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Chapter 222–The Great Master’s rage

    Chapter 222–The Great Master’s rage

    [TL: Sorry guys, been a bit caught up with some issues. Will do my best to release as many as possible over the next week or two (2-3/week at least; that for sure), but am sure that this current slowing down of the pace is only temporary.]

    Being a Spirit Xuan expert, the Sixth Elder was far stronger than any member of the Jun Family, therefore if Jun Mo Xie exposed his real and unique abilities, then it was quite possible that the Sixth Elder might not hold back a second time. Hence, Jun Mo Xie decided against using his skills to heal his body from the inside, and deliberately allowed his nose to bleed.

    The Sixth Elder was still taken aback a bit even then, “ah?” he exclaimed lightly as he finally opened his eyes and studied Jun Mo Xie’s body for a little while, nodded his head, and then said: “That’s good!”

    The Sixth Elder had always carried himself with the self-respect of a Spirit Xuan expert, and hence didn’t attack Jun Mo Xie a second time. Although he was quite surprised by the Young Master Jun’s strength, but felt that it wouldn’t be very graceful on his part to attack a young Gold Xuan expert again and again.

    The Hitman Jun sneered, wiped the blood off his face, and then mocked: “The old man’s Spirit Xuan strength is indeed very overbearing!”

    These words would’ve come across as a sincere praise had he said them upon being severely injured by this attack, however since he was able to withstand the attack of a Spirit Xuan expert despite his lowly Xuan Qi level, this sentence came across as an ironic mockery because he had only sustained very minor injuries!

    Although the Sixth Elder had only employed a fraction of his true strength while attacking him, but a Spirit Xuan expert is still a Spirit Xuan expert, which meant that it would’ve still been impossible a Gold Xuan expert to resist the force of his strike under normal circumstances. Having said that, it would’ve been impossible for the Young Master Jun to withstand this strike if it hadn’t been for the mysterious and unique powers which supported his body!

    “Have mercy Sixth Elder!” Mu Xue Tong’s mind had already started contemplating countermeasures to manipulate the Sixth Elder into leaving the Jun residence. Hence, Mu Xue Tong couldn’t help pleading for mercy the moment the Sixth Elder launched such an electric-strike towards Jun Mo Xie.

    “Sixth Elder, may I dare to ask the meaning of this?” Jun Wu Yi raised his eyebrows as he asked in a stern voice. Even when the oppressor was a Spirit Xuan expert, Jun Wu Yi wasn’t going to tolerate watching his nephew being bullied in front of his own eyes! “Don’t tell me that attacking their younger in this manner is the normal demeanor of a Silver Blizzard City’s Spirit Xuan Elder?”

    “No, but I was just stating the difference in position of the Jun Family and the Silver Blizzard City; if your Family causes us problems, then you will have to pay the corresponding price!”

    Even though the Sixth Elder said these words in a very casual manner while looking in Jun Mo Xie’s direction, the real meaning behind his words was obviously unusually overbearing and unreasonable: “This boy actually dared to speak so rudely with this Old Man, hence this Old Man obviously felt like disciplining him once or twice in return! In case he was met with an unreasonable expert, then such words could’ve easily attracted his death, whereas this Old Man’s intentions on the other hand were pure and good since I’ve only done enough to muddle his head a bit, and caused him minor bleeding instead of instantly killing him on the spot! A far as the demeanor of my Family is concerned, the Jun Family isn’t qualified enough to receive my comment on such a question!”

    Jun Wu Yi’s body trembled with anger: “What do you expect us to do when you’re blaming such wrongful acts on the Jun Family’s head? What do you have to say about that Sixth Elder? My Family will never submit to such shame! Today your Silver Blizzard City will have to give my Jun Family an answer for this!”

    The Sixth Elder replied leisurely: “If my Xiao Family’s off-springs happen to be in an accident involving the Jun Family ever again, then this what the Jun Family’s off-springs will face! That was my motive; would you disagree with me? Well, the Jun Family anyway only has one heir in their youngest generation, so it really won’t be much trouble either!”

