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Chapter 228–Jin Yang gang’s Transformation

    Chapter 228–Jin Yang gang’s Transformation

    [TL’s note: Hi guys, I’ll be referring to Jin Yang bang gang as Jin Yang Gang now…]

    On the other hand, Mu Xue Tong and the Little Princess’s thoughts varied rather significantly; they were both quite happy for Han Yan Yao and Jun Wu Yi. Those two lovers were separated almost ten years ago, were forced to endure all sorts of bitter hardships for a decade… …but now that they’re receiving support from two such strong individuals, they’ll finally be able to pick up the pieces and start anew! This is such a happy moment!

    The first thing the Third Elder did after returning back to the Magnificent Jewel Hall was to write a long and detailed letter explaining the events which had occurred over these last few days. His letter was mostly focused on his personal opinions about the Solitary Falcon’s involvement, along with that of the “mysterious and unrivalled Master”; he tied the paper to a messenger-eagle after he was done writing the twelve page-long report, mainly comprising of his views and opinions, and then stood alone atop the Magnificent Jewel Hall’s roof, quietly watching the dark and ashen sky; he couldn’t help sigh since he could foresee a storm coming their way!

    I don’t know how many people will be sent to their deaths after getting enveloped in this storm!

    Especially now that the Xiao Family’s Soul Replenishing Jade has been taken away! This is one item they simply cannot bear to lose! And now they will go to any lengths in order to recapture it!

    However, this jade amulet has now fallen into the hands of that mysterious man in the black mask!

    So, how will they take it back? Even if the combined strength of all the experts in the Silver City was capable of recapturing it, not many would survive that final battle! We’d end up burning jade and the common stone alike…

    Two more messenger-eagles, each carrying a letter, were set off into the sky with the Silver City as their intended destination; these letters contained messages from Mu Xue Tong and the Little Princess, Han Yan Meng, respectively, with both individuals addressing their letters to the same person: Han Yan Yao!

    That poor woman has wasted away her youth, just so she could become the Jun Family’s daughter-in-law someday; I cannot even imagine how much joy this news of her beloveds’ will bring to her heart… …

    “What?!” The rampages of Xiao Han’s footsteps were covered by his angry roars: “Jun Wu Yi’s injuries have healed? How’s this possible? How did he recover! Nonsense! I will not allow this to happen!”

    The Third Elder closed his eyes, all this has happened because of you, Xiao Han! What else do you intend on doing now?

    As the darkness of night began to envelop the sky, the Jin Yang gang’s main heads charged through the Tian Xiang City, quickly making their way towards the gang’s headquarters.

    The Jin Yang gang’s heads, known as the “Jin Yang Illuminati” could only be summoned at the order of the gang’s leader. The purpose of such a summon wasn’t just to help the gang’s leader, but actually meant the gang was faced with a situation as critical as that of life and death. This was the first time that such a summon had been issued; in fact, this summon wasn’t even issued when the helm of the gang was faced with a force as unpredictable as that of the Solitary Falcon’s.

    That being said, Jin Feng Lie had refrained from issuing this order at that time simply because the strength of that Old Man was far too horrifying for his “heads” to deal with, so much so, that bringing them into the fold wouldn’t have changed the outcome one bit, and hence he had found it more suitable to simply find his Elder Brother, Brother Hai; this situation however, was completely different… …

    A blue-robed man stood at the top of the stage with his hands folded behind his back; his body language was as serene in depth as that of the ocean’s, but his strength as high as the mountains, as he stood there personifying the patience of an endless ocean, seemingly in wait for the Jin Yang Illuminati to convene. Jin Feng Lei, the leader of the Jin Yang gang was sitting on one side with a very solemn and serious expression on his face. He could sense that his Elder Brother, and benefactors’, attitude had drastically changed since his return.

    He’s full of … …aggression! It seems as if a … … desire is overtaking him!

    This very different compared to his previous “indifferent to the customs of the world” attitude… …

    Perhaps that is why Brother Hai has asked for the Jin Yang gang’s control!

    And what’s even weirder, is that he’s actually summoned a convention of the Jin Yang Illuminati… …

    Jin Feng Lie stood up with a gloomy expression on his face upon seeing that about forty-two of his heads had entered the main hall, one after the other, and waved his palms at the crowd, which suddenly quieted down, and affixed their gazes towards him in anticipation for him to speak.

    “Today, the central authority has issued this summon so that all brothers could convene and witness the announcement of this major event!” Jin Feng Lie’s cold and sharp eyes slowly swept the faces of each and every person present, “from today onwards, we, the Jin Yang gang, will not only welcome our new gang leader, Brother Hai, but will also take our first step in unifying the underworld factions of the capital city. We all know Brother Hai; Hai Chen Feng, and hence I don’t feel the need to introduce him. Brother Hai and I have never differentiated between our possessions, to the point where his status in the Jin Yang gang has always transcended my own, but from today onwards, Brother Hai will take over the command, and take the position of the gang’s leader! He will be the commanding authority from now on!”

    A sudden silence followed his announcement.

    Jin Feng Lie quietly waited for a while after making the announcement, but then slowly made an opening since no one had spoken up: “is there any brother who differs in opinion?”

    Hai Chen Feng’s hands were still folded behind his back as this announcement was made while his eyes had been constantly scanning the people in front: these people are supposed to be the Jin Yang gang’s core… and now they’ve all turned to stone….

    “I have some opinions!” a big and burly man stepped out of the crowd: “I don’t understand why the big brother is making such a decision? Brother Hai’s martial abilities are unique and peerless, and naturally, we’ve all come to admire him for them; but would a guest of the gang be able to fill a position as demanding as the gang’s leader? What are we having this transfer of control for? I don’t know how to put this in words, but Brother Hai has always been detached from the roots of the gang, however, his status in the gang has always been a very esteemed one since he’s always helped the leader from the outside… … but why do you want him to take over the control?”

