddenly transformed to a very earnest one: “I hope that you promise that you will help us in resolving such situations over the course of this one year, but once this one years’ time is over, we won’t bother you. However, I cannot control the number of times that may happen in this one year, and hence can’t make any promises; however, this is only for one years’ time.”

    “Your practice of the Eagle-derivative laws will also take time, and you will need a dedicated space as well! And you’ll also need opponents! Moreover, you will need the basic resources of survival.” Jun Mo Xie continued in a serious tone: “These… I can provide for you, and in return I just want to use your name to ensure the safety of the Jun Family for one years’ time; nothing more!”

    The Solitary Falcon’s enraged expression slowly turned to a thoughtful one as he listened to Jun Mo Xie’s words.

    “As long as you agree, you will be the Jun Family’s most esteemed guest for the next one year; your position in the family will be higher than that of my Grandfather here! No one, including me, will ever command you into doing anything, and if the Jun Family isn’t faced with any crisis during this one year then you can just leave with a pat on the back from our Family because we will owe you for this! And you’ll become a hero in my Family’s memory!”

    Jun Mo Xie continued to glib: “Moreover, I expect that my master will be visiting us quite often this year.”

    This last sentence was a rather meaningful bargaining chip against the Solitary Falcon!

    Regardless of anything, arranging a dedicated space, opponents, and the basic necessities of life wasn’t a difficult task for a man of his caliber, but finding the guidance of such a world-class expert was extremely hard! Encountering such a man even once-in-a-lifetime in itself could be regarded as a blessing from the heavens above.

    “Well, since your master and I hit it off, I…..” the Solitary Falcon sharply glared back at Jun Mo Xie: “I promise you!”

    “Wonderful!” Jun Mo Xie’s lips curved into in a wide smile: “How about we head off to the Spirit Fog Lake and formally seal our arrangement with a night of entertainment?”

    “Fuck you!”

    A kick, and Jun Mo Xie found himself dancing in the air like a trapeze artist…..

    Jun Mo Xie had been planning on this since the beginning, and had been feeling as if the heavens were siding with him ever since he had laid his eyes on the Solitary Falcon again in the Maple forest.

    Although his con to allure the two Xuan Beasts was likely enough to sort out the Xue Hun Manor for now, but the Xue Hun Manor was a huge organization at the end of the day; moreover, their real background could be completely unknown to him at the moment, which made them even more dangerous. Even if they were forced to take a step back after Li Jue Tian’s son was crippled, they could always bounce back in a while since the youngster could always marry even if he was half-beaten to death, enabling the Xue Hun Manor to rise back in time.

    Therefore, Jun Mo Xie needed to protect his family against them, and he needed to perfect this protection.

    Moreover, even if the trouble with the Xue Hun Manor was resolved, he still couldn’t neglect the fact that three of the Silver Blizzard city’s Elders were now inside the Tian Xiang City’s territory. Given his enmity with Jun Wu Yi, Xiao Han was unlikely to let this opportunity slip by. This would obviously provoke a rivalry between the Magnificent Jewel Hall and the Jun Family, which would obviously cause a storm. Even if the opposition wasn’t capable of exterminating the Jun Family, they still had enough strength and influence to humiliate them. Grandfather Jun, after all said and done, is one of the most important men in the country, and it would be awfully difficult for him to bear this insult at his present age!

    Jun Mo Xie had already taken all these aspects into account. In fact, he had always been most worried about the Silver Blizzard City and not the Xue Hun Manor. After all, the Silver Blizzard City’s people were in close proximity to the Jun Family at the moment, and in case they were to make a move, the Jun Family would find itself in no position to deal with their Spirit Xuan-strength experts.

    Therefore, he needed to find a solution; and he was running out of time.

    He had initially intended on using his medical expertise to heal Hai Chen Feng in a very short time, and then show off his skills to Solitary Falcon to entice his curiosity, and then slowly improvise from that point onwards. Having proven the skills of this “Mysterious master” in front of the Solitary Falcon would’ve easily improved Jun Mo Xie’s status in the Solitary Falcon’s eyes.

    However, the plans of the Heavens above always supersede our own, and he ended up being placed in a situation of his making his own breakthrough, and as a result found himself completely helpless, and was forced into opting for the second best choice available. Left with no other option, he was forced to flee into the ground, and was then forced to plan everything all over again.

    Since Jun Mo Xie had somehow been able to accomplish everything he had initially ended, one could consider that his basic purpose had mostly been achieved now. Moreover, since the Solitary Falcon would bear witness to the Jun Family procuring some very precious herbs in order to enhance the strength of some of their finest family members, a man of his ambition was unlikely to sit idly and not participate.

    Therefore, the moment he had discovered that battle in the Maple Forest, the young master Jun had realized that he could easily formulate an entire feasible plan which would end up sorting all his problems in one single shot. Moreover, the success of this plan would achieve much more comprehensive results in the future…..

    From this moment onwards, the young master Jun had effectively elevated the Jun Family’s position in this situation of crisis. Now he intended on using this next year on focusing his attention on developing and increasing the Jun Family’s strength and influence!

