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Chapter 229–You used me as Cannon Fodder!

    Chapter 229–You used me as Cannon Fodder!

    The Solitary Falcon’s sputter almost sprayed out on Jun Mo Xie’s face: “Dammit, boy, you cheated this Old Man into staying at the Jun residence with your scheming tongue! Even when there was such a huge trap hidden inside?! First there was the Silver Blizzard City, and now there’s the Xue Hun Manor… …you little bastard, do you really think my old and weary bones can withstand so much? Why didn’t you inform me of this earlier?”

    “Inform you earlier?” the young master Jun blinked as he explained himself: “You would’ve left for the Prairie a long time ago had I told you about this earlier… … would you have actually stayed here, huh? Do you think I’m that stupid?”

    “You … …” the Solitary Falcon seemed extremely gloomy, yes ah, you’re definitely not stupid, boy; in fact, you’re extremely shrewd, but I’m not a fool either!

    The Solitary Falcon would’ve been duty-bound to leave after weighing the situation had he not seen Jun Mo Xie’s “Eagle-form” technique and had instead found out about all these troubles, that day. However, he was simply unwilling to retreat now, even though he was faced with two such powerful enemies since he had witnessed a maneuver which he could only describe as “the world’s best technique”!

    How can I treat such an opportunity as a joke? Not to mention that this kid is being backed by a peerless Master!

    Although he’s clearly telling the truth, my heart is still not comfortable with this yet. My heart can’t be at peace as long as he keeps exploiting this situation… …. because he’s just too crafty! And although the benefits are amazing, but … …

    And the blatant manner in which this little devil is saying this, is really making me very angry!

    “I see; kid, when does your master get here?” the Solitary Falcon asked: “This Old Man wishes to discuss the Xue Hun Manor and the Silver Blizzard City’s topic with him.”

    In case the Solitary Falcon was assured of that Mysterious Master’s support, then he’d toss the Silver Blizzard City and Xue Hun Manor’s threat aside… …

    “My Master?” Jun Mo Xie started blinking again: “… because that Old Man is busy wandering around the world, his whereabouts are always uncertain; he’s dragon whose head and tail are simply impossible to get a sight off, so how do I know when he’ll come around? But, he always finds me once I’m done mastering his previously assigned tasks!”

    “Do you think I can fight this battle alone?” the Solitary Falcon suddenly stared back at him, shivering with fear from head to toe.

    “How come you’re alone?” Jun Mo Xie’s eyes opened wide with confusion.

    The Solitary Falcon’s voice seemed completely hollowed: “Who else is there? It’s not that your Grandfather and Uncle are weak, but their strength isn’t enough to intervene in a dispute of this magnitude. So if your Master isn’t here, then who else is?”

    “What are you trying to say? Are you saying that I’m not here?” Jun Mo Xie pointed his finger at his own chest, seemingly unwilling to part with his responsibilities. “I’ll fight alongside you!”

    “Kid, you count for a fart’s worth!” The Solitary Falcon fumed back: “Even a fart makes a bit of noise, but you’re not even capable of making that! You’d die the moment someone blows one in your face! The Silver Blizzard City and Xue Hun Manor, each has tens of Spirit Xuan experts in their ranks, and this Old Man’s two fists can only deal with two a-time, which means that I can only block off four or five of such experts at any given moment; what about the rest of them, huh? How will you defend your Jun Family against the rest, huh?”

    “Well, just do your best!” Jun Mo Xie stated in a serious tone as he lowered his gaze to his own chin.

    “I … … damn you kid!” the Solitary Falcon couldn’t control his temper anymore, and started cursing out as a result. “What are my efforts worth if you have no strength? You really are a bastard like no other!” The Solitary Falcon was almost ready to turn around and leave.

    “Don’t worry, the boat will go straight-ahead with currents once it reaches the pier-head, and there will be a way forward once we’ve reached the mountain.” Jun Mo Xie tried to reassure the man: “So what’s making you so anxious?”

    “And what if it doesn’t go straight-ahead? What then, huh?” the Solitary Falcon opened his eyes so wide, that it seemed as if he’d simply swallow him down. I’ve never met such a useless person before!

    “Then, it will get crushed, ah!” the young master Jun’s words didn’t help in the least in bringing the Solitary Falcon’s temper down.

    “You’re shamelessly saying that it will get crushed?” the Solitary Falcon stared back, there’s no point in arguing with him… … he’s like that lazy dog who just doesn’t realize that swallowing a hedgehog would be very painful for his stomach… …

    “I’m certain that it won’t get crushed; what about you?” Jun Mo Xie batted his eyelids like a half-dead person: “Let’s not forget that you’re one of the Eight Great Masters, so even if the Sky was falling, you’d still be capable of easily raising it back up. And I believe that as long as you have the courage to take a hit, you could easily deliver a crushing defeat to them. Even if you fail, you’re at least capable of burning both jade and common stone, and you could easily damage them right down to their bones; then I can easily take advantage of that situation, can’t I?”

    The Solitary Falcon suddenly found himself in a bind!

    He suddenly realized something: trusting this kid was a huge mistake!

    This kid has actually been planning on using me as cannon fodder all along so he could fish in troubled waters later on … …

    How can such a despicable person actually exist in this world? He’s just too … …

    He has really opened by eyes today!

    “Kid, do you even know the Silver Blizzard City?” the Solitary Falcon stood up with the intention of leaving, sticking around this kid will only make my life more difficult! However, he still felt like beating-him-about before leaving: “Do you have any idea about the Xue Hun Manor? Do you even know what they are capable of? I don’t know why you’re going about talking so big! Kid, you don’t this, but you’re destined to die sooner or later!”

