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Chapter 227–Special Picture

    Chapter 227–Special Picture

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    Ps: I don’t know why, but the author seems to be referring to the “Silver Blizzard City” as “Silver City” in this chapter….]

    The Third Elder felt extremely wronged by the Sixth Elder’s actions since it wasn’t even possible for them to defend themselves when faced with the overbearing strength of this Mysterious Master, to a point where it wasn’t even possible for them to extract any kind of revenge later in the future!

    Pop! Pop! Two rather unexpected sounds were heard as this black-masked man once again resumed his earlier position. It seemed as if there had been no change in the situation…apart from the five fingerprint marks on both cheeks of the Sixth Elder!

    For a man of the Sixth Elder’s status, and Spirit Xuan strength, the ravages of such an insult were far more terrifying than any physical injuries!

    No one saw how this Mysterious Unrivalled Master moved, nor were they able to see the technique he used when slapping the Sixth Elder in the face! Everything seemed to have happened out of thin air, just as the emergence of this Mysterious Man previously had!

    The four of them could only use one word to describe this entire incident–Miraculous!

    Even though the Sixth Elder wasn’t injured seriously, he couldn’t help finding this incident very inconvenient since he was a Spirit Xuan expert at the end of the day! Left with no other option, he silently stared back at that bizarre man in the black mask with his dark eyes opened big and wide! At the time when the Solitary Falcon had attacked him, he had at least had the time to react even though he wasn’t able to dodge it. However, the Sixth Elder wasn’t even able to move in response to these two slaps!

    What else is this man going to do?

    However, the black-masked man’s bodily gestures made it seem as if he was already done.

    “This Old Man only did this with the intention of letting you know that you mustn’t trouble me again by venting out your anger on others! I will not forgive you younglings if you go to other people’s houses and profane my name again!”

    The black-masked man seemed indifferent as he continued: “I’ve only tried to teach you a small lesson since you’re already quite seriously injured! Those two slaps from this Old Man were intended with a deep and profound meaning behind them: There are many people in this world whom even a Spirit Xuan expert cannot afford to provoke! This knowledge will prevent you from losing your life one day! I’m only squandering my words on you because I have had an old acquaintance with the Silver City!”

    Listening to the other side stating something like “I’m only doing this for your own good” as an explanation, made the Sixth Elder mad with anger. Blood suddenly sprayed out his mouth as the anger inside his body boiled, intensifying the condition of his previous injuries, leaving him gasping for his last breaths!

    That slaps in his face weren’t meant to be lethal in nature, but humiliating. It was obviously not a big deal for a normal man to receive such treatment from a far more powerful figure than himself; however, the Sixth Elder was left feeling extremely angered by this.

    Not just because he had been insulted, but also because all of it seemed far too familiar!

    Previously, he had said something very similar after attacking Jun Mo Xie at the Jun residence post teaching him a lesson. Now, something very similar had happened to him the other way round! Even the gods couldn’t prevent themselves from losing their mind in the face of such irony…..

    This one sentence suddenly gave rise to a plethora of thoughts in Mu Xue Tong’s head: this Master was clearly sent here by Jun Mo Xie and the Jun Family so they could vent out their anger, else he wouldn’t be saying these words. Suddenly, he was no longer worried about their well-being anymore…

    After all, having the strength of a Sky Xuan expert, he was well aware that killing an ordinary person, even by accident, was rather easy for him, and could hence understand how easy it would be for a man of such strength…

    However, in case this Mysterious Master is a friend of the Jun Family, Wu Yi could derive a lot benefits with this man’s help!

    However, the Sixth Elder was having an awfully dreadful day today. First, his mockery at Jun Wu Yi was returned to him in the shape of some serious injuries by the Solitary Falcon, and then the lesson he had taught to Jun Mo Xie with the help of his tyrannical strength were repaid to him by this Mysterious Master in the shape of two slaps in the face. Moreover, the Sixth Elder was forced to choose against retaliation even after facing the two biggest insults of his life… … anyone could tell that keeping his temper in check at this point obviously wasn’t an easy task.

    “Sixth Brother!” The Third Elder exclaimed as he hastily rushed towards the Sixth Elder, summoning the extent of his Spirit Xuan Xuan Qi. He immediately pushed something the Sixth Elder was wearing on his chest and suddenly a serene, white ray of light emerged from the Sixth Elder’s chest, and enveloped his torso inside it.

    The Third Elder sighed as he saw this and stood up straight once again. He had realized that the Sixth Elder’s blood and qi were beginning to burst out due to his angered frame of mind, making his situation very, very critical!

    If it hadn’t been for this timely rescue action his’, the Sixth Elder would’ve probably died before being taken back to the Magnificent Jewel Hall. Therefore, he immediately took matter into his own hands, and did the forbidden!

    It would’ve been an unprecedented incident had a Spirit Xuan expert succumbed to death due to his own anger!

    “He cannot die!” the black-masked man’s eyes flashed a “is that so” look as he looked at the serene, white, mist-like dense, light surrounding the Sixth Elder’s body, before coldly stating: “This is the ‘so-called’ fruit of retribution by the law of the heaven. We must always prepare ourselves for insults from others when we go about insulting someone! There’s no point in discussing this here since you’re no match for me, but your experts from the Silver City are always welcome to seek me out for more trouble in case you disagree with my actions! No one shall be allowed to roam about doing their whims like they were a born blessing to the world. Everyone should have their dues repaid!”