    This entire scenario is what the young master Jun had been painstakingly calculating ever since he had provoked the competition for the Xuan Core. At last he had finally accomplished his ultimate objective!


    The young master Jun was in a very happy frame of mind now that his exhaustive efforts were finally bearing fruit, but the atmosphere in the Magnificent Jewel was shrouded in a mist of gloom.

    “What’s going on?”

    The three Elders, Mu Xue Tong and Xiao Han had been sitting in discussion of some important matters, with Mu Xue Tong and Xiao Han wearing the looks of honest and dedicated men; Xiao Han’s demeanor especially, was poles apart from his arrogant and bullish one at the Jun residence since he was wearing the look of the most well-behaved little baby on land in front of the three Elders.

    These five people were representatives from the Silver Blizzard City, and were presently visiting the Tian Xiang City on business, so it was only natural that ordinary men such as the people of the Magnificent Jewel Hall had no place amidst them. At such a time, they were faced with an extremely surprising sight when the Little Princess flew into their discussion chamber, carrying a half-dead Xiao Feng Wu with her. Even the weakest of these five men was a Sky Xuan expert, but even then these men were left alarmed to see the condition and severity of Xiao Feng Wu’s injuries!

    They were obviously aware that Xiao Feng Wu and the Little Princess had slipped out of the Magnificent Jewel Hall to amuse themselves on the Little Princess’s persuasion, but since most of the powerhouses had left the capital after the Xuan Core was taken away by those mysterious characters, and the City’s state of affairs had largely restored to its usual calm, and so these five men happily allowed these two youngsters to take a stroll around the city, fearing that they would end up quarrelling with a nagging Little Princess in the opposing scenario.

    Moreover, since the City’s situation had quickly reversed to normality, these two Gold-Xuan-Strong-Youngsters would be regarded as first-class experts by the City’s standards, an assurance which comforted them into turning a blind-eye towards their mischief; as it is, Xiao Han was quite happy to see his nephew’s growing closeness to Princess Han Yan Meng.

    However, they never expected that this little outing would end with the two of them returning with Xiao Feng Wu beaten half to death. His injuries were visibly very serious, but it wasn’t just his injuries which made the situation so appalling, Xiao Feng Wu’s clothes were completely torn to the point where his lower clothing could barely conceal what lurked beneath. Moreover, his protective armor had also been stripped off his body. Xiao Feng Wu was a member of the Silver Blizzard City’s upper-class and neither of these men could comprehend that anyone would ever exhibit such hatred towards the youngster that the attacker would even strip the boy of his clothing!

    Han Yan Meng was quite surprised on seeing these five men waiting there for them, but upon seeing her loved ones, all the negativity and fear of her heart exploded in an instant, and she immediately ran into the Third Elder’s arms, stomping, crying, and sniveling. This young girl had been so treasured by these men that they had never even allowed the prospect of dangers to lurk around her all her life, but today the Third Elder was having to pat her back in order soothe her; naturally his anger had surpassed all boundaries!

    Who would have the courage to torment the Little Princess of the Silver Blizzard City?! Even our master, Han Feng Xue doesn’t talk rudely to this little girl, for the fear that she may throw the most insane tantrums! I would’ve never thought that there would be a creature in the Tian Xiang City capable of doing something like this to her!

    Moreover, he could clearly see the palm-prints on her face, which when accompanied by her inconsolable and endless tears filled his heart with an aching sadness, adding to his anger in no other way possible.

    The five men peeked over and frowned as the saw the condition of Xiao Feng Wu’s injuries.

    “His Xuan Qi strength is still completely intact even though his body is so seriously injured.” The Ninth Elder approached Xiao Feng Wu and placed his hand over the youngster’s body to impart his own Xuan Qi in order to heal the boy’s injuries, and was left frowning as he shared his finding with the rest of his companions.

    The other four men were also equally surprised upon realizing this. The Little Princess however, continued to sob, and sniffle, simply unable to understand the meaning of this sentence, which is why she sobbingly asked out of curiosity: “What do you mean… from the combat?”

    “This wasn’t the work of someone’s Xuan Qi; the attacker used pure force to do this!” The Third Elder carefully looked at the youngster’s body, and stated with a heavy face: “Judging by his injuries, I reckon that the boy would’ve lost nine lives in case the attacker had used his Xuan Qi. It seems that even though this person’s actions were extremely sinister to begin with, but they were just as measure and as calculated as his hatred.”

    The five of them frowned almost simultaneously since they all realized that it would take someone much stronger than Xiao Feng Wu to beat him up so badly. In fact, they could all clearly sense that the man must’ve at least been a Jade Xuan, but was probably higher since Xiao Feng Wu was a rather skilled fighter, which meant that an ordinary Jade Xuan might not have been able to injure him this badly with ease. Although the fact that the youngster’s clothes had been ripped off, and the fact that even his armor had been taken away with no signs of visible modesty left behind, was clearly indicative that the attacker was probably much stronger than their anticipation!

    However, in either case, it was evident that this was a case of revenge more than anything else!

    “Little Princess, please don’t worry; you can breathe easy now, you’re safe. Slowly tell us what happened….” Mu Xue Tong stated.

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