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Chapter 230–The Twelve Levels of Spirit Xuan, each level scaling to the sky!

    Chapter 230–The Twelve Levels of Spirit Xuan, each level scaling to the sky!

    Jun Mo Xie had lost his patience after watching the Solitary Falcon obsessing endlessly with himself, and hence, blatantly asked the one question he most wanted the answer to.

    It seems that this guy just doesn’t understand what a ‘hint’ really is! Mildly hinting at things is a complete waste of energy since he’s simply blind to them… it’s just better to be straightforward around him ah.

    “Who told you that about the Spirit Xuan realm? That it’s the highest realm?” the Solitary Falcon batted his eyelids twice as he stared at Jun Mo Xie with a sour taste in his mouth. He was busy imagining defeating two of the most powerful factions in the world, singlehandedly, like a valiant hero, but was suddenly interrupted by Jun Mo Xie’s question, like a soldier by a truce.

    “That is just wrong! How is Spirit Xuan the highest realm? This is a big joke!”

    “Oh… then… is there a realm higher than Spirit Xuan? Allow me to learn something from your vast experience and knowledge.” Though Jun Mo Xie was intentionally playing dumb, he really didn’t know anything on this topic in reality either: “Are you telling me that Great Masters aren’t Spirit Xuan experts? But then what are they?”

    “You fool!” the Solitary Falcon’s anger rose in resentment since the young master Jun was failing to meet his expectations: “A Spirit Xuan expert is a Spirit Xuan expert, and a ‘Great Master’ is a ‘Great Master’! Get it? The strength of a Spirit Xuan is too mediocre, and hence your assertion is plainly baseless and muddled!”

    “Oh?” Jun Mo Xie’s eyes opened wide in surprise.

    “Xuan Qi is the world’s most amazing thing!” the Solitary Falcon’s face turned as solemn as a pilgrim’s.

    Jun Mo Xie heart secretly quacked a few contemptuous laughs: Xuan Qi is the world’s most amazing thing? My ‘Art of Unlocking the Heaven’s Fortune’s’ Aura is a thousand times more powerful; what would you call that, huh?

    “Xuan Qi can delay aging, enhance physical strength, make people live longer, move mountains and drain seas, call the winds and summon the rains… with it, you can do anything you want!” the Solitary Falcon’s eyes were fanatical: “But people still use it just as a means of killing others…”

    “Move mountains and drain the seas? Do anything you want?” Jun Mo Xie stood up, this time however, in genuine surprise! The young master Jun’s eyes were practically popping out of their sockets, while his chin had almost hit the ground.

    “Hum, maybe this Old Man exaggerated things a bit…” the Solitary Falcon proudly added: “But your master is the most obvious example, he obliterated an entire Maple Forest with just one wave of his hand, tch, tch, I believe that this miraculous feat was still just a little peek into his true abilities …”

    “Oh …” Jun Mo Xie sat down in discouragement, like a ball which had just been deflated.

    The inference he had made from this, had left him paralyzed…

    “A person with a Xuan Qi realm below the Ninth level is just an ant; even though this sentence is correct, it is still not completely true.” The Solitary Falcon continued: “The Ninth Level is so low that it can’t even compare to ants. The correct statement should be: A person with cultivation below the Spirit Xuan realm is an ant!”

    “That would mean that only a handful of people are worthy of being called humans.” Jun Mo Xie muffled in an authentic manner. “The rest would just be ants.”

    “There are twelve levels above the Spirit Xuan realm; the normal people are just at the beginning of things; they are nothing more than a joke for someone at such high levels!” the Solitary Falcon’s body language was clearly exuding his pride and arrogance: “And the twelve levels of Spirit Xuan, each scales to the sky!”

    “The twelve levels of Spirit Xuan, each scales to the sky?” Jun Mo Xie silently repeated the sentence, and then asked: “What does this mean?”

    “Just the way Spirit Xuan realm is above Sky Xuan, these twelve levels are above Spirit Xuan; advancing each subsequent each level from the first to the twelfth is just as difficult as ascending to the heavens! Moreover, the gap between each of these levels can only be compared to the disparity between the land, and the sky! Therefore, each of these twelve levels scales to the sky!”

    The Solitary Falcon hummed, and then said: “The twelfth level is the real practice of Xuan Qi in my eyes, and only person who has entered into the twelfth level can be regarded as a real man! The difference between the twelfth level and a mere Spirit Xuan is so great that a Spirit Xuan isn’t even worthy of realizing it! In fact, he wouldn’t even be qualified to have any knowledge of it!”

    “So you’ve already crossed a few levels?” Jun Mo Xie asked out of curiosity.

    “This old man, and old Feng Juan Yun are currently at the fifth level, which is the minimum requirement to be considered a Great Master.” The Solitary Falcon went mute for a while after finishing his sentence. “Fifth level… I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to reach the sixth level… alas …

    “The fifth level… because anyone under the fifth level is unworthy of being traditionally called a ‘Great Master’ since such martial artists don’t truly have the desire to become ‘Great’; a Spirit Xuan expert isn’t necessarily a Great Master, but a Great Master is bound to be a Spirit Xuan!

    “The rise to the fifth level is the first of the large gaps! In fact, one needs to put a huge amount of effort to break into the fifth level, and only then are they able to comprehend the true abilities of the fifth realm; and this new understanding helps them in vaguely borrowing the power from their surroundings for their own usage… that’s what makes them ‘Great Masters’! And anyone under the fifth realm simply cannot fathom the power this level allows a person to derive from his surroundings… as a result, even a peak fourth level Spirit Xuan expert is still just a Spirit Xuan expert! And not a ‘Great Master’!”