    “As for the answers you seek, ha ha…. Do you really think that I will give you one?”

    The tyrannies of his overbearing intentions were flowing unrestrained at this moment.

    The wind produced a whistling sound as a white-haired old man flew into the courtyard carrying a young girl in his arms, but immediately calmed down upon seeing the Sixth Elder and the others sitting together, and drinking tea. It seems that things haven’t yet gotten out of hand. They still haven’t provoked the tyranny of his anger yet.

    “What makes you come here Third Brother?” the Sixth Elder asked with sense of regret in his heart since he had just attacked Jun Mo Xie; even though it was only a very light attack. I won’t be able to attack anyone in the Jun Family now that the Third Brother has arrived…. The Master was very clear on this subject before we left the Silver Blizzard City. However, his mind was a bit confused as well; the Third Brother had decided to divide forces, didn’t he? Then why has he suddenly decided to alter things?

    The Third Elder hadn’t even had the time to respond when a rebellious voice resounded: “Damn it, the tea-sipping shrimp who just disrupted my practice is going to be one sorry bastard!”

    “Who was that? How dare you speak so rudely to this Old Man?! Even your corpse won’t survive after this Old Man is done with you!” The Sixth Elder immediately spoke back in retaliation upon hearing that sharp comment without even worrying twice about picking a fight.

    However, he found himself regretting his decision very soon! Because this was one quarrel he simply couldn’t afford to pick!

    A black silhouette suddenly flew into the air, his black hair floating upwards in the air in his background, and then dived straight towards the Sixth Elder’s body like an Eagle with his ten sharp, claw-like fingers angled in the forward direction. The flowers in the courtyard fluttered backwards under the massive force of this movement, while everyone person present on the scene was left gasping for breath since the force of this person’s advance was so powerful that it had created a vacuum in the area!

    Moreover, the influence of this impending strike had already sent the entire area shaking!

    It is entirely conceivable that this one incorrect statement of the Spirit Xuan strong Sixth Elders’ might just become the cause of his immediate death, and even his corpse may not outlive the consequences of the wrath he had just brought upon himself.

    The arrival of this figure had filled the atmosphere with an overbearing and tyrannical momentum! And this momentum was now coming crashing down on the Sixth Elder’s head like the dark of a night sky!

    The Third and the Sixth Elder exclaimed out in shock: “Solitary Falcon!”

    What’s this god of death doing here?!

    Oh God, did I just unknowingly threaten to kill him?

    However, it was too late think about these things now, and the Sixth Elder was well aware that self-preservation was the only thing that mattered now. Therefore, he quickly got out of his seat, and then somersaulted backwards about five or six times while organizing his Xuan Qi into consecutive defensive layers in front of his body in order to defend against this terrorizing force he was faced with!

    The Solitary Falcon paid no attention to this heavy line of defense, and forced his body through the air as he tore through those defensive Qi fields; in fact his hands even managed to maintain their original posture as he cut through the Six Elder’s defense like a hot knife through butter.

    The Third Elder shouted, “Please have mercy Master Falcon!” as he rushed forward to assist the retreating Sixth Elder.

    The Solitary Falcon ignored everything as the murderous aura in his eyes solidified into something far more real, and took form in the shape of his ten fingers which readied themselves to strike their target.

    The Solitary Falcon was obviously very angry; very, very angry! In fact, it could be said that his rage had crossed all boundaries!

    He had been studying the “Eagle Transformation” maneuvers for several decades now, and had been considering that he had reached the point of his next breakthrough a few years ago, but only to be forced into meeting with the insurmountable bottleneck of his own strength level. At this point he ended up meeting Jun Mo Xie, a youngster who was capable of guiding him forward. Moreover, this youngster exposed him to some maneuvers he had never seen before, and he found his mind completely immersed in researching them.

    The Solitary Falcon’s life had already been linked to Jun Mo Xie’s fate by now! However, he had never though that someone would actually try to harm Jun Mo Xie in his presence!