    “I don’t know of the events of the future since that can only be decided by the Great Elders of the Silver City…” the Third Elder slowly stood up as a sense of resentment filled his eyes: “but still, I’d ask you to give me your name so I can give a proper explanation of these events to the Silver City!”

    “Explanation? Do you really believe that you would be able to get away from this place if I hadn’t shed off my anger?” the man in the black mask laughed, and then his body suddenly and slowly started to fade away from his current position, and then re-emerged in front of the Sixth Elder’s body, seemingly grabbing something and taking it away, and then disappeared into thin air like mist… …

    But a voice rang out from this illusionary figure before it completely faded away: “Go back and ask Han Feng Xue how much pleasure he derives from breaking up a pair of lovers, and ruining his Granddaughter’s happiness? Ha Ha … …”

    The sound of laughter gradually dispersed without a trace along with the body of that mysterious man as the curtains of night suddenly descended upon the sky. It almost seemed as if this masked man had taken away the last rays of brightness from this world along with him.

    “Sir, please leave the Xiao Family’s Soul Replenishing Jade behind!” the Third Elder shouted out, but heard nothing more than eco in reply since that black-masked man had already melted between the heaven and the earth… …

    The item which that black-masked man had grabbed from around the Sixth Elder’s neck was a jade pendant! Moreover, this treasure was so valuable that only two others in the entire Silver City were in possession of this item! On top of that, when it came to the Xiao Family, this item was far more precious than their own lives!

    An ancestor of the Xiao Family had once found a warm and strange piece of jade in the snow-capped mountains. When worn on the body; this jade fragment would protect any wounds on the bearer’s body from harm, even if it was bearer’s heart that was shattered; meaning that the person could still be brought back to life! No one knew the origination or the mystery behind this piece of jade!

    This piece of jade was then cut into three parts, and only the most talented members of the Xiao Family were deemed eligible for wearing it; the Sixth Elder was given a piece to wear. The second one was given to the Xiao Family’s youngest heir, Xiao Feng Wu, and the last one was presently with the Little Princess, Han Yan Meng since the lives of these two youngsters simply couldn’t be put at risk!

    However, no one had ever imagined that this jade amulet would actually end up getting snatched right before it would get an opportunity to perform its designated function!

    Moreover, who would’ve thought that such a powerful, noble, and unrivalled person would actually resort to stealing the valuables of others like a common criminal would… …

    This is pathetic! I’ve never seen such a capable man talking about himself with such grandiose, and then go on to act in such a despicable manner without shame.

    This man is simply too despicable! The Third Elder fiercely spat out his saliva: such a qualified expert stealing….

    However, he was completely unaware that this “Unrivalled Mysterious Master” would’ve never stolen this jade amulet, had he been aware of the sentiments attached with it. No matter how angry he was, Jun Mo Xie would’ve never braved such dangers in case he had known that his actions would be shrouded in the threats of retaliation from the other side… …

    Because, this so called “Unrivalled Mysterious Master” would’ve been immediately exposed in case any of these three individuals had tried to obstruct him, which would’ve obviously forced him to flee far, far away with his tail tucked between his legs… …

    The Third Elder however, suddenly found himself at a complete loss.

    Anyhow, he was still a part of the Silver Blizzard City, a member of their high-class at that, but moreover, an Elder; and although he wasn’t fully aware of the events that had happened in the past, but he’d always stand unwaveringly by the Silver Blizzard City’s side no matter what!

    However, now it seemed that the Solitary Falcon had clearly exhibited that he would stand beside the Jun Family, and even though the Solitary Falcon was a difficult opponent, he wasn’t unrivalled.

    But moreover, today they suddenly ran into such a mysteriously strong person, who too, clearly seemed to be in support of the Jun Family. Moreover, the strength of this mysterious individual was simply too horrifying; horrifying enough to make the Third Elder desperate. There was no need to say anything else, just the manner in which he had attacked the Sixth Elder was enough to creep anyone out for it was simply beyond the wildest of myths!

    The Jun Family was very weak earlier, but mustn’t be neglected now that they have two such strong supporters. Moreover, the intricate relationship between the Jun Family and the Silver City is going to be a headache!

    I firmly believe that the Xiao Family would never the Jun Family to rise again! They were simply putting up with the Jun Family until now because they felt that the Jun Family is simply too weak, and hence an unworthy match for them; on top of that, two strong factions from the Silver City stand face to face with opposing views on the subject; and because of this, the harmony of the Silver Blizzard City’s internal factions has been disrupted for the first time after hundreds of years of seamless collaboration, which has obviously been adding fuel to the intensity of this fiery situation!

    Now that the Jun Family has suddenly improved their position, the Xiao Family will spare no effort to wipe them out! In fact, even the final decision of the Great Elders may not be hindered by any opposition they might have to face from the City’s Master!

    As it is, it would be quite troublesome if the Great Elders acted rashly and provoked the Solitary Falcon, but I’m afraid that they might end up provoking a force they simply can’t match in case they were to poke this Mysterious and Unrivalled Master… …

    Moreover, it seems from this Mysterious Master’s behavior that he is willing to do his will by hook or crook… …such people have always been very difficult to deal with; and if such a shameless man was equipped with such skills and strength… …

    He could possibly become a headache beyond measure.

    The Third Elder sighed deeply, weighed down by his anxieties.

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