    “So, Yun Bie Chen and the Li Jue Tian are presumably at the twelfth level of the Spirit Xuan realm?” the knowledge of this new world had left Jun Mo Xie feeling as if his eyes had been opened all of a sudden.

    “No, that’s not the case!” the Solitary Falcon shook his head, but didn’t give any justifications. Even though Jun Mo Xie asked, he remained silent. Following a long silence, he finally spoke up in a faint tone: “Yun Bie Chen has only reached the peak of the eighth level…

    “The theory about these twelve levels have been derived from a distant legend which states that there comes a huge barrier in-between these levels after every four, such as, from fourth to fifth, from eighth to ninth… for example, the difference between the fourth and the fifth levels is so massive, that one goes from being called a Spirit Xuan expert to a ‘Great Master’!” Since he had already decided to tell the young master Jun about this, the Solitary Falcon saw no harm in explaining things in proper detail to further Jun Mo Xie’s knowledge and understanding.

    “If that’s so, then what is above the eighth level of the Spirit Xuan realm? And since Yun Bie Chen is also only at the eighth level, the person who breaks into the ninth level first, will become the first one in the world to do so!”

    The young master Jun had only mentioned this point since he was calculating the speed of his entry to the Spirit Xuan realm, I should be able to reach the Spirit Xuan realm in about three to five years’ time at this rate, and hence he was naturally intrigued by the level even the Eight Great Masters hadn’t reached yet!

    “The eighth level of the Spirit Xuan realm is a new world altogether; and even I’m not qualified enough to have any knowledge of it… only Yun Bie Chen, Li Jue Tian and those people from the Tian Fa forest are qualified and eligible to speak on it, that is, of course, it we don’t take your master into account. Your master’s realm is far higher than any of my generations’, in fact, his cultivation is so high that even if Yun Bie Chen could confidentially claim to catch up with him someday, a man like myself can only dream of writing about it.”

    The Solitary Falcon sighed, stood up, walked over to the bedside, pulled out a jar of wine from-under the bed, opened its seal, and drained a mouthful of it down his throat, in the hope that its embrace would help in soothing the desolation of his anxieties.

    “This partitioning of the cultivation levels is very baffling!” Jun Mo Xie suddenly took a deep breath; the differentiation in this world’s strength levels is so strange, and harsh! In case you haven’t reached the stage yet, you’re not even qualified enough to learn about it…

    The facts still aren’t clear though, in fact, even though the twelve levels are quite well differentiated, but if one were to follow this context, then all levels would appear the same on the surface… but the internal discrepancies between the levels would still be very strict. So basically, the lower levels would never be able to understand the higher ones, and even if the situation changes with respect to the levels, this basic fact would still apply universally…

    Everything that I had previously heard from my Grandfather and Uncle were nothing more than worldly rumors. Perhaps that’s more than what the others know, but it still means that a Sky Xuan expert will never be able to withstand the strength of someone that strong!

    And from what the Solitary Falcon just said, there’s always a new world to be opened. So, will Yun Bie Chen and Li Jue Tian be able to attain these transformations? Although they are in the same realm as the Solitary Falcon, but they are still a few levels above him… so it really won’t be surprising if he doesn’t even have any knowledge of it yet!

    But, where does the peak of this world’s cultivation end?

    For a long time, Jun Mo Xie was so lost in his thoughts that he completely forgot to regret over his precious, twelve thousand taels a jar, wine…

    “So, the Silver Blizzard City, and the Xue Hun manor… you’re not aware of what they could be capable of?” Jun Mo Xie raised his head; his eyes gleaming.

    “The only thing this Old Man can say is… the Jun Family is both bold, and extremely lucky!” the Solitary Falcon sighed in remorse; the mention of this matter depressed the Solitary Falcon’s heart once again, and he couldn’t help staring at Jun Mo Xie as a result.

    “This is really bizarre! Your Jun Family is just a worldly Family, and yet you’ve survived for this long in front of the Silver Blizzard City; this is nothing short of a miracle.”

    The Solitary Falcon shook his head again: “Let’s just leave the Xue Hun manor for the time being and talk about the Silver Blizzard city only; you simply shouldn’t have provoked them just now! If I didn’t know that you were being backed by a man of your master’s strength, I would’ve simply patted you on your buttock, and left instead of accompanying you on this madness since this is practically like selling your life to the doorsteps of death ah; even though your offer is very attractive, I still value my life more!”

    Even though the Solitary Falcon was being quite generous on the surface, only he knew the effort it was taking to hold back his vomit upon realizing that he had stepped into a hornet’s nest…

    “Is the Silver Blizzard City really that powerful? So powerful that we just don’t stand any chances of victory?” Jun Mo Xie frowned. I’m still confused after witnessing the Silver Blizzard City’s Third Elder’s strength… although he’s a Spirit Xuan expert, but he simply isn’t strong enough to compete against the Solitary Falcon… I just don’t understand why he’s talking about this matter in such a serious tone rather than boasting his own status…? The young master Jun’s malicious mind simply couldn’t fathom this calculation.

    “The Third, Sixth, and Ninth Elder of the Silver Blizzard City are naturally of no concern, but now the problem is that you’ve provoked the Silver Blizzard City’s Xiao Family! This is almost equal to going head-on against the Silver Blizzard City! Do you understand this differentiation?” the Solitary Falcon looked pitifully at Jun Mo Xie, and sighed as he thought, the ignorant really are fearless.

    “Isn’t the Silver Blizzard City’s master surnamed ‘Han’, and if that’s the case, then why are you saying that we’re up against the Silver Blizzard City?” Jun Mo Xie still couldn’t understand it: “Could you explain this clearly?”

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