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Chapter 233–Subduing the Spirit Dragon Gang

    Chapter 233: Subduing the Spirit Dragon Gang

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    The blood of the Spirit Dragon gang members turned cold because of Hai Chen Feng’s sharp Sky Xuan aura.; they felt like they were standing naked on the summit of a snow-clad mountain, in the midst of the winter season, and were beset by extreme cold… it was as if icy knives had penetrated their flesh and were piercing down their very souls…

    So much so, that it would sap any man’s willpower and even the strongest of souls could not hope to contend with such terrifying strength.

    Long Da Hai’s face turned pale as he stood facing Hai Chen Feng; it was as if the opposite party was a formidable mountain while he himself was just a small stone at its foot, which wasn’t even qualified enough to fathom a means to look up at it. He took five or six step backwards so that he could breathe a bit easier, but as he did, his back hit a wall with a loud “bang!” only to realize that he had retreated from the middle of the hall, and all the way to the inner most wall…

    [What kind of pressure is this!? ]

    “Who are you, sire? Why is a person of such high skill siding with Jin Yang against our Spirit Dragon gang? What is the need for your interference, sire?” Long Da Hai gathered courage and asked in a stern manner. “Where is Jin Yang gang’s leader? Where is Jin Feng Lie hiding!? Since he is attempting to gain control over my gang, why does he hide, show yourself!”

    Although his loud voice appeared majestic, and was intended to improve his position and make him look imposing, however, the slight tremble in it, made it seem like he was begging the man in front.

    “The Jin Yang Gang’s boss is standing in front of you! When did I ever hide?” Hai Chen Feng focused his stare as he raised his eyes and looked directly across the hall at Long Da Hai’s face, shrouding him in a murderous aura.

    Suddenly, Long Da Hai’s heart found itself shuddering.

    Just looking at Hai Chen Feng’s eyes was painful for the Earth Xuan strong Long Da Hai! And even though there was a distance of about a dozen paces between him and Hai Chen Feng, the feeling of imminent death was very clear in his mind.

    And even though several members from the Spirit Dragon Gang were present in close proximity, he felt that in that huge space there was no one now who could give him a sense of security; he would have to face that tyrannical and sinister expert all on his own!

    A feeling of incomparable despair arose inside Long Da Hai’s heart; he felt his knees becoming weak with pain as he started to sweat profusely, feeling a sudden urge to kneel and submit…

    Hai Chen Feng, who was looking at the other party like an eagle, suddenly waved his arm and gave his blue cape a whirl. At that signal, a sound similar to the stampede of thousands of horses, charging all full gallop some distance away, was heard!


    There was a loud rumbling sound and suddenly hundreds of men burst in carrying their glimmering swords in front of them, while on the walls several archers appeared with their arrows notched in their bows, surrounding the Spirit Dragon gang; the tip of the arrows shone like the teeth of a smiling angel of death, illuminating the hall.

    Hai Chen Feng had stealthily eliminated the spies guarding the premises earlier on, without anyone getting to know about it.

    “Swear allegiance now or die, if you do not comply, we will kill you all. I will count to three and if Long Da Hai does not respond by then, you all will die no matter what you personally feel about this matter!” Hai Chen Feng’s eyes were cold as he said this and raised his right hand as a blue light appeared from the base of his raised finger.


    Everyone from the Spirit Dragon gang started moving in panic; altogether, they turned their eyes to look at Long Da Hai, pleading him to rescue them. “Boss…” their voices sounded like they were begging him.


    Hai Chen Feng’s cold expression didn’t change even the slightest at doing this slovenly job as he sang the next number while raising his second finger, as if to the tune of some music.

    “…”, Long Da Hai’s face turned deathly pale as his lips trembled open, his eyes were filled with despair and helplessness.

    “Archers, prepare!” Hai Chen Feng, already looking furious, raised his arm as he gave the order in a tsunami like voice.

    “ARGHH!” the archers answered in unison as they pulled the arrows on their bows, making them resemble a full moon; the moment Hai Chen Feng would say “three,” numerous arrows would rain down on their targets!

    Like angels of death, sent from the heavens, to bring upon imminent death!

    Now, resistance would only lead to death and the only way they could survive would be to…

    “Slow down!” Long Da Hai bellowed suddenly, though a trace similar to that of weeping lingered in his voice. “I…I…I am willing to swear allegiance…” He seemed to spit out these words as he slumped into a soft ball. The sweat covered faces of his people showed utmost relief on hearing his words as they dropped their weapons one by one, it was like they had received a pardon from the death penalty.

    “Good!” Hai Chen Feng said approvingly. “Since you have surrendered, we will be family from now on, and you will abide by its law! You are now in-charge of the Spirit Dragon gang’s operations.”

    “Yes, and comply with the boss’s orders sincerely!” A tall and sturdy silhouette came out of the shadows taking long strides; he had thick eyebrows, his mustache was like a dragon’s, his extravagant nose and wide mouth resembled that of a lion.

    This man was no other than Jin Feng Lie.

    “Jin Feng Lie, you…” Long Da Hai pointed at him unbelievingly, at a complete loss for words.

    “Ha Ha! Is it really that shocking that I have abdicated my position?” Jin Feng Lie laughed in a carefree manner.