    I will never be able to grow stronger if this boy dies or even injures himself into disability, ah! In fact, even if the Mysterious Master was to rid me off the blame of not being able to protect this boy, and decided to teach more me anyway…. I still would never be able to face him again…..

    The Solitary Falcon had obviously noticed a change at the time when the Sixth Elder came-in to meet with Jun Wu Yi, but he had decided to ignore all of it since he was struggling to explore the maneuvers he had just learnt…..

    In fact, it could be said that the Solitary Falcon was so engrossed with his research that he probably would’ve just ignored the Sixth Elder of the Silver Blizzard City even if the man had arrived to see him instead of Jun Wu Yi.

    Although things went well for a while, but then Jun Mo Xie suddenly found himself under attack! Moreover, it was already too late for the Solitary Falcon to act at this point.

    The Solitary Falcon almost hollowed under the shock and fear for a split second.

    Fortunately for him, the Young Master Jun’s extraordinary strength was enough to hold off the attack, else…..

    The Solitary Falcon would’ve probably died of a heart-attack!

    Since your actions were intended at stopping me from becoming a peerless martial arts master, the path you’ve taken is a path which leads you directly in front of my enmity and hatred!

    Even though Jun Mo Xie had been racking his brains to keep the Solitary Falcon inside the Jun residence, the young master Jun had never anticipated that the Solitary Falcon would act so strongly in his favor from the first day itself!

    The Solitary Falcon’s indomitable fingers had taken an awe-inspiringly murderous shape!

    The Solitary Falcon’s body continued to cut past the Sixth Elder’s defensive layers like a hot-knife through butter!

    The Solitary Falcon had already cut past the defenses by the time the Sixth Elder somersaulted backwards a seventh time, and then the Solitary Falcon suddenly accelerated his pace again, and crashed into the Sixth Elder’s chest like a flying meteor!

    The Third Elder had only just arrived to assist the Sixth Elder at this time, and found himself ramming into the Solitary Falcon’s body with a thud.

    Bang! The Solitary Falcon’s body was taken aback a bit, while the Third Elder was sent flying backwards.

    Meanwhile, the Xuan Qi strength of this Great Master had overwhelmed the Sixth Elder completely, and had hit his chest after breaking past all his defensive barriers!

    A few “pop”, “pop” sounds were heard, and it was rather obvious that the strike had broken a good number of the Sixth Elder’s ribs, while the blood spraying out from his mouth dyed his white-colored chest clothing red. It was evident from the bleeding that the Sixth Elder’s internal organs had sustained heavy injuries, in fact it wouldn’t be surprising in case he had actually injured even five or six of his internal organs!

    The Sixth Elder’s body rolled backwards like a ball and he bounced over the blossoming flowers twice before finally coming to a halt upon hitting a tree. He struggled to his feet with a bitter expression on his face, taking support from the tree as his mouth constantly vomited more blood.

    “Why?” the Sixth Elder opened his mouth to speak but only found himself vomiting more blood. He waved aside Mu Xue Tong with his hand as the man approached closer to assist him in standing back onto his feet, and bit his teeth as his body endured this terrible pain.

    The Third Elder, Mu Xue Tong, and the Silver Blizzard City’s Little Princess also wanted to ask this one question out loud, but were too stunned to voice their thoughts at this moment.

    None of them could figure out why the Solitary Falcon would retaliate with such a grave strike even if the Sixth Elder had offended him with his words since taking the Sixth Elder’s life in this manner would only forge an unresolvable hatred between him and the Silver Blizzard City. Was it really worth it?

    “This Old Man has always done as his heart desires. I can wipe away thousands of shrimps like you with just a wave of my hand! You should be proud to have lived this long without understanding this basic fact! And who do you think you are to ask me why I did this?”

    The Solitary Falcon’s long hair was still floating in his background, while his eyes were still exuding an electric and arrogant aura. His black-colored robes were still swaying in the winds, clearly indicative of the fact that this Great Master’s anger hadn’t yet subsided!

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