    “All the major parties of the capital city are gathering their experts and it could be said that there is a storm coming for us all; the big Families seem to be making a move, and even we’ve been approached for the possibility of an alliance by the Mu Rong Family, the Li Family, and the Song Family….. how far do you believe you’ll be able to take us through this storm? Even though the Jin Yang gang brazenly calls itself ‘untouchable’, we are nothing in front of these major Families since they are capable of destroying the entire Jin Yang gang before the dawn of tomorrow’s sun… … what shall I do when faced with such a future?”

    Jin Feng Lie sighed: “We are untouchable, yet some people still provoke us! Brother Hai will take on this heavy responsibility of leading us to what we don’t have at present. We need not ally with any of the major Families, we need not become their hunting dogs, and yet, we may continue to survive. I may have upheld the banners of the Jin Yang gang, however Brother Hai was the true leader all along, even though he was just a guest in name. But, since his description has been both unjust and undeserved, I’ve decided to retreat and hand the control over to him. Do you understand now?”

    That burly man’s lips moved in silence for a while, but he eventually retreated back to his spot without uttering a single word.

    “I have some views!” a thin man squeezed his way out of the crowd, pushing the other aside: “The gang’s strength in the Capital City has always been dependent on our collective forces, and not the power of a few people alone. If the Jin Yang gang doesn’t depend on the powerful once again, then we won’t be able to survive for long despite our current strength; in fact, we cannot even guarantee our survival for a day or two! Therefore, why don’t we just each choose a powerful Family, and as long as we’re able to come to terms with them, ally with them while keeping our main interests as unified as possible so we don’t become completely dependent on them either. And this way, we’ll all have a strong patron, and we’ll also be able to assist each other in the time of need; brothers, please tell me which idea is better? Why must we stubbornly defend our little base in vain against such heavy blows?”

    “So, which one is the most powerful, and appropriate in your opinion?” Hai Chen Feng’s hands remained crossed behind his back as his voice floated across the hall.

    “The Mu Rong and the Li Family would suit us best in my humble opinion! Only, I cannot say the same about struggling for survival since that would be a very unwise move!” the thin man stated loudly.

    The blue figure suddenly turned around and charged forward, his movement, seemingly resembling a sudden surge in the oceanic currents.


    That thin man’s chest was struck by Hai Chen Feng’s palm, and his body flew afar while the five main internal organs of chest immediately gave away; his body hadn’t even landed on the ground when it suddenly found itself torn-apart, mid-air.

    He was already dead; even his corpse had miserable failed to remain intact!

    “A man born between the heaven and the earth, who actually relies on others for his survival, is as good as dead!” Hai Chen Feng suddenly turned around and looked at the crowd: “If you live in fear, you don’t deserve to be a part of my Jin Yang gang! If you secretly accept assistance from others, you do not deserve to stand here! Now tell me, who else has an opinion?”

    “We shall be willing to live and die together, so we can create a favorable atmosphere for all brothers of the Jin Yang gang; that’s the way forward!” Hai Chen Feng’s cold and detached eyes scanned the crowd with the precision of an eagles’: “from now on, I am the new leader of the Jin Yang gang! Everyone has one day’s time to consider it before getting back to me! If you stay, you do as I say! The Jin Yang gang will embark on a new journey tomorrow! And no one will be allowed to go against it!”

    “Anyone who violates the rules, dies!”

    Hai Chen Feng had finally revealed his aggression, and his strength! The moment that thin man had objected to Hai Chen Feng’s orders, he had automatically gone against his order even if he hadn’t accepted any assistance from the other Families yet! Bloody means have always been essential to impose a change in the power structure!

    That man only had his own misfortunes to blame for his fate!

    Everyone dispersed as the curtains of night descended upon the Tian Xiang City; they were all left trembling in fear after witness the appalling manner in which that thin man’s body had disintegrated, and couldn’t help increasing the pace of their departure as a result.

    Hai Chen Feng had finally taken over the reins of the Jin Yang gang! The next step would obviously be to expand its reach!

    Hai Chen Feng had finally taken his first step; the first step required in order to complete Jun Mo Xie’s demand: unify the capital’s underground forces!

    However, this was just the beginning of things!

    The lanterns had already been lit by the time Jun Mo Xie returned to the Jun residence.

    The young master Jun was in high spirits all along the way back since he had not only managed to succeed in retaliating against the Sixth Elder, but had also gotten hold of a mystical jade pendant! However, the true abilities of this Jade pendant were yet to be explored by Jun Mo Xie.

    However, the Hongjun Pagoda had been very active ever since this jade pendant had appeared which led Jun Mo Xie to believe that this was no ordinary piece of jade.

    He could indistinctly sense that this jade piece was not even jade in reality, but something completely unknown altogether. Jun Mo Xie had already tossed this Jade pendant into the Hongjun Pagoda after getting his hands on it… ….

    Upon reaching the Jun residence, Jun Mo Xie was informed that he had been summoned into Jun Wu Yi’s courtyard by the Solitary Falcon, who lay waiting for his arrival in Jun Wu Yi’s study. What’s this old boy up to now? This doesn’t look good… … no one in the house seems to be willing to poke him at the moment… … who is their right mind would’ve recruited such a guy, huh?

    “You devil of a boy! Finally, you’re back ah?! You’ve put me in a great deal of trouble ah!” the Solitary Falcon sprang out, grabbed Jun Mo Xie, and carried him straight into the study.

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