    Truth be told, Jin Feng Li did not really mind the fact that Hai Chen Feng had taken over his position as the gang’s leader. That position was not as important as his friendship with Hai Chen Feng and also, he figured that the Jin Yang gang would not risk any harm from Hai Chen Feng’s leadership, it would only benefit from it!

    “Such impressive might and Xuan Qi! Conquering an entire gang just by using a few words, it is indeed very admirable of this Xuan expert; you are really extraordinary, Sir!” A solitary voice seemed to flutter in for a fleeting moment; it had an eccentric and sour tinge.

    “Who is this?” Hai Chen Feng asked, his gaze sweeping around the hall. His figure, covered in blue light, quickly flew up and proudly stationed itself on the rooftop.

    “It’s me!” one of the men said with a sardonic smile as several archers cried out in alarm, falling down, while two black clothed men replaced them on the wall, ferociously staring at Hai Chen Feng. “The capital city is too big a pie for one gang to swallow whole on its own; even if you try, you’ll end up vomiting everything out!”

    Hai Chen Feng’s aura rose sharply, spreading the gorgeous blue light even further. “Good that your distinguished self has made yourself heard, but the fact that the weak are eliminated by the strong is the basic rule of the game!”

    Suddenly, his figure, bathed in blue light flew to the sky and then shot towards the two men, covering the distance to them in a blink of an eye, and attacked them, which they were just barely able to avoid.

    The two men clothed in black laughed mockingly, “A sky Xuan Expert is quite hard to come by right?” In answer to that attack, the two men, also covered in blue light, shot up towards him and shouted in unison as they clashed together with their adversary; their clash culminating in fireworks.

    The three people floated backwards a little, stopped mid-air at the same time, and then maneuvered towards each other in order to attack again.

    Hai Chen Feng’s face was reveling in a tranquil smile as his palms incessantly attacked his opponents, his deep-blue Xuan Qi appearing similar to a half-moon.

    Such attacks were like giant hatchets capable of cleaving mountains, and though these strong attacks left the two men struggling, they still weren’t powerful enough to force them to retreat by even a bit!

    Suddenly, one of them retreated while hissing sharply, while the other man resorted to frantic counter-attacks. In the meanwhile, the man who had retreated was now standing on the wall, covered in blue Xuan Qi. Soon, his palms, along with the rest of his body turned black, and he pointed one finger at Hai Chen Feng, who was still in the middle of a battle.

    Hai Chen Feng had been confident of coming out victorious even when faced with the both of them at once, so naturally he was sure of being able to better just the one he was faced against now. However, making quick work of a Sky Xuan opponent wasn’t possible for him as long as his own safety was a prerequisite. Thus, the fight was bound to continue a little while longer since he didn’t wish to injure himself.

    Hai Chen Feng had, for the time being attained a comprehensive advantage over his opponents and could easily win against them at any time he wished to. Then suddenly, a burst of cold air filled the atmosphere, staining the area with a pungent smell, which after assailing the nostrils, made everyone tremble fearfully. Then, retreating a bit after smelling the stench, Hai Chen Feng asked in a stern manner, “Is that the Merciless Cold Blooded Finger of Master Li Wu Bei’s school?”

    “Haha, how lucky we are that your arrogant self has recognized the Merciless Cold Blooded Finger.” The men clothed in black smiled. “And since you are aware of it, why don’t you hurry up and go down on your knees to ask for forgiveness?”

    The men clad in black were the disciples of one of the ‘Eight Great Masters’ and they themselves were Sky Xuan experts, and hence, obviously weren’t weak. Also, the bold way in which they were acting showed their master’s backing in this endeavor of theirs’; Hai Chen Feng didn’t wish to offend Li Wu Bei. However, if he were to retreat now, he would certainly lose control over both the Jin Yang and the Spirit Dragon gangs.

    On the other hand, the two men in black had begun to count their chickens before they had even begun to hatch because they were sure of victory.

    It is very unfortunate that such wishful thinking does not come true in this world.

    “Come out with your nonsense!” Hai Chen Feng cursed in anger because of the arrogance of the words spoken to him. He moved his hand behind his back and unsheathed a long double edged sword, which came out with a ringing sound as he once again rushed towards his enemies like a crashing wave; it seemed like the sky blue waves of his aura were mixed with the silvery and snowy spray of his sword as he attacked them.

    “The Blue Snow-Storm Sword! So you are the Blue master’s disciple!” laughed the men clad in black. “This is good, now we can finally see which of our schools is superior, and which is inferior.”

    Hai Chen Feng got even angrier upon hearing this!

    He was confident of defeating the two men on his own and had originally planned to leave them lying around, however they had used a formidable move, and he did not want them to recklessly attack and risk their lives as they were his brother disciples. Therefore, he had drawn his sword in order to deter them; though, opposed to his expectations, they continued to act arrogantly even after that.

    He was unaware that Li Jian Hong had promised to help Li You Ran in unifying the capital’s underworld, and that these two men were his fellow disciples. They had made their first move tonight, though it turned out that they were a step behind. However, they couldn’t back away now, even if they had to face Hai Chen Feng as a result.

    If they were unable to gain control over these gangs, they would not be able to face their elder brother, and perhaps even the little master, ever again. So even if they were aware of the relationship between the parties involved, they couldn’t give up.

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