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Chapter 232–Operation Begins

    Chapter 232: Operation Begins

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    The Solitary Falcon was aware that he’d have to pay a huge price in order to obtain this Dan!

    In fact, the Solitary Falcon was aware what this ‘price’ would be.

    Thus, even though Jun Mo Xie still hadn’t finished, it somehow seemed that there was no need for him to!

    Both men were well aware of what the condition would be!

    Even though the two pair of eyes were gazing into each other, seemingly in understanding, but the slight and quiet smile on their faces concealed the contest these two men were secretly having! A silent battle to see who’s more impatient; to see who’d lose!

    …and it stayed as such for a long, long time.

    Suddenly, the Solitary Falcon shook his head, laughed, sighed and said: “All I can say is that you can put forth any condition, because this offer is so tempting that I wouldn’t wish to refuse… in fact, I can’t refuse; and then there’s you… attaining and maintaining this sort of temperament at such a young age is nothing short of miraculous! I, Solitary Falcon, have traveled the entire world, but if you ask me, I’ve never seen anything comparable to the tiny monster you are. However, I’m glad that I met you today! But, this time, you’ve miscalculated!”

    “Oh?” The Hitman’s expression didn’t waver in the slightest as he maintained his composure while slightly lifting his eyes.

    “No one in this world is capable of resisting the temptations of this marvelous medicine you speak of. As far as I’m concerned, I’m simply incapable of even denying that I can resist the temptation of advancing to the sixth level of the Spirit Xuan realm from my current fifth;”

    The Solitary Falcon smiled: “However, even though it’s extremely difficult to resist, but this Solitary Falcon will never allow anyone to look down upon himself! I would never agree to these terms; even if your master personally set them!

    “Because… I am the Solitary Falcon! The Falcon of the Savanna!” A flame smoldered inside his eyes as he sneered: “I will only ever do the will of those gods who reside in the skies; never become the slave of mere men! And there shall be no exceptions!”

    “Well said!” Jun Mo Xie gently applauded his words with a slight smile: “Perhaps Master Falcon misunderstands me; I’ve never asked for Master Falcon to become the slave of mere humans! But then, how could I be mistaken if I haven’t stated my conditions yet?”

    “He he… young master Jun, it seems that I’ve underestimated you even now, however, you cannot deny that this sentence of yours was the complete reverse of your thoughts, can you?”

    The Solitary Falcon was somewhat taunting now. “You’re that kind of person who’s willing to achieve his goals by fair means or fowl, moreover, you’d stubbornly seek to maximize your profits in case you see any! This, I’m confident, I couldn’t have misunderstood!”

    Jun Mo Xie was silent for a long time… had he really underestimated one of the most capable men in the entire world?

    He had been manipulating everyone to his will ever since his reincarnation into this world, however, for the first time in this life, he found his confidence lacking, leaving him dumbstruck and speechless!

    The young master Jun bitterly smiled as he said: “Master Falcon is right, I am such a person. You made no mistake in judging that about me, but… you do not agree with the words I haven’t said… however…

    “I can still help you in enhancing your cultivation as long as you promise to do just one thing for me! And if you promise, I will immediately try to inform my master to collect the raw material required for refining this Dan!”

    “What’s the condition? I’m listening.” The Solitary Falcon didn’t seem even the slightest bit excited, but appeared somewhat alert instead. The Solitary Falcon had been in touch with this youngster long enough to understand that taking advantage of his treacherous mind was harder than reaching the sky! [Even though the benefits he provides are extraordinary, but he never acts without incentive and hence the price he usually asks for, are far above the market-worth of his products. ]

    And thus, the Solitary Falcon couldn’t help being on guard, however, unknowingly this turned his face gray in anticipation.

    “I only ask that in case the Xiao Family comes seeking to end this dispute and the Jun Family goes to war with the Silver Blizzard City; you lend me a helping hand if I decide to rescue my Third Aunt!” Jun Mo Xie’s eyes shone brightly: “It will be a rescue operation, but you’ll be the killer on call.”

    The Solitary Falcon paced back and forth about the room for a while as he pondered over it, and then finally clenched his teeth with determination: “Good! Just this one thing!”

    “It’s a deal!” Jun Mo Xie’s smiled.

    “However, at least a year after! If this happens before one year’s time, then the deal won’t be valid.” The Solitary Falcon smiled proudly: “I won’t help if you ask me to do this within a year after the Dan helps me make the breakthrough because I won’t have enough strength to execute this task! However, a year after, I will certainly be able to!”

    Jun Mo Xie’s face revealed a heartfelt smile for the first time: “So be it!”

    This one trait of the Solitary Falcon’s character was the reason he had been able to keep up with Jun Mo Xie for so long.

    He’d never take advantage of anyone.

    However, no matter what, he’d never agree to be at a disadvantage!

    The Solitary Falcon walked away; with two jars of wine.

    Jun Mo Xie retrieved that strange piece of jade from the Hongjun Pagoda and carefully observed it for a while, but put it back since he was unable to understand its particulars. However, Jun Mo Xie could distinctly feel the Hongjun Pagoda’s odor becoming cleaner, fresher, and livelier as he returned that Jade pendant to the Pagoda, and could also sense the Pagoda’s Aura becoming stronger and denser with the passage of time as the energies of these two strange artifacts continued to mix.

    Jun Mo Xie tugged his knees as he sat down, and started gazing at the moon outside the window as he immersed himself in his schemes.

    [I need to find those three Spirit Herbs as soon as possible in order to enhance Grandfather’s cultivation level; Also, I need to figure out a safety-route for saving his life in case something goes wrong… that’s first.]