    The Solitary Falcon obviously wanted to leave immediately, now that he was finished, but knew that Jun Wu Yi was resting outside in the courtyard, after having finished his training for the day, and wouldn’t let him leave this easily, no matter how much he insisted on it.

    However, he was certainly very dissatisfied with this young master.

    Jun Mo Xie wasn’t very pleased to see the aggressive look on the Solitary Falcon’s face, and hence, hadn’t been talking to him in a proper manner. But now, after listening to the Solitary Falcon’s tone, he realized that the man had already learnt most of the inside story. However, as opposed to expectations, the young master Jun couldn’t help but feel excited since he realized that he could use this to his advantage, if he was to share a bit more information with the man.

    “Maybe I don’t understand that, but are the Silver Blizzard City and Xue Hun Manor so powerful that even one of the Eight Great Masters is afraid to stand up to their arrogance?”

    The young master Jun had turned his attitude around with perfection as he continued with an earnest and honest expression on his face: “If that’s the case, then I won’t pay any attention to your departure; or to anyone similar. However, if you see it my way… …. why would I need to fear anyone when the Solitary Falcon is sitting inside my house? Ha ha … … that’s why I’m so confident ah!”

    The Solitary Falcon was just about to step out when he suddenly realized: I see why this kid seemed to confident all along, ah, he was just using me as an illusion; his words do make a lot of sense … … what would a man need to fear if one of the Eight Great Masters was watching over him? No wonder ah … …

    He was just using my fame!

    However, the Solitary Falcon was still a bit upset. He has been using my name this entire time, and that’s been giving him all this confidence? … … it no wonder that he’s been jumping up and down without a care in the world, so much so that he’s boldly dared to face off with the Silver Blizzard City and Xue Hun Manor… …

    However, it will be very difficult if he maintains this mentality in the long-term.

    The Solitary Falcon’s mind was overcome with thoughts, and then he suddenly realized that the Jun Family had been at a lot of ease, simply because he was watching over them, if the Silver Blizzard City and Xue Hun Manor were to come for them, would they… … still be able to hurt the Jun Family?

    No way, they won’t come, simply because my reputation is just too loud!

    “Boy, I might be one of the Eight Great Masters, but my ability to add more manpower into my fold has always been poor.” The Solitary Falcon’s tone had eased very significantly, but his eyes seemed to resembling that of a lamb overrun with confusion. Although he was still upset, but his tone made absolutely no attempts to conceal his prideful nature, which was an obvious indication that Jun Mo Xie’s words had affected him rather considerably.

    “That’s exactly what I thought about;” Jun Mo Xie continued in a sincere and honest tone: “you see ah, although the Silver Blizzard City and Xue Hun Manor, are both watched over by one of the Eight Great Masters each, but I doubt that these two men would fall from their status and personally take action against the Jun Family … … and do you actually believe that we wouldn’t be able to deal with the others, as long as these two men stayed out of it? Especially with you present here?”

    The Solitary Falcon opened his eyes wide as he nodded and smiled, before he said: “That makes sense, if you leave out Li Jue Tian and Han Feng Xue out of it, then their other people are merely, he he … … free-range chickens in my eyes… … even their Spirit Xuan experts are no exception, for even they are too vulnerable … …”

    Jun Mo Xie had been running his mouth in the hope of brining this man back to reality, but had actually done the exact opposite of the intended… …

    Really … … is this the time for you to get all arrogant? Don’t be so full of yourself, this is a matter of life and death; quickly wake up to reality!

    “Exactly, so what do we need to be afraid of? Even if they all came here together, they would still find themselves under a world of pressure as long as you are here with us! You are Jun Family’s backbone, and an unbreakable one at that. As long as you were to retaliate, it would be like dropping a stone … … on eggs; you would be like a giant hammer swatting away mere mosquitoes effortlessly … …”

    “No, no, no, that’s not the case.” Even though the Solitary Falcon was arrogant by nature, he wasn’t arrogant enough to put his individual strength against that of the Silver Blizzard City and Xue Hun Manor. “The remainder of their strength still cannot be underestimated. It will still be very difficult for me to handle them all by myself.”

    You’re afraid that it will be difficult for you? You simply can’t match them!

    The young master Jun somehow managed to hold his vomit back as he smiled naively: “I think … … you can! Just like today, didn’t they immediately calm down once you took things into your own hands? Couldn’t you easily handle several Spirit Xuan experts easily, if you wanted to?”

    The Solitary Falcon crossed his hands behind his back as he started to walk back and forth about the room, slowly. But even though he was quite elated, he still maintained a serious and solemn expression on his face: “Don’t say such nonsense … … you should never underestimate an enemy ah.”

    What kind of a bird are you, ah … … I was holding you down, and not the other way around … … the young master Jun was completely dumbfounded,I just gave you an example of a couple of situations where you simply couldn’t manage it on your own, and yet you’re still not down from you pedestal! You’re so full of yourself … … Great Master, you may indeed be a legend of your generation, but you’re still a human … … you bleed, when hit, right?

    “Uh, in fact, there’s something that I don’t understand; the Sky Xuan realm is above the Earth Xuan realm, and the Spirit Xuan is above that, which is also the highest level… … but then why are you so much stronger than a normal Spirit Xuan expert, such as the Silver Blizzard City’s Sixth Elder? Isn’t he a Spirit Xuan expert, same as you? I’m really confused here; don’t tell me there’s something more here? What’s this all about?”

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