    [Second, this Dan’s refining is also beginning to turn into a pressing matter now!]

    [Whether it is Solitary Falcon or Uncle, their strengths need to be enhanced as soon as possible. Plus, I can’t neglect those people from the Tian Fa forest either.]

    [Third, I must urge Hai Chen Feng to start the unification of Tian Xiang City’s underworld factions as soon as possible. We must be sure to get a grasp over the knowledge of all activities inside the capital city. ]

    … One task after another, none easier than the previous, had left the Hitman frowning as he blankly continued to stare at the bright moon…

    As the oil lamp gradually started to set, the young master Jun’s silhouette got even lonelier in the dark of this night …

    Suddenly, a distinctive white figure appeared on the courtyard’s wall. Though looking from afar, one could clearly see Jun Mo Xie’s puckered eyebrows, a sight sufficient to deduce that this handsome youngster had been exhausting his thought and ingenuity, day and night for the sake of his Family’s future…

    This beautiful figure tenderly watched for a long time and then eventually sighed as she left; leaving behind only a hint of her fragrance…

    In the other partition of the courtyard, Jun Wu Yi sat leaning against the window; his eyes shut, and face hard with creases… his distressed eyebrows and unconsciously clenched teeth clearly exposed every tiny blood vein on his face, vividly illustrating the desolation of his heart…

    … …

    Hai Chen Feng’s entire body seemed to resemble the waves of the blue seas as he gently drifted through the crowd comprising the dozen or so of the Jin Yang gang’s finest members: “The Operation begins! The management wants to see the results before tomorrow’s first light!”

    The gentle moonlight bathed the weapons they held as the crowd silently raised them in the air, virtually infecting the steel with a faint, yet dark layer of a lustrous… condensation of blood!

    A few people swiftly climbed over the walls from within the Li Family’s residence, divided into groups of two, and immediately disappeared into the dark of the night.

    Tonight was destined to be another bloody one for the Tian Xiang city…

    One of the six major underworld factions, the Spirit Dragon gang had brought a disaster upon itself.

    Though the capital’s six major underground factions had always been ranked in order of their might, but the disparity between the strengths of their primary forces wasn’t much. Although the first ranked Jin Yang gang was obviously stronger than the bottom ranking Northern City gang, however, not by much; or at least, wasn’t strong enough to overwhelm and subject them to its whims.

    Moreover, these six gangs also had an unwritten understanding between them, which had allowed them to coexist in a peaceful manner since any conflict between these gangs could never result in one gang subduing the other; in case such an incident ever occurred, the remaining gangs would all team up against the aggressor.

    Today however, the Spirit Dragon gang received a message in reply from the Jin Yang gang;

    The situation of these six gangs was getting more and more detrimental to their sake since they were beginning to get surrounded by an increasing number of powerful families, which were constantly nibbling away the existing might of these gangs. In fact, the Northern City gang had recently been exterminated in its entirety by Old Man Tang.

    Alarmed, anxious, and panic-stricken, the gangs were failing to carry out even the most basic of their operations. And thus, the Spirit Dragon gang took the lead in raising the proposal for an alliance between the major gangs, hoping that they could all sail the storm in the same boat. Naturally, they wanted the most powerful gang, the Jin Yang gang as their main partner in this alliance.

    However, unfortunately, at the time they raised this proposal, the Solitary Falcon ran amok the Jin Yang gang, beating Jin Feng Lie black and blue in the process, forcing the “alliance” initiative on a temporary hold.

    Today, however, the entire Spirit Dragon gang was overjoyed upon receiving an unexpected reply from the Jin Yang gang. But, the replying letter was shredded soon after the Spirit Dragon gang’s leader Long Da Hai was done reading its message: [This letter demands that we surrender to their superiority, and bid allegiance to them!]

    [This is simply too bold! Has he ever heard of a gang surrendering to another in these past ten years since we first established ourselves? Jin Feng Lie, did you even consider that the six major gangs have always been on equal footing? Why would you dare to propose this?]

    Seething with anger, Long Da Hai immediately summoned the heads of his gang to discuss countermeasures. In fact, his personnel were so incited by this incident that a vast majority of them were even willing to fight the Jin Yang gang to death, while many others were clamoring to use this opportunity for taking control of the Jin Yang gang. However, the Spirit Dragon gang’s leader was staidly taking his time for making the decision as he considered his options…

    In this awfully noisy moment, the entrance door suddenly exploded with a ‘boom’, sending the wooden shavings flying in all directions. Several people were left wincing in pain as these wooden shavings cut their faces, drenching them in blood.

    Everyone furiously looked towards the entrance.

    A distinct blue light was radiating in the densely foggy night.

    The wooden shavings settled down; one man stood at the entrance.

    This, seemingly, blue-colored man, stood clad in blue-colored robes with his hands behind his back as his eyes calmly mapped the room in the radiance of his azure light; even this man’s eyes were as blue as the oceans!

    “A Sky Xuan expert!”

    The Spirit Dragon gang’s members couldn’t help crying out in alarm upon seeing a Sky Xuan expert!

    A Sky Xuan expert had arrived!

    The entire Spirit Dragon gang was left shivering!

    “May I dare to ask Sir’s…” Long Da Hai’s mustache trembled as he hastily stood up, and asked in a respectful manner.

    “The Jin Yang gang shall rule the city’s underworld; you have two choices: pledge allegiance, or die!” The blue-robed man’s ice-cold eyes seemed a bit strange, like they were bathing in an inexplicable aura, as he slowly scanned the crowd again while making his statement.

    In fact, even his words seemed to be reeking in an acute aura of